Essential Facts

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  • Studies have found that between four and 10 per cent of people across the world hear voices.
  • Between 70 and 90 cent of people who hear voices do so following traumatic events.
  • Voices can be male, female, without gender, child, adult, human or non-human.
  • People may hear one voice or many. Some people report hearing hundreds, although in almost all reported cases, one dominates above the others.
  • Voices can be experienced in the head, in the ears, outside the head, in some other part of the body, or in the environment.
  • Voices often reflect important aspects of the hearer’s emotional state – emotions that are often unexpressed by the hearer.

Twelve More Essential Facts

  1. Voice hearing is often seen as a prime symptom of psychosis (American Psychiatric Association 1994). Hearing voices (auditory hallucinations) is considered a first rank symptom of the specific psychosis of schizophrenia (Schneider, 1959). There are three main psychiatric categories of patients that hear voices; schizophrenia (around 50%); affective psychosis (around 25%) and dissociative disorders (around 80%) (Honig et al., 1998).
  2. However, hearing voices in itself is not a symptom of an illness, but is apparent in 2 – 4 % of the population, some research gives higher estimates and even more people (about 8%) have so called “peculiar personal convictions”, that are sometimes called “delusions”, and do so without being ill. Many people who hear voices find them helpful or benevolent (Romme & Escher, 1993).In a large study of 15,000 people it was found that there was a prevalence of 2.3% who had heard voices frequently and this contrasts with the 1% prevalence of schizophrenia (Tien, 1991).

    Bentall and Slade (1985) found that as many as 15.4% of a population of 150 male students were prepared to endorse the statement ‘In the past I have had the experience of hearing a person’s voice and then found that no one was there’. They add: ‘…no less that 17.5% of the [subjects] were prepared to score the item “I often hear a voice speaking my thoughts aloud” as “Certainly Applies”. This latter item is usually regarded as a first-rank symptom of schizophrenia …’

  3. Whilst one in three people who hear voices become a psychiatric patient – two in three people can cope well and are in no need of psychiatric care. No diagnosis can be given because these 2 out of 3 people who hear voices are quite healthy and function well. It is very significant that in our society there are more people who hear voices who have never been psychiatric patients than there are people who hear voices and become psychiatric patients. (Romme & Escher, 2001).Green and McCreery (1975) found that 14% of their 1800 self-selected subjects reported a purely auditory hallucination, and of these nearly half involved the hearing of articulate or inarticulate human speech sounds. An example of the former would be the case of an engineer facing a difficult professional decision, who, while sitting in a cinema, heard a voice saying, ‘loudly and distinctly’: ‘You can’t do it you know’. He adds: ‘It was so clear and resonant that I turned and looked at my companion who was gazing placidly at the screen[…] I was amazed and somewhat relieved when it became apparent that I was the only person who had heard anything.’

    This case would be an example of what Posey and Losch (1983) call ‘hearing a comforting or advising voice that is not perceived as being one’s own thoughts’. They estimated that approximately 10% of their population of 375 American college students had had this type of experience.

  4. Brain imaging has confirmed that voice hearers do experience a sound as if there were a real person talking to them (Shergill, Brammer, Williams, Murray, & McGuire, 2000).
  5. In a study by Honig and others (1998), of the differences between non-patient and patients hearing voices, it was not in form but content. In other words the non-patients heard voices both inside and outside their head as did the patients but either the content was positive or the hearer had a positive view of the voice and felt in control of it. By contrast the patient group were more frightened of the voices and the voices were more critical (malevolent) and they felt less control over them (Honig et al, 1998).
  6. Psychiatry in our western culture unjustly identifies hearing voices with schizophrenia. Going to a psychiatrist with hearing voices gives you an 80% chance of getting a diagnosis of schizophrenia (Romme & Escher 2001).
  7. Conventional approaches in psychiatry to the problem of voice hearing have been to ignore the meaning of the experience for the voice hearer and concentrate on removing the symptoms (audio hallucinations) by the use of physical means such as medication (Romme & Escher, 1989). Although antipsychotic medication is helpful to some sufferers of psychosis (Fleischhaker, 2002), there is a significant proportion (30 per cent) that still experience the ‘symptoms’ such as hearing voices despite very high doses of injected antipsychotic (Curson, Barnes, Bamber, & Weral, 1985).
  8. Further anti-psychotic medication prevents the emotional processing and therefore healing, of the meaning of the voices (Romme & Escher, 2000).
  9. Traditional practice in behavioural psychology concentrated on either distracting the patient or ignoring references by the patient to the voice hearing experience, with the hope that the patient would concentrate on ‘real’ experiences, which would then be positively reinforced (the assumption being that the voice hearing was a delusional belief). The effect of this approach is to discourage the discussion about the voice hearing experience but without eradicating it (P.D.J. Chadwick, Birchwood, & Trower, 1996).
  10. In research concerning people who hear voices it was found that 77% of the people diagnosed with schizophrenia the hearing of voices was related to traumatic experiences. These traumatic experiences varied from being sexually abused, physically abused, being extremely belittled over long periods from young age, being neglected during long periods as a youngster, being very aggressively treated in marriage, not being able to accept ones sexual identity, etc (Romme & Escher 2006)
  11. Hearing voices in itself is not related to the illness of schizophrenia. In population research only 16% of the whole group of voice hearers can be diagnosed with schizophrenia. (Romme & Escher 2001)
  12. The prognosis of hearing voices is more positive than generally is perceived. In Sandra Escher’s research with children hearing voices she followed 82 children over a period of four years. In that period 64% of the children’s voices disappeared congruently with learning to cope with emotions and becoming less stressed. In children with whom the voices were psychiatrised and made a part of an illness and not given proper attention, voices did not vanish, but became worse, the development of those children was delayed. (Romme & Escher 2006)

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  1. Anthony

    Very interesting read, it’s common sense that if a problem is left and ignored (even worse, tabooed) that in time it will get worse, it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out… It should be compulsory for every mental health care professional to know these facts word by word, hopefully opening their minds to new possibilities and understandings rather than choosing to overlook and hope the problem fizzles out, nice to know there are caring people out there doing real research.

  2. hopeful

    My son suffers with hearing voices. He unfortunatlely will not/cannot tell us about them or indeed what they say.
    The Psychiatrist just tells me that it is a part of his illness/schitzophrenia. I would dearly love to understand this more and try to help him when they are bad and overtaking his life. I am not sure if they are nasty. He does laugh at non appropriate times, but not sure if it is the voices. Thank you for your time. Coudl somebody please advise me?

    1. Kate Warren


      I am a 35 year old woman who, about four months ago, had a chronic mental breakdown involving visions and a severe and unbalancing episode of hearing voices that lasted five days, after this I continued to experience voices for a few months. I have been on a low dosage of anti-psychotic drugs since and have not experienced any more voices. I felt to get in touch as I empathise with you and your son (- my mother had to look after me during this period) and wanted to share my experience with you.

      As to what coping strategies I discovered, I did find it impossible to ignore the voices as they were too overpowering – to the extent that I had no peace of mind at all, even on waking. Often times, it was horrendous and very upsetting. At one point, one voice was so aggravating and unkind that I ended up at the train tracks with a view to jumping but fortunately was unable to make my legs jump.

      After the severe episode, it was as if I had had my whole being abused.

      Without going into any more negative experiences, what I did find was that the best thing to practice was ‘being with myself’ as much as possible. That meant not always engaging with the voices, as this could sometimes be very debilitating.

      So there is a place I feel which is in between ignoring them and not always engaging with them – like some sort of centre point which is me. That way the voices couldn’t unbalance me so much.

      It’s like finding a peaceful, contented place of self-respect where no matter what a voice says, I can be me. (I certainly didn’t always manage this).

      Sometimes voices were benevolent, so that was at times helpful, as if they were teaching me something, but at other times, it felt like ‘too much’ – an intrusion. So again, that’s where the practice of trying to stay in a kind centre point that has a choice as to whether to engage or not is helpful.

      I’m not sure if this is helpful at all. I can only speak from my experience. More than anything, I wanted to get in touch to say I know how tough it can be (- especially as non-voice hearers can’t understand the experience) and to wish you and your son well.

      I really hope that you have some good professional help – although I found the health services mental health care support I received was totally out of touch with my experience and had too much emphasis on drug prescription.

      I know for me that love and kindness were fundamental healers and I am sure that you, like my mother, are doing all you can on that level.

      With warmest wishes

      1. James

        Hi Kate

        Can I checked with you what medicine you used to cure the voices ?


        1. GG VIN

          Maybe you can try NLP Therapy at Chennai.

    2. Ed

      In late August of 2000 my twin brother came to me complaining of hearing voices. This was shortly after our 30th birthday. Since I had no experience with this I suggested that he visit a doctor. He wound up spending a few days at the hospital and came back with a prescription for an anti-psychotic. This did not help and from what I could find out the doctors solution would have done nothing but create a dependent. I continued living with him for another year, but his constant catatonia and the sudden financial burden had become too much. I moved him back to our parents (the destruction of the Twin Towers happened in this same month) The health department told my parents to throw him in the street. “That’s the only way these people learn” I remember the words. I didn’t know how I was going to recover.

      Three years later I was living in New York because of my job and I too started hearing voices. I knew right away that my brother was right and that I was experiencing some kind of telepathic communication. I remembered when I was in high school physics thinking that if starlight was entangled like physics says we, because of constant sun exposure,we should be entangled too making us telepaths. At the time of my recollection I was working as an analyst at a bank which has confidentiality concerns.

      During the next six months I considered what my options might be. I thought about everything I had seen in my life and the lives of the people in it, about what real telepathy would mean for our society. We are not designed to be telepaths. The internet is a convenient model to conceptualize this, imagine an internet with absolutely no security. This lack of security translated into a lot of stress for me. I didn’t know if I could keep my personal information safe let alone that of my employers. People were going to jail, hospitals, to war. All this while my workplace seemed to be deteriorating. It became a big production to get someones attention for even the littlest of things. my politicking boss only seemed slimier than I could believe someone would hire. I sounded exactly like my brother. Eventually I had to quit the bank job and I returned to my parents place to regroup.

