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  1. john ramzan

    right or wrong, is it right for a person to hear bad voices, of caurse not, what is wrong! perception? why? critical voices, education on feelings, unity, we’re trying to fix it! punishment? no, we punish our selves by the chaos we live in, the individuals life, why do these voices do our heads in when we are trying to answer the call who are they? what gives them the right? ive been in the dungeon the sludge, the chaos, i came into light, i got pulled out! how? by faith and belief and trust beyond ourselfs, my eyes are different and what i is see is the world in chaos i see a material world of greed the illusion the vail, alot like the music on tv rap artists when poverty comes into wealth we are ill equiped to handle it, the conciousness, money!!! when will we learn to let it go or share it equally, seems to be the flavor of the present robin hood, to face our demons takes a tramendous amount of courage and trust, and then to show them mercy and let them go british law and islam ‘rule brtitannia’, theres alot to be said about islam we call this the naffs of the soul. i appologise for the way i right, it just comes out like that 😉 whats right! certainly not greed, percieved worth or value to us, quran quran
    Surah Gold (Az-Zukhruf)
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