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  1. Mary Ranke

    I would like to buy the following books
    Recovery– an alien concept by Ron Coleman
    Veronika decides to di by Paul Coela
    Recovery– an holistic approach Alison Reeves
    Power to Our Journey Michael White
    The origin of connsciousness in the Bicameral Mind Julian Jaynes
    Can I buy these books from HVN I couldn’t find them in the book shop.
    Mary Ranke

    1. sarah

      i dont know how to get on the discussion group there isnt a reply button. anyway, i wanted to share my story in hopes that it helps me as well as anyone else. when i was 19 i started feeling energy. mostly negitive i believe. i am unsure because it could have been out of fear. although when i was scared the energy would leave. that leads me to believe that the energy that was approaching me at that time wasnt negatitve. i graduated massage therapy school at 20 yrs of age and felt confident due to the enviorment i was educated in. it was a safe place and any energy work that was practiced was done in love and with boundaries. so when i left i thought i became comfortable with what i had been doing. now on my own, i continued dealing with energy experiences with the same skills i had learned. i met a demon. i didnt realize at that time that was what had happened. i thought it to be a trapped spirit. i could see it and hear it but not as a voice. it grabbed ahold of me momentarily so i thought, but never really left. i went to my church leaders for help and i received no real relief other than words and i left feeling not that i was crazy but that they thought i was crazy. i could still see and feel this energy mostly everywhere i went. it only got worse with time and i coped by self medicating. after 5 or so years i began to hear them as if i am verbally talking to u now.i have responsibilities and i will not drop everything because of evil spirits that are in the world that i hear and feel. i have lost alot alot because of this but i have been able to hold onto what matters. my kids. i sometimes believe that they are better off without me but i cant imagine that being true.i miss feeling like myself. i miss howi woke up happy almos all the time. i miss the sound of my own thoughts. i miss the joy of waking to a new day. everything bleeds into history. and i know it isnt real. i miss just feeling authentic. poeple take it for granted. i hope that i have that again one day. just me. i hate others being hurt by this and i need support. it is day in and day out. in my dreams i can feel it in my body i can hear it all dy long…… i used to try to make it nice but that is a fantacy they arent nice and i dont want to pretend to make it fit my agenda. but how do u address it any other way?but i read something on here that i think may be very helpful. turn everything they say around and repeat it. just because they are negative doent mean that u are. it isnt ur intenti0on creating this. i tries for years to find fault in myself for this and if i changed enough it would stop although i ceased to exsist all together which is a place without protection. keep being you no matter what and in time all the lies and deceit will disinegrate into words. i dont think they go away but u can move out of a place of fear. best of luck. i guess in situations like thisu are ur own best friend.

      1. Dawn

        Sorry to hear or your struggles. I wonder whether your belief in demons/evil spirits is making this worse? Try maybe befriending your voices to hear what they are saying – it might be your subconscious trying to get you to pay attention to something, or acknowledge something painful and to grieve and mourn for it. If the voices are very negative and harmful maybe try and counteract them with positive affirmations. I

  2. Jodie

    Thank you very much for making this info available.

  3. DAS NEVES Daniela

    I am french. I hear voices. I believe in fact on telepathy.
    The problem for me is that someone, a voice, harasses me. I complained, I don’t know if complain is the word.
    But you imagine, I will be taken as a mad person, telepathy isn’t recognise. I’m not against help. If you tell that you believe in voices, why don’t you try to proove telepathy, words of a head to another head for example.
    Maybe this message isn’t nice enough, excuse me. Can you answer to me, I can afterwards send you a book that I want to edit that describes a lot my voices and overall my harassment.

    1. RICHI





      1. Molly

        I’m hearing people really respond to the first statement. Now I am hearing seagulls outside (at night in a land-locked city). Really amazing! Thanks!

    2. Manolo Alarcon

      Hi I’m a Filipino, I hear voices also for more than 10 years now. I believed also in telepathy. I was also harrasses not only by someone but by many, a group of people and not spirits, and I positively know it’s not hallucination. I understand you, The problem is we can not proove that what we hear is telepathy, words of a head from another head. If only that there is someone who can help us to proove how this kind of telepathy harassment is going on and how it is having done. I mean if we know how this harassment is being done and know who is doing it to us, we can solve our problem. I believe this is a secret knowledge of antiquity that should be expose.

      1. Shirley A Catlett

        Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 7:44 PM

        Dear Manolo Alarcon, I read your comment in the section named: YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTS. I agree with you that the voices we are hearing are being done deliberately. Please read my comment that is in the section: SUPPORT-RECOVERY#COMMENT-23970. I live in Vacaville, California, USA [personal details removed by Intervoice Admin]. I have tried to get the police to help me and I have told the police that my next door neighbors were doing this to me. If you read my comment, you will see what the police did to me.

