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  1. Mia

    This is quite insightful, and I can relate to it. I have heard and felt (through the voices that I hear in my own head) some of the things that you have described in your story about balance, solving problems from my past or dealing with things that have bothered me. Is there more that you can share? What medications did you take, for example. Did you communicate with the voices? I have read so much on the Internet, but this is the first time I have read a story like yours…If you have communicated with the voices, how did you do it and was it effective? I would like to know more, if you can share. Your thinking and advice is quite insightful… Thank you in advance…


  2. pythagoras

    which voice was the scariest??

  3. Tom

    Awesome post. I began hearing audible voices, songs (as well as visions and various sensations) during a period of extreme stress about a year ago. The voices played upon every aspect of guilt, regret, anger, jealousy, — or any other negative emotion — and in a bewildered state, ran me around like a fool. They were intelligent, at times conveying information that I could not have otherwise known. Their “script” shifted quickly, between demons, aliens, a secretive organization, etc…..almost anything that I was willing to believe in, they became and dished out abuse. On some occasions, I was able to capture some physical evidence of their presence — via digital audio — but I’ve still no clue as to the source – nor do I care to know. You’ll find all sorts of “terrorizing” beliefs about the phenomenon everywhere. But eventually, it all comes down to you and your reaction to it. That’s what I like about your story, my friend, and about this website. It’s about coping, integration and recovery. Changing your life for the better. Full stop.

  4. Tracy

    Brian I read your story and it brought tears to my eyes. I wish my Dad could have had a story like your own. My Dad left when I was 10 and the stigma of schizophrenis was not discussed in my family. I always cried every fathers day and Christmas was hard wondering how hard it was for him to be all alone. I let time slip away and unfortunately did nothing about it. I always wanted to and always hoped I would hear from him.

    Well I did in a way 35 years later. I am now 44 for 2 more months and my dear dad had been hospitalized and diagnosed with terminal colon cancer…metasitized to the liver..having an emergency colostomy and in intensive care he asked my uncle his brother to tell us his 3 children. When I recieved that call..I cried my eyes out but knew I had to see him. I walked in to the intensive care after 35 years and told him I wanted to be there if he would let me. He cried and held my hand saying how he had missed me and how he had been an idiot. I told him it was ok cause I could be an idiot too! I waited to see some sign of his disease but still 5 weeks and now in pallative care nothing but sometimes incapable of conversation for to long and a jerking motion in the feet and shoulder.

    My dad is amazing and soooo inteligent. I guess after all these years I never realized that a disease such a schizophrenia does not define you. It is not Who you are….it is what you have. My dad worked for builders in construction of homes and he taught him self to build his own home…I am so proud of him and he has the most impeccable..beautiful built home that he has lived in for 6 months, it took 5 years to build but he did it…all on his own with what he learned over the years and his own expertise. He wont be leaving the hospital to enjoy it. He is 66. He also I found out when he had the emergency colostomy had no doctor in 35 years…no family doctor..no medication..unless forced to by incident from legal ramification..but he chose not to continue and besides being so alone did so much artistically with what he designed and built in his home.. I am sooo proud and soon I will be shown what he has built and sadly not by him. Thank you for this website..I grasp to understand more about schizophrenia and especially to be able to help my day in his last few months.

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