      It didn’t take much research at all to confirm the patterns in my story. Not only are these details available from anecdotal accounts on websites all over the internet, but they match stories ranging from classic literature, TV, the movies and even history. In the Bible Jesus speaks of a kingdom not of this world. The people I could hear often times sounded like Lord of the Flies. The stories are just too consistent to disregard.

      My brother was working again by this point and summer was dragging on. We were home one night after a golf tournament and got into an argument. We scared our parents pretty good and wanting to help my brother I agreed to go to the hospital so that we could both tell our story. He called an ambulance which they put me into forcibly. My brother signed me into the hospital before going home! I got a good look at how the mental health practitioners are approaching the patients. They are deaf to any of the patients interpretation of the diagnosis, they quickly resorted to drugs, I doubt they even would remember the particulars of what I said. Ultimately they seemed heartless and intimidating. Totally useless.

      As years passed my jobs were some of the best I ever had, but like clockwork as soon as I began to get comfortable the assignment was coming to a close. I was in my mid thirties by this point and the feast or famine nature of consulting seemed to coincide with antagonistic intellectual property thieves apparent exploitation of me. The list of plagiary accusations and obvious malfeasance I have would curl your hair! They seem to enjoy human suffering.

      Feeling the need to address the situation once and for all I created a scene telepathically. If there wasn’t anybody there no one would know, otherwise… I went on with this for a few years. I told them I was warlord because they seemed to be playing some sordid game which I figured must’ve been quickly put away in the face of invading warlords throughout history. Presumably social change and cultural growth would follow.

      Slowly a dialogue developed. very tricky and only one question and one answer at best at first. Almost two years later and its kind of like a chatroom here in Chicagoland. Different towns have different people, I can feel a wave of change as I drive from one neighborhood to the next. Everyday I see improvement in sanity levels to the point that I wonder what kind of big oil or pharmaceutical company or nation state is going to be left holding the bag. So much of this research got hidden or laughed at, the conflict of interest has risen to the surface.

      I can only hope that the cavalry is ready to go soon on this. There is so much more to say than I could write here, but at least know you’re really communicating with people. Some of them are straight out of a horror movie, but its not everybody.

      1. AJ

        Ed, I’m from the midwest. I’m 20, and have lived in 7+ different cities, in 3 different countries, and 4 different states. I’ve struggled with my own concept of sanity, as only my cousin understands the “voices” as i do- or as we prefer to understand it more as the “conscious dialect or communication.” SO EXCITED to hear the last few paragraphs. Gives me a warm piece of mind. Thank you.

      2. LG

        ok my name is leyxa garcia im 13-14yrs old, i love ur story ive been trying to live with the voices i hear and yesterday june 26 2013 i told my sister that i haer voices and she had told me she does to and i was interested to find out more about it so i typed it in to google and this came up so iwas interested to read more because idont want to keep living with the voices sometimes i get so scared i cry i started hearing them when i was just about to turn 12 i hate hearing them but i dont noe what to do

        1. sandy

          Dear leyxa, I am the parent of a voice hearer. It is important you tell a trusted adult so they can find you therapy or medicine if needed to help you enjoy your life and live to your full potntial

    3. christopher puletasi

      The voices are bad. They tell you things which are bad or you are not suppose to hear it. I have too. I have to keep on fighting this every day and every time of the day and night. The best thing to do is to let him know that somebnody does care for him and will always be with nhim all the time. It is a spiritual warfare and if he doesn’t know how to fight it you have to teach him how to fight it. You have to take care of him in every way. Even if means for him to live isolated as a rich individual. He need to be aroud people sometime to discourage the voices. Try to make him as an independent person that he can live on his own but not by himself all the time. Okay with furthur a due if yoy have any questions feel free to call me at ( personal contact details are not published in line with our posting policy ) This is Chis.

    4. corky

      I have heard “voices” all my life. And have also continued to function as a human, citizen, Veteran, engineer and taxpayer for my adult life. I think everybody hears them but we are trained early to ignore them. And I will sound a little bit more crazy: I can tell everybondy hears them because everybody acts differently depending on the present “tone level” of the voices. What the voices say is nearly impossible to explain. Mostly, they are not words. Eyes up, they may be the singing of angels and eyes down the sounds of the machinery of Hell. -but that is just one “perception-reflection”. And a huge oversimplification. What are they? They could be mind static or “non-mind”-like with less filter. Any noise, a tractor, the wind, but in particular sounds from electronic devices, and often all noises as a conglomerate, can manifest as “voices”. “Voices” at times have been the most beautiful “sounds”, but not music I have ever heard. These are external “voices”. At other times a taunting exercise of all fear and worry… That is when they get “wordy” and somewhat internal -probably more normal- or less “disassociative”. The “internal” -song stuck in the brain- voices most people have and will admit they hear. How to turn the volume down? 1) If you have the ability, max the volume. It will fade down on its own to normal perception. 2)Being around people engaged in doing something… of value… will probably be a distraction from the voices. My advise is not to tell people about the perception of voices. Most people seem to think the “voices” are psychosis, evil, “demon circuits” or non-existent. And by common defiintion, hearing voices defines one to be “crazy”. Reality means 2 people, not one, must experience it. (the Bible tells of many “crazy” people)(and I am well enough “trained” to say – this cannot be God talking). Most people seem (to me) to be out of proportion scared to “hear” about “hearing things”. The voices are not about things. They will not bait for next week’s lotto numbers. “The voices” know me better than anybody else knows me, including me.
      What the voices are say is not easy to explain. A dream, by comparison is simple to explain. It usually invovles things. You see, the more I try to explain, the crazier I sound. We are what we believe. Assignment of negative labels (“that do not peel off”) from professionals or others we believe in, may cloud belief about ourselves, and as well as how others perceive us. Good luck to you and your son.

    5. Diane


      I would teach your son a simple prayer you can both
      say. Encourage him to say the prayer when he
      Hears a voice .

      Encourage him how much love you have
      And how your love for him comes from god

      Show him a rainbow when it is present
      Read him the story of Fatima 1917
      I am sure he will be fine

  3. Waking Dreams

    The voices are, in nature, only waking dreams. We all, no mater schizophrenics or not, hear the voices every night in our dreams.

  4. Confused

    My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia almost 8 years ago… during this time he has been in and out of hospital and has had his medication changed and does not seem to be getting better.. rather he is worse…

    Just like hopeful my parents wanted to help and they have done everything for him but he has not grasped this concept and instead verbally abuses them and has physically been violent towards not only them but also myself.

    My parents have lost all hope and now they fear being at home with him and he seems to just run the house, they even went to the extreme of obtaining a restraining order against him….as advised by his psychiatrist…what a horrible experience this was…I had him at my front door and felt horrible for him so took him in however found him so hard to handle.. so ended up finding him a new unit for him to rent and secretly with the financial help of my parents i help him set up home… my parents felt bad and so took the restraining order off.. in no time he was constantly at their house… then he managed to move back in as the rent was more than his pension…its so hard for him to find anywhere to live so my poor parents ended up with him again…. now they are at wits end and their only resort is to kick him out…. but where will he go??

    He is misunderstood yes, however he is 29 yrs old now and i have little hope left that our family will ever be a “family” again… i notice the worn out faces my parents have and i wear the scars on my heart for everyone… yet I wonder what more can there be done to help him when he is not willing to help himself??

    Is it truly time to give up?

    1. Sam

      Let him pursue some sort of religious training to handle his mental life; if he is intellectually inclined, I suggest meditation, while retaining, if he so desires, his religion; let him read this book( Zen training : methods and philosophy) while on the move, on bus, it is cheap to be in the bus, for 3 hours, less than $ 2 dollars; I have noticed, movement is generally favorable to understanding. Best wishes. Let him also find a reason ( meaning purpose or what have you) to exist and thrive; find a hobby and turn it, for instance, into income generating source, to help himself and help wider society, or even the universe.

  5. Aless Lee Cloverfield

    This is a very loaded situation, one which I can’t fully understand myself.

    I am unsure of how many people “hearing voices” feel scared or shameful of what might happen if they were to be open and honest about what they hear/ see.

    I can only speak from personal experience, but I recently had a “psychotic episode”, but I remember each event quite clearly (to myself, anyway, although I am open to corrections). I am a 30 year-old female with family support, but not nearby (we don’t live in the same city). I keep in touch, but I don’t feel we would see eye-to-eye on health issues.

    My episode was frightening and embarassing to say the least. I keep looking for a way to “make sense” of the entire situation, but I can’t remember crucial parts clearly enough to differentiate between truth and fantasy. I would like to feel safe enough to speak openly about my experience with an intelligent and somewhat spiritual expert …who would perhaps offer some insights and help me make sense of that experience.

    The “clipboard army” and I will not jive. They irritate me and ask the same questions hoping for a different answer, or perhaps a reason to medicate me even further. I refer to clinicians without any intuition (recording information, not actually listening) as “the clipboard army). Are there any free-thinking, intelligent, open-to-anything kinds of researchers/ doctors/ people who might meet me halfway here?

    Peace & Love,


  6. SK

    My 12 year old son is struggling, really struggling with this and I am sitting on the fence between two camps…helping the voices go away as quickly as possible OR is that just covering up the symptom and not treating the real issue that is creating the symptom.

    I don’t know. As a Mom, I would take this from him if I could, but I can’t so what is the best course of action to take for a child suffering from this…ease the symptoms immediately OR work on the underlying issues.

    I am scared that he will be on medication and the STIGMA of this for the rest of his life, even if the voices go away with medication.

    He is in counseling and has an appointment with a Catholic Psychiatrist.

    Just wish I could take away his pain.

