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  1. Barrie Wylie

    what can i say INTERVOICE and it,s members saved my life,, over a year ago i was tormented with severe voices and saw no hope of ever having a future!! Thanks to all the invaluable information and support i recieved from joining the intervoice my life has been transformed and i am now in full control of my voices and i now have power over them!! I still have a long way to go but with the support i am still recieving from intervoice and it,s ,members that journey has become a great pleasure rather than the catastrophic misery it was not long ago!!

    Intervoice has been a life line to me and the hugest stepping stone to my recovery!!!

    The work of Intervoice, Ron Coleman, Karen Taylor , Kevin Healey, Egan Bidios, Paul Baker has given me back my life and i am beginning to regain the respect of family and friends who couldn,t see past the diagnosis!! I also have something now to work towards to make my children proud there dad is a voice hearer and not just another statistic of the mental health system,, i now see a future and it is down to each and everyone of Intervoices members!!
    Forever in your debt and you have my deepest gratitude and i am proud to be a part of a movement which will shape the future!!

    Thank you all so much

    Barrie Wylie!!!!

  2. Berta Britz

    Thank you for this impressive work. The relatively small number of respondents does not detract from the importance of INTERVOICE and other networks around the world. Evidence emerges from different sources. Stories still hold a unique power!

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