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  1. carolyn McAuley

    thankyou..thankyou..my first voices came after a rape..then my horrified family kicked me out of the house at 16..i never told anyone but figured out myself I was not an I but in fact a WE..i never felt sick..but alone..now at 52..i am safe and centered..and have spoken up for visions and voices as being a sign..an awareness..but Elenor..you are my first real advocate that speaks for what I intuit…thankyou,,I wish you had been sooner befor my torured brother ended his own life with the mmedication he was give to drown out his own voice….may the conscious universe bless you and all those who speak out against bad science

  2. sherley Cosio-Scott

    Please help direct me to someone who can work with my 34 year old son in the United States. We live in Calif; but are open to travel to where he can get help. As a family we could rent a place to support him during the process.

    Thank You,

  3. Elizabeth M.McManus

    I am not a voice hearer but am writing a paper about hearing voices for an Abnormal Psychology class. Your approach is completely different from the standard treatment and wisdom on the subject. The Professor of my class is a practicing psychologist, hopefully this paper will give him reason to at least consider alternative treatments to the current “Dopamine Theory” protocols.

  4. Peachie

    Thank you Eleanor for your bravery in telling your story. You gave me hope knowing that I’m not alone, and that I will get better. I think understanding ones self and especially ones emotions is one key to stopping or at least slowing down and lowering the volume to the voices. Good luck to all my fellow beautiful people.

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