  7. Chris

    I heard voices of everyone I’ve ever known in my life and tons of celebrities and politicians. I asked friends who I’ve heard if we communicating telepathy, they said no. I later just started saying comments in my head that were incredibly annoying. After a while one voice snapped and said I can’t take this anymore I’m telling him everything. Then I was told a story that ever since man walked the earth Satan walked the earth. He was the first cave man to draw images in caves so others would worship dieties, he was all the pharoahs of ancient Egypt, all the ceasers if ancient Rome, Ganghes Khan, Budda, the prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Koran, Nostradamas, Napoleon, Leonardo Di Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Ronald Wilson Regean and right now he’s former American vice president Dick Cheney. Basically I was told that he created all religions, every monument on earth was made in his honor (the pyramids, the sphinx, stonehenge, the pyramids in the Americas, the Taj Mahal, the great wall of China, etc… ). When he was king Tut he came up with the secret society freemasons. Also I was told tons of conspiracy theories were correct before I’ve ever heard any of them. This includes the bilderbergers (name for masonic members to meet once a year) plan to depopulate the planet, the HAARP project, project bluebeam, all prescription drugs are posionious, vaccines are really posion, that the group known as the illuminati really exist, 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job by the American government, the plans to create a world government etc… Anyways I was told the apocalypse is about to happen soon and they’ve appointed a real life anti-christ (though they know Jesus was just a fictional character created by Satan). Ever since I’ve heard this story the voices stopped but everywhere I go I see people wearing shirts with freemason written on it or masonic signs.

    1. Ruthie

      Coooool. I was recently in the psych ward(BPD). And I met a guy there and he told me a very very similar story. Its a gift. Painful at times I’m sure but wow, the knowledge is amazing. Bibles get interpretted wrong, but soon peoples minds will hopefully start expandinding and see how pchizophrenics are more like prophets

  8. V. Moore

    Counseling & medication help…but it will be something eventually that can be coped with without either. Medications are not the answer and will not make it totally go away…the voices are there for a reason. It’s very scary at first, but will get easier over time to deal with and be more comfortable internally within ones self.

  9. Joseph Crawn

    HI I’m Joe and I “own” 3 voices. As a clairvoyant I can tell you it can be a mess. The key is to level with them, believe me things like “Honey, let’s not be enemies, let’s love each other and be great friends” are essential because you guessed it, they are often malignant until you intervene. Voices are also called familiar spirits and black magick can be a great resource (although scary)for people hearing voices. Particularly if the presence is infernal (ownership). They can be from other planets (I swear) so sometimes actual contact can’t be made, this can be a source of great stress for some. It’s poor, I think that people have such a tone for us because I’m clinically harrassed because people I guess have made a bad name for it or whatevr I guess it’s hard for little a-hole headshrinkers to think some of us know what’s going on with it, and in fact made it happen. Imagine my surprise when I let an officer know I heard voices and was committed for two weeks. A drama voodoo hex on all of those who persecute us because they don’t think black magic has any place. But anyway their role is as a prophet or advisor not tormentor. And playing “acid” rap makes a good punishment (somtimes needed) for them. Blah blah blah, Joe

    1. Sarah

      hey, i hear alot of things alot of times. The funniest thing is that my sister is also a voice hearer and we see similar things in dreams and its like we have the same prominent figures occuring to us, out of movies. To say that every character i mean she now understands me when i say that this person on the tv or that looks weird and the funniest thing is she sees it too.So to say that we are clones of each other is wrong, but to say that WE UNDERSTAND each other is right. Often i feel like
      when shes active im not and vice a versa. Well im not ‘completely mad’ like most schizophrenics are likely to be, and my “positive symptoms” are what make any difference between me and any other person.

      The only thing is she believes in watching vampire movies when she doesnt “know”
      what they are trying to indicate. For me i try avoiding that and sticking to my diary and voice memos on my phone and old songs/movies/nostalgia of what once was.(i mean i got my first attack at 21…at present i am 29)

  10. TC

    For those who have children or loved ones who hear voices or for those who just started hearing voices and can no longer deny that they are really hearing them, I have to say that from my experience, the voices are usually helpful and sound to me like they are deceased relatives who are watching over me; however, that is most of the time. There are other times that the voices are unfamiliar and have cryptic or frightening messages. The phenomenon is almost always outside of head. However, in times of great , great stress. I hear a screaming in my brain (that seems internal but audible) or a screaming in my ear canal that is semi-internal and semi-external in relation to the environment. So the experiences while usually similar are not identical or always of the same kind of general experience. From what I can tell this seems to be true for many voice hearers. I would like to offer some kind of helpful advice if you or the person who hears voices is afraid, but I have nothing truly significant to add to the discussion. I can say, while the experience grows to be a part of everyday life in most places where the hearer can tune it out to live a normal life, the voices are still there in the background or the foreground and can often make the hearer weary or fatigued (as in my case and some others I have read about). So as long as the fear subsides for the most part and the person learns to tune them out as much as possible when possible, the chance for being productive in life is pretty good. I was diagnosed with a schizo-affective disorder when I was 17, and I have never done well on medication, so I do not take any and have not for 20 years. I have accepted the hearing voices as part of my life even though I do not know what causes the phenomenon or what reason it occurs. I simply just keep going on with life. If the hearer in question mostly hears external voices as I do for the most part, I would suggest wearing ear plugs at night, seeing as how they have made the difference in my sleeping and not sleeping. If the voices are affecting him/her/you at work or in social situations or while driving as they do me at times, you might simply tell the person/yourself to recognize the phenomenon, but try to ignore it for the time being. I know this is not easy as I am a professor and must work with others and remain professional and credible intellectually. But I am a voice hearer and I cannot change that to my knowledge, so I am trying the best I can to live with it. I hope the person you are concerned about (or you) will be comforted by my advice.

  11. Marie-Anne D.

    Hi , I hear voices and I have hallucinations ( vision, different smell, another word all five senses are active at different time). Sometimes the voices could be scary or at other time observer or nice (help me). When they are scary they say ” I will take control of your mind” or they test all my fears. Sometimes I think they are spirits. How I cope with them by accepting them and when they are too intence, I distract myself by listening music or watching TV or internet. Somtimes I have paranoia (people talking about my life everything that are not perfect “like God”. I been diagnosed with schizophrenia for the last 14 years. I have negative symptoms and positives symptoms. Unfortunatly the medication does not work according to me but according to the psychiatrist it is control to a certain degrees. Unfortunatly I cannot work for the moment but I keep hope that one day weither a miracle or right medication or the voices leave by themselse.

    1. Casey Wilson

      I hope they do to. I was terrified and my doctor told me I was bipolar brought on by depression. I had a nervous breakdown in 2011 and that’s when it started. I was scared to tell the doctor. I was sent to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me seroquil and it got worse. Then it starting affecting my body. The way I walked and rolled my head. He gave me latuda and it cured me. I’m afraid I would not have the strenth you do to endure.
      Take care my friend,

  12. Thomas

    I was ordained a Cathlolic deacon in 1984 on the way to priesthood but had to leave. I tried to be a good deacon and do everything God wanted of me. I thought if I kept praying and didn’t sin I would do what he wanted. Yet I split off from my feelings and body. I started hearing voices connected with people who I left. I’ve been hearing them since then.
    It stems from shame issues growing up. I was embarrassed by my sexual feelings which included fetishism and some gay feelings. My dad was an alcoholic and verbally critical and perfectionistic. So when I went to the seminary and couldn’t date or plan on getting married the rest of my life it divided me from my feelings and body.
    My voices are not disembodied from non real people or things. I go to work each day and hear my neighbors voices in my head as I work. They interelate to me as I work. It has a very real component to it. It’s very distracting at times. Medication helps. I’m on anafranil and risperdal. I went off it last year just to see how I had improved and had the hardest time coping with the interference. Anyway, now back on meds it is managable.
    Please write to me if you know of anyone who hears voices that are connected to people such as neighbors.
    I believe it is a lack of acceptance of my body and feelings. If I stayed in myself and was able to self sooth i wouldn’t bond with the neighbors so much. At home we talk all the time nonverbally or in our heads from the two houses.

    1. Joseph

      hi bro,

      i need to talk to you
      Regarding your voice-attack pblm.
      Please dont ignore this

      1. Sindy henshaw

        I like your responds and will love to hear what advice you want to give about hearing voices.

  13. John Allman

    No list of the most important facts about voice-hearing is complete, without a mention of the feasibility of imposing this experience non-consensually, using modern technology that uses the Frey Effect to deliver to victims sounds that others nearby do not also hear.

  14. tam

    How voices sound (clicks and pitches inuating sylables)?

    1. Robyn

      They sound different for different people. I hear and see a multitude of people, with four characters often appearing. One of them (Scissorsnip) has a cold, harsh voice that as accompanied by the sound of scissors opening and closing. Another (the Fool) has a rough, loud voice that sends shivers down my spine, and is accompanied by the shuffling and the noises that come with playing cards. Kalanu the raven makes cawing sounds, but louder and chilling. I know what he means, as my brain kind of translates it when I hear it, but it takes a little while longer. The evil gnome that keeps people in small cages like bird cages (Jonathon) has a fairly grating voice. There are just the main four, but there are so many others that are not what I call”main” voices and hallucinations, and there not as regular, so you may see them, and then not see them again for a few months

      Other people may obviously hear different things, and that’s only what I hear, but I hope I helped


      1. Casey Wilson

        Do you try medication? I had 3 voices. One was very obnoxious always talking me down. The other was a guy I knew. He never knew what I was going thru.. One of them was funy. But they were very scary too and my body was affected too.

        doctor said it was bipolar brougt on by depressioion. I had had a breakdown. I take latuda and wish everyone could be ccured like I am . for now

  15. Lee

    I’m twenty-nine years old, a college graduate, a working professional – and I’ve made it through the past 18 years just fine with the ‘voices in my head’.

    Contrary to what most medical professionals would probably say or think about me, I don’t suffer from the experience. My ‘voices’ have become my dearest friends and closest confidants. They help me when I need help, give some of the greatest advice, and are the best support system I could ever hope for.

    Contrary to what some religious sheep might say, my ‘voices’ aren’t angels. They’re not ghosts. They’re real people, they just happen not to be corporeal. We connected mentally because we vibrate on a similar frequency out of the sheer similarities in some of our interests and personalities, just like people tend to gravitate toward friendships that compliment them best and with people they’ll get along with well.

    Hearing ‘voices’ isn’t always a negative experience. Sometimes it can be deeply enriching. I wish more people would be open to that possibility before automatically labeling people that do hear voices as “crazy” or “in need of medication”.

  16. martin

    Sometimes you feel that help would be counterproductive to your life, that’s the way i feel.
    I hear these voices and they drive me to dispair but i can never get help, because i am the major bread winner and i have to be all things to all people..But i have these voices telling me i am crap and i should kill myself.. I think it is spirits or the neighbours tormenting me, and at times i want to hurt them, but is that enough to get help, i have alot of self control…but people snap sometimes don’t they! Too get help is too lose everything in the end the voices will win i’m damned if i do and damned if i don’t….

