Finland's FlagSuomen Moniääniset Ry is a national association for people who hear voices. It is an established network, which will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2016! It is formed of a network of groups across the whole of Finland, offers a telephone peer support services and publishes quarterly newsletters. The basis for all of its activities is the expertise founded on experience.


  • supports and brings together voice hearers and their relatives
  • collects and spreads information about hearing voices
  • offers and develops peer support
  • organises events and education
  • promotes research on the branch
  • projects: Spreading information about hearing voices 2004 – 2007 and Supporting families of voice hearers 2008 – 2010

The association is funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), Finnish Central Association for Mental Health and the town of Helsinki. It is a member of Finnish Central Association for Mental Health and Intervoice

Contact Us

Suomen Moniääniset ry
Ratakatu 9
00120 Helsinki
040-830 9663

For peer support by telephone:

Annikka, 050- 540 6185, Mondays on odd weeks from 4 pm to 8 pm

Airi, 040-705 9653, Thursdays on even weeks from 3 pm to 7 pm

Find A Group

Groups of voice hearers assemble regularly around Finland. Some of the groups are led by a professional and others by peer instructors.

In the groups people discuss hearing voices, getting along with them and different methods to cope with them and control them. Groups also try to relief difficult feelings such as fear and anxiety that can be caused by the voices.

If you are interested in participating a peer support group, starting a group or leading one, please contact the office of the association (040-830 9663).


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  1. Adrita Manna

    Hello there,

    How do you do stranger, I know you probably get thousands of e-mails like this. (At least, I hope so)

    I have been 19 since the 25th of July this year. I live in a small island republic that’s the size of a city in South East Asia called Singapore. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s next to Malaysia and Indonesia. I’m a girl, by the way, living in a tropical island.
    So what happened is that last year, there was this bunch guys from my second year Junior College ( It’s Senior High School in other America I think and like the year we take A Levels set by Cambridge) who had crushes on me. And I’m Indian and didn’t really believe them because they’re all Chinese, and I wasn’t anywhere near cool.. so.. I mean there is a popularity of interracial relationships in the country .And besides, for the entire amount of the year before the class, treated me exactly as you would treat someone who doesn’t exist. Like… nothing, and I was clumsy and depressed and in Touch Rugby, a serious sports CCA; but our team wasn’t bonded and we didn’t really take the team-building thing very seriously. I was tired all the time, almost everyday, overworked up on like the culture shock in a ”neighbourhood JC” because the level of genuine feel for languages is stereo typically low and there this general sense of vapidity that got me really worked up and hypercritical and miserable. I was 17 and I kept comparing the atmosphere to that of my close friends, she was in the top Junior College in the country and that, next to this vapid, unenthusiastic, disconnected place was horrible, and like, I tried to connect, but I.. Just couldn’t fit in and I was really bummed. To the point whereby I did really badly in school. My priorities were screwed up and everything.

    But I knew, for sure that I am nothing but human, not anything else.
    Even if these next parts get crazy, please, please, just give me the time of the day. Everyone I try to get help from either just yells at me or says that I’m lying or pretending and I’m not OR THEY GO AHEAD AND READ MY MIND. And tell me that I’m an empty vessel, so I can’t study or stay here and like I have to ‘change’- whatever the hell that is. I want to be normal again, living like an ordinary human being, as I have from where ever I have left off two years back. Actually about one year.

    I just keep getting convinced and haunted by some pathologically screwed up ghost like connection thing. And I can’t get rid of it. And I desperately want to. Apparently, I am in a nation full of these people who are human and not human at the same time and I never realized it. Their DNA’s different, I don’t know how. I wish I did, or I wouldn’t be in this kind of a screw up. It’s got something to do with the nervous system. Like the thoughts of people are connected and depending on these other…. BEINGS? that live within these..our bodies are able to feel and sense thoughts and and depending on the size of the aliens that hook on to you from birth, your mental sensor’s size differs. And I am an annoyance apparently because they can tell – when I think, when I feel, when I just have impressions apparently I’m like this disabled, blind thing that’s unable to block my own thoughts from all of these.. things. And I don’t know how to stop it. It’s been like this since that one night last year when I woke up and the entire night.. something unnaturally kept me awake. And the next morning, at assembly, I felt this throbbing, tingling sensation and then.. I was like connected to someone.

