2 responses to “2nd World Hearing Voices Congress and INTERVOICE Meeting great success”

  1. Berta Britz

    I would like to have the power points from all the keynotes. Is this possible? – Berta

  2. Felipe

    if he does drugs they seem to get mad, Chuck feels it is because he fihtgs back more or ignores them more then, they have less control. I know both of my friends very well, so I have my theories of why all of a sudden they have voices. You see we are all in our early 50 s. Chuck has nothing from his child hood to indicate voices, or experiences. Now Danny, my other friend, with God and his fallen Angels, he has a bit of history involving UFO sightings, being a non believer of God his entire life, until he got clean and sober got married, had a child, church every Sunday, and when ever. He started hearing fallen Angels when his marriage, and life started falling apart. I hadn’t seen him for about 7 years when he stopped by one day, this was about 6 years ago. He was talking about God, gave me a bible. The next time he came over he broke down told me about his voices, and God being mentally and physical with him, letting his Fallen Angels molest him and all sorts of bad things. This man whom his whole life growing up an Atheist, could now recite every bit of any Bible. I feel that he has disappointment within himself, then also I am sure he is angry with God for not being there when he called on him with his arrests, divorce, and now his daughter won’t talk with him. I think he is fighting with his Atheist self and his knowledge of the Bible self with it’s many contradictions, this is where I feel the voices come in, for Danny that is. For Chuck, it very well could be Government, The Haarp Project.com talks about a lot of things, one of them is Mind Control, and the micro chipping of people. They have been doing this since 1948. but, I don’t see Chuck being that much of an issue to have been chipped, so again it might just be his conscience also. Any way, my friend Danny wanted me to contact the Innervoice, and share a little of his story, along with Chuck’s. I read Jay’s story and it was very familiar to me, concerning my friend Chuck. So, just so you know, you are not alone, there are people all over the world with experiences just like yours. Hope you all can find silence again with in your selves one day. Peace.

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