2018 World Hearing Voices Day

This year’s World Hearing Voices Day coincides with our 10th World Hearing Voices Congress, taking place in The Hague (Netherlands). With its focus on human rights, the Congress asks us to really consider how we can ensure the rights of people who hear voices, have visions or other similar sensory experiences can be upheld – wherever they live, whatever they look like, however they sound and however they identify.

Hearing Voices, seeing visions and having other similar sensory experiences is a big umbrella term. Within that umbrella, there are so many different experiences and perspectives that can be shared and understood. On Hearing Voices Day we have the chance to share some of these experiences and ideas with the wider world – countering some of the negative stereotypes and sensationalisation of voice-hearing in the media.

We hope that sharing the diversity of voice-hearing experiences we can help people who are currently feeling unable to talk about their experiences that they’re not alone. We hope that supporters (family, friends, colleagues and professional workers) will understand the experience a little better – and share that knowledge with others. We hope that our efforts to open up conversations will inspire others to speak up too (in a way that is safe for them, obviously) – whether they hear voices or not.

We can share many different stories, including stories of: struggle, survival, everyday life, learning, listening, being with, emancipation, healing, exclusion, hope, friendship, sadness, loss, connectivity, marginalisation, uniqueness, human rights and boredom (sometimes hearing voices just isn’t that interesting, after all).

Share stories with friends, in events, on social media, in your workplace, in your community centre – wherever you feel safe to do so. If you do not feel safe to tell your story (or have never heard voices and don’t have any experiences to draw from) you might want to share some of the quotes below:

Celebrate with us by:

  • Hosting, or going to, an event
  • Using the day to talk about ‘hearing voices’. Share some of Intervoice’s essential facts and promote some discussion with friends, colleagues and relatives.
  • Using social media to raise awareness (for example, by tweeting about voices and visions with the hashtag #WorldHearingVoicesDay)
  • Download and share our postcards with quotes from voice-hearers on your website or social media (http://bit.ly/2x7NR3L)
  • Promote our ‘One of a Million‘ campaign (seeking 1,000,000 pledges of support for our values)
  • Become a member of Intervoice, a charity working to support the International Hearing Voices Movement.

Everything you do to help us raise awareness of hearing voices is appreciated – if we all do one small thing we can collectively make a big difference!

If you are doing something to celebrate this year’s World Hearing Voices Day, please tell us (leave a comment, post on our Facebook page or email us). We’ll add it to the list.

2018 Events Listing

World Hearing Voices Congress logo


The Dutch Hearing Voices Network is hosting the 10th World Hearing Voices Congress at The Hague, including a special BBQ and party to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day – followed by an Open Day on Saturday 15th September to help raise awareness of voices in the general public.

We will be updating this page with more events as the day progresses.

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