2 responses to “I can’t have schizophrenia – I’m a psychology student!”

  1. Susan Day

    Stop calling the experience of schizophrenia a disease. Irrationality is not a disease. It is a legitimiate source of knowledge that can provide tremendous information if only it is taken as seriously as rationality and non-rationality. We need people who can help us navigate through delusion, and they are not in the ameliorative professions. We need people who come more from a fine arts perspective. As long as you regard schizophrenia with disrespect, as a disease, and schizophrenics as patients, then the experience will remain largely frightening for us.

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  2. Delano

    I support you completely. We need to start seeing schizophrenia as a whole experience and not as a disease. Lets work together so we van create new ways of dealing with this experience.

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