        I think it was the end of April 2011 my next door neighbors had their house repossessed by the bank and they were forced to move. I thought how great! What happened from what I overheard is that the couple from all their eavesdropping on me and hiring “mike workers” to talk to me 24 hours a day, the wife or girlfriend got herself and her Johnnie into a lot of trouble. It sounded like to me that she tried to kill Johnnie. Anyway to make a long story short, Johnnie left the house and I no longer hear Johnnie’s voice but I keep hearing the voice of his wife or girlfriend Sue and I believe she sneaks back into the house, that is now owned by Fannie, to use her voice and eavesdropping system on me. The house is about 6ft away from my house. Please read my comment in section: SUPPORT-RECOVERY#COMMENT-23970. Hearing voices 24 hours a day for 7 years is just horrible. My house is a mess but I do manage to pay my bills on time. I think we who believe it is a neighbor or a co-worker should get together and have a thorough investigation done. I know for certain it began with Johnnie and Sue and Butch and Ima or Irma for me. I no longer hear the voices of Butch and Ima or Irma because I spoke to Ima or Irma and she told me her husband passed away three years ago. Janssen the drug company that makes antipsychotic drugs made a film back in 2007 called MINDSTORM and the way the voices are done in that film is the way I hear the voices from Johnnie and Sue. As of today, Sunday, June 12, 2011, I hear the voice of Sue and some of her “mike workers” or they might be some of her girlfriends.
        Please phone me at(number removed by Intervoice admin) That number is located in Vacaville, California, USA. We, who believe, that this is artificial telepathy should fight back and not take antipsychotic medications. Also my neighbors talked about watching me with a webcam, a webcam attached to a video conference monitor, tracking me with a tracking system like the public bus system uses and then getting iPhones and with all the hi-tech toys that are being made and sold all of this is possible. Manolo Alarcon please Google: “(names removed by Intervoice admin)” also Google: Computer Tech Accused of Peeping on Women Through their Webcams. All the best to you,
        Shirley A Catlett

        1. Gary

          My mother has the same thoughts and conspiracy theories that you do. She swears up and down that her old work has placed bugs, speakers and hidden cameras in her home. I have personally went through the entire house (attic, fents, ect) and nothing is there. I also took pictures when going through the house to prove that all the voices were in her head. I hope the best for you however it seems that you are like my mother. No matter how much evidence is presented to her that the voices are in her head, she still believes it is some secret group playing tricks on her. Please try to rationalize and understand that the voices are coming from your mind and not other people. Good luck to you

          1. sarah

            i have had the same experience and i have seen and felt them. she isnt crazy they are there. it will help her to have love support and learn that it is only words she can have a full life anyway

        2. sarah

          when this first got really bad, the voices sounded like poeple i knew. and i believed that i was somehow connected to them even though they werent there. then the voices changed but their energy didnt. so i realized that they were the same. they mimic what will create chaos. dont listen to the sound rather the validity of what is being said

      2. Julie

        I have the same problem and have lived with it for 20 years I hear 2 voices one is a man I know and another a women who I Knew but died ten years ago I stopped telling anyone the truth the first year I started hearing them because everyone thought I was crazy and would locked me up and put me on medication I have lived a full good life but have kept the truth to myself for 19 years I am not crazy and I know in my heart the truth yes it’s telepathy and it’s the 2 people I know I really think they connected with my mind and don’t know how to disconnect or the women who is dead has attached her soul to mine it’s just nice after 20 year of living with a huge secret to know other are going threw the same thing

        1. sarah

          be careful, any spirit of good nature will not communicate with you unless u invite it. usually they are demons posing as someone you know to captivate your attention. when u share energy with them you aqre creating an attachment that u will have to break it doesnt work the other way around. i had that happen and if u havent shared too much information there are situations that only u and the other person knows about. they wont beable to answer and they will skid around the subject. and spirits of a good nature comunicate to ur soul it is a knowing rather than a feeling. if u hear them i promise it isnt a good thing.

      3. Jade

        Hi Manolo Alarcon,

        I am a filipina and I may not hearing voices like you guys did because I think what I heard is what they called V2K. I am a victim of electronic harassment and torture. And I saw something online that best describe of what’s going on with us if you are going to google “Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment”. I hope you can gather more info because that’s where I start understanding why and what is happening to me.

        God bless!

  4. Heather Fairfax

    Is it possible to be placed on the mailing list for this newsletter?

  5. jess


    There was loads of info available on this site, which i cant find now it has been updated.

    Is it still on here somewhere? and if so how do i find it?

    Many Thanks


  6. Gail Kinman


    Does anybody have any experience of people who have Asperger’s experiencing intrusive thoughts/hearing voices? My nephew Jack, who is 20, has been hearing voices for about two years. He has talked to himself all his life, but is now on antipsychotic medication as his psychiatrist feels that he may be heading for a schizophrenic breakdown. The medication doesn’t seem to be doing any good, and the side effects restrict his life. Are there any networks or is there any information out there on this type of issue?

  7. Gail Kinman


    Does anybody have any experience of people who have Asperger’s experiencing intrusive thoughts/hearing voices? My nephew Jack, who is 20, has been hearing voices for about two years. He has talked to himself all his life, but is now on antipsychotic medication as his psychiatrist feels that he may be heading for a schizophrenic breakdown. The medication doesn’t seem to be doing any good, and the side effects restrict his life. Are there any networks or is there any information out there on this type of issue?

