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Everyone at Intervoice would like to thank you for your generous donation to support our work. We do not receive funding from any governmental or health organisations, so are solely reliant on the support of our members and allies.

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Are you ‘One of a Million’?

We are trying to gain 1,000,000 pledges of support to Intervoice’s core values:

  • Hearing voices is a normal though unusual and personal variation of human experience.
  • Hearing voices makes sense in relation to personal life experiences.
  • The problem is not hearing voices but the difficulty to cope with the experience.
  • People who hear voices can cope with these experiences by accepting and owning their voices.
  • A positive attitude by society and its members towards people hearing voices increases acceptance of voices and people who hear voices. Discrimination and excluding of people hearing voices must stop

Please consider joining our ‘One of a Million’ campaign, and sharing it with as many friends and colleagues as possible. 1,000,000 is a large target – but it’s one we believe is achievable with your help.

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