Belgium flagREV-Belgium, the Hearing Voices Network of Belgium, was created in the image of the French network on the agreement of Rev-France and other French-speaking networks (Swiss and Quebec), English-speaking hearing-voices networks and intervoice, following the results of the research and studies of pioneers Marius Romme and Sandra Escher.

In this network of people who hear voices, supporters and health professionals, the voices are not seen as a symptom of a mental illness that should be suppressed, but as a human experience that is not in itself a problem. Indeed, many people hear voices without going through psychiatry. On the other hand, this experience can be very trying, causing anguish and loneliness.

That’s why REV has developed self-help groups in a climate of trust and respect for everyone’s beliefs. It is possible to learn to live better with your voice and to cope with daily difficulties.

Several groups meet every two weeks in different cities (Brussels, Liège, Namur, Mons).

If you hear voices, or if you know people who hear voices and are troubled, this network can help you.


There are a number of peer support groups available for people who hear voices in Belgium, including ones in Brussels, Liège, Namur and Mons. For a current list, see:

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Contact: Elodie Azarian

Tel: 0478/42.76.08

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