Flag of MaltaHearing Voices Malta was established in 2015 by Paulann Grech, Miriam Micallef and Trevor Eyles. Miriam’s and Paulann’s interest in the Hearing Voices Approach was boosted following their participation in lectures and meetings with Trevor who has offered his expertise guidance for the development of the network in Malta. Currently the network is focusing on raising local awareness through lectures, talks and the use of social media. A website has also been constructed.

Hearing Voices Malta is planning to engage in the following activities:

  • Continue to raise local and international awareness about the Hearing Voices Approach
  • Offer a support group for voice hearers which will be initially facilitated by non-voice-hearing facilitators with the aim of eventually shifting to a voice-hearer-led group
  • Offer a one-to-one support service to voice hearers
  • Liaise with local psychiatric services in order to attempt to integrate the Hearing Voices Approach within mainstream support services yet refrain from portraying this approach as another type of psychiatric treatment or therapy
  • Undertake research with voice hearers
  • Facilitate training for health professionals and the general public

Contact details:

Email address: [email protected]

Phone: +35679730509 or +35699853958