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Intervoice’s Online Discussion Forum is run by the Mental Health Forum in association with INTERVOICE.

Its purpose is to encourage discussion and debate about the meaning of the voice hearing experience (auditory hallucinations) and to consider the latest work and research into this phenomenon.

The Online Community is a place where:

  • you can ask questions, find answers, and share ideas with other voice hearers from around the world
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Please do not hesitate to take part! It is contributions from people like you which make this forum a lively place to visit.

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7 responses to “Online Discussion Forum”

  1. hannie


    Just to say, I am sitting in a Library, and about to close, but I can’t find your forum anywhere. Do please send me an email and explain where to go for your members lists and your advice through those memberships.

    My advice to you is that you check that joining document payment form youself because I have tried several times to fill it in, as a nil wage earner, for I am fully retired now, and can’t seem to get it to work.

    Sorry for the delay but just have to go. Take care


  2. Skye

    I’m having the same problem as Hannie. I can’t seem to find your forum anywhere. Would you also send me an email and explain where to go to become a member.

    Thank you!

  3. Adrienne- HVN New Zealand

    Cant see a link to a forum here? Is it under construction?

  4. John

    How can I see the forum discussions? Do i have to join?

  5. John

    Your facts are not helping, I would rather hear from people who are hearing voices like myself.

  6. Cindy Ferguson

    Hi this is my first time finding the forum. I typed in something else and alot of information came up. I am hoping this site will be helpful to me.

    In Oct, 2008, my life became what the doctors called “the perfect storm”. After a life time of surviving and handling traumatic events, and having therapy I had a pretty happy normal life.

    A bunch of traumatic things occured again of a different sort, and due to external reasons, I was isolated for 3 months or so. Illness occured as well, including blood loss. I’d already been depressed and stressed out and my request for therapy of what kind I wasn’t sure of. That fell through the cracks. I ended up being take to the hospital in a state of confusion, which I came in and out of. I have heard voices since then. There have been times that I have been able to have them go away completely without medications. Stress sets them off of course. I also ended up dating a man when friends hooked us up. The furthest thing from my mind at the time was dating. However friends and family didn’t know what I’d been through or was dealing with.

    I struggled for a way to tell him I hear voices and to try to explain what I didn’t fully understand. One night as we were going to sleep, he asked if I was talking to him. I said no, I”m just rubbing your back. He said oh then it must be the voices. They sound just like you, so nice and kind and comforting, unlike they usually are. At first I thought does he know and is making fun of me or bringing it up. No way he has them, while I try to tell him I do. I said you must have had a rough day. Everything is going to be ok. so just relax and get some rest. I will hold you while you fall asleep and if you have any doubt about who is saying what, or they say negative or harmful things, just tell me or ask me if it is me talking or them even if you have to wake me up. He was so happy, and fell off to sleep in my arms. You have always been so good to me he said, and I’m glad the voices sound like you now because its a pretty nice thing to listen to your voice and and how you say the things you say.

    I really couldn’t believe it but I’d never felt so blessed in my life. I explained to him soon after that, that I have voices too. He smiled saying no wonder you were so accepting, and calm and knew how do handle it and me. He was pretty thankful too. That was almost a year into hearing voices for me, and even though we hadn’t known each other then, we both went into the same thing a year before we met.
    Sadly we broke up a month ago, and no one else under
    stands, that this wasn’t just like any other break up. That he and I know things no one else knows and that only he knows this about me, besides my doctors. I don’t know if he has spoken to others and told them about his voices but I think he told his sister and maybe other family. I haven’t been able to tell anyone yet, But I have never felt like that was a responsabililty of his to worry about with me. He was physically abused and lost everything to a rip off scam artist. He hadn’t dealt with it and needs therapy but I could no longer put up with how he treated me due to how others treated him.

    I am hoping this site and the resources and companionship will help make up for what I lost in breaking up with him. It might help me enhance and improve my life and me to do so for others as well.

    Cincerely Cindy.

  7. Raina Walks

    It is pretty difficult to start a new relationship when you are hiding so much of yourself and hearing voices. People keep telling me that I should look for someone but I listen to myself not them because ultimately the outcome affects me not them. I don’t believe in should be in a relationship if I am hearing distressing voices and am vulnerable mentally and emotionally…even when people don’t have those things to deal with relationships don’t last…

    Unless I was looking for meaningless sex I would not bother with a relationship but that is not the path I choose for my body…my mind or my soul…

    I have learned that when men ask for friendship that is just a hook to reel me in and then they ask for a relationship…I fell for that in the past but don’t fall for it now…

    My hearing voices experience has been horrible and I could barely deal with myself never mind somebody else…whether they are hearing voices or not…so I am standing my ground against getting into a relationship, seeking one out or allowing one to happen….in my condition nothing good can come of it.