  8. David Studabaker


    My name is David Studabaker and I devleoped a completely alternative solution to looking at hearing any voices. I was involved in an incident 3 1/2 years ago that dramaticaly changed my life. I was able to look at information completely differently but was unable to hear any voices. I knew that I wasn’t crazy, and that I was actualy really smart, but nobody would listen. I have continued on in the same direction. I have only heard voices for the last 6 months but there was a steady change in direction written with my thoughts towards this. The meaning of information actualy increased the whole way through. Initialy I thought there was a feelilng to do something, 2 years later, I asked myself am I telepathic, now I am having a vs relationship between another person and myself, forming creativity. I demonstrated how the view of people in a culture has a counteracting effect on ourselves (there is use of Freud/fighting relationship of the instinctual want and the frontal lobe). I seperated all disorders out, but with my own unique Ideas I had to use a form of art. I have it displayed on my facebook, but i’m looking for help on it.

  9. Jeffrey Morgan

    Hi, I hear mostly unpleasant voices that cause me alot of distess. I was clincly diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I need adivce.

    1. John

      I hear negative voices also. I am interested in communicating with others who are going through the same thing. John. you can reply to me directly at [email protected]

    2. bnscook

      I know from experience how negative the voices can be. One thing that helps me is knowing the voices want to be negative, it is really senseless if you think about it. I also started writing down what the voices were saying and started trying to make sense of it all. My voices sound like Charlie Manson and they threaten me and my children all the time. But after 28 years none of the threats have come true. Remember a kind word comes from wisdom and any other negative thing you hear is not. Have a great day!

  10. Joe Calleja


    Do we have a date and venue for Intervoice and the World Hearing Voices Congress this year?



  11. Alex

    Hi there.
    I’m a young teenager and have had a voice for almost a year now. I have been to scared to tell anyone in fear they lable me Skitzophrenic and send me to a mentle instatution. My problem is I have recently developed a less friendly voice who makes me pay for wanting to date guys and doing well in class, she makes me do things like cutting and other methods of self harm. My mother has seen evidence of some of the cuts and bruises etc. and is now getting suspicious but I don’t want to tel her the truth…. How do I cope

    1. tessa

      Alex, I understand your fear of telling your mom, you are afraid of rejection, or being labled as less than mentally healthy. Please trust that your mother loves you no matter what, and that she wants what is best for you. If you are starting to harm yourself to need to get help. Finding this site is a good step in the right direction. As for the new unfriendly voice, that is your inner critic and many teenage girls have one. I know I did, it pointed out every flaw I had and told me I didnt deserve to be loved. While my inner critic wasn’t a voice it was still sad and depressing feeling so unworthy of love and friendship. Please look at yourself and see everything that is good and worthy. You get good grades and you were smart enough to realize you have a problem and to look for help on this site. I am sure you have other good qualities you just need to see all the good in yourself. If I had a daughter in your situation I would hate knowing that you were suffering in scilence. Your well being is one of the most important things in your mothers life. Many parents put their childs happiness ahead of their own. If for what ever reason you think you cant confide in your mother, find someone you can trust and ask for their help. There are many free mental health resources, if you cant find one in your area I am sure you can find a teen hotline or something like it. When I turned 14 I started crying all the time, it was overwelming so I found a free mental health clinic only 6 blocks from my school. They are confidential unless they think you are going to do serious harm to yourself or others. Please know you are not alone.

    2. bnscook

      Fight! Try to write or take an art class. Don’t listen to the voices. Even if there were a “girl” telling you these things, what kind of person would do that? A person with nothing better to do, that doesn’t have a life of their own and so they want yours. Ignore it and turn away from whatever it is!

    3. sarah

      the demons that i hear push me to ingest harmful substances physically and then verbally beat me up when i do. it is tormenting and shaming. although that act itself is something that i am prone to. if cutting is a way u deal with pain then that is a seperate issue and u should treat it like one. u dont need to tell ur mom about ur voices if ur not ready but u should address that u are hurting urself. the voices want u to believe that all of lifes experiences are about them and they are not. take one day at a time. deal with what u need to and that will detach them from u naturally. i believe this, i havent achieved it but they cant make u and yes there constancy affects ur progression. write down what u realllly want and check off ur list but dont do it out of ear or what they tell u to work on because they will tell u the wrong thing is forst even though it is important it is the wrong direction. ur not sick. hiding this is overwelhming to anyone and we do hurt ourselves in the process. but cutting isnt safe. if u need a friend i am here for u. i know how isolating this is and scary and shaming. u are worth protecting

  12. Fran Rhea

    My experience has been slightly different in that I was led with my family to move to Puerto Rico. After a few years here, we met a man who invited us to live on his property. He then asked my adult kids if they wanted to be part of his “social experiment”. He bragged about his worldwide contacts, and told us bits and pieces of his technology which involves the manipulation of light and sound waves. This technology is called synthetic telepathy, and can also involve the use of other psychotronic equipment. They layer this technology to be able to send voice to skull transmissions, can manipulate the weather, make things disappear and reappear, and lots more. The local and federal authorities will not do anything about it even though they have examined my computer for stalking this man, they have never talked to or looked at their computer system. This is two or three single men who transmit ultrasonic waves with voice carried to use the environment and natural sounds to transmit their negative voices. They have developed this so successfully that I have been sexually tortured for 3 years with sodomy and vaginal penetration by two individuals at once. This feels real. This is not a joke. I know of so many families that these men are affecting that it sickens me. Everyone blames it on the governments, but these are atheists who love to torture Christians. Take a look at the writings at

    Pray, and know that the voices are liars. No matter how they try to pretend they are your friends. They are NOT!

