4 responses to “Voices Vic featured on TV in Australia”

  1. Karen heiler

    I have gone though this and still am I’ve tried to kill myself quite a few times they tell me to not may people understand and my mental heath provider has given up on me so I’m dealing with it on my own its very hard as it just happens whenever I can feel it coming on like my brain just goes weird how can I keep going when no one wants to know.?.

  2. linda Hausman

    for 2 yr. the voices I heard badgered me relentlessly. They commented “she’s angry” and other annoying things. They stopped about 4 mo. ago but I sense thier presence and still hear ever so quiet the voices. It’s like I’m under a microscope every waking moment observed. I feel as tho I’m worse since they got quieter. I’m having a hard time coping. I feel the experience traumatized me as if I wasn’t traumatized already! I lost faith in psyciatrists. I want to get off the medications. Nothing helps! I never talk about this to family or anyone. I isolate and would rather be dead than to be affected like this. The voices weren’t nice they were very mean and abusive.

  3. Sean

    My daughter recently confided in me that she has being hearing voices and having some visual ‘hallucinations’ as well. i’m so glad she could trust me with this information because, with organizations such as yours, she can now begin the journey towards regaining her serenity and rejoin the ‘others’. Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Mays

    I hope things are going ok for you, it’s a really terrible time which so many ppl don’t understand. I feel I’m getting over the worst of it, after 20 yrs :/, mostly trying to cope now with depression and isolation. I have some good voices I talk to, angels etc, that help me cope with the negative ones, take care 🙂

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