After a series of visits by members of the English Hearing Voices Network to Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, during which they gave talks about alternative approaches to voices and paranoia, the Hellenic Hearing Voices Network was founded in 2010.

The Hellenic Hearing Voices Network operates at national level, supporting people who hear voices and promoting alternative approaches to voices, and is part of Intervoice.


The part of the Network functioning in ATHENS has focused on bringing out the central role of the self help group that has been running since April 2010. The group is for people who have heard voices or seen visions and meets every other Friday from 4pm to 6pm at the KAPI building of Nea Philadelphia, Efesou 4 (1st floor).

Weekly meetings are sometimes planned and held upon members’ request. For the time being, the group is facilitated by two persons who do not hear voices, but would like to see their contribution as part of a transitional process, until voice hearers feel confident to take over in the near future.

The members and facilitators of the self-help group also coordinate a broader support group of stakeholders, including non voice hearers. The support group meets every month at “Semeli” hostel, Ferron 38, ground floor, main area and has been:

  • organising seminars and events in Athens. Most of these events have been organised with the invaluable support and contribution of the UK HVN
  • organising presentations and discussions to educate its members and help them familiarise with the ethos and core values and concepts of the HVN
  • working to set up a new group (downtown)
  • writing up information about the history of the network, main ideas presented in past events and the work of the self-help group
  • collecting and translating material produced by the Hearing Voices Movement and other useful resources
  • planning to build a website


Hearing Voices Network in Athens contact information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (0030)6944302577 or (0030)6956879974


The part of the Network functioning in THESSALONIKI is under the auspices of the Observatory for Rights in the Field of Mental Health, a non-governmental organisation defending human rights in mental health and promoting alternative approaches to dealing with mental distress (see The Network in Thessaloniki:

  • Runs a self-help/support group for people who hear voices and/or have paranoid ideas
  • Collects and translates material regarding the specific approach to voices and paranoia, which is disseminated via the webpage of the Observatory (you can find there, amongst others, the ‘Maastricht interview with a person who hears voices’ and the ‘Maastricht interview with a person who experiences paranoia’ in Greek)
  • Plans training in individual support of people who hear voices and/or have paranoid ideas, so that support can be provided on request

The self-help/support group covers the city of Thessaloniki and nearby areas. It meets every Thursday 20.30-22.00 in Micropolis, Vasileos Irakleiou 18 (and Venizelou), 2nd floor, library area. For information, please contact the group coordinator at 0030 6983097850.


For information regarding the Hearing Voices Network in Thessaloniki, please contact the Observatory for Rights in the Field of Mental Health at, [email protected], 0030 6949500133.

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