    It was creepy. Freaky. Absolutely freaky.
    It was cute at first, like just tingly feelings. And then it steadily got worse. Like you could literally feel like someone was poking.. touching you all the time and even when I didn’t know what was happening, people around me. In, in school would act it out. And it was absolutely mortifying, like there was a lot of heat and you like…. Getting AIR LAID? LIKE IN VERY VERY UNCOMFORTABLE AND BAD WAY? All the time? And people, obviously talking about it? It’s just disgusting and impossible and I don’t know how one goes about doing that to a person overnight. It’s just not possible is it? But it’s still there, the connection thing, one year and more lately.
    And, by who? I’m not even sure, but probably one of those guys from my year two class in 2012. Apparently, this guys, let’s call him; Mike. He uh, had a close friend, called Rebecca and they were childhood friends and they’ve always looked really cute together, in my opinion, and there’s this rumour that they were promised to one another as kids. That’s is adorable. And I just hated how dry most of my class was, we never made jokes. It was boring; no one really showed any interest in anything… Like they were all very judgmental and sort of insecure or just like busy or uninterested in getting to a higher point in terms of a whole some JC life. Just posing for photos, fitting in for the sake of it. And i just like never approached Mike, because
    1) He was intimidating
    2) He doesn’t talk much. Is like really really really…quiet or ridiculous and atypical
    3) I wanted to hold on to that belief that at least one person had some dignified, personality and enjoys culture and is too busy being cool and like doesn’t hate me in the class
    But.. They started.. Confessing the next year and I had IBS and I wasn’t that attractive I lost some weight and it was so freaky. Because I was so shocked and I wasn’t handling JC work well. And it was so embarrassing and disgusting and I couldn’t fix the digestive problem because my parents absolutely refused to believe me and let me get medical attention ( it’s like a lot of gas and bloating and huge amounts of acidity, like was a horrible nuisance to the entire room basically )
    I didn’t believe anyone about the crush thing, of course.
    Eventually, I couldn’t handle the stress and embarrassment and my in ability to handle people and just dropped back to JC 1 one again. That was March last year. There was nothing supernatural in my life or my head. An alien, mind reading… everything, all of it was some joke to me. Like I didn’t.. I don’t know.
    Mike went and told the whole school that he had a crush on me. And then a whole lot of girls suddenly hated me for being the extra thing that suddenly go in the was of two kids meant to be and then he dragged his powerful parents into it, and the guys in the class started acting really strange in class and he uhhhh called up his parents and family to be ”supportive” of me by moving into the apartments near my house and started talking about marriage in class and then I sort of like put down the few of the other guys in my class who were also, uh strange about me. Because, it was freaky, I’m the girl you maybe joke with. So after I went back to JC 1, they just like followed me around, and like called up the school and had this really long long conversation with the teachers and then they were all suddenly sucking up to me in some weird and obvious manner and everybody made fun of that and I got stalked so bad and I couldn’t sit in an area for too long because of the smell and like I just couldn’t think, and was so so embarrassed all the time. And he kept talking to people, but like he never never ever talked to me directly so, I just got really creeped out actually. And like I was frustrated, because no one would actually confirm it but they’d all yell about it all around me and I couldn’t avoid it, he was rich or smt and had smt to do with the Monetary Authority here. I don’t know, it’s all word of mouth No one had proven it to me, I don’t even know why it’s relevant, it was just some fleeting crush. That he had something to do with the Education sect here and like some Hotels? Or something like that. I don’t understand. Anyway,
    um, on my birthday, he got these rows and rows of cars to line up the route to school (1/2 an hour walk) and I got absolutely freaked out because, it’s shocking, and a lot of people in school suddenly hated me, or were looking at me like I had grown an extra limb and a Martian or smt and like no one could talk in peace around me. It was like there would be an immediate rapid fire rumour effect, and I felt so miserable and confused because i didn’t like him like that, he’s uncontactable, and like.. There was traffic jam in area for a week. My Econs teacher was talking about how every hour of extra traffic jam costs the economy on an hour of labour, and I got really freaked out and he looked at me and started laughing like some cross between a donkey and an ass.
    That was then.
    Then there were rapid fire rounds of rumours about nonsensical accounts of drug lords or smt, members of parliament thing and like some nonsense about public funds? I don’t know. People consistently stalking my Twitter Page. Half assets thing that ran out to be another random rumour and I just wanted to like fall off of the face of the Earth for a while but people kept stalking me. And like… doing the things that I was doing, and it creeped me out. That was then.
