3 responses to “Voices Matter: World Hearing Voices Movement Film”

  1. Sayed Huq
  2. marnie kahn

    I am a “licensed clinical professional counselor”, in the U.S., but more than that I am a compassionate and empathetic person. I work in an in-patient “psych”-unit,in a hospital in the city of Baltimore, with many people who hear voices. These people have all been labeled “schizophrenic”, and have been demoralized, and given no hope or effective type of treatment. I listen to my patients and genuinely care about them and their well being. I use a completely holistic approach, I don’t use the labels or believe in the labels, I believe the way you do in Voices Matter, that these voices are a symptom of something, a coping mechanism, or their own suppressed emotions, trying to get some form of expression. But the voices, I believe, serve some purpose.

    Please tell me how I can be part of this campaign, and what I can do in my community to educate and bring more understanding to this area.

    Marnie Kahn, LCPC

  3. karl yates

    where can i find a hearing voices meeting

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