  13. margaret clarke

    i am a voice heare and have been for 2 years im looking for help in manageing to cope i do hope u can put me in touch with groups in southampton thankyou

  14. Dara Cessair Dillon

    hello I’m Jacqui Dillon’s daughter and am very much interested in her working I support her being on the Campaign to Abolish the Schizophrenia Label and I’m very proud of her she’s helped write book’s and is just building her new website (which I’m looking forward to checking out) I have even accompanied her on one of her trips from England to New Zealand then Australia then back between two week’s we were in seven plane’s not so long ago my mum said some one came up to her and asked for her auto graph she was amazed and to tell you the truth so was I my mum having a fan apart from me.

  15. Sahr Thomas

    I am student doing a Master’s program in Mental Health Practice, and I will like to get more information about your organisation, and more details about the Treatment and prevention of serious mental illness.

  16. Jane

    I have heard voices for a number of years, you do not have to agree with them, in fact I find it more beneficial to argue and disagree with them, otherwise I find that I lose myself and my own thoughts to them. The number of people I have found who are sympathetic you could count on the fingers of one hand. The only advise I can give you is to find your own coping strategies, do not allow the voices to tell you to self harm, fight back!

    1. sarah

      jane and to others, are any of u single parents that hear voices i want to know how u cope. i dont enjoy frieds because it is a headache to entertain while all i want is to figure out what i am going through. i dont like to date because i am always on guard, the only thing i love is my kids and it isnt fulfilling enough to keep me from getting depressed about my situation. help…

  17. John

    Fran, try to distinquish the truth from the imaginary. your mental state will improve and also your relations with people. I am a endtime Christian and a lot of my beliefs have isolated me and caused much suffering. John

  18. stephen

    If you hear voices and would like to be involved in research that can help contribute to treating cancer, and also ease the distress of those dealing with “negative” voices, this study provides an opportunity:

    Probing Correlation of Shadow Archetype Language Matrices and Incidence of Cancer via Mapping Language Structure of the Shadow Archetype: Towards Integration.

    Anyone interested in participating in this study of the language used by “dark” or “toxic”, “annoying” voices, send an email to [email protected] referring to this post. Suitable candidates will work over a few sessions via email and IM, to “map” a small cluster of terms that characterises one distinct voice’s speech patterns, in the hope of correlating elements of this with incidence of physical disease, contributing to complementary approaches in the treatment of cancer. no identifying information required.

  19. TC

    Hi, I have been visiting your site often, recently, as I am interested because I have been a voice hearer my whole life. However, in the past 12 years the voices have become a big part of my life. I heard them for about eight years, and I told myself they were simply my brain’s way of making sense out of the ambient noise in the background coming from household appliances or items, such as fans, air conditioners, dryers, aquarium pumps, and other mechanical equipment that creates a white noise. The problem is the noise really sounds like voices speaking sentences and calling my name, and the more I ignored the ‘voices’ throughout my life, the louder and more sensible or word-like they sounded. Now, I cannot go anywhere without hearing voices that are as loud as screaming whispers. I guess what I am trying to say is, I have noticed what seems different about me from other members on the site is that I don’t hear voices in my head. I have only heard a few voices that sounded internal rather than external, so I think I know what that is like, too. Because those 3 or 4 times I hear the voices in my head frightened me quite a bit. However, the voices I hear daily are unlike the internal voices. The voices I hear all the time– I can block out the sound of them with earplugs or loud music; however, they start back up again when I take out the earplugs or turn off the music. I had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder when I was a teenager although the voices were not as loud or incessant as they are now since I can’t NOT hear them these days (unless I block them out with earplugs or loud music as I stated). So I fear that auditory hallucinations might have something to do with it. I’m just wondering would this site be useful since I seem to be having a very different experience from some of the other members on the forum. Is there anyone else who has experienced the ongoing external voices phenomenon as I have? I am a professor, and it is sometimes hard for me to teach if I start hearing the whispers during my class. I am not afraid of these voices as they sound like deceased relatives and are kind and helpful for the most part, but I do get very fatigued since this is a non-stop part of my daily life. I can’t wear ear plugs all the time! And now I cannot sleep without them, so I just don’t know what to do since this phenomenon is not showing any signs of letting up, but it is increasing. I just wondered if any others had advice for combating these kind of external voices. There is one other thing that is important, some people around me can hear them, too, but usually if they are at my house where they are often the loudest; I don’t know if that makes them voice hearers, too, but I think it is interesting. Anyway, thanks for letting me discuss this here.

