French HVN Alive & Kicking

We were recently fortunate enough to hear from Yann Derobert from the French Hearing Voices Network (Réseau français sur l’entente de voix). Yann tells us that they are going from strength to strength, and are busy spreading the word at a number of conferences.

Empowerment et Santé Mentale (Empowerment & Mental Health)

Mardi 13 mars, de 16h à 20h30, Cinéma Jean-Painlevé
Tuesday, March 13, from 16h to 20h30, Cinéma Jean Painleve 

Download the flyer here (français)

14ème Symposium de l’Atelier du non faire à l’Atelier Z

22-24 Fevrier 2012 (22nd – 24th February 2012)

Download the programme here (français)

It’s great to hear that Yann and his colleagues are making such great progress, taking the ‘hearing voices movement’ message out to such a wide audience. We hope he will update us soon on how these presentations were received.

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