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Personal experience is at the heart of the Hearing Voices Movement. All of the accounts in this section have been contributed by members and give you a small glimpse into the wide variety of ways people experience and understand ‘hearing voices’.

If you would like to contribute your experiences to this site, we would love to hear from you.

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Whilst we cannot publish every single article in full, with your help we will work to ensure there is an ever growing collection of experiences and perspectives represented here.

Glenda Piona's Story

Glenda Piona’s Story

I am 28 now and I have seen and heard voices since I was 4. I hear them in a telepathetic way in my own mind. My childhood has been […]

Running a Hearing Voices Group

Running a Hearing Voices Group

A Voices Hearer Facilitator’s Account By John Exell I help run a hearing voices group which I will describe, but first a brief introduction. I am a voice hearer, diagnosed […]