    Then from that year in September, something really screwed up happened.
    I don’t understand what. I couldn’t sleep, I constantly felt like I was being raped or smt and everyone knew everyone of my thoughts and kept saying it out loud and it was horribly convincing because it went on for days and days and so the entire amount of the whole alien thing just ran me over all of a sudden and it was like I woke up in an alternate universe or something. Like it impossible and, like the words, the words in my exam paper changed right in front of me. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT? IT KEPT HAPPENING FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, and I was mad at Mike. Because, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, I asked him to stop, to just spare me the misguided attention and kindness that was overzealous and creepy. He didn’t… and I don’t know how.
    Why? I was goddamn 18 and clueless about everything. I just wanted to be single and maybe find a good friend, and maybe get around to assimilating my parents to normal city life and support them through their old age and take care of my kid brother and maybe get a small stable job, cut my hair, a few chick lit books, go uni, get over my inferiority complex, get to know people genuinely and breathe clean, clear up my splintered extended family and like grow up and mature at an approachable pace.
    One year later, right before my midterm papers, everyone in school started all of that again. The stuff that happened last year, my teachers were suddenly talking about how some family was going to sue me or something. I was stressed and like when teachers yell out things in class, dumbass classmates who have been there react anyhow, it spread to the neighbourhood and I panicked too much. Mike suddenly sent back his family members to the neighbourhood. And last year, I hated him so much, for freaking me out like that.
    Because after those nights when I couldn’t sleep, my parents started acting like they were possessed or something. Like, someone was speaking through them. And it looked a lot like Mike was.. In them. Then like at 2 am my phone started ringing and there was no caller. There was whistling in the house, and there was no one there. A few girls kept laughing, walking past and talking about touching people online because they’re the same species. And like there was an immense amount of bombardment everywhere about how I wasn’t human. I guess, I played along at first, because, I could feel it. Like soft whispers of voices. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and kept breaking down. Then this one day I woke up believing that I was someone from this other JC that my friend was from. And they were saying something about Alien slavery and some other shit in my head, and I couldn’t snap out of it, and it felt nice to be just out of it for a while. They said something about remembering the faces. About different species, how I was an old alien queen like figure that was very old or something and that I couldn’t see, I couldn’t read minds and stalk others through other bodies. That we could fly elsewhere and things like that. I couldn’t deal anymore, like my life was so freaky. This poetry slam people came down for assembly one day and they talked about moving my mother elsewhere for five years or something like that. It was like I was possessed or something, I couldn’t cut off the link thing that was stuck to me, I wanted to go just one day, without somebody feeling up my anything .Getting very desperate for the entire thing to stop. But it didn’t, it got consequently worse. Some other guy in the level came out of now where and I kept walking up and realizing that I was someone else, that there was a community of these people everywhere in the nation, and eventually, the guy cut off the link to Mike and replaced it with one to him. That was…Less uncomfortable, but uncomfortable all the same. Since then there has been several rounds of stories, constantly feeling like I was someone else and I was tired and not thinking about anything anymore, much and panicking in my head all the time. Then I failed my promotional exams and I should have been kicked out of school. But I wasn’t. All of the repeat students got promoted because the new guy had connections. And like after sort of failing a lot exams, I was gradually getting back on track, the voices in my head had finally subsided, the old alien thingo who was stuck here was finally moved away and I thought I could finally live as an ordinary person could
