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The International Hearing Voices Movement that Intervoice supports is truly international. It brings together people who hear voices, their supporters and concerned citizens from across the globe. If you would like to find out what is happening in your country, click on the link below.

To view a map of Hearing Voices Groups across, the world – see the Hearing Voices Groups and Networks map.

If your country is not yet part of this International Movement, please contact us so that we can support you to develop your own network. Sometimes it’s just takes one person to get things started.

List of Networks

Australia FlagAustralia

In July of 2005, the Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia (RFWA) brought Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor to Perth (Australia) to deliver a series of Recovery workshops … [Read More …]

Austria's FlagAustria

In Linz, Chuck Schneider and Marlene Weiterschan are active with supporting self-help groups and running a training program. Whilst in Vienna, Monika Mikus actively promotes the Hearing Voices Movement … [Read More …]

Belgium flagBelgium

REV-Belgium, the Hearing Voices Network of Belgium, was created in the image of the French network on the agreement of Rev-France and other French-speaking networks (Swiss and Quebec), English-speaking hearing-voices networks and intervoice … [Read More …]

Bosnia FlagBosnia and Herzegovina

Association ‘Metanoia’ has been working with Intervoice to develop the Western Balkans Hearing Voices Network in association with representatives from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The network was launched in the summer of 2015. See:

Canada's FlagCanada & Quebec

There are a number of exciting developments in Canada and Quebec. If you are interested in supporting or taking part in developments in Canada – please contact Kevin Healey from Toronto HVN. For developments in Quebec, please contact [Read More …]

Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic

Beginning in Prague, but quickly growing to other areas, the Czech Republic Hearing Voices Network supports a number of Hearing Voices Groups, workshops and events. For more information, see:  [Read More …]

Croatian FlagCroatia

Dom “Turnić” has joined Intervoice to further develop the Western Balkans Hearing Voices Network in association with representatives from Bosnia and Herzogovina, Serbia and Slovenia. The network was launched in the summer of 2015. See:

Denmark's FlagDenmark

The Danish hearing voices network was officially inaugurated on the 3rd October 2005 and among those participating were Marius Romme and Sandra Escher … [Read More …]

England's FlagEngland

The first hearing Voices group was formed in 1988 in Manchester. Following a national conference held in London in 1990, the Independent on Sunday newspaper published a prominent article … [Read More …]

Flag of FinlandFinland

Suomen Moniääniset Ry is a national association for people who hear voices. It is an established network, which will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2016! It is formed of a network of groups … [Read More …]

French FlagFrance

Travailler et parler avec les voix: Créer le rétablissement pour les personnes qui entendent des voix. The 4 day event that took place in Armentières, France on 31th January to 3rd February. 2011 was very successful and led to the establishment  … [Read More …]

Germany's FlagGermany

The German National Network (NeSt e.V.) was founded in 1998. It has about 130 members and an office in Berlin. Monika Hoffmann, one of the co-founders of the “NeSt”, is still one of its … [Read More …]

Greece's FlagGreece

A group has started in  Thessaloniki and they have plans to set up a support network for voice  hearers and translate materials into Greek. In Athens … [Read More …]

Ireland's FlagIreland

The Hearing Voices Network Ireland (HVNI) is one of over 20 nationally-based networks around the world joined by shared goals and values … [Read More …]

Italy's flagItaly

Angelo Arecco, Cristina Contini, Marcello Macario, and Alessandra Santonio co-ordinate the hearing voices network in Italy. They hold annual national conferences … [Read More …]

Japan's FlagJapan

The initiative to develop a hearing voices network was taken by longstanding INTERVOICE member, Wakio Sato, a psycholgist and  a lecturer of Kyoto Kohka Women’s College … [Read More …]

Flag of MaltaMalta

Hearing Voices Malta was established in 2015 by Paulann Grech, Miriam Micallef and Trevor Eyles. Currently the network is focusing on raising local awareness … [Read More …]

Netherland's FlagNetherlands

The Hearing Voices Network in the Netherlands was the first network to be established in europe and has been in existence since 1987. Stichting Weerklank remains very active … [Read More …]

New Zealand's FlagNew Zealand

The Hearing Voices Network is an Incorporated Society called “Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated”. The incorporation took place on September 14th 2007 … [Read More …]

Norway's FlagNorway

I Norge er aktiviteten i hovedsak avhengig av interesserte enkeltpersoner. Det har vært flere konferanser om temaet, de to første var i Molde på initiativ av Geir Fredriksen …[Read More …]

Palestine's FlagPalestine

There are 2 voices group running at the Bethlehem Hospital, with new groups being set up in Ramala & Hebron and hearing voices training also being carried out in the Gaza Strip …[Read More …]

Flag of PortugalPortugal

The Portuguese Hearing Voices Network strives to disseminate knowledge about the experience of hearing voices, to promote peer support between people who hear voices …[Read More …]

Scotland's FlagScotland

Scotland has an active National Network, local groups and has been organising regular meetings and conferences.The Network has a national steering group, including … [Read More …]

Serbia FlagSerbia

Association ‘Space’ has been working with Intervoice to develop the Western Balkans Hearing Voices Network in association with representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. The network was launched in the summer of 2015. See:

Slovenia FlagSlovenia

Kralji Ulice has been working with Intervoice to develop the Western Balkans Hearing Voices Network in association with representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The network was launched in the summer of 2015.

Spain's FlagSpain

There is growing interest in Spain where Professor, Dr. Manuel Gonzalez de Chavez Menendez has initiated the translation of ‘Making Sense of Voices’ into Spanish … [Read More …]

Sweden's FlagSweden

There are active networks in Stockholm, Umea, Skelleftea, Boden and Linkoping and in Lund. In Stockholm, Ami Rohnitz, Siv Wetterberg and Anneli Westling are very active … [Read More …]

Switzerland's FlagSwitzerland

The Hearing Voices Network in Switzerland entitled Mouvement Les Sans-Voix, was established by Theresa Krummenacher. She also founded the self-help group in Geneva and in 1999 published … [Read More …]

Flag of UgandaUganda

In January 2012, Jim Taylor, an Occupational Therapist with a personal experience of voice hearing, and Dave Baillie, a psychiatrist, arranged a Hearing Voices Group Launch in Kampala  … [Read More …]

United State's FlagUSA

Founded in 2010, the HVN USA represents a partnership between individuals who hear voices or have other extreme or unusual experiences, professionals and allies in the community  … [Read More …]

Wales's FlagWales

HVN Cymru was founded in 2001, it exists to raise awareness of hearing voices from a variety of perspectives. The work is supported by Hywel Davies. There are locally … [Read More …]

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  1. Gaëtan Legault

    *** I left the same comment in the Canadian section ***

    Hi, I am the concellor of the Trois-Rivières group in Québec, Canada.

    I write this comment to let you know that we now have a website, constructed and update by the ROBSM organisation.

    Thanks for your time,


    P.S. The name of the Trois-Rivières group is ” Entendons-nous “

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