Flag of PortugalThe Portuguese Hearing Voices Network is in its planning stage and consists of a planning group that has the following aims.

They strive to disseminate knowledge about the experience of hearing voices, for the creation of support groups for people who hear voices and generally to de-stigmatize this phenomenon and to expand the opportunities for people who have this experience.


We are a planning group (Raquel, José, Celina and Juš) who are preparing the establishment of the Portuguese network of hearing voices. So far, we act as an informal group and are based in Coimbra.

Our activities started in February 2016 with some public events about hearing voices. With a public event on the world hearing voices day in September 2016 the group gained new forces and is now about to launch the first hearing voices peer-support group in Portugal.

Contact Us

Write us an e-mail ([email protected]) or contact us via our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ouvirvozescoimbrapt/)

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