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  1. David Studabaker

    I never heard any voices until 6 months ago. I was designing something of my own, and then it progressed further to being able to hear voices. I can hear them if I were to sit on my own and reflect back upon them. I am able to notice the differences in the ages, the voice, and what its about. Somehow I was able to create off of the voices themselves. I am able to ask am I telepathic, and the voice woudl respond I can’t anwser that question. I recognized that the information stored is my brain itself. Opps, I think therefor I am became a seperate statement to me. I can ask myself a question and it is able to respond back with an anwser. A perosn can narrow information from a voice to something that isn’t considered telepathic. I am able to take a seperate situational meaning, and apply it to myself, adjusting my own mind. The type of images I recieve end up changing according to my own design. I can have a vs battle during the day, if I feel like it, the meaning would then change overnight. I can have sadness residue in my own brain, but not in myself the following day. Its as iff the battle from the previous day ended up changing meanings overnight leaving an overall view of society itself. I have a lot of ideas that are seperate from normal and would like for somebody to talk to me about them.

  2. sanders woodard

    These mean “acting” voices love the person and are trying to make them be assertive, stand up for themselves, they are suffering hurting a loved one and they will suffer until the person uses their spiritual strength and changes their inferiority delusion so that the voices are equals and the treatment to be assertive and equal is completed. This must carry over into the everyday world, they must see that if they allow someone to abuse them they are hurting that person as they will eventually have guilt, lowered self esteem, become a monster, ect if they allow them to abuse them or be unfair. A person must appreciate principle, they have been abused and understand the value of being treated right or with principle. This appreciation of principle is what gives the strength to change when realizing they are hurting someone(the voices.)

  3. sanders woodard

    Furthermore stop thinking there are people superior to you. The supreme being, president, father, husband, boss. You must feel we are equal as One. Physical science explains this.

    1. Brooke

      nice perspective sanders!

  4. Michele Deramo

    Fascinating perspective. Is this relevant to dementia-related hallucinations? This information might be helpful to caregivers.

  5. bjm

    I have only heard a voice once, whispering in my year. I am pretty sure that it was not a dream. I don’t recall exactly what “it” told me. I panicked, because I cannot explain it, and I have never experienced something like that. It happened 3 years ago, but I will never forget it.

  6. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    The phenomenon of “The voices in my Head”.

    1) Abstract and concrete mind

    The mind can be divided to concrete and abstract. The Concrete includes all memorized information, like telephone numbers, the knowledge of a particular language , science etc and also memories of specific in space and time experiences. Concrete mind is of course mortal.
    On the other hand the abstract mind is closer to what we would call soul, and its orientations and perceptions are not restricted by any particular language. Although it can be expressed with abstract symbols or symbolic images, that essentially belong to the concrete mind it is true perceptual content is free for these expressions too. According to the teachings of the Vedas culture , the abstract mind is immortal and follows the immortal soul in the incarnations.

    2) Outer and inner senses

    The senses are accepted to be 5 (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) (see. e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_senses) , and for each an external organ exists, the eyes the ears, the tongue, the nose, the skin.
    But as each of this external organs is wired with nerves with centers of the brain, there are areas of the brain, sensitive and stimulated by the input of the five senses Conversely, if these areas and centers, are stimulated independently from the external organs of the senses (e.g. by electrodes or other causes) then the effect of the corresponding 5 internal senses is created. So we may say that we have the 5 external senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), and corresponding to them 5 internal senses (internal sight or vision, inner hearing, internal taste, internal smell, internal touch). Very vivid, and surrealistically exact imagination, may be considered as inner vision. The same with hallucinations created by electrodes or other devices of electromagnetic waves in the visual areas of the brain.

    Obviously the inner senses as well as the outer senses as mind content do not belong all to the concrete mind. For example inner taste, inner smell and inner touch may be be considered belonging to he abstract mind too. The famous 6th sense or hunch, might be very relevant to the inner touch.
    The modern discipline of NLP is definitely considering all the outer and inner senses and for the inner sense of touch is using the term kinaesthetic.

    3) Positive and negative intent. Ego, Self and the others. The approach of Steven Pressfield for creative people.

