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  1. Douglas

    Hi All, Ive been dissecting this site for a few day now. I have a long and stgrane story. One of my voices say NO! Dont tell it! but I feel like I need to, hopefully, it will help me let go .Several yrs ago, my husband and I bought a historic home. Weird stuff happened ALL of the time..lights going on and off, bed being moved, bedsheets hovering above me, you get the drift I was scared stiff!! Then I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer..had a mastectomy, chemo..the whole nine yards..It was at this point where things started getting ramped up..I started hearing whistling and whispers..My sister who came to stay will verify the talking but the talking and sounds were EXTERNAL I had the house investigated by the paranormal society they confirmed it .i have EVP’s up the wazoo..none too terribly threatening but i was SCARED, really really scared. I then started to hear things internally as started out friendly.. your grandpa would like your soup etc ..I also have to mention that I started seeing things when I closed my eyes at night, my mind would become like a black chalk board images and messages were written..some in different languages that I dont even speak..My voices had names cowboy was the whistler, there was scott..a bald mr. clean type, molly and mike (married couple) etc scott was bad but I didnt know it at the time..I feel that I opened myself up to him and then it took off way beyond my control and it went downhill from there I wasnt sleeping. I kept hearing I want your soul .. give me your soul , kill yourself, i will take your soul I am not a very religous person, but I do have faith. I was so scared and tired that I made my husband take me to a behavioural hospital. They had no diagnosis maybe chemo? maybe stress? Im sane who now hears voices..I am on seroquel, which has helped tremendously just small break thru voices..I am really having a hard time justifying myself IS it just me and my head OR are they real??? DO I really want to know? I seem to have given myself OCD because of this I just cant seem to let it go some of the things that ive heard and seen can be substantiated and most cannot. My husband placates me but doesnt grasp my issues Im glad (with my stomach in knots) that Ive let this out in the open any one with comments, Id really like to hear from you Thank you so much for letting me air my laundry Darcy

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