9 responses to “2018 World Congress Announcement – The Netherlands”

  1. Mary Anne Henry

    Can you please tell me how to get more information about the 2018 Congress, including how to register, travel and hotel arrangements etc.
    Also – I wonder if you can tell me if there are any Hearing Voices support groups in Michigan, USA and/or any conferences in the US that we might be able to attend?

    Thank you!

  2. Kelly Braadt

    I would like to attend the congress with my daughter. Is there a way I can register?

  3. Sarah Bro


    When can we buy tickets for InterVoice?

    Best reguards Sarah Bro

  4. Michael McGinn

    It is truly heartening to know this organisation exists.

  5. Eduarda Abilio

    I want to go to that congress.Tell me ,please what I must do to go. Thanks.It´s Paul Baker who had told me that will happened that congress
    Eduarda Abilio

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