Policy on Website Posting

Intervoice has produced this guidance for administrators and for members of the public who wish to know how decisions are made on posting comments and/or other contributions to the website.

  1. Intervoice has complete discretion over what is published on its website.
  2. At the same time, Intervoice believes that debate about voice hearing and mental health should be robust and inclusive of many viewpoints, so not all comments posted on the website will necessarily be reflective of the views of Intervoice.
  3. In keeping with our values Intervoice will not publish comments or articles that:
    1. Support or promote discrimination against voice hearers, their families or their carers
    2. Are discriminatory towards other groups  (e.g. are racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist, ageist  or insult people’s faith or creed)
    3. Contain derogatory or insulting comments about individuals or group
    4. Are illegible
  4. We will also not post:
    1. Personal /private queries to individuals sent via website posting – these  will be passed to the individual concerned rather than published
    2. Requests for information – these will also be responded to individually
    3. Comments with personal contact details in them – this is because the Intervoice website is an open one and people could expose themselves to risk or inconvenience if their details are used inappropriately by other visitors to the site. The only exception to this is where people wish to make others aware of contact details for a service, survey or network.
    4. There is a forum attached to the website which is a community of members where people can share personal contact details with each other in a secure and safe online environment.
  5. If any person who has not had their article or comment posted would like an explanation as to why, or who have any queries, they should contact [email protected]