2 responses to “John Forbes Nash”

  1. Aless Lee Cloverfield

    Interesting how Hollywood still wants to perpetuate a “fix” in the form of a pill. Never worked, and doubt it ever WILL work.

  2. Stephen Dick

    Interesting seeing the meaning in numbers . I got my best CSE result in Maths at school and have seen the film ‘A beautiful Mind’. And like John have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia although not paranoid . I would love to live without my medication and default on them a lot , but have to go back on them as I find that telling lies to my doctor doesn’t do me any good as the lies I have been told by others have experienced in my own life have made me do silly things as haven’t been able to accept them . This man had a lot to give the world and deserved the Nobel prize he got.

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