International Mental Health Collaborating Network

Recovery, Whole Life and Citizenship

INTERVOICE is a co-founding member of the International Mental Health Collaborating Network towards Community Mental Health and Citizenship

An International NGO within French Law and based in Lille, France established in 2006.

The purpose of the network is to bring together people and places that have been successful in developing good quality community mental health services, with those that are in the process of implementation. The importance of social inclusion and citizenship are at the heart of the network’s purpose.

Through the development of the work of the Network a more robust community mental health movement, committed to social inclusion can be sustained and developed. This will hopefully be effective in influencing and improving the lives of people with mental health problems and the mental wellbeing of communities.

Visit the IMHCN website here.

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  1. Ashley Butler


    I am a recent MA MFT graduate in Northern/Coastal California.
    I have had the privilege of working with a young woman for approximately 2 years who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Together we were able to create coping skills for her to incorporate into her daily life to help her recover from her diagnosis. The voices she hears are violent, dangerous, demeaning, and quite overwhelming for this young woman. They interfere with every waking moment of her day. After hearing the TED talk about your organization, I realized I was trying to do with my client what your foundation is pioneering, only I did not have as much support as needed to move forward.
    I would truly appreciate information regarding starting a Hearing Voices group. I currently work at a non-profit and have the facility that could house such a group.
    Thank you for your assistance,

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