Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

Winston Churchill was born in 1874. Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain during the second world war, and is renowned for making magnificent speeches from embattled Britain in 1940 and 1941, during which he made a constant and inclusive appeal to all free men and women in the world. However, his father despised him and when he was a child described that he had “a great talent for show-off, exaggeration and make-believe.”

Despite his political successes Winston Churchill suffered from what he described as his “black dog” – depression, and also heard voices. Winston Churchill is credited as being the greatest of all Britain’s war leaders. During World War II, Churchill’s “voices” would tell him to “sit here” or “sit there?” (Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, 1990, “Hallucinations.”)

Intervoice was set up to support the International Hearing Voices Movement, celebrating the diversity and creativity within it. We do what we can to share information and connect people with groups, networks and resources.

World Hearing Voices Day Postcard