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Hearing Voices groups provide a safe place to talk about your experiences. You may feel that sometimes these experiences are very distressing and overwhelming, but sharing this can help.

Hearing Voices can be both an attack on personal identity and an attempt to keep it intact. The solution does not lie in suppressing the conflict but in accepting it and to keep in mind that it is normal to be different. We do not all respond to situations in the same way and getting to grips with the context is essential to understanding the behaviour and to facilitating support.

Aims of Hearing Voices Groups:

  • Demystify the voices
  • Build up a relationship and acknowledge the voices as part of ordinary life
  • Finding processes of learning to cope with voices
  • Keep in mind the idea that it is normal to be different

There are 100s of groups across the world. See our National Networks page to find out if there is a group near you.

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  1. Diana C

    Where can I find support groups in the Seattle WA area?

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