    Steven Pressfield in his very interesting book with title “The war of art” describes very well the psychological details and subconscious personal and impersonal details of the well known blocking of creative people like writers, musical composers, painters etc. He is called it resistance, and he warns that although it is impersonal , it may be expressed by people very close to us, and eventually it hits us in our inner self, and subconscious as we try to be creative from day to day. He describes it as a negative and regressive will , very cunning and ruthless, ready to kill every single opportunity we may have to create something better for ourselves and the others.
    He says:
    The following is a list , in no particular order , of those activities most commonly elicite Resistance
    1) The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, or any creative art, however marginal or unconventional.
    2) The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise for profit or otherwise.
    3) Any diet or health regimen
    4) Any program of spiritual advancement
    5) Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals
    6) Any course or program designed to overcome un unwholesome habit or addiction.
    7) Education of every kind
    8) Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage, including the decision to change for the better some unworthy pattern of thought or conduct in ourselves.
    9) The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor, whose aim is to help others.
    10) Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married to have a child, to weather a rocky patch to a relationship.
    11) The taking of any principle stand in the face of adversity.
    And I would add, that the Resistance chooses for time and space to attack, any situation where there is love., in what you do, what you think ,or what you are etc E.g. the moments that you are just writing the most successful and critical part of your script, or the hour that are bathing, or changing cloths, or waking up in the morning, or the hour that you are having sex, or existing a public place and entering your private place etc.
    Steven Pressfiled continuous in his book, defining the enemy of Resistance as Invisible, Internalized, Insidious, Implacable, Impersonal, Infallible, etc

    What the book does not describe is how this resistance is expressed through the thoughts and voices usually of people that we meet, and internalized to our inner senses.

    At a more abstract level this “Resistance” is a will opposing the will of our Ego, and self, in the process of creativity. It may seem and very often it does originate from other people, specific personal or collective impersonal, but eventually this enemy it resides inside us, like a bad infection from microbes.

    Steven Presssfield gives ways to battle it and be cured, based on rigid professionalism, perseverance, resilience based on be prepared for it, and finally by letting your subconscious and higher self to expand your concept of self to a higher self. In this expansion the ego which usually defines what is self and what not has to be re-shaped and accept an enhanced self.

    4) The increasing number of Testimonials. Famous examples. Clubs and groups.

    There is an increasing number of reports and people complaining for “Voices in their head”.
    After the war of Vietnam, there were many veterans in USA, that were complaining about it, and it was like an “echo” of the loud sounds of explosions, and voices of dying soldiers as if engraved in stone in their mind.
    But these were easy to understand cases. More and more people were complaining to their psychoanalysts and psychiatrist for “voices in their head” , and these people were born even after the war of Vietnam or they never fought in battle field in any war (other that the “war” of surviving professionally in their business and society).
    Here are some sites were they collect their experiences.

    5) Four types of internal “voices”

    An inner voice should be considered of course the content of an inner hearing as above, and within our mind.
    I think we could classify the “voices in my head” as of four types based on the two parameters
    a) In a concrete language or not (in the context of concrete or abstract mind)
    b) As the origin seems to be from our-self, or not.

    So there would be 4 types of “inner voices” ,

    a) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language wording and syntax, with specific voice , that seem originating from ourselves, as echo of what we have said in the past and comes again, or as inner self-talking as we make a rehearsal of what we are going to say in a while to someone else. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    b) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language, wording and syntax, with specific voice (of recognizable timbre) that seem not be originating from ourselves. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    c) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem originating from us, e.g. in a voiceless deep prayer. It is in the context of abstract mind.
    d) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem not originating from us. It is in the context of abstract mind.

    6) Who talks about it and who not. Models of disclosure.

    There are people who do have “inner voices” and talk about it, and people who do have and do not talk about it. Of course when an “inner voice” is of type c) (abstract as meaning only not as voice, and originating from us) then it is the famous “inner voice of the moral consciousness” something that in the christian tradition you are very proud to talk about it. Talk about the battle with your self and the victory of the voiceless inner voice of moral consciousness. The difficulties come with the voices of type b) and d) that their origin seem to be not from us. And even in such cases, the voices of type d) (abstract in meaning only and from outside), some times are attributed to God, and some times as temptations to the Devil.
    It is known in the new testament that the Devil tempted Jesus to become a king, and Jesus refused. This was obviously an inner voice conversation.
    It is written in the new testament that Jesus in his prayers asked His “Father” not to make him drink the “bitter cup”.
    And if we go even back in time we find that Moses was hearing “voices in his head” that in his case seem to be of type b) (concrete mind and not originating from him).
    All these are famous honored and celebrated among the millenniums inner voices of type b) and d).
    Other cultures like that of Buddhisms and Vedas do talk about inner voices, telepathy etc. The same with the groups of Cosmic Consciousness that report information about other more advanced civilizations in the galaxies. But for groups related to Freud’s psychoanalysis or groups of classical psychiatry, the topic is a taboo, and definite symptom of heavy psychic disorders like psychosis and schizophrenia.
    I was always wondering if a guru of telepathy of the eastern cultures would be considered suffering from schizophrenia according to classical western psychiatry!
    In societies where the family is a strong element like in the Mediterranean countries, the phenomenon of having instances of hearing inner voices or having flashes of inner images is quite common, but as when it occurs it is usually from close relatives (cousins , brothers uncles etc) , people rarely talk about it, as they keep it secrete like an intimate whispering conversation among close relatives, that would be immoral to reveal. So psychiatrists and psychoanalysts are unlikely to know about it.