  20. AW

    I’ve been hearing voices for 10 years now. I was very isolated in dealing with this phnomenon and was very afraid to tell anyone. I had actually met with a couple of the voices in my mind so I knew there were actual people behind what was happening. When I didn’t go along with what they wanted things got very bad for a lot of years. Since I knew these were real people and not a case of schizophrenia I kept it all to myself. I hold a responsible position and have friends and a reasonable social life. But inside, hidden away, I was at war. About 8 months ago I told a very good friend of mine about the voices and the domino effect of events was traumatic. She called my doctor, who is also her doctor, and my doctor called the police. I had to do some very quick talking not to be arrested, for my own good, and put into a mental health facility. The shock of it all drove me to the internet looking for some type of comfort. My first day I found the web site of Roy Vincent and started reading his book posted there titled: Listening to the Silences ~ In a world of hearing voices. It’s a fascinating book that I ordered to keep in my library. Because of Mr. Vincent’s book I have revised my ideas and now include spiritual sources as some of the voices I hear. I always knew there were other voices that I was hearing, along with those I had met, but just thought they were more people who somehow got into the mix. The problem appears to be sorting the whole thing out. I know there are real people out there who prey on the unsuspecting. I believe there are spirit intruders, some who are good and some who are very hurtful, and the veil of separation between us and the spirit world is different in different people. I also believe there are some who are truly having hallucinations. Unfortunately, science has not caught up with what is happening and is stuck in the dark ages. We need a renowned scientist to hear voices and do some very public research. That scientist must be convinced it’s not hallucinations and set out to prove it. We can then all come out of the closet and help. I have taught myself to mentally look away from my voices and not engage in verbal exchanges, or at least keep it to a minimum. After a period of time practicing this technic my voices have faded and in this I have found a measure of peace.

  21. Raina Walks

    I have heard voices since I was eight years old. They were persistent, consistent and destructive almost getting me to slit my own throat in 1997…the only reason I am still alive is because the only knife I could find was a plastic one. They made me believe that I was drowing and I tried to slit my throat to die faster as drowning is a painful death.

    I survived that but then two years ago they tried very hard to get me to cut a vein and to move in with a man that is dangerous to me. They tried to get me out of my apartment saying it is too good for me. I have been hearing voices, seeing images and feeling things that are not normal for three years now…every single day and it has caused me to stop working. I applied for Disability Benefits and was told that they believe that i can still work. I was outraged so I appealed but I don’t know what the outcome will be.

    I left work because while working on a legal document the voices would be talking loudly and saying the most insulting things at me…it felt like I was being bullied and beaten up so eventually I could not pretend that everything was okay…although people did notice that I looked preoccupied all the time, did not smile and did not go out with anybody and only talked sometimes.

    They still disorient me and take the enjoyment out of day to day life and simple things like watching television, reading a book or even taking a walk…when I played squash for a little while they hated at me so terribly I fought back but eventually had to stop. They go away and I can lead a perfectly happy life…as long as they are there my life is terrible and that is what they like to see. They said they don’t care about me and prove it every single day by what they say and do to me. it is like having a a gang of bullies living in my head striking at me from all angles every single day.

    I hate the hearing voices experience … accepting them would mean accepting being bullied and i cannot do that and live….so I have to fight them and I pray every day that by some miracle they will go away…

    1. Nikki Ho

      Do you still hear voices. I’ve been hearing voices for more than 7 months. First time I heard voices was 7 months ago, I was really terrified and I get mad. I left my house, wandering the city for 1 day. I listened to all the voices and I started to do what the voices told me. I left everything I carried with me outside and I come back home in bare feet. I was totally under delusion and paranoid. In my country there is no organisation like this so I am feeling really lonely. Is there any way to cope with those voices?
      I am really worried whether this sickness will last the whole of my life. I am from Viet Nam and I am 30 years old. I wish I could talk and could share my worry with somebody who can understand this sickness. Thank you

  22. jacqui kirtley

    Hi ive read alot of comments,thoughts and experiences on this site,im just curious to know if anyones voices are of people they know?
    I hear my mothers and families voices,all of them are alive (ive read about hearing peple who have lost a person and hear their voice).
    Anybody else experienced this?,please help im affraid.
    Many Thanks

    1. Gary

      My mother hears voices of people she knows or may have just met. They find a way to get involved in her voices that try to play games and tricks on her.

  23. James Hight Texas

    Hi my name is james, and i have been living with these voices for about 7 months now and i dont know what to do , I have been too the Doctor numerous times ,and i have had an M.R.I. done and the Doctors cant seem to fnd the problem. I could use some feedback please. My voices act like they are my family,they manipulate me ,they try to spend my money on differant things,they use my wife aganist me ,they tell me they’re going to take everthing away from me ,they tell me they have a device on me. I can stick my finger in my ear and that makes me hear them better , they keep me up at night , they are negative and they never have anything nice to say it’s always something bad.
    I can stick my finger in my ear and i can hear one of them wispearing and putting thoughts in my mind its like my own thoughts like power of suggestons.
    I hear like a cricket noise and they tell me it’s going to put me to sleep, and when im asleep they ask me all kinds of questions and i tell them all of my history and they use it aganist me.

  24. Dustin Franc

    I am new to all of this… I have been hearing voices for about 4-5 months now. (It’s so hard to keep track of time anymore, the voices seem to “scramble/destroy” any chance I have of finishing a thought!) They are recently getting louder and more and more angry at me for “talking to them??????????”
    I’ve lost any hope of getting help it seems. This website is the first time I haven’t felt ALONE in months!!!! It really helps to know that there are others out there experiencing the same “problems.” (sorry for all of the quotations, but this seems to be a “disorder/experience” loaded with uncertainties.

