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  1. Kaleila Amia

    Hi there – I am a First Nations here in Vancouver. I have a son diagnosed with schizophrenia for past 5 years – he is 27. I would like to know of alternative methods to healing rather than the orthodox medicine that is a band aide.
    I appreciate any leads I can get. Please keep me posted on this conference. I wish I could be part of this somehow. Thank you, Kaleila

  2. Brenda Nelson

    I get the impression that your organization believes that all voice-hearing is due to mental illness? I hear voices and have been thoroughly diagnosed–and do not have mental illness. My DSM was “auditory hallucinations.” I know, from direct teachings in my dreams that the “voice” I hear (which takes on different personae from time to time) is a non-physical being, a conscious being who might be called a “demon” or “invasive entity. Indigenous peoples knew what these beings were, but most of the psychiatric community seems very closed minded to the fact that there are other non-physical realities that are populated by all kinds of beings, many with similar consciousness to our own. But there is a class of these beings which have malevolent intent and are master deceivers. However, they too, like all of us are constantly being invited to grow spiritually. In fact, demons are meant to help us grow spiritually in an indirect way. These are my beliefs.

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