    7) The regressive approaches and the trap of some of the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.

    It seem to be a tradition to most psychiatrists and psychoanalysts to refuse to accept anything else except of inner voices of types a) and c) (always coming from us). But not to all. There are psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who honestly declare that they are not equipped to understand this phenomenon of inner voices and images, so they simply listen to such a visitor.
    The common argument of many traditional psychiatrists and psychoanalysts “it exists only in your brain and mind” is so lame , and equivalent to ignorant about the radio technology, that when they listen the voice from the speaker of radio device, they will claim, “it is only created from the circuits of the device” a half-truth that if coupled with regressive attitude in medicine, it is the perfect crime against the visiting individual who what to know more to what is happening to him/her. And so from a healthy and highly psychically advanced individual who belongs to a minority of elite mind evolution, suddenly you become a schizophrenic according to the ignorant doctors.

    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.) is such a case.
    I di believe the same for Eleanor Longden (http://www.ted.com/talks/eleanor_longden_the_voices_in_my_head.html), in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia in their cases.

    Are there cases of really schizophrenic people that in addition hear “voices in their head” ? I believe yes!
    I am not sure how a schizophrenic person could be defined literally. But the standard definition would have many actors that play deeply their many different roles, as very close to schizophrenic persons. Of course their are not according to the doctors, as long as they can play also well the role of the usually behaving person who says the usual common sense beliefs and controls himself not to be dangerous to others. It seems to me that “hearing voices in the head” is something totally different than schizophrenic situation. And to use their lame and half-truth argument: Don’t we all listen to voices in our heads when we where earphones and listen to chorals and other music? Does this make all the population schizophrenic? Is there here an element of money interest to psychiatrists that the more often they diagnose you with a psychical problem the more you will visit them and the more they will gain? And the same of course with the pharmaceutical industry.
    And obviously making a diagnosis for such healthy people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated regressive science of psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.

    8) Global developments across the centuries of the human mind.

    There are may people who believe in the existence of more advanced than ours civilizations in the galaxies. In addition these people believe that in such more advanced civilizations (that are 2-4 thousand years ahead to us) the communication between individuals is entirely through telepathy. In other words that telepathic communication among individuals is
    the normal evolution for a civilization, and not a strange exception of the rule.
    In the series of books by Alice Bailey and in particular in the book “A treatise of cosmic fire” it is predicted that within the next 300 years earthly people will become naturally telepathic.
    If these beliefs are true, then spontaneous telepathy among people is an indication of higher psychic development , it is an emerging virtue and not an abnormality that has to be suppressed. And obviously making a diagnosis for such people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated science of regressive psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.
    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.) is such a case. Actually J. Nash himself has pointed out tha the relevant film is away from the truth, that what doctors referred as schizophrenia to him was on the contrary the same source of of his scientific inspiration, and that the insisting on diagnosing him as schizophrenic was much relevant with the pharmaceutical industry wanting to sell drugs to patience diagnosed with schizophrenia that is supposed that is never cured so as to have them buying the appropriate drags for ever.
    I do believe the same for Eleanor Longden (http://www.ted.com/talks/eleanor_longden_the_voices_in_my_head.html), in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia as their cases.

    9) The role of other people , the power of mind over mind and what is really happening.

    There have been reported many cases, where, some people with strong “eye” on others, with a rather unintended and random way, while they have their eyes closed while still in bed just after they have awakened, “see” with their inner sight, “through the eyes” of another person.
    Seeing “through the eyes” of another person is not a just a metaphor as it is used in literature, meaning to put yourself psychologically in the position of another person. It is much more literal.
    You indeed “see” with your inner sight, exactly what the other person sees with his eyes. As if an invisible mobile phone with open video-call is transmitting to your brain the nervous signal of the eyes of the other person. You see the objects in front of him with exact shape and color, the hands of the person or part of his body, exactly as he/she sees her hands and part of the body as he is e.g. working and moving the objects, or when walking or driving etc.
    It seems to be that it happens with other persons that there is some affinity of the mind, created by habitual physical contact with the other person. In other words it is more often with colleges in the work or other students in the University, between family members, close friends, etc. But it may happen with total strangers too that we have never met, and live on the other side of the globe!
    Other people have reported to me doing it for “fun”. Of course if the other is a stranger from another part of the globe not speaking English at all he would listen to the phrase inertly but he would understand nothing.
    For example he might be alone in his room, shaving in from of the mirror. Such cases are best to realize if you know the other person or not. In other cases you see them taking to another person. Actually you see the face of the other person.
    In another case a friend of mine described to me a visit he did in a monastery in the Holy mountain Athos in Greece. When he entered a very small chapel, that 4-5 person could hardly be together in it, there was already a monk in it praying in a voiceless way with his inner speaking. My friend told me that he was surprised to listen in his head all the prayer of the monk who was praying to Mather Mary and Jesus, with all the wording and syntax. He felt ashamed hearing to the prayer of the monk, and as soon as he went out of the chapel he stopped hearing in his head of the prayer of the monk.