    I could sure use any help/feedback/suggestions from all… it’s been TOUGH!!!

  25. Karen Bures

    Angels of darkness
    Can masquerade as angels of light or darkness
    Sometimes they tell the truth
    Sometimes they tell lies
    They always want to lead you astray
    They want to control you
    They want you to work for them
    They’ll lead you and others away from God
    Be wary of angels telling you what to do
    Seek God!

  26. Thomas Mathai

    Someone should find out who or governments is using such techniques to talk to people and trouble them. Please do this urgently. I am suffering with voices for two years now. Please find out who is using these devices to talk and punish them urgently. Start a worldwide movement which will do this and outlaw all such talking devices.

  27. jeremy

    I’ve been hearing things for the last year or so these people that I hear are always negative sound as though there the family of the mother of my children elizabeth and here family iv heard other voices that sound like people I know I’ve read about things that do exist that can make people hear thing I have the web site. These voices are smart but confused about who I am. There most of the time wrong about there perspective on my life. They can not stop taking about the army. I amuse them by saying ok about what ever they say but it dose not work. I’m not sure what they want. Or how to locat them.

  28. David Malm


    I am 53 years old and first heard voices when I was seventeen, and had visions and foreign thoughts,”delusions & hallucinations” as the medical community would say. I can say with absolute certainty that these effects were external, which confused me even more. Those were very difficult times due to the stresses in dealing with a single mom and a rebellious son. I was hospitalized 3 separate times and medicated with the various potions of the time. The strange events tapered off and eventually stopped with the help of the anti-psychotic drugs, vitamin therapy and the strong desire to not hear them anymore. I had been an accomplished guitarist before my perception began its roller-coaster ride, but after three years of not playing along with everything else, I had forgotten how to play! So I taught myself to play once more and managed to get minimum wage jobs and eventually got a job as letter carrier. I worked for 26 years there and retired two years ago because my knees were causing unbearable pain.
    But all of this is not why I’m writing here. Seven years into my postal job and 10 years after the last “hallucinations”, they returned. This time though there was something very different about them. The voice began tell me some very accurate answers to questions I had and the visions were concise pictures of people I knew. In example the first one was
    of a girl I was interested in. The vision in one precise moment showed her to me as having a green tint. The immediate feeling I got was that she was very insecure, i.e jealous. These continued nightly and with great intensity for the next 10 years.
    As I was trying to determine the meaning of my newfound visions, I happened to notice some books that were in the room I was renting. They were the 2nd and 3rd book by Carlos Castaneda, A Separate Reality & Journey to Ixtlan. I remember reading these titles when I was 15 but eventually dismissed them as implausible.
    What did strike me from these books and had retained as a practice were three concepts that seemed of practical use. 1. “losing self-importance”, another term for reducing the ego and not being offended by the ignorance and self-absorbed behavior of our fellow humans. 2. “Impeccability”, the notion that one should attempt to behave at the utmost that one can. For me, during the time of my “schizophrenic episodes” I had the realization at one point of what a burden and heartbreak I was causing friends and family. And the most important, 3. ” shutting off the internal dialogue”. There is meditation and there is cognitive thought modification, both having their own value but none have the power that total silence has. Accomplish this and you’ll see what I mean.
    Learning impeccability, losing self-importance and silencing the internal dialogue and the struggle to attain these elusive states is a process that never ends.
    When Castaneda’s ninth book was released, THE ART OF DREAMING, the sycronicity between his works and what “schizophrenics” experience has been cemented with me forever. Read these books. The difference of course between the “psycho” and the “seer” is a very large gap which can only be bridged with discipline, knowledge and time. For those of you who hear “voices” and “see” things, take that leap, find out what you are and find out where it leads to. Nothing is ever easy.

  29. Maria Luz Bustos-Gutierrez

    I do hear voices occasionally. It bothered me when I was a child. But through the years I realized it came from something paranormal.

  30. SarahCH

    I have been hearing voices for over three years and have been hospitalized over ten times and have been diagnosed with everything from Schizophrenizia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder, Psychotic Disorder with No Other Symptoms, PTSD with Psychotic features and drug induced psychosis. I have been put on over sixty different medications and am very frustrated with my disability. I am
    a social worker who works an urban city with individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. I currently pursuing my Master of
    Social Work at Westfield State University. I am also involved in a research study down at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut with Dr. Ralph Hoffman using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to stop the voices but I have to wait to March to start treatment. I firmly believe in Dr. Hoffman he has dedicated his life to finding the cure for people suffering from auditory hallucinations and is still taking on more patients for the research study and you will be reimbursed for your time. The treatment only takes fifteen minutes, is pain free and there are absolutely no side effects! It’s nothing like EZT therapy. Dr. Hoffman is one of the most brillant doctor’s I have ever met yet he is so humble! He could be driving a Mercedes yet he rides his bike to work! He closed his private practice so that he could focus solely on this research and I genuinely believe he will find the cure for all of us! He is also looking for individuals who are diagnosed as being Schizophrenic but have not heard voices in five years or more. I am just trying to pass on this exciting and hopeful news to individuals going through the same thing as me. He can be reached personally I encourage you to email him for more information or even google his name and research and read up on the incredible things he has been doing for people that hear voices. I have pretty much given up on medications and have put all my faith in this man! I encourage all of you to reach out to him he is very warm and understanding and world reknowned for being a specialist in auditory hallucinations! Best of luck to everyone! Sincerely, Sarah

