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Brian’s Story

Don’t fight it because you are fighting with yourself

Brian from Australia describes his road to recovery from experiencing negative voices and shares what he has learnt over the last eight years.

Boy, there is some great info on this web site. Just wished I had found it 8 years ago.

Yes folks the usual story, a period of great stress, and bingo a “voice” that’s starts talking to you.

I think the biggest shock is that your privacy has been violated.

All those years of growing up by your own thoughts, then suddenly you have to start sharing space with some other Turkey.

Having to cope with all this nonsense and abuse, saps all the remaining energy you had.

So you become tired and exhausted, cant fight back, whilst the abuse gets louder and more distressing. You have lost the fight to stay sane.

Your relationships are in taters, probably had to give up your job, and you think might be time to follow their advice, chuck in the towel, and end it all.

But with the help of my wife, and the local doctor, medication was available to fix the chemical imbalance brought about by a long period of stress. The voices calmed down as I was forced to calm down with medication.

Fast forward 8 years and what have I learnt.

Don’t fight it, because you are fighting with yourself.

What’s that mean?

Consciousness is divided into 3 sections

1. Awake and Alert Consciousness

2. Sub Consciousness – Automatic body functions, dreams.

3. Super Consciousness – Soul or Higher Self

In a nutshell, (you) higher self who runs the show, wants you to experience life as he or she has planned out. That is the lesson you have to learn in this life. Now if you stuff around doing your own thing, and driving your self into the ground and haven’t achieved the main goals that higher self and you have pre planned, sooner or later you’re going to get a big kick in the pants. And it’s not pleasant.

Your higher self, (remember this is you), will give you merry hell, till you change your attitude about thinking that you run the entire show. Wrong. Forget about free will that’s a myth.

Your higher self will create all sorts of demons and abuse, and in the next instant be super nice. One minute you’re speaking with god, the next you’re dancing with the devil.

Why are you put through all this torture? Because it creates awareness that something is extremely out of balance. This whole experience is the catalyst for change and if you don’t get back into balance, you end up full time in the nut house.

Don’t expect higher self to give you an answer, that would violate so called free will. What a joke. You have to solve the problem and get back on track. Whether it is a current problem or something back in your past that’s unresolved. Forget about past life karma that’s all been erased, and is not in this life’s equation.

So I have done most of all this. Mind you a lot of kicking and screaming along the way.

Life’s good now. And yes Mr. Not Happy is still around still talking rubbish. Mind you the only tiny morsel of good info that I ever managed to wrangle out of him was.

“Life is Balance. On this earth you’re going to get a polarity of extremes. Love and Hate.

Learn to live with both” enjoy the journey.

Hope my story helps to all you good people who are suffering.

Remember there are no real demons, only if you think there are.

One day you will thank yourself for helping you change.


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