  17. Seems Hopeless

    I have been hearing voices for the past 8 years after I had a miscarriage and psuedocyesis. I was pretty freaked out with all the emotions I was already experiencing. My problem with the voices though, is that for some reason I believe they are men that I am involved with. At that time i believed that it was the guy I was pregnant by and 5 years later I believe it is my 1 year old sons father. ???? I was involved with a guy in between this time but i never felt like it was him. so many strange things and coincidences have happened to make believe its true. but it has caused a lot of heartache, loss and confusion in my life. where i feel like i can never be in a normal relationship. i have conversated with the voice believing it was the guy and never feel like we are apart when we are not with each other for days at a time. and weirdly he act like we havent beena apart either. he has perfect timing, and would say something that happened when he wasnt around, that he could not have known about. so im confused and tell myself this isnt right he cannot be in your head. but someone or something is. the most common thing it tells me is “im here”. what makes it so difficult is that my heart is involved and i know im wrong insome aspect. its like im in a relationship wiht the voice. im screwed i kno. i want to try medication but scared i wont be myself. whoever that is these days, plus i cannot afford therapy. i have maintained it this long. work graduating college raising children etc. i feel this person, smell this person. hear this person. but we are not together. HELP.

  18. lex luthor

    it makes a lot more sense to me to accept the voices and learn to cope. the tools to cope would have helped me tremendously more than that stupid antipsychotic i was immediately given. hospital staff where i went was mostly ok…ish…apart from calling me psychotic for hearing voices. depressed? yes. anxious? hopeless? sleepless? yes yes and yes. bit psychotic? maybe when im all in a violent rage & a danger to myself and those around me. but psychotic has such a negative connotation in this society! most people dont even know the definition, thinking its the same as psycho.
    most of the nurses simply asked how i was feeling that day, and if the voices were getting quieter yet. the doctor actually would ask what they say. and why wouldnt you? are they not an insight into the root of the whole thing? one nurse though upset me a bit, just to the point that i wouldnt make eye contact anymore or answer her questions. all she said was something about an overactive imagination. now SHE needs to read this, especially the bit about the brain physically hearing the sound! these are not imaginary friends! they feel more like spirits or others thoughts. grrr. grrr to her still, over a year later.
    oh, psych wards. la.

  19. Trevor Laverick

    As a Psychiatric Nurse reading these stories/comments I feel very sad and unhelpful (but still with a little bit of hope). I particularly liked the ‘coping strategy’ that Kate described in February by ‘going to’ a ‘centre point’ where the voices couldn’t unbalance her. This is very much the ‘core’ of where I try to base my ‘care’. There is a concept called ‘prescencing’ which I think describes this well as it is all about the nurse/carer ‘being there’ for the individual but unfortunately I don’t think it is a skill you can ‘learn’ (as in education) but something that you need to ‘experience with’ (as in share with a sufferer). I don’t know if I should define my experiences as good or bad luck but I have had the occasion to be involved in the lives of ‘a good friend’ and the sister of another reasonably close friend whom became unwell. It is a very different ‘kettle of fish’ trying to help someone you know on a personal level to that of a ‘client’ (for want of a better word). I wish for the individuals involved this did not happen, but I also realise that if it was not for these experiences I wouldn’t be able to ‘HELP’ if that indeed is what I am doing.

  20. Mike

    I know that we live in a materialistic world so it seems inconceivable to some that it could be a spirit whom is speaking but the question I have to sceptics of this..if it was an auditory hallucination there should be no order or information in the voices so I say if it is new information or ordered thoughts that by this premise then it is a spirit and if it isn’t then it would be a hallucination.

  21. Lilred

    Hello All,

    I came to this website in an attempt to find a greater understanding for this type of illness. My mom suffered with it her entire life but wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her forties. My childhood was extremely chaotic and frightening. However, once I understood that she had been “sick” (their word not mine) and constantly seeing and hearing things that weren’t there, things made a lot more sense.

    I am in the midst of writing a novel in which the protagonist is a young woman with bipolar/schizoaffective disorder. I want to find a way to reflect the difficulties one experiences while trying to live a “normal” life under the stigma of these challenges. The character I am writing about has moved away from her hometown to escape her “label”. However, trying to hide the truth about herself eventually becomes unbearable because she feels like she has to put on a costume everyday before she leaves the house and cant ever relax and be herself. She feels isolated from everyone and because there is no cure for her illness, despondent about her future. More then anything she is in need of personal connection and hope. These needs, and the small town atmosphere of her new place of residence, lead her to explore spiritually for the first time but because many of her hallucinations revolved around “spiritual” things it is confusing and difficult for her to draw the line between what she believes and what may be a symptom of her illness. Plus, eventually when she does open up about herself, she finds most people to be woefully uneducated in the field of mental illness.

    I feel like there aren’t enough people talking about this, and I also feel like 9 times out of 10 when someone with a mental illness is displayed in the media it is in a negative light. That is why I am writing about it. I want to show the courage it takes to wake up and face this everyday in a world that doesn’t understand it, and the beauty and creativity that can be produced from it. I want to talk about how the meds make people feel and why it is a struggle to make yourself take them everyday. But mostly I want to talk about hope and the freedom to be who you are and still be loved.

    I am interested in hearing as much as anyone wants to tell me about their story.

    I would specifically like to know about experiences people have had that led them to the realization that they may need some help coping and caused them to seek medical intervention and I would like to know to what degree seeking that help actually improved their lives. I would like to know what experience led them to the realization that they weren’t “normal” and how that made them feel and possibly change the way they interacted with others.

    I am also interested in what its like to be a spiritual person living with this illness. Especially in how it relates to organized religions. Because I myself struggle with severe major depression, I have been frustrated by messages delivered from well meaning clergy in relation to depression that I personally found very discouraging (i.e. if your depressed you just not trying hard enough) I am wondering if the stigma of other illnesses has caused anyone to be secretive about their condition even amongst their closest friends with whom they share their faith. And if they have been open about it, what was the response? How do you feel your faith perceives people with mental illness?
    Thank you,
    If your interested in writing me

  22. Tina

    My loved one hears two voices. A man and a woman. He only shares his feeling with me, his girlfriend. He says he is a self admitted drug addict. after his wife treated him badly for several years, then she kicked him out when he asked her for help he was searching for an escape. It started with beer and vicodin, then he would do anything he could get to feel numb. (putting this all in my own words by listening often). He at one point when living with family and losing his job was diagnosed with cancer, melanoma near his ear. The ear lobe was cut off. He believes that the surgeons or someone planted a device of some kind in his brain when he was out of it. The voices are drug enforcement “people” that are using him like a study of how an addict works. The voices torment him constantly. Now,Cancer has returned full force. He is terminal, but there is hope with a new medication. I have rebuked and prayed. He has been on presciptions he tells me that didn’t help at all. I have never been with him to a doctor concerning help with the voices. He begs me to believe him, and asks me are they real, have we come to such a technology that is top secret? I tell him real or not real, God can and will heal and work miracles! To have faith and continue to focus on Jesus and good things when frustrated. He is dealing with the scarey reality of losing his life soon. This added horror of voices is too much. Please email or tell me how I should go about helping him. I do believe God is the answer, but God can work through many outlets. I just want him to experience some peace before facing what may be the “end”.

    1. Casey Wilson

      I think it would put your mind at ease and help your friend know that you believe him. I feel sorry for him too. I’m blessed that mine went away. Strange…

  23. Veronica

    i really need help with my dad he has been hearing voices because he has been taking crystal meth and when he stop taking it he still hears them. They tell him that they want to harm his family and rape us and kill my mom and my dad said tht the voices only tell him that we are all going to get killed and hes trying to protect us but i know its all in his head.We have been trying to take to the hospital but nothing they turn us away. He really needs the help please i want my dad to be well. Pls Anybody help me. And by the way we have called the cops and as usual they DONT HELP

  24. ashley

    Im going through this with someone i love verymuch and its hard somedays and others urs easier non the lesa iv learned alot about how to deal with ir better

  25. Lacey

    I started hearing voices after a meth overdose, coupled with a lot of stress from the relationship I was in. I do believe my symptoms are cause by stress and thing from the past like abuses shining through. I had not taken any time to `unpack` some of these feelings. I am serious, I don’t really know how I feel. The medications work on the central nervous system and I have had some bad side effects. My over all feelings are now dulled my legs get sore and I can`t move from the couch. I am gaining quite a bit of weight. This whole episode and diagnosis is just a lot of stress. I can`t believe I am being put into a position where I can`t work, I can`t have kids, I can`t feel normal, I can`t exercise or stop smoking. I am really falling into a pit of loathing almost just waiting for the drugs to get out of my system. All I really bring to this conversation is I am sick. I am sick of this crap the Psychiatrists call helpful medicating. The medication is just another chronic problem, a stressor if you will. It doesn`t even help with the real issue. I want out of medication to feel normal again.

    1. kelly

      Jesus loves you girl and you need to know him and he will restore and heal you! God has a purpose and plan for you I reccomend you look up Ray of hope ministries and find someone that can take you through some prayer ministry and inner healing! Their is hope for you girl you are preciouse and he loves you so much!! Bless your heart I pray healing and restoration to you!!Jesus is the answer dont get mixed up in Religion its not a religion its a relationship! Find a good church Christian! Where they will love you and help you!

    2. Casey Wilson

      Keep fighting,addiction is my problem too. I don;t hear the voices at this time. but if i continue with the drug addiction who knows… I hope you feel better keep working with the doctors

  26. teza

    I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I’ve been hearing voices for over 10 years. I’ve been on many medications from invega to saphris. I also suffer from migraine like headaches. I was prescribed Sumatriptan. I eventually found a natural source from which the chemical’s derived from. I take it often in a mild dose and it alleviated my headaches and depression, it helped me conquer my childhood fears and made the voices and visions more benevolent.

