Sweden's flagThere are active networks in Stockholm, Umea, Skelleftea, Boden and Linkoping and in Lund.

In Stockholm, Ami Rohnitz, Siv Wetterberg and Anneli Westling are very active: they are the chairs of “RSMH ROSTRATT”, representing voice hearers, professionals and family members. They work hard to start new groups and they lecture about hearing voices regularily all over the country.

In Lund, Maths Jesperson leads the activities.

There are now about 25 groups across Sweden.

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E-mail: Anneli Westling [email protected]

E-mail: Siv Wetterberg [email protected] | Website: www.resiv.se

E-mail: Amy Rohnitz [email protected]

E-mail: Maths Jesperson maths.jesperson[email protected]

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