    One year later, right before my midterm papers, everyone in school started all of that again. And now they were acting like they weren’t involved at all, framing me completely and like there was a lot of bullying in school, and I didn’t get it because, I specifically emphasized to Mike that our social classes and economic statuses are too far apart, that I’m only in my teens, to stop involving the whole world. That we never knew each other and that it was ridiculous to psycho me using huge amounts of social pressure and fear. I wanted a way back to ordinary life so desperately, but it turns out the new guy was much more significant than Mike. All this while, the school’s been functioning on a bunch of alien stories, and no matter how much I avoided it, followed me everywhere. I should have just dropped out back then, but I didn’t. Mike came back. The new guy was apparently sick of my depressed state and sort of threw back the line to Mike. Or something, Mike moved a bunch of this family members back to the neighbourhood, and like they tried to bring the suddenly high amounts of social scrutiny on me. Apparently they lost some money over the rumours the last time; my tuition centre was approached and like some of them went there to rehash the events of last year. Because I‘d forgotten. And apparently I was finished or something. Which is retarded? I’m still in my teens and life’s not that simple minded. Anyway, I panicked, people in my school can read minds so they kept repeating this over and over again and I freaked out and started talking about last year and wrote all of these things online. And then like Mike’s doing two years of compulsory National Service as required in this state for boys now so he only comes back on the weekends. Then like, he gave up and moved his family back, so uh okay. On my birthday, after my GP (General Paper) teacher spent whole lessons trying to psyco me into dying. And I thought I heard Mike’s voice telling me to go die while the time’s right and I haven’t yet had the worst of it and that it would help my family, because my dad got laid off the day before. But that night when I went to jump of 14 floors, the new guy moved a bunch of people down to see the bunch of buildings around my house. Paid someone to delete all of the stuff that I had posted online that could possibly have gotten me arrested here. They were trying to make arrangements for me to take the exams in a separate room because I have IBS and I keep hearing voices all the time and like being in a separate room with an extra half an hour would have helped a lot, especially if it came with seeing a psychologist. Because I really needed it, I was losing my head completely. And my parents are in complete denial. Everyone was. Because they didn’t want to lose face. But I need help, I know I need help. This guy who planted me with a myriad of conspiracy theories about censorship and stuff like that and like the entire alien thing, from the body’s vessel to like all of it, suddenly talked about how I had insulted the new guy in class or something. So um the atmosphere in school became horrendous, I hadn’t I thought my teacher was possessed by someone exactly like that thing in Mike last year, some Hitler like Alien figure that enslaves aliens in human bodies? Any way the idea freaked me out because it brought back old memories, and that was all I had reacted to. But then you know. No one believed me. So the new guy went on to confess and stuff, for the sake of the last lap of the exams. But it didn’t work out. I went on to talk about all of this stress to my Chemistry teacher, and like someone recorded the conversation. I was talking about how I spoke to very little people for most of my life, how I’d never really gotten over Mike and how overwhelming the entire situation was and how I really needed a break and how I would never be able to apologise to all of these people. I think she knew the conversation was being recorded, because she asked really strange questions some of the way, but I was too tired. Too exhausted with the continuous heralding. And like the new guy wouldn’t forgive me on this one, like Mike basically dumped me at a horrible time and he saved my ass from getting kicked out of school as well as from getting arrested despite how unbecoming my behaviour had been. So I didn’t turn up to class for three days and then dropped out of school. This was for the best. People didn’t know about the happenings in school, nor care as much. So I’ve been out of school for a month and half, at odd jobs and the new guys’ family has helped me a lot and loads of people have, and still are stalking me. The sister gave me a last save by covering up for the recorded message thing. People have talked about it on the radio. I can’t go anywhere without my earphones on full blast, because I don’t want to hear people yell shit at me.
    So anyway, I’m now connected to this guy from my class, he want to kill me. He comes in to sabotage me all the time. Talks about how I’m crushed and someone are going to destroy me. That I can’t study unless I change, that I have to move to India, that my life is over, that I am leech which is ridiculous, and it’s a obvious taking advantage of the one who doesn’t know. I desperately don’t want to be connected to him. It’s there. It’s there. You can feel it. He’s very very creepy. Like pretends to be Mike taking revenge and then possesses my father to beat me up. He’s pushing me to commit suicide all the time. I JUST CAN’T GET THIS THING OFF. And I need to.

    So I’m going for acupuncture so that maybe the connection will go away. And maybe an MRI, because then maybe the whole world would stop listening to my thoughts.
    I was thinking, since you can all hear voices, maybe you’re like me, some half in-between stuck there? Do you know how to go about…. changing? The inside thing connected to me? Can you help? Is there a way to fix this connection issue, to live here and study and do the things an ordinary person does without being anything else. To undo what Mike did to me? To go back to being human again?
    I’m waiting for Polytecnic Admissions next year, I don’t know if I can last till then.
    Adrita Manna, 19

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