    Now this entails also an element of “possession” of the other persons mind. It may involve sound and hearing too if it is strong “possession” or not. It is important to realize that this happens rather spontaneously without any paranormal protocol for it, or initial intention.
    A friend of mine told me
    “I myself have sometimes such experiences while in my bed awake and with closed eyes. It is not a dream, as you are fully awake, and you may know the other person”.
    My friend went on
    “As such a phenomenon includes a kind of possession of someone else’s mind , which is a kind of violation of his privacy, when it occurs to me, I steer my mind away from his/her mind to other streams of thoughts. But as long as I did not do it, and as long the audio element was included too, then if I “speak” with my inner voice , to the other person, I am sure he would listen to me as ‘”an inner voice” of type b). And I could startle him/her by referring to objects or actions that only he/she sees and knows. And I do know of other friends of mine that do startle in a systematic way their victims of “hacking”. In a case of some one that I new who was startling in a systematic way one of his “victims”, the “victim” chose to keep closed the light in his bathroom the nights and when he had to be there, so that that the hacker of the inner sight could not “see” and therefore apply any of his ironic inner voices He then went on : For example the “victim” might be alone in his room, ready to light a cigarette, and me (as I do not smoke) I could use irony and tell him with my inner voice “How stupid!, You will start again with a dummy of nicotine?”. Now this would be certainly spooky and startle him. He would think: “No one else is in my room knowing that I am ready to smoke! It is only me that I know it! What the heck is happening to me? Am I getting schizophrenic?” ”

    I have heard also reports of other people spying with the inner sight on girls in this way while they are having their bath, or are changing cloths etc According to me it is certainly an invasion of privacy, and violation of private information.
    In some occasion the “hacking victim” B was a friend of A, and somehow recognized the voice, and when after some days met he described to him (A) about his “inner voice” that sounded like his voice and asked him if he was real, A replied that what he (B) says is nonsense and his getting schizophrenic.
    But from another report, to me, in another occasion, the “seer and speaker” A did admitted his
    remote involvement to the private life of B, to B.
    The situation of course is even worse, when the person A “seeing through the eyes” of person B is hostile , with hatred and aggressiveness in a systematic way to the person B. In other words a situation of “Resistance” as described by Steven Pressfield above.

    The previous examples show how inner voices of the 2nd kind can be created (concrete and from outside to us sources).

    There are of course more rare cases, as some friends of mine have reported to me, where the previous phenomenon is mutual, and then what happens is something quite remarkable: Both persons A, and B see internally each other faces, and listen each other internally as if in front of screen in their brains, and a decent short exchange of a phase may happen with mutual consent about communicating in this way. I cannot fully understand from the point of view of the science of physics the details of it, but they have reported to me as their true experience.

    10) The internet model of the “inner voices”

    Internal voices of type b) can be understood as a wireless internet of the brains.
    This of course entails that there should exist protocols to control if a brain and mind wants or not to communicate through inner sight or inner voice, with another brain, otherwise we have clear cases of privacy invasion and personal information violation. Now not all types of brains , personalities and minds are able to communicate among them. Some brains have close frequency between them ( and at first I mean the average spin of the protons, electrons neutrons in the human bodies) but if so, they may or may not have sufficient affinity.
    This explains why this phenomenon is more common among close friends, twins, members of harmonious families, persons that work close in the work etc.
    But it can happen also to total strangers as if they were soul mates.
    In addition the brains seem to have natural firewall to protect them from other brains, but in some cases this “firewall” of the brain may have been destroyed. This natural “firewall” is reported by the Veda culture to be the aether net (aether body) , around the human body. (see also post 12). And destruction of the natural “firewall” may occur in high emotional excitation, or due to other reasons, or simply because of very high frequency of the consciousness and mind of the individual due to high psychic development.
    As this phenomenon of spontaneous telepathy at the concrete mind and the inner or outer senses is an emerging , chaotic and uncontrolled phenomenon, the phenomenon of “hacking” to the inner senses is also very common, especially if coupled with negative , hostile, aggressive intentions of the human will. So this phenomenon can become very dangerous and lead individuals to lose their ability not only for creativity but even worse for performing their mundane work. In some extreme cases may lead them to commit suicide.
    They have also reported to me cases of traffic accidents with motorcycle or cars, that essentially are created when the driver is attached by the “hackers of the inner senses” while they are driving.
    Other people even report, hidden technology of neo-nazi terrorist , of telepathic machines capable of locking to frequencies of the brain of people and creating, personal or collective interpolation in the thoughts of people, in the form of inner voices of type b).