    1. lora

      i had a similar problem and a spell caster helped me out and also the spell helped my mum.I will advice you to contact him i can give you his email address…



  28. mon

    first of all its hard my experience was usually at night when falling at sleep
    i would hate when it come bedtime in my mind i would say let see how this night goes
    the first time i notice the voices which i never could understand it seem like a lot of people were talking the same time or some kind of dialect

  29. sue

    I hear 3 voices. 1 is my husbands mistress, Victoria, that doesnt exhist. The other 2 are her male friends she alternatly brings into my attic. They talk about us. I can hear it through the vents. For three years now. I actually believed there was a sub-system built into the house and she would sneak over from her house in back of ours and use the “majic” door in our basement form and use the “lift” up into the attic. I could hear it whirring. Then they would sit all night discussing how I must have had a facelift because I am almost 50 and am thought to be in my mid 30s all the time. I get so mad! I am , or WAS, an eastatician! I take good care of my skin! They discuss my meds, how my husband wants to kill me when I inherit my parents $, they are extemely wealthy. They know exactly how he is going to do it. She knows he only loves her and she had his baby.
    The only other time it was differant, we were in an apt. and I wanted to leave NOW because my parents and my sister were upstairs and they were hear from out of state to kill me. I could hear them talking through the vent!

    I was abused in every way as a child and went into fostercare at age 14. Many fosterhomes. My husband is good at bringing me back to reality. Calmly tells me over and over this is not real, he loves only me, I am safe. This started at 46 years old. I cant sleep because the voices are in the vents, and as one hearer mentioned, he plays acid rock to punish them and I occasionally do the same.

    1. No Name


      I AM GOING THRU ALMOST THE EXACT SAME THING!, except my husbands mistress is Fabiola, who does not exist. Do you have an update on your story?
      Thank you!

      1. Casey Wilson

        I often wondered if i was possessed.They way it took over my whole body and mind. It’s like ghosts possessed me. I lost that house to foreclosure because when i had the breakdown my husband left me for someone else and i quit my job after 20 years and i lost it all. the house the retirement, my mind. it just came over me lika an evil spirit and was in my head talking to me. I rode by that house and met the knw owners and he asked me if anybody had ever died their. His son saw a ghost of an old man in his bedroom. there was alot of fighting going on before i lost it. do you have your friends number i would like to to talk to him.

  30. Ronda

    I have very recently started hearing voices that seamed at first to be like angelic quire however it seamed they changed and were very accusing with many accusations, some very disturbing. But others were less bothersome all of both types were either untrue or forgiven.

    They are auditory voices but can not be heard when someone else is speaking to me and when the TV or music is on. There is always music accompanied with them, about 3 or 4 different ones and it seams that sometimes they want to really annoy me by talking or singing really fast. This quire sometimes has a female lead singer and other times it has a male lead singer. Songs they sing are Jingle Bells, You Are Of God Little Children, Hosanna, In His Time etc. These songs and not condemning but it upsets me when the voices try to sing them the Jingle sounds which a so often accusatory even contradictory to what they at first.

    The voices seem to “know” or say what I’m thinking of even when I haven’t thought them out completely. Sometimes the voices say things I know without a doubt are definitely not something that was never on my mind or that are not what I would be think of. The voices have also been telling me what to do and how my husband, friends or family feel about me. I don’t know how to stop them voices or how to control them. I really could use some help with this.

    As a child at the age of 7 or eight I was abused sexually and physically by my dad. Throughout my childhood I was continually belittled by so many of my classmates from grammar school through high school.

    In 1979 My Husband and I gave birth to our only daughter. Nine months after her birth I hand post postpartum depression. After being hospitalized and receiving anti-depressants I was diagnosed with bi-polar disease. Since then I have been in the hospital several times. Now in 2013 I have recently been hearing the voices. They and the causes do fit your research information.

    I wish I new what do. I have a psychologist who may be able to work with me on this. She’s been helping with the abuse issues. I also have a psychiatrist which I’m sure will change my label from BP to Schizophrenia or both. She and my husband only believe that drugs and ‘the more of them the better’ is the answer. I accept that I do need medication. But I know it’s not the only answer. Well that’s my life story on a page. I hope it doesn’t stay or end this way. I know I’m in God’s care, I need to keep believing and enduring.

    In His Time,

  31. kelly

    I used to hear voices to not be here anymore due to the trama in my life and my mistakes I found Jesus Christ as my savior this is not a religion it is a relationship!! I went through alot of inner healing and am free from it all .I encourage you Jesus loves you and when you have him he can heal you .I suggest Ray of hope ministries their is alot of people doing prayer ministry and its Free !Jesus came to set you free and loves you no matter what has happened he can restore and heal your life!! Bless you all for sharing I pray you will experience the love of Christ and healing!!

  32. stella

    arthur koestler wrote a book “the roots of co-incidence.1989 How people use telepathy to abuse private people. Provide evidence and find a witness.common among marijuana smokers who have lost their inhibitions. the psychiatric diagnostic manual, to wit “telepathic,paranormal,superstitious communication” schitzophrenic

  33. Tonya

    I hear voices that started after a brain injury. I was terrified that it meant I was psychotic, except I didn’t feel psychotic. I came across this article and felt such a sense of relief. The voices are constant on some days but they are not threatening, just quite annoying. I know they are not real and so even if they said something disturbing, I wouldn’t act on them. It is like dozens of people having a conversatin at once. I usually will put some headphones and listen to music when I need to concentrate, to help block out the sound. I lead a perfectly normal life and no one has any idea about the party going on in my head.

    1. Casey Wilson

      I often wondered if i was possessed.They way it took over my whole body and mind. It’s like ghosts possessed me. I lost that house to foreclosure because when i had the breakdown my husband left me for someone else and i quit my job after 20 years and i lost it all. the house the retirement, my mind. it just came over me lika an evil spirit and was in my head talking to me. I rode by that house and met the knw owners and he asked me if anybody had ever died their. His son saw a ghost of an old man in his bedroom. there was alot of fighting going on before i lost it. do you have your friends number i would like to to talk to him.

  34. shamaralea hassett

    I hear voices….since my trauma and starting to hear voices i have become phenomonally clairvoyant. I can tell people things aboutthemselves that i should not know. Now if one is hearing outside sounds i believe they just come from another plane of awareness. The doctors say that alot of people who hear voices are actually very telepathic and psycic. The voices MUST have an origin….where do they come from? If you hear voices and think they actually come from somewhere…not just your head please contact me with your stories…i am writing a book on how telepathic we voice hearers really are! (email address removed by Admin Intervoice – please see our policy on posting)

    1. Anom

      Your post is very interesting.I have heard voices for about ten years. I believe that I hear voices because of TELEPATHY.

      My experience in the UK with doctors is that they do not believe in telepathy and I have therefore been labelled as delusional.Therefore it surprises me that doctors have told you that people who hear voices may be psychic. I believe this to be true. But where as you seem to be indicating that these voices come from ‘another plane of awareness’, I believe that they are triggered by another person performing telepathy.That is not to say that I believe that another person is talking to me, but that they are making me talk to myself internally.

      I would prepared to discuss in more detail in another medium other than a forum.

    2. CVT6702

      You are right of course.
      The spirits of the dead are free to come back and visit us, and sometimes its our relatives and sometimes its a guide who knows you are interested in these things and they at times want us to do automatic writing, and channel for them.
      I am doing automatic writing right now with the help of someone in spirit who is writing while my mind is virtually blank and they just say whatever they want to, but we are also doing to help people understand sometimes spirits come in and we may not even know they are putting thoughts both good and bad into our heads, so we have to sort them out and only do the good things they tell us.
      When a human dies their spirit leaves the body and takes with it all its intelligence and communication skills and they can speak through us sometimes with our knowledge and sometimes just by popping thoughts into our heads.
      Perhaps its a spirit who wants to write a book through you, in an effort to help you or for you to help him or get her message to the world.

  35. Okay, is it weird to hear people who aren't there? - Page 3 - Forums at Psych Central

    […] Okay, is it weird to hear people who aren't there? I just found this: Intervoice | Essential Facts about Hearing Voices Interesting! __________________ "Everything that happens is infinitely improbable."-Peirce […]

  36. JOANNE


    1. LG


    2. CVT6702

      I would like for you to listen to the voices, and the things they are saying.
      Do the voices sound like someone you knew who died either recently or long ago, like a mother, father, grandson, or just in general I am asking these questions..or perhaps a friend?
      Your relatives and others you have known do come back for visits, but we have been taught to reject such things, or people will think us strange, but thats not true at all.
      I say don’t accept the insanity diagnosis, but become more aware of the truths about life after death and you will lose your fear of the dead and what comes after, because up there they are all very much alive, and like to come back and visit with us and catch up on family things, and even watch the news with us on television, because they still are interested.

  37. Ben Hall

    Over the past 8 months i have been experinceing visual and auditory hallucinations. It is like playing a game in my mind based on my life, idiosyncracies. I have completed it twice now and the beginning is always a different process with the same visual hallucination. The ending is always the same for about 2 hours i see diagrams explainig the meaning of life to me then i am told after death it is Eternity in nothingness then i am shown this. This is like being forced into a tiny hole with my whole body tense and my eyes closed with terifying spiders web shaped visuals flying at my eyes and the more i try to pull my head out the harder i am pushed in. This lasts for a couple of minutes then i am released which causes a loss of bladder control. This has happened twice

    1. Joseph

      Dear brother,

      i need to discuss the same topic,the illusions


    2. CVT6702

      You are experiencing the same kinds of things that Psychics do, but the problem is many people don’t know what is happening to them.
      Their friends don’t understand and the Doctors misdiagnose these things because they don’t have the answers either.
      When humans die their spirit lives on in spirit with the same intelligence and communicating skills and they want to come back and talk to us and visit us in voice and in dreams.
      More people need to be aware of these things and in my opinion mental illness such as hearing voices good and bad will be wiped out through better education and knowledge of the real truth of life after death.

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  39. LG


  40. anon

    An enormous help; thank you for collecting the studies and doing research!

  41. lee clem

    Hello friend,
    i really came hear to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and protection came from this i told him to let me be into the court but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the fatality of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can initiate you into the church of illumination they do not contact directly because they are fake Illuminati all over the worldthanks for wanting to join us.

