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Intervoice Award Nomination Form 2018

  • Details of the Nomination

    Use this part of the form to tell us about the person, group, network, organisation or project you're nominating for an award. Please make sure that you've read the information about the categories to help you choose the correct one.
  • Which category of award are you nominating this person, group, network, organisation or project for?
  • Remember that this can be a person, group, network, organisation or project.
  • Please tell us where the person/group/organisation/project you are nominating is based.
  • If you have a contact email address for your nominee, please add it here so we can get in touch with them.
  • Please give us as much information as you can - including any links to background information, news or initiatives - that will help us understand why you are nominating this person, group or project for this category of award.

    For example, you might tell us how you feel they have contributed to the Hearing Voices Movement, or what you feel they have done that you would like us to celebrate, highlight or recognise.

  • When we write to them to let them know they have been nominated for an award, it can be nice to tell them a little bit about why they have been nominated. If you are happy for us to use some, or all, of what you have written please confirm this.
  • Your Details

    In this section you can tell us a little about yourself so that we know who is making the nomination, and how we can contact you.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.