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  1. jonathan

    i hear voices, they are a part of my life so i treat them like a part of life. preciving them with an open mind while leaving room for the unknown to be unknown yet not forgotten. i have the voices that everyone hears. (contemplative assertion that targets my most reactive part of my mental process at that time) i also hear voices steming from very abundant ammounts of dopamine in my brain where in i experence dream like semptioms while in wakeful contiousness. What is a dream?

    well i was going to leave it open but i want elaborate on my thoughts on dreams. in my preception i think a dream while sleeping is the interaction of consciousness, subconsciousness, and the divine(an unknown power that is greater than myself. i just used that word for lack of a better term) while sleeping in most cases the subconscious is dominate in the dream world making the influences and experiacnes easyer to accept as the conscious self is futher removed. to experence dream like states while in wakefull consciousness the person will either struggel aginst the dream they are living creating a nightmare for themselfs, or construct their own reality incorprating the added experences they are having to create a delution.

    oh im just one man thinking about a lot of different things so know that.
    you cant construct a delution without a lot of building blocks i just think that for what this article is presenting itself to be it has a lot of blocks in it.

  2. Brenda Nelson

    Dr. Simon Jones article is interesting and scholarly, but not exactly resonating to my experience. My experience does include “divine revelations” both in visions and in dreams. But they are not what I experience as “voices.”

    I do have an invasive entity who has attached himself to my consciousness. He first presented himself as numerous “voices or beings. But my dreams showed me he is one being with two personalities or schizophrenia as it were.

    I attempted to follow my dream’s instructions about how to rid myself of this being–tried extremely hard for two years. But it was beyond me. However, during that time I became acquainted with my Entity Self–or Over Soul, who sends me blocks of information I simply receive as “knowingness.” This experience and others related to it have been extremely helpful.

    I am accruing masses of spiritual gold to myself as a result of this whole extremely challenging experience.

    I tell more about it on my website. http://www.allowingeverything.blogspot.com

    If you do visit–I suggest that you glance at the older posts first–starting at the bottom of the page or in the archives before reading one or two of the most recent.

    Brenda Nelson
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