2017 World Hearing Voices Day

In a world that can feel intolerant and unsafe for many of us – especially those who are from marginalised communities – it was only fitting that our 2017 World Congress in the USA celebrated ‘a revolution of unseen voices’. On our World Hearing Voices Day on Thursday September 14th this year let’s carry on by highlighting the diversity of hearing voices, seeing visions and other similar sensory experiences. These experiences are as diverse and varied as the people who have them, so let’s capture some of in our efforts to create spaces where each of us can feel heard and valued.

Share stories of: struggle, survival, everyday life, learning, listening, being with, emancipation, healing, exclusion, hope, friendship, sadness, loss, connectivity, marginalisation, uniqueness and boredom (sometimes hearing voices just isn’t that interesting, after all).

Share stories with friends, in events, on social media, in your workplace, in your community centre – wherever you feel safe to do so. If you do not feel safe to share your own story, you can use some of our resources (below).

Celebrate with us by:

  • Hosting, or going to, an event
  • Using the day to talk about ‘hearing voices’. Share some of Intervoice’s essential facts and promote some discussion with friends, colleagues and relatives.
  • Using social media to raise awareness (for example, by tweeting about voices and visions with the hashtag #WorldHearingVoicesDay)
  • Download and share our postcards with quotes from voice-hearers on your website or social media (http://bit.ly/2x7NR3L)
  • Promote our ‘One of a Million‘ campaign (seeking 1,000,000 pledges of support for our values)
  • Become a member of Intervoice, a charity working to support the International Hearing Voices Movement.

Everything you do to help us raise awareness of hearing voices is appreciated – if we all do one small thing we can collectively make a big difference!

If you are doing something to celebrate this year’s World Hearing Voices Day, please tell us (leave a comment, post on our Facebook page or email us). We’ll add it to the list.

2017 Events Listing



Prahran Mission and Voices Vic held a celebration to honour World Hearing Voices day from 2-4pm. The afternoon included open mic creativity, games and activities. All voice hearers, friends, family, carers and workers were welcome.

Southern Australia (and online)

OzVoices hosted a Zoom Video Conference World Hearing Voices Day Celebration as part of a Recovery Camp at Wallaroo. The agenda was developed by the people who attended, including people with lived experience, friends, family and support workers.

HVN CardsWestern Australia

After the Hearing Voices Group members created individual artworks depicting how the Groups can have a positive impact on their voices and their recovery journey, the HVNWA Team combined them all together on a large canvas; representing all the individuals and their many voices being brought together in the groups, offering one another, love, support, companionship and a safe place to share.

Brazil World Hearing Voices Day 2017Brazil

An event was held to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day. For photos, see: https://www.flickr.com/photos/camaracampinas/sets/72157685188513002


The Danish Hearing Voices Network held a stall outside Copenhagen City Hall to raise awareness about voice-hearing.


Jan Holmberg published a blog about voice-hearing and the value of talking with peers in a group on World Hearing Voices Day. See: www.tehylehti.fi/fi/blogit/mainio/kuulet-ihan-selvasti (in Finnish)



‘Voice hearers like myself were once written off – we’re due our own revolution and civil rights movement’ – Michelle Dalton, part of HVN Ireland, shares her experiences of hearing voices in the Irish Newspaper – The Journal. See: http://bit.ly/2x36Nk8http://bit.ly/2x36Nk8.


Let’s Talk – Shine hosted a workshop on World Hearing Voices Day at Shine Discovery, Co. Waterford, to celebrate the diversity of human experience. They challenged negative attitudes in a workshop aimed at voice hearers, people who support them, professionals, family and friends.



Portland Hearing Voices put on a special World Hearing Voices Day screening of ‘They Heard Voices’ at Hollywood Theatre. The screening also featured a panel discussion with the film’s makers.