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Alba’s Story

The spiritual path: If telepathy is possible then maybe other things he was telling me could be possible

Well he started talking to me, affirming that he was like in the middle between the earthly dimension and the spiritual one, that we (all human beings) are all souls incarnated in bodies but that our spiritual essence is much greater than what our 5 senses can tell or perceive. We are all here, living this experience of life on earth, everyone with their own personal experiences, learning various and different things. That we – human beings – are helped all the time by the spiritual world, (weather we perceive them or not) by presences that some people call angels (those who have a catholic imprinting), but that every religion has their own way to describe them or this spiritual dimension. He told me he could not only hear and talk to them but also see them. He could see “my angel/spiritual guide and said that if I wished (and only if wished to do so) I could talk to him the same way I had managed to learn to talk to him.

Even these concepts, were, in the beginning, hard for me to accept, but he had shown me and proved that we could communicate telepathically so, maybe it was worthwhile listening to him about others things he affirmed. I want to point out that he NEVER forced me to believe in something. He always respected my will and waited until I decided to know more about it before telling me about spiritual things or about his voices if you prefer to refer to them that way. And in any case he always pointed out that I – as every one else – had the right to have whatever point of view I wished to have. He respected all religions, even if some how he would point out limits of each one. He would state things of this sort: human truths are many – God’s truth is only one His only dogma was: God exists. He was not willing to doubt that, no way, I could believe what I wished but he was certain of that.

Some contents of Andrea’s opinions and of my voices/spiritual guides too

We started having arguments and interesting conversations about God and his way of perceiving God. He strongly believed in Him, but the God he “described me” was so different from the kind of God I had been told! It was a God of Love that would welcome us at the end of our life always with love. No hell , no terrible judgment, no punishment . According to what he believed in, souls come to earth to learn what they wished to learn and bring the message they want to others.

According to his vision (and to mine too at the moment) there is no such thing as sins. If human beings make mistakes, they just experience the consequences of some actions and can do better if they wish to other times. Souls simply acknowledge what they managed to do during their experience of life on earth and in relation to what they had decided to learn from life before incarnating and after death they know more about themselves and may do better in other experiences if they wished to do so.

Hell is not a place, it is a state of mind that may occur to souls when they are too far away from Love/God. He added that we are not lonely in our difficult and rich experience of life, from the spiritual dimension we are constantly helped by good souls. That God always help us going along the path we asked for. Some events we go through are decided by the soul before incarnating. We will all come back home to Love sooner or later. What we learn from a certain experience and some steps we decide to take after are up to us instead. For example it was decided we would meet, but it was up to me to go on exploring this experience and believe in it or not.

Andrea and I became closer and closer, the more I knew him, the more my life was changing and becoming richer and my vision of life so much better, sufferance, pain, and all the bad things that happen in life started making sense to me, even the bad ones I had to go through in my childhood. My vision of the meaning of life, thanks to him, changed. Actually, thanks to him and my different way of seeing life, Life made sense finally to me.

He taught me how to talk to my “spiritual guide”, my angel, as Christians would call it, or my voice as others may call it. I spent a year asking my spirit lots of questions. I wrote them down in a diary as I would write down my conversations with Andrea. I fell in love with him deeply, not of course in way I could consider him a boyfriend, but I certainly loved him with all my heart and I will always be grateful to him because he taught me about Love, God’s Love and allowed me to start a new personal spiritual path that means so much to me and it is of a great help in my life even in difficult moment I gave to go through.

Andrea “died” in 1995 for a very severe bronchitis. During the 4 months in hospital I was always next to him. He could even see a person who was lying down on a bed next him being ready to leave his material body and go to the spiritual life. He knew he would die before the machines would tell doctors this would happen. He had told me I could become a natural healer (I did not believe in alternative medicines but I years later found out I was a natural healer and I could help many friends that way). A year after he had died my mother was sick with a cancer. Doctors did not know how long she would have lived, maybe just months. She was suffering so much I was crying one day and prayed and asked Andrea to tell me how long she had to suffer that way: Andrea told me “she’s running fast towards love and light.. 5 days dear, no more”. I had a sort of a vision that she would die with her hand in mine on the fifth day, in the morning when my father used to go (I generally went to see her in the afternoon) my father’s car broke down so he asked me to go and see her in the morning in his place. I went and she died that very day, with her hand in mine.

Since then, various other special things have occurred to me, but I don’t think this is the right context to tell them. What I experienced certainly reinforced my belief in God and life after death, but I don’t wish to convince the whole world that my truth is universal . It is my truth and personal conviction.

I certainly don’t care anymore about what anybody else says about my belief . I believe in God, and in life after life even if I know that our mind is too narrow minded to understand how complex the whole Devine truth is this is my present belief.

I still talk to Andrea when I wish to. He always come to me and comforts me. I talk to my spiritual guides too when I wish to. My life is much happier than before I met Andrea. I will always love him dearly.

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