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There are plenty of references to voice hearing, “madness”, paranoia, unusual beliefs and/or survival within music of all genres.

This list was suggested by Hywel Davies. Please send in your own suggestions by replying to this post. Just click on the title of this post to see the comments box.

Click on the title for lyrics and other information about the song. Where available we’ve linked the song to You Tube, so you can listen to it if you want to.

2 responses to “Songs & Music”

  1. Johan Haandrikman

    Another great song on hearing voices is
    Bob Dylan — Cold Irons Bound
    Bad Religion — Tiny Voices
    The Bees — Voices Green and Purple
    The Beach Boys — Breakaway
    Bloc Party — She,s hearing Voices
    Donny Hathaway — Voices inside
    Galaxie 500 — Hearing Voices
    Kisschasy — Hearing Voices tonight
    Laura Marling — Ghosts
    Edgar Broughton Band — Out Demons Out

  2. Lia Govers

    Thinking back to my own life, in this instant I like to remember the song of the Beatles ‘The fool on the hill’, but also ‘Could we start again please?’ inside the musical ‘Jesus Chirst Superstar, for the last one was connected to my own, deep desire to be able to start again a new relationship with my mother, thing that never happened however and that can not be possible anymore, once grown up…

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