Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

The Intervoice Board is proud to announce the 2017 Intervoice Awards as an opportunity to honour the diversity and dedication of the community of which we are part. These awards are just one way to highlight some of the people, groups, projects and organisations who contribute towards making the world a better place for those of us who hear voices, see visions or have other related phenomena.

World Hearing Voices Congress 2010

Our movement is founded upon the shared belief that our experiences can be understood in many ways. Equally, we understand that people’s contributions to this movement can take many forms. Some are widely celebrated, but others are known to a few close allies or connections. We need your help to ensure that these awards reflect to diversity of our world community. This is an opportunity for you to raise your voice in the nomination process.

 “I decided that my mind, body, and spirit had worked together to craft the best they could with limited resources, and to see myself as a helpless victim of chronic “mental illness” was merely adding insult to injury.”

― Eleanor Longden

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Award Categories

Celebration PictureThe Intervoice awards are an opportunity to give recognition to incredibly inspirational people, groups, research, initiatives and the opportunities taken to grow the Hearing Voices Movement and create hope across the world.

There are five categories of award. You are welcome to nominate any individual, a group/organisation or initiative that you would like to celebrate for their contribution to the Hearing Voices Movement in one of the following areas:

  1. Hearing Voices Groups and Networks
    This award is intended to recognise the amazing work done by people, projects, groups and organisations to support the development of Hearing Voices Groups and Networks around the world. This might include: someone who has been instrumental in setting up a local group; a project that has helped to strengthen the growth of groups or networks; great work that has been done to support the sustainability of groups or networks; a group that has helped you – personally – that you’d like to honour.
  2. Innovation
    This award is intended to recognise people, groups or organisations that have supported the growth Hearing Voices Movement in a particularly creative or innovative way. This might include a new project that reaches out to voice-hearers who have been marginalised, a person who has set up a new way for people who hear voices to connect with each other or another initiative you find exciting.
  3. Education / Promotion
    The aim of this award is to recognise people, groups or organisatins that have works to increase awareness of voice-hearing, challenged stigma or helped to educate others. This might include training, media work, blogging, use of the creative arts or something similar. We’re looking for activities that have really made a difference on a local, national or international level.
  4. Research
    We want to recognise researchers who have helped to increase knowledge into hearing voices and related experience. We are particularly interested in recieving nominations for researchers or specific research papers that you feel is helpful to the Hearing Voices Movement’s development. Ideally, we would like to hear about researchers you feel are respectful of people’s lived experience and in line with the values of the Hearing Voices Movement.
  5. Inspiration
    This is an award intended to recognise an individual that has contributed to the Hearing Voices Movement and inspires you. People can be inspirational in many different ways. It might be that you’re inspired by what they have survived and how they live their lives. You might find the way they use their experiences and time to support others inspirational. You might simply find them a joy to be around and believe that their contribution to the movement makes the world that little bit better.

Note: In making our decision we will consider the information given on the nomination form, prioritising those who have not recieved an Intervoice Award in the past. Current Intervoice Board Members are not eligable for awards.

Making a Nomination

Make a nomination: Complete our Nomination Form

Nominations open annually, in advance of the World Hearing Voices Congress. Nominations for the 2017 Awards are now being accepted. To nominate a person, group, network, project or organisation please complete the following form.

Deadline for 2017 awards: Sunday 13th August, 8pm GMT.

Winners will be announced during the Intervoice Day in Boston on 16 August, and posted on the website shortly after. All nominees and proposers will be notified by email if we have their details.

Intervoice was set up to support the International Hearing Voices Movement, celebrating the diversity and creativity within it. We do what we can to share information and connect people with groups, networks and resources.

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