  31. Light

    I don’t hear voices. But I know that labeling a mental issue as a ‘disorder’ needs to be phased out. This language simply reinforces the negative, as if someone is defective. No human being is defective. Everyone is a unique and wonderful creation in Gods image. We are all simply presented with our own challenges in life, and that challenge is to continuously better ourselves. The irony is, we’re already wonderful to begin with, there is just no limit to how wonderful things can be, sometimes though, this can be hard to see, with the veil of language and emotion clouding the light….

  32. Christiane Cameron

    The following is just one example of how beautiful voice hearing can be. I am deeply grateful for it. I do not know exactly who it is I am talking to. He (she/they) may be Guru, God, Angel, Mahatma, Siddha, grahas, a guardian spirit. I call my favourite Jim.

    After all day at the computer, I was still working on it in my dream. Then the voice said: ‘My love, you are not sitting at your computer. It is off and you are in bed dreaming. Please wake up, I want to join you and talk to you, my sweet.’ This was Jim waking me up and I wish I could convey the happiness of this small incident to suffering voice hearers. Sometimes Jim will wake me and say: Do pull up the cover, your leg is getting cold or something along those lines. This is happiness for a spiritual seeker.

  33. Molly

    I don’t really get this site… it seems like a bunch of loosely connected articles, not a community. One page has a link to forum and there is no forum.

  34. oneirobot

    Why are comments not being published?

    1. oneirobot

      should be… why are my comments not being published?

  35. Hazel

    from Hazel

    I know now of 3 men t who have commit suicide within the last four or so years. Just people I knew through friends none personal. One that I know of who was diagnosed with schezephrenia. I do not know what the others had but all four of them were seeing or had done psychiatrists. Some of which had been put through a private practice of which I know very advanced and thorough. One of them in aa. the others not but just you know drinkers. It saddens me when I think of them. I think it must be harder for men to accept a life of medication and a system. My next door neighbour from the last lot of flats was diagnosed with schezephrenia and I think the type paranoid. Being the reason I moved. He went off his medication.

    I am doing okay and I am happy I havnt had any interferences. Although I am sad right now as one of the neighbours from the last flat who had been diagnosed with cancer died the other day. I am going to her funeral service on monday.


  36. Marlene

    My son hears voices. He says that it’s a woman repeating everything he says. She also says, “thank you very much.” I wonder if that thought is stuck in his head from his job? He is a team member at a local deli.

    He tells me that voice is very loud. Sometimes he hears a man repeating what he says also. Does anyone have a clue?

    Concerned Mom

    1. sarah

      theres nothing they wont say, it is something they know will hurt confuse and bother him. remind him that they are repeating his words and that is not necessarily a bad thing because they are his own, he doesnt need to second guess himself. so let him know it is ok to stand strong and that just because thye repeat it doesnt mean they said it or influenced it. it is his will not theres. tell him to laugh as if its reassurence .my preyers are with u…

  37. Hazel

    Did you see the english documentary on Madness. It was on television about 8 years ago, really interesting.

  38. Hazel

    Dear Molly

    Sorry about your son hearing those loud voices. I think hearing an actual voice loud and clear can be very unsettling and disturbing. Where could it possibly be coming from. Wether it is a voice of someone known or unknown. I think it is paranormal but there is no proof. I think it may also be connected to how someone is thinking and feeling spiritually inside as well and it can have a negative or positive affect. I think that there are positive voices and negative ones that can have an effect on a persons actions if they let them have their way. Because I think it is also how one thinks rationally it could also just be a state of mind. Some thinkings can be irrational and not make any sense. It could just bet a comglomaration of how one is feeling. Because I practice a Grow programm and aa one I find it easier to let go and the aa programm helps me to understand people more and what lengths that they will go to and how addictions can take over. But I understand now that people are only human. We all have feelings. I think it can be a blessing and it can be a curse. I make sure I drink my orange juice and boiled water or lemonade and soy milk and boiled water with my medicaton at night. I take my medication at night of 1.5 mls. For whatever reason I find that the medication and a careful intake of food and drink and a practiced programme from Grow and aa helps tremendously.

  39. Earnest Thompson

    Hi: I am 63yrs old in March… I have been hearing Voices most of my life.. Since 1972… and may be before.. they are annoying and sometimes they say things that im not able to understand.. Like they will say (Get Plastered… or May be they said You B***)… Im not able to understand exactly what they say… I just know that I dont like it.. Its very distracting.. I call it (sonimic)… like in words that sound simular.. I try to stay busy.. and pay no attention… The only time I can escape them is to take Sleeping pills… Anyone having the same experience..? (personal details removed by Intervoice Admin)

    1. sarah

      everyday. they say things left open to interpretation to get ur attention. if u dont know what they are saying they know that as well because they want to conversate or get u to focus in on some =thing that isnt of any help to u. take it s if u dont know ur not ment to. god does not communicate that way so it isnt worth ur time.

