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  1. john ramzan

    i talk to god, have done for about three years now, wasnt easy!, erm and yes he talks bk scared the crap out of me at first, i ran for miles, sometimes im able to open my inner eyes and actually see the farmer or hands that are holding a grass hopper the visions are perfect, beleif and faith, kinda makes you wonder which direction we’re heading, my eyes are open my ears are listening i am a sunni muslum(listener) im also a seer, theres more to the human race than we thought! i think phycology is not the way for understaning this, in islamic cultures people call it rohaniyaa nearness of god, it is of a peacfull mind set, phycology is more fitted in achieving the peacfull mind set what is right what is wrong, my first experience was like i was being vetted by higher powers for my safety to see if i was ok(testing the waters), meeting the doctor, its good or god, it was a trgic moment in time, and they helped and they still do, rumi has good discriptions of these experiences but that was along time ago(very mystical) just who are we? and gabriel is cool well the AA are cool, we are all capable of reaching this level, dnt ask me how, i got guided, there are ways to see and hear and feel way beyond our selfs, love is a key role in this exsistance and when you meet him have a laugh tell him john said hello, threres alot to be said about a pray opening your heart and soul, how did this happen? i fell to my knees and asked for help, he gave me more than i bargained for he made me see what it is to be human to feel to love, i cant account for every conversation but should try listening and question, its like the soul is crying out for someone to listen its like we’ve forgot! just accept it, he taught me and introduced me to ways i never thought possable about accepting what is going on, what the voice is, hello is anyone listening lol he is god, the i am the i am and he is great, people have a hard time accepting the simple truth why? when we take religion out of the equasion and look at what belief and faith really is then we tend to let go of the missunderstandings we’ve picked up over te years about religion true religion, crykey we used to talk to god kinda makes you wonder anyway thats abit of my story hope it helps for those seeking what the bloody ek is going on, dnt be scared 😉 ask!

    1. jai

      my husband is diagnosed schizophrenic used to hear voices telling him evry1 was against him .now on lifelong medicines can u help?

  2. Simona Panaitescu

    Dear friends, I want to bring you the knowledge (in case you don’t have it yet) of, probably the most impressive case of voice hearing in history: that of Jakob Lorber, an Austrian musician, who received through inner word an extraordinary teaching, whose author is declared to be Jesus Christ himself. The hearing happened almost daily during 24 years and the fluent writing according to it (covering more than 10.000 pages) was attested by many witnesses coming from the notabilities of the town of Graz.
    In case of interest, please read:

    All the best to you and congratulations for your good work!

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  3. cavan paul mulvihill

    (From the Bible;) Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart as they did at Meribah when thet tried me in the desert. (Hebews Ch.3 v 16}

  4. cavan paul mulvihill

    The Holy Spirit blows where it wills. You hear the sound of it, you know not where it comes from or where it is going. ( Words of Jesus in the New Testament )

  5. Mohammad

    “Mohammed first heard a voice near Mecca as he was walking on his own and meditating, in the Angel Gabriel spoke to Mohammed, he said, “Oh, Mohammed, of a verity thou art the prophet of God” and like many people who have this experience for the first time he looked around him to try and find where the voice came from, but he saw nothing. A few days later he had a vision of the Angel Gabriel who told him that God had chosen him to be a prophet and again his reaction was similar to other voice hearers in that he considered killing himself.”

    About this quotation which I took it from the above article I would like to say that prophet Mohammad knew that he is a prophet not from a voice.
    It was after he came to his wife telling her that he there a person come to him in the cave and in that time he was not know who is that person
    after that his wife took him to her cousin Waraka ibn Nawfal who was a Christian and a very knowledgeable person then he told prophet Mohammad that the person who came to him is the Angel Gabriel

    please open books and read or cite from where you got this information
    sorry for my English I am not a native speaker

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