Finland's FlagSuomen Moniääniset Ry is a national association for people who hear voices. It is an established network, which will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2016! It is formed of a network of groups across the whole of Finland, offers a telephone peer support services and publishes quarterly newsletters. The basis for all of its activities is the expertise founded on experience.


  • supports and brings together voice hearers and their relatives
  • collects and spreads information about hearing voices
  • offers and develops peer support
  • organises events and education
  • promotes research on the branch
  • projects: Spreading information about hearing voices 2004 – 2007 and Supporting families of voice hearers 2008 – 2010

The association is funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), Finnish Central Association for Mental Health and the town of Helsinki. It is a member of Finnish Central Association for Mental Health and Intervoice

Contact Us

Suomen Moniääniset ry
Ratakatu 9
00120 Helsinki
040-830 9663

For peer support by telephone:

Annikka, 050- 540 6185, Mondays on odd weeks from 4 pm to 8 pm

Airi, 040-705 9653, Thursdays on even weeks from 3 pm to 7 pm

Find A Group

Groups of voice hearers assemble regularly around Finland. Some of the groups are led by a professional and others by peer instructors.

In the groups people discuss hearing voices, getting along with them and different methods to cope with them and control them. Groups also try to relief difficult feelings such as fear and anxiety that can be caused by the voices.

If you are interested in participating a peer support group, starting a group or leading one, please contact the office of the association (040-830 9663).


News and Events

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