  42. Nikhil

    I’ve got one more info about ears: they help in taste, as they have function of transmitting taste signals to the brain.. Thanks for sharing this informative post about ears… 🙂

  43. God loves me

    I’ve read so many comments, and so many advice what people should do to help them. Many we’re very good. I’ve been through most if not many of the symptoms of hearing voices,smelling things, feeling things on my skin, very bad dreams, and it even got to the point where I took a hand full of sleeping pills to try to get some relief. But by the grace of God I didn’t even go to sleep. I’ve tried many pills to help, but to only find that it made it worse. I don’t know why or how this has happen to me. I was in denial for a while I mean I actually thought that my neighbor had some type of device to torture me and make me feel bad. But I’m a believer of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, an The power of God. I read my bible, I prayed,I went to church, I believed what the bible said I believe it is an evil spirit that attack the mind and try to take over your spirit. I encourage you to get into a bible base church,get In touch of the voices that you hear see why they are there. Pray believe what you pray ask God to rebuke the evil spirit give it time don’t stop praying it takes time and you’ll see a big diff rents. I don’t take the meds any more they don’t help me any way so why take them. I don’t even have a diagnose for anything. But the main point I was typing this comment was to mention everyone talked about different situation that worked for them and many were the same.But no one mention what God has done for them,that was the best medication and therapy that I could have ever received just wanted to share and hope that someone can use my idea! I felt like the Holy Spirit wanted me to share to help someone a profit told me I have the ability to not be crazy, it is up to me. I am in control and so are you God bless and hope much success for many of you.

  44. Peace and well-being

    Psychic “Voices” have led me to do some strange things in my life in the past. Although these kinds of phenomenon can seem scary at times, I believe some common sense can help in responding to what some may perceive as a traumatic crisis either in themselves or in a loved one.

    1. Refrain from pushing that panic button in your head. Sometimes strange, out-of-control and bizarre things happen in life. Sometimes we feel afraid or confused. It is important to know that there is no need to panic and that you are perfectly safe as you are.

    It is not necessary to fear the voices or any other unusual phenomenon that might occur. When you place your fear on the “voices” the body will try to identify the threat and will continue to do so until the threat is found. This produces lots of anxiety and suffering. A calm state is better at handling stressful situations and will leave you feeling stronger and more confidant.

    Suggestion: When you feel scared breath deeply into your stomach expanding the diaphragm (not the chest). Open your mouth and make your lips into an “o” shape. Breath in slowly, wait a few seconds and then breath out again. Repeat till you feel better. Visualize yourself becoming calm like a gentle wave lapping onto the shore and the voices becoming softer as the froth begins to disperse. Even if they do not go completely away, they have now weakened as you grow stronger and more confidant in yourself. Feel the energy and power of your own body asserting control over something that was once so scary or irritating, but has now grown weak it is almost incomprehensible.

    2. Accept your emotions. Don’t let them overpower you but don’t fear them either. Emotions are just like vibrating pools of energy. They cannot hurt you. When they feel as though they are becoming too much let them flow. Do not suppress or try to stop your emotions. Let them flow in a healthy way that doesn’t cause any harm or damage to anyone or anything in the immediate area. (Suppressed emotions might have a slight kick to them)

    3. A genuine positive attitude works wonders. It puts the situation into perspective and allows for a healthy change to occur. The body naturally responds to positive affirmation which will give you the much needed strength that you need to handle anything that might have been upsetting you.

    4. Acceptance of the phenomenon is also important as it helps you feel connected to the “other” which makes it seem less threatening as opposed to feeling isolated, alone and helpless. The “voices” themselves should become something that is incorporated into your life in some beneficial way or slowly phased out without any judgment whatsoever.

    5. Be attentive. Attentive does not mean “stressed”. Attentive means observant, but not obsessed. One should not distort and create chaos out of something simple, even if it may seem scary at times. Curiosity will help you learn about this new facet of the mind whether you view it as a blessing or a hindrance.

    6. An open and friendly environment is beneficial when dealing with this sort of sensitivity. Do not be afraid of the situation. Avoid over-dramatizing and worst case scenarios. Remain calm and collected.

    7. Try finding healthy or effective ways of approaching treatment, counselling or general understanding of the issue if needed. Medication is probably more useful under emergency situations such as the development of psychosis, severe depression and suicidal tendencies or a manic episode, etc. If you feel severe stress and strange feelings please contact your GP. They can recommend you to a specialist that can help you gain a better handle over your mind and body.

    Hearing voices does not necessarily mean a person has a mental illness but it can cause a lot of stress. If a person has learned to be calm and aware they are less likely to develop negative emotions and stress that can be detrimental to one’s health.

    8. Safety first. Do not act on fear or obligation towards the “voices” as this can often be dangerous or sometimes embarrassing. If a voice tells you to do something harmful to yourself or to someone do not obey it. If you feel out of control call someone you trust. If you are very frightened it will also help to speak to someone that can support you through this. You have greater control over your mind than you think so try not to feel afraid when confronted with such a situation.

    It is important to note that the “voices” have no agency over you unless you react. This includes actions that are “guided” by the “voices” or following their advice, predictions, theories or any other conversational prompts. That does not mean you cannot consider what is “said”, but be cautious and stay safe. Put them in their place if they get domineering and opinionated. Be calm and assertive. Keep your emotions neutral and accepting of the situation you are in.

    9. Angry and verbally abusive “voices” are an irritation. Remain calm at all times and do not engage in their vindictive assaults. Do not make them your enemy because that causes energy to flow towards a negative activity. Test their assumptions if you must, but do not fret. It is just a “voice” so feel delight that you have so much strength that you can use to make wise decisions. Bring in the light of wisdom that can help guide you in whatever you do. The voices are nothing compared to this amazing power of change that you have right at your fingertips. Do not fear. You are stronger than you feel.

    10. Balance and peace, personal responsibility, creative insight and your free will are important assets. Make sure to use them to counteract any remaining negativity.

    11. The voices may try to lead you into thinking or feeling in a certain way, but it is always wise to ground yourself in the natural world when you feel overwhelmed. This is something most spiritual teachings promote and it is a good way of maintaining a sense of balance and harmony with your senses and the physical world. Nature in itself is a natural source of grounding as it is automatically set to neutral. This will often calm turbulent emotions creating a tranquil and more healthy frame of mind. It also keeps the person mindful of their environment promoting greater balance of mind and body. Meditation, relaxing music with nature sounds and yoga can also help to calm the body and mind.

    12. Some believe that hearing voices constitutes a deep spiritual experience that can lead to greater insight into the spirit world and its workings, etc. I do not have a problem with that view, but one must always be careful not to becomes obsessed or overwhelmed with spiritual experiences. Remember that self-control is a virtue so exercise it in order to keep the balance of body and mind.

    It is important to note that both the loved one and the one who hears the “voices” should respond to the issue in a positive and composed way so as to eliminate negative emotions. Do not feel lost in the sea of “voices”. They are nothing compared to the beautiful, strong and vibrant person you are within yourself. Let your light of peace and wisdom transform all the negativity and fear into gentle lapping wave of peace.

  45. nattie

    I no a story,a girl was trafficked and smuggled but a year before she started hearing something but nobody there,but anyway when returned when she told them they told her to say something and it vanished,first put fingers in ears does the voices go easier,it man made,right as your stood infront of them face to face speaking ,it like you can hear them they can hear me,so say,,,,let them hear me speak let them hear me speak who ever heard let them hear me speak who ever heard say I can hear you please remove the voices please remove the voices say who ever heard say do not let anyone hear me noone to hear me,stop anyone hearing you,as you started it repeat it,till it easier,then stand infront of mirrow and look at your body and say remove my body from everyone hair and eyes,look as your saying it,there should be nothing of your body on anyone else,so remove went silent,it on nicolanta twitter read favorites from beginning,it took ten days then released,words will never. Neverharm you

  46. Trever

    please help::

    current on Youtube:

    Supernatural beings and/or Psychotronic torcherists:: Characteristics and Capabilities:::

    Volumes :: one, two, three, and four ::: i’m frightened and scared

    please help me
    i swear to tell the truth help me god
    i promise to the lord i am honest and this is the truth::

    twenty year victim of psychotronic and/or supernatural torture continuing to return to the studio
    creating songs that could possibly help to bring an end to this incredible treturous treatment of selected individuals in order to induce as well as utilize type of extremely advanced technological breakthroughs in order to torture mutilate continuously conversate financially ruin. torment , traumatizing

    please help

  47. matt

    Good to have a support system. LeJust people who accept you and your not scared to tell your crazy stories too. I’ve been hearing voices for about 3yrs. Started off after drug abuse, with many spiritual battles each ending ini police, hospital, and two week stays at the old phych hospital. Voices were fun at first…tell they took over during drug induced battles almost ending my life. Only 24 now but I’ve finally found sobriety. I’ve seen many stages of this w/ many different kinds of people. Be careful of demons but I am bothered more by voices from real people. I wait tables so I have to deal wit talking in my head to everyone. Its hard for me to control my own mental voice and not speak offensively or let my thoughts stray to bad places or past misleads. Sometimes I constantly think shhh to try n stay focused. As my mind strays I mentally say STOP and cut my thoughts short. I try to not engage in any conversations. Harder than it sounds sometimes. Sometimes I’ll wake up and my lil girl will be in my head saying “daddy its me Alli.” She’s the only one who uses her name in my head and goes on longer talking with me. Its harder for me to keep conversations going because the longer they are the harder it is to understand. Lil bit of a rant dry.been on mult meds saphris risperdol holdol thorazine and currently seroquell and lithium. Better outlook on life but voices intense. Prob gonna keep the lithium but drop seroquil for my thorazine back. Unless I find sum thing new to try. Any ideas helpful. Kinda know I need to forgive myself for my past ad reconnect with God. Still making the slow journey through my exploration of the spiritual realm hopefully I’ll be able to get to a place were my experiences can help me to help others. BTW if u can schedule times for voices to come visit if u only have few to deal with it helps. Headphones are good when applicable. And ear plugs. Try each ear seperatly during day or both at night. For bed also visualize in your minds eye sum thing safe. Ball of light, steady color or change. I get mine started then as long as its controlled fall asleep. If it gets scary open eyes and try again. Helps a little for me n maybe u thank you for everyone’s input and I’ll update if I find some methods to help deal with the madness.

