2 responses to “Are Hearing Voices Groups Effective?”

  1. Berta Britz

    It’s been a bit difficult to reach voice-hearers willing to try a hearing voices group. I would be grateful for suggestions on how to appeal to people to participate and for them to try it more than one time.

    I am encouraged by and interested to read the entire study on the effectiveness of hearing voices groups. I wasn’t able to find more than the summary and abstract. Please direct me to such a site.

    Thank you very much,

    Berta Britz, from Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Jason Williams

    Hi guys,
    I am a peer support worker with lived experience of hearing voices. I live in Melbourne Austrlia. I am looking for info and guiding principles (start up pack)for starting up a voices group within the community the my role services.
    I clicked on the read full article pdf link A Prelimanary Evaluation 2004, however it redirected me to the same page with the same link to the pdf A Prelimanary Evaluation 2004.
    If you could reccomend any material that would be useful for me it would be much appreciated.
    I will continue to search around on your wonderful looking site though.
    Thank you

    Jason Williams

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