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  1. Clint Taylor

    I found this to be a fascinating article. I am impressed at how you tested this experience by checking medical information that was written by others at different times/place.Were you practicing facilitated communication with Andrea? Did others do this as well? I am glad you found a way to thrive despite your difficult past. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. chantal b

    Hi, my name is Chantal and I write a comment about the
    telepathy. I have people(4)talking to me all day/night.
    They guide me in my everyday life and its allright with me
    (exept the fact that I don t feel normal because of those voices). But there s one thing that make me feel weird
    is that they tell me that they are living people!…that they live in the u.s.a…..so I ask them if they want to take care
    so much of me like that, why they don t come and be with
    me instead of that telepatic thing, and they don t really
    want to answer…so it scares me because I thing I m very
    creazy or again they are not what they say they are and
    they are bad spirits that come and get something in our
    world(I got incubus with them so it s pretty delicate here
    for me).I don t know what to do with all this and I don t
    know how I am going to get out of it, it s too much for me!
    If somebody can tell me if I should be scaref or not..
    Thank you

    1. Holly Goe

      For Chantal b, I have had the same experience as you,for over 20 years. Several male voices, who claim to be alive and who can project physical and mental visittations , very much an “invisable” relationship. Very loving and closeness involved . I have asked again and again for explainations from my “friends,” and was told that ,”We aren’t allowed to know.” I want to know why this happens, but I also welcome the voices and am not distressed by them. I continue to believe that they are alive, but one voice also has said that he is “supernatural.” The only negative result has been that in the beginning, I spent a large part of my day listening and talking to them instead of seeking relationships with people I can see… but other than that, I feel very close to them. I don’t think you need to be afraid…. Think of it as a gift, maybe?

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