  48. Daphne

    My son once said he has been hearing voices that say negative things about himself. we tried praying to God to bind any spiritual forces that could be causing this. He said the voices disappeared, but he thinks i got very worried about this confession he made to me and would want to leave me out of this. I believe he still hears voice but would not want to tell me.

  49. Me

    Voices are there to help you and it is wrong to tell you anyone because nothing can help you if people have sumthin to say you are going to hear it. The medication they give you will only give you anxiety and make you think sick thoughts

  50. Donn Nelly c

    Hi I’m donn short for my real name I’ve never had this horrible curse to worry about but i was aware of it cause of my mom had the sickness. At 16 my life was the best that a teenager could ever ask . But this one kid that i thought was my friend which wasn’t at all he always talked bad about me after awhile of how jealous he was of my respect from people i had. when we was coo we always smoked blunts and weed in general all the time i never had this innervoice problems at all i was okay but this one day June 4 two days after my b day he dawged me and i kept my coo cause whatever he said was nonsense and tried to prove a point that wasn’t true with other people that we was with i was really stoned when he was talkin shit to i was very pissed that he would do that. But after that day i started to hear shit that didn’t even exist like the shit he was tryin ta make a point about that wasn’t true i was hearing then when i tried to forget about it by watchin t.v it got worse i heard his voice ob t.v mixed in with the celebrates voices about jokes and it seemed like it was about me i also heard all the people that i knew voice to as the audience laughing and mocking saying shut up and other weird moments. I was pissed and even worse i had summer school the next day smh. So i missed and have to make up the class on senior year which is right now during this time i feel like if i wouldnt of have hung out with him that day i would of been just fine to this day but i hear these voices as paranoia it makes me upset cause I’m to intelligent to live with this can someone please give me an answer for it to stop i feel like it’s holding me back from my normal hearing.

  51. lisa

    May I please ask a question. I woke up to hearing my internal dialouge, mental voice, two years ago. Before, my mind was a very peaceful place. I have been admitted to hospitals, doctors, pdoc… medicine offered. They now say I hear voices. Can hearing your internal monolouge be voices?. My inner voice is not nice. It says very mean, commanding things. It talks all day long, without cease, and repeat thought, conversationion, or things I have read, over and over. Is this voice hearing?thank you.

  52. Bethy

    Hi I just heard Eleanor Longden speak on an Upworthy post on Facebook, and then followed the link to here. I’ve read a few stories and I wanted to make comments:

    1. “Hearing” means Listening/ interpreting sounds. Listening is a brain – not ear – activity, which surprises many people.
    I’ve worked for many years in the field of cochlear implants for adults. It (CI) involves a lot of attention to listening – for both adults and children.
    People who went deaf suddenly, or slowly, quite often reported to me hearing (after their deafness) sounds like choirs, pleasant instrumental music, and voices. Being very deaf they are extremely worried – knowing that they cannot possibly be hearing real sounds; worried to report their sensory experience for fear that they may actually have or be judged to have schizophrenia or other psychosis. “Hearing things” is a common experience for deafened people.
    I tell them that I don’t feel their experience is in any way abnormal; that it is just their clever brain struggling to interpret random electrical impulses or distorted real sounds. Possibly it’s tinnitus (although more usually tinnitus is reported as nasty sounds, NOT voice-like), or possibly just near/normal impulses occurring in a damaged hearing organ.
    My clients have always found discussing and acceptance of their sounds/voices a relief. NOTE I am not taking about voices instructing them to harm others etc, they just report hearing dialogue, not always understandable.

    Often between the time of cochlear implant surgery and their device activation (usually 3-5 weeks) adults report experiencing/hearing tonal sounds when their ear could not possibly be transducing those sounds.

    So I have come to believe that perception is a much bigger mystery than most of us have considered and that everything is ‘normal’ so long as it is not harmful.

    2. My brother has some kind of psychosis which is episodic in nature with lare gaps in between & over the years it led to marriage breakdown. His first episode was in his late teens.

    Then a few years ago he experienced a major episode. I had to ask him to self-admit to a psychiatric hospital before the police did it, because he had threatened somebody at work (with a gesture) through his mistaken belief that they were going to harm him imminently. (There were witnesses at the scene and what my brother thought had occurred had not in fact occurred, I do believe this). My brother was fired for this.
    During a period of weeks building up to this crisis, I was able to observe him seeing and hearing things that I could not perceive. Once visiting at my house, he was evidently focused on a visual manifestation when the house (timber movement) made a creak and he jumped. I said “its OK I can hear that too”.
    He said “what do you mean” & I replied ” I know that you see and hear things that I don’t, but I was just letting you know that sound was noticeable to me as well”. I was trying to ‘anchor’ him to reality, in caring for him I saw that as my responsibility because for some reason I COULD say and do things like that, which he would accept.

    Initially my brother was called ‘bipolar’ but now the medics think possibly ‘schizoaffective’ and are really not sure at all of his diagnosis.
    He takes a med called Olanzapine which seems to keep him calm and able to work, instead of spending nearly 100% of his time fixating on strange coincidences e.g. how many people or companies are called surname Y or surname Y. etc., which of them was doing best, & listening to voices and looking at sights that appear to be frightening.
    That kind of activity is antisocial and hugely energy-sapping for him. He could not keep track of what I was saying in conversation (not fast) to him at all.
    Everybody (my teen daughter, my friends, the hospital nurses and doctors) was afraid of him but I believed that my brother was ‘lost’ in there and that I could somehow get through to him, and it seemed to work.

    On the drugs (he also takes some sort of antiepileptic, for side effects I guess) his mood is very flat. But I never mention that because it is by far preferable to his prior state.

    So there we have 2 of my personal experiences of ‘hearing voices’
    – one associated with a sensory deficit ** the voices went away after the CI was activated and the people could hear & listen accurately again.
    -one associated with a mental illness.

    Since I started this today, I’ve been questioning whether I hear voices myself. Yes I believe it’s true that there is a dialogue in our dreams and I think that I experience something like that when I’m awake. I think the voice is my own, like my thoughts. Sometimes I even speak my thoughts out loud 🙂

  53. Danny

    A lot of different dynamics are interacting with the cells of our nervous systems at once: seeing; hearing; heart control; balance…etc., which are all autonomous activities, but which communicate with each other as necessary to fulfill their functional roles as needed, so your body can operate as a unified system. These dynamics are all basically the same sort of phenomena; scientists study them with electro-encephalographs (others use functional MRI’s). The main thing is there are a lot of them active at any given time, both functional (such as vision or sense of smell)or or integrative (high level dreams that make use of functional outputs like vision or sense of smell). Your external personality is an integrative dynamic; every night dream you have is one; so are involuntary daydreams; so are the alters in a multiple personality case; so are the personalities that generate these voices you may be hearing.
    Most of the scientists who study these dynamics are looking at them as phenomena that occur in space-time: elctro-magnetic field dynamics or magnetic resonance dynamics. Actually they are quantum field dynamics. What’s that? If you get a degree in Physics you know what a quantum jump is, or what a quantum measurement is (the two are simultaneous and inseparable). A quantum field dynamic is like a whirlpool of billions of quantum jumps (there are hundreds of billions of brain cells in your head and whenever one of them fires it involves a quantum jump) which happen in space-time and quantum measurements that happen outside space-time. The important part of the dynamic is the part that happens outside of space-time. “Outside” is the non-local realm where past and future are present at once. If the space-time component ends (ie: your dream is over), the non-local component is still implicitly available — IF it has a way to come back, which is how you get repeating dreams, personalities, and voices that go away and come back. How does it get back? By not totally going away — it leaves a few traces in the cells that are located in the area of your nervous system that electro-magnetically supported that dream (generic term for dream: QFD or quantum field dynamic) when it was present (or active).
    If you have voices in your head you’re dealing with entities that have managed to acquire some of the neurons in your brain as hooks by which they pull themselves out of non-locality. Having done that, then they are quite real. Don’t try to ignore them. You need to deal with them. Maybe you can work out a peaceful co-existence. Best of all, maybe you can all decide to merge. These quantum field dynamics can do that: communication and functional unification among the various sub-systems (vision, heartbeat, balance…etc) is how your animal body gets into its “zone” (when everything works perfectly together). No reason why you can’t unify with your voice people. Talk to them about it!

  54. blessings

    My mother died a month ago. It is very hard on me. About a week after she did I could hear her voice in my head telling me ” I’m with you darling and I love you”. It’s a voice, but more like a memory. I feel so much comfort from this. When I see something that reminds me of her and start to cry, I hear her voice and I feel she’s with me… I hope this is healthy. Maybe a coping skill, don’t know. It doesn’t hurt anyone.. I guess I’m fine..

  55. Janet

    To believers who are experiencing hearing voices, if the voices seem contrary, ask the Lord to renew your mind by the power of the Holy Spirit. To loved ones who don’t know what to do, the power of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than medication. Also, pour out the love and kindness as stated above. God is able to restore. Ask and believe. This message is for believers. Of course, to those who are not believers. All you have to do is confess your sins, ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour and all things are possible to those who believe. And remember He loves you

  56. mterrell

    I have been hearing voices for a year now and also seeing thing. When it first started the vocies were so loud it feeled like my head was going to blow up. The doctor started treating me for schzophrinia but something in the back of my head was telling me that this wasn’t schzophrinia. The voices would do notthing but copy my thoughts all day 24/7 and they never tell me there names or why they are doing this to me. So time passes by and I notice people start looking at me strang and calling me names and stuff like that but I think nothing of it…….they even called me a human survalince carmera ones and that made me think. So one day the vocies are messing with me real bad and they tell me to get a knife and dig in your neck… I do it and it takes me 10 min to just pull up the first layer of skin. So at this point I knew there was somthing inside my neck so I keep diging and I pull a wire out of my neck……someone had implanted somthing inside my neck that would make me hear vocies. So long story short its no alway schzophrina look a every option that could make you hear voices and make a descion on what you should do being technology is very edvanced.

  57. chimi

    i m thankful to god tht my mother is now recover she was going through it…

  58. Koopmn

    Remote Neural Monitoring and mind control are real life technologies used by government to spyon and control people. I’m not saying everyone here is the victim of mind control and gov spying, but it exists and had for decades. It seems this is becoming an actual problem with today’s world being so controlled, influenced and tortured.

