3 responses to “Learning From Voices”

  1. Chthonic

    Regarding time-sharing: I have been experimenting with this over the past few weeks, and while I don’t necessarily understand what that part of me is saying to the voices, it definitely convinces them to leave me alone! I find that it is akin to letting Goddess speak for me in that way… That’s the first way I learnt, but it’s definitely worth it to practise both. Goddess speaks from the right side of my brain, while the other feels like it comes from the middle, or core of my brain.
    I find that the voices I hear are more insidious, in that almost anything they say is an attack meant to destabilize me, at least; so core mindfulness is an important thing to remember also.
    Peace out, love and life!

  2. Joanna

    Its nice to find other people who suffer with the same problems as me, I don´t feel so left out.

  3. patrice

    It seems that the voice is your subconscious mind communicating with you, the dominant personality.

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