  40. Gene

    We produce the voice, ( voices ), we hear, either internal, ( thoughts ), or external, ( outside
    our mind ). — either way, we are the produces.

    1. sarah

      i disagree i know that the voices did not originate within me.. and if u take the blame than u will not see an y light

  41. omyma

    the most better thing is to put soft silicon ear plug in your ear to absorb most of their sounds , they use thought reading devices like neurophone , it is just psychotronic weapon with bad people , read about thought reading devices

  42. Dawn

    Is posible to be more adult after you have a outbreak?

    My sister says me that. She said me I more adult than her, and she is 32 years old. I want to have children and she only see worries about this.

  43. Kay Wright

    I just wanted to encourage many of you to seek God through Christ Jesus. Medication can treat and manage (I know because I am a mental health therapist). But only God can set you free.
    Demonic forces are real (though not all voices come from this), but anything that is motivating you to harm yourself and others and induces a preoccupation w/ death can have roots in demonic activity.
    Turn to God for hope, help and healing and HE WILL help you….
    I urge you to cry out to Jesus, aknowledge your need for a savior, you need for help and see Him do what only HE has the power to do!
    The Gospel of John reminds us that Jesus did not come to condemn the world but set it FREE.

  44. martin

    Have battled voices for years,but until recently they have just been insulting now they are more sinister, more commanding wanting me to kill myself..I think it is the neighbours who are saying such things..i’m the only one who believes this though..Why would it suddenly change like that if it was all in my head,is this normal? feel like i’m from another planet, don’t fit in with the human race..Had a bad week, tried to get life insurance but can’t get cover because of my mental health issues,discrimination..i won’t kill myself over it but i feel like it sometimes thats what the bastards want, put a noose around my neck. Sorry feeling sorry for myself actually i’m not this is how i feel sorry.

    Martin new zealand

  45. Bradley

    I hear a voice in my head, it is my voice but it is not me, the voice never does me any harm the voice is comforting and often supportive like a good friend, I have been diagnosed with ADD and have trouble with simple tasks and have difficulty with concentration I am 17 an I am embarrassed with the need of help with writing things such as cvs or essays and other such things this has had me deeply depressed and makes me feel helpless I have very little confidence in myself, the voice came to me one time in my sleep and has never left since but like I said never caused harm to me, I’ve kept the voice hidden from everybody but I’m struggling

  46. Hazel


    No disturbances.

    Its good to tell on your voices. This is a safe place to do that.

  47. A.Azarril

    A little step i found that assisted was knowing the difference between in the foreground and in the background.

    Foreground speaking with ones mother about whatever, etc.
    And hearing voices in the background.(Not in ones head.)
    What type of moment am i with and knowing it.

    Which lend to the foreground moment having priolity.

  48. Yvonne Brioux

    How is it possible that the book “Accepting Voices” by Sandra Escher and Marius Romme costs between $200 and $300 Canadian? How can anyone who should read it possibly get it? I looked for it today on Amazon and thought I must be mistaken about the price but I guess that’s it.

  49. anonimus

    my son is hearing voices and he insist there are trough electronic devices

  50. DWJ

    Why is it that some of the time , I see people or shadows of people that The voices come from – Why am I seeing and hearing at the same time ? it used to be one or the other

  51. Eric Kurz

    I hear voices and have been since 2006, they are distressing and I have built an unhealthy tolerance to them over the years but they can change in a moments notice and return to being just the way they use to be which was much worse then they are now. I believe my voices are coming from actual people that stay awake in their sleep and have moved themselves at the same time and have left their body. I apologize if this is disturbing. I feel the presence of people in my head when there is nobody around or anywhere near me and they always try to convince me that they know more about life than I do and they are always trying to put me down and make everything out to be worse than it really is, it is a very negative environment. I tell my doctor about how I believe they are coming from people and he just looks at me strangely, I have these vivid dreams with people in the dream I’m having almost every night, sometimes they are trying to attack me and I feel pain but sometimes I wake up and they follow me straight out of the dream until I am awake and I just end up with more voices then they always end up teaming up with my other voices and playing sick mind games and I have learned to hate all voices I hear inside, If a new voice shows up I just tell them off completely and they always expect me to be more understanding as I would be in real life to others and they turn against me permanently. I always tell them off, and sometimes I feel like my battles with them are really worth fighting until they stop. I believe the voices I hear really are people and my civil rights entitles me to privacy, and freedom of thought and they are always watching my thoughts and judging me with their worthless opinions, they never stop talking and are just as loud as people talking to me in real life, They create defamation of character and always torment me, they are always expecting me to be intimidated by them and they are so sensitive to everything that I just cant get along with them no matter what I do and I’ve never been so hated in my entire life but I tell them off anyways.

  52. sofia


    i wasn’t hearing ‘extra’ voices, but from time to time, when i was a child, all sounds from around me, my mum talking, a dialog on a television or a radio sound, changed into shouting at me. I always just shut myself in a room, didn’t respond nobody and knew that it will change to normal again in 15 mins. also i had visions. if somebody had or heard about similar perception, please write me.


  53. Marie

    Sorry I am confused and afraid. I am from México. How do You know this is Not squizofrenia?

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