    As for me, I hear a woman screaming and crying in pain and despair outside my window every night. I witness flashes of horrific images and I can’t make it stop. Listening to the Schumann Resonance (7.83 hz binaural tone) helped me feel a little clearer today, but the horrific images intensified.

  59. Sammy

    Eleanor Longden gives an amazing talk about this on TED talks (google it)
    Here is a link:

  60. Izzims

    I have heard voices for the last 16 years. I was 18 when it first started. Recently I have found myself in a place where everyone seems like the too know about all the new abilities a human has. From the news to politics to court shows to my coworkers. They all seem to also experience “what is going on” but never use pure English to talk about it. Why doesn’t anyone let me in on the secret. Talk to me about “what’s going on”? I hate only having the voices I hear to talk to about it. I know everyone is effected and I want to help. Especially my family. It’s just that when I’m trying to listen to and understand the voices I end up breaking down because I can’t just follow on faith, I need to know what happened to everyone. What this place actually is. I want to follow but always go crazy doing so. It’s happened so many timed that I start to believe this is what the voices want, to keep driving me crazy. And maybe some do but other exude so much hope. There is just a gap that I can’t get across to reach their help. I am hoping to start a dialogue with you guys. I know the truth is out there.

  61. Samo Sea

    Appologize my English first im am not a native speaker. I hear voices also and I can trace them back to the times when I was gambling a lot. I used to spend hours and hours in the casino and then coming home broke and hearing the voice inside my head telling me – YOU ARE AN IDIOT an I remember hearing this with face buried in my hands…after I stoped gambling voices faded…well i i am not sure but at that times I didnt even bother to know wheter the voice was real or not, it was just there and I heard it and I lived it…few years later I had relationship and voice came back. I remember sitting in attick room of my ex, listening to her and suddenly i heard voice saying – she is so lovely, so goergouse and I remeber I got scared of this voice and this experience sticked in my head. Next day I woke up heard the voice as well for few minutes, next day for few minutes more, then i start to feel heaviness on my chest while waking up and soon this voice at firs i guess only mine was there from morning till night…sometimes it is very distracting to hear your friends voice speaking or hear your mother even when you are 1000 kilomethers away…or have very long and deep intellectuall debat with somebody who you dont know or never met, but you know he has lived and written something you have read and he is dead and now you talking to him…sometimes he is giving me and advise, sometimes is telling me do this, do that…sometimes i find myself reflecting to him having dialouge with him, sometimes i got angry at him…the other times i hear my expartner telling me how stupid i am and that im not a man and similar bullshit some of you heard…it is funny couse sometimes I i got really angry and I forgot my surroundings and i start swearing and stuff for reall…sometimes I doubt wheather the voices are reall or not, sometimes i doubt wheather they are my toughts or not, sometimes they tell me that i lead misserable life…sometimes i reflect to them, sometimes not, sometimes throug them i find so many answers on various questions about life…but genneraly what i think that the way how we react to them shows the actual, present feeling or mood we experience and these aspects are connected. As an example I can take that situation with my exgirlfriend – suddenly i heard the voice – she is so nice, she is so beautifull – and my honest feelings when i was there sitting with her in her room was that I felt afraid and scared and mybe bit nervouse…and it seems logical, that when I heard this voice i got scared and afraid and was nervouse…also what strange is that sometimes this voice speaks english, sometimes just right after my mind kind of consciously starts to translate the first idea which was in english into my native language…it feels like train of toughts or memories is going on inside my mind and then i strike againts these train and try to translate it to my native language to get better understanding of whats the first voice means and after while i hear myself translating a bit of sentce and after while i am at loss, because the second voice allready translated what has been said in english to my native language and the the mind feels at loss and confused, because there is nothing else to do and it is stucked, doesnt have any space to move, there is emptines and i feel i am just looking at myself…what i observed is that it is the mind that plays tricks and so called migranes is just the energy what we was unconsciouslly useing for wandering, creating, attentions…this understanding and experiences I have been through makes me say with confidence that all this voices is YOU! it is you, your minds imaginations, wanders, creativness and awarnesses of mind on different leves and so on…i guess that all we ever heard and seen is there somewhere in unconscios mind and pops to conscious awarness.My eyes are tired now, but i am greatfull i have found this site and group. it is first time i share this stuff with somebody and it gives me just more and more questions…i guess i will feel tommorow like the question has been placed and you are waiting for an answer…i walk with this feeling somtimes knowing that there is some proces going unconsciously and i feel like that…maybe i am just too much concerd with myself. I dont know..even when i think sometimes that i know, honestly i dont know…i feel great concern and emphaty for those who suffer because ot this voice tough, hope you all get better, be strong!

  62. r.a

    I started hearing voices they sound like 2 people talking all day pretty much a lot of the time to me sometimes to each other. They are extremely negative, telling me to do things to people yes the worst sort of stuff. I’m in my late twenties and have had depression problems foryears. I found it hard as they know personal details iI have spoke with a trusted genuine medium friend who said it could well be a presence of a person/s that has passed and is hanging around you and your awareness is more open so u can hear them. He said there psychic sensitivity is high as there in spirit so can find all about u from all our memories stored in our aura. They try to play tricks thinking next to me as if I’m thinking with some similar thoughts I would use. The medium I trust has said u can’t actually get rid of them but practicing meditation wud help a lot so u have more control of our focus. He also said now u know they read ur aura and the less attentuin u give them they might get fed up and go sum time. The only he recommends is becoming of your awareness and when thoughts happen become aware of just ur awareness so no attention to thoughts.

    He also strongly advises CBT. He lectures in the law of attraction.

  63. r.a

    I posted the last post ending mentioning the law of attraction. The medium I trust that’s given advice has said he now thinks it might be related to illness and suitable tablets could stop it. Still CBT he advises.
    I find having distractions helps and support off family. I personally feel it could be psychically linked. From what he first said ties in with my ongoing experience. Being kind and compassionate with yourself and patient from my experience an important coping aid.

  64. steve

    I am 57 years old,I started to hear a voice in my head about a year ago.I thought initialy I was hearing a voice in a dream.Now it is getting to the point where I have difficulty in switching the voice off.I can control it thru the day its harder at night.I say my prayers and ask for is hard,I just want peace of mind

  65. Taylor Gray

    I don’t usually hear voices… but when I’m under a lot of stress and in a lot of emotional pain, sometimes i hear people calling my name. At first I thought it was people playing some sick joke on me but I don’t think so. Other times, I just hear noise, like all the sounds I’ve ever heard in my life jumbled together and other times, just screaming.

  66. Johnc639

    Hiya, I am really glad I have found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossips and web and this is really annoying. A good blog with interesting content, that is what I need. Thanks for keeping this website, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it. kdbdkcecdkdd

  67. ellen

    I actually have recently been under some sort of etheric attack. I am a healer and work with energy, and it seems to me, everytime you go higher in energy, and you help more people, there are invisible forces at play that will try to shut you down. About 5 years ago I was attacked, only it was mostly discomforts all over my body where I constantly felt sick. Doctors could not find anything. Through energy work I managed to take out of myself many implants and was able to recover. Now recently, the attack was so severe, I went to bed, and something was happening to my head, where I felt being fully scanned, visions were flooding my mind. I felt stuff to go into my head and body. Next morning I woke up hearing voices. I am actually very psychic. What I saw happened, was tons of etheric structures being installed unto my body. Most of them were located in the left side of the body and the head felt like there was a helmet with an antenna on the left handside, going all the way through the left shoulder, left hip and through my left leg. Weird vibrations were in those areas of the body, and voices were nasty and unkind.

    Due to spiritual practices, the voices don’t really affect me as much, but I do sometimes get frustrated and upset. I started using energy work to remove this stuff from the body. Everytime I remove and break down structures, the voices go away. Especially helpful was white time healing. I was able to cut down the structures with energy. Only the entities, who obviously very interested in possessing humanity, came over and over and installed even stronger etheric structures into my body. It’s been a battle so far, I remove daily what I can, and I am on a mission to figure out how to shut such etheric negative interference for good.

    For one thing I will say, there is nothing wrong with the people who hear voices. It is a spirit warfare from negative forces that needs to be dealt with. It is used to diminish who you are, and stop you from evolving and becoming all you can be. The good news is, the times are changing and we are stepping into the new frequencies that come through the sun and energies of cosmos. I personally believe that anyone who does good & help others, are at a risk of attracting such interferences, and the best you can do, is to clear yourself if you can, only energy work can help, and do your best daily and go about your life regardless. It is important to release all your emotional buttons that these voices are using… In a way, they are helping you to evolve, and having a good attitude and take care of yourself will diminish the influence of negative voices.

    If you really struggle, do call on Angels, and you can also ask for medical etheric teams before going to sleep, to work on you and assist you in removing the “talking” implants from your head. That will show you, what’s going on. There are though rare cases of possession, then Archangel Michael is your best friend.

    Wishing you well!

  68. Falco

    Did you know that all of the famous people listed below have experienced „hearing voices‟?

    Sir Winston Churchill
    Sigmund Freud
    Carl Gustav Jung
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Jean-Paul Sartre
    Alexander the Great
    Oliver Cromwell
    Jonathan Swift
    Henri Rousseau
    Walt Whitman
    Edgar Allen Poe
    Charles Dickens
    Virginia Woolf
    Evelyn Waugh
    Sylvia Plath
    Philip K Dick
    St Paul
    Joan of Arc
    St Augustine
    St Teresa of Avila
    St Francis
    George Fox (Quakers founder)
    Joseph Smith (Mormons founder)
    Christopher Columbus
    Isaac Newton
    John Nash

  69. David

    Interesting subject of itself and interesting postings.
    Can we in exceptionally stressfully prolonged circumstances, including bereavement be on the verge of a “mental breakdown” and seek help and answers in our stressed minds? effectively haunting ourselves with the voices of memories (if that makes sense)
    Do we effectively lose control?

  70. Someone who have had extreme schizerophrinia and committed suicide 4 times but overcome it by 95%+

    For those who are hearing foreign voices, I have experienced the extreme before and overcome it. I have heard the voices for 17 months until now, from mild to moderate and to serious and experienced extremes a few times. Anyone interested, emial me.

  71. tonya burnett

    do we suppose to ignore the voices in your head a schizophrenia patient tonya yolanda burnett

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