    11) The tyranny of non entitled ,indiscreet and aggressive over- familiarity or Intimacy and the power of mind over mind.

    As we mentioned before the spontaneous telepathy happens easier among people with close physical contact (relatives, friends , colleagues, neighbors etc) Also simply living in the same room or building might be a good reason.
    Therefore any tyrannic non-discrete and aggressive over-familiarity and intimacy will increase the probabilities of spontaneous telepathy of “telepathic hacking”, which create in its turn an inner voice tyranny.

    12) Possible and feasible resolutions.

    The first defense of course is to be aware of all the above, and be aware of all the 4 types of inner voices. Is it abstract in the meaning only voice or concrete with recognizable wording and syntax? Is it an echo from my habitual speaking or an inner abstract voice of my moral consciousness or do I have proofs that it more probably does not come from me?

    If it does not come from me, is it probable that it comes from the people that use to contact, or from even deeper and remote sources?
    If the inner voices are ours (types a) and c)) then they may become the source of self-discovery and improvement. But if their origin is not most probably from from us , then they may be really very dangerous or also very helpful and it all depends on our assessment.

    If the voices are of type b) or d) then silence and changing the habits that attract them might be an escape from them. Maybe we should prepare counter-phrases with our correct meaning and attitude with which we may battle them. And it is best to write on paper a list of such counter-phrases to the phrases of the voices. If these “telepathic hackers” turn to become very disturbing in our work and life, and threaten our best principles , values and intentions, we should not hesitate to declare war against them in the way that Steven Pressfiled very wisely describes.
    There is also the case that the voices of type d) might me from divine and inspiring source (common term God, or other human souls). In that case they might me of great help and value in our life. But as we mentioned before, according to the Christian religion abstract wordless inner voices of type d) can be either from the God or from the Devil.
    Let now go back to the voices of type b). In spite our efforts nevertheless the inner voices of type b) may continue. But in many cases that have reported to me the inner voices of type b) completely disappear when the individual travels and stays for at least a week in a foreign country that speak a different language.

    I strongly recommend the following practice of people hearing inner voices of type b) or even d)

    1) Write down what the voices is saying, with its exact words, and exact space and time situation
    2) Analyze why this voice is not from you, why it may be insulting, how it is violating your privacy and personal information if at all.
    3) Classify the intruder inner voice of type b) according to referring to a) what you have b) what you do c) what you think d) what you are.
    4) Write down based on 3) if this voice is violating one or more of your principles and values, and why it is distorting and undermining you.
    5) Then write down as a counter-voice what your true inner voice would be in this sistuation, that does not violate or distort your principles and values.
    6) Learn by heart the phrases of this own counter-voice and be ready to battle with it any future new attach by “hacking” of undesired inner voice of type b).
    7) Keep on insisting for ever in this way of your own designed inner voice, till the undesired inner voice is beaten and kept silent. Remember that this may take months and years. But it will strengthen you and give your own identity and a sense of victory over the intruder voices. After all accepting accepting and accepting is not he panacea of solutions to problems. What when the Nazi were attaching countries? The problem would be solved by Accepting them? No by battling them.
    8) Write down a small imaginary story where you are the hacker to some one else mind, your are the imposer of the undesired inner voice in him/her and how he/she is beating you with his prepared true inner voice. Then reverse the roles and make again your designed inner voice beating the intruder inner voice.

    As the proverb says sometimes we do not solve completely our problems but simply we survive longer than them. (A day comes that the problems die without us having solved them).

  7. Chthonic

    One comment: looking through anothers eyes is an evil act, unless you can actually do it without hurting the subject… These kind of actions naturally draw unwanted voices, the bad kind. You are better off using the light or flame of a God to ‘deal’ with them. More may come but you will be better prepared.

  8. Brendan Ferris

    Thank you so much for your comments! These posts are invaluable!

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