3 responses to “Press Release: Eleanor Longden at TED 2013”

  1. christina lindburg

    Thank you for your story of survival it inspired me or may i say us.
    I myself am a victim of those same voices . My voices are coming from neuro monitering implanted chips.Along with a rfid chip. This is a complicated time in wich technology in the wrong hands is undermining the very essence of humanity. Your story is very similar to the many stories that unfortunatly plays out over and over every day going unnoticed as a very deviant and dark crime. I call upon your foundation to look into creating a medical system which can deciefer the difference. these are cults that play upon ever last tramatic emotion and then go to greatlengths to create dillission and darkness. And yes they at times will guide you back to a wakend profound sense of oneself.

  2. Aretha Thomas

    Hi Elenoor,

    maybe you will write back? I have had voices for many years, 8, and now they have become terrifing in tone… I am currently in Charing cross hospital, Claybrook road, W. London.

    The beginning of your life sounds much like mine; lots of traveling and I trained 10 years in Ballet and had many nice experiences; I enjoy playing flute but am currently to scared to do so… everynight I hear things and think something terrible has happened to my small family, but, suprisingly it does not. I am not saying though that I will wake up tomorrow; they are very close by, occassionally touching me and convulsing me in my sleep. I am worried they may kill me, for any number of reasons, 1 being – I am too kind.

  3. Marie Lindenbaum

    Dear Elenoor,

    I´m so happy about your talk on TED. I’v suffered from psychoses four times now. In my therapy I realized what my psychoses wanted to tell me and now I’m greatful for them. I finally learnt to accept that my psychosis are a way to escape from situations I can’t solve on my own an they have far more effects. It is important for me to see people who had similar experiences, that one can achieve things. I’m a student at the university and am about to having my masters degree. Thank you for inspiring me.

    I wish all the best for u

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