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Whilst everyone involved in the Hearing Voices Movement is a member of it, Intervoice – as a registered charity – has a more formal membership structure. Members have the right to vote at the charity’s AGM and, to ensure the charity operates within a legal framework, it is important that we know who our members are and how to contact them. We welcome individual and group members, and membership fees are collected annually.

Intervoice is funded solely by membership fees and donations, so our members really do help directly support our work.

You are welcome to sign up to our e-newsletter, whether or not you decide to be a member of our charity.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Receive our e-mail newsletter
  • Are invited to, and have voting rights at, our Annual General Meeting
  • Receive a special members welcome pack, full of useful articles and information
  • Have permission to use the Intervoice Supporter logo/ badge on their stationery, website, social media etc
  • Provide financial support for our work

Cost of Full Membership

Full Individual Membership 1 year

Type Price
Unwaged £10
Student £15
Waged £30 

Full Organisational Membership 1 year

Income Price
Less than £15,000 pa £10
£15,000-£50,000 pa £35
£51,000-500,000 pa £70
£500,000-£1,000,000 pa £150
More than £1,000,000 pa £250

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We also welcome additional donations, if you choose. Please click on the ‘Make A Donation’ button on the right hand side of this page.

I would like to join Intervoice, but can’t afford the fee?

Whilst we have set the lowest membership fee at £10 per year, which is reasonable for many, we also recognise that this may be simply too expensive for some potential members. As an international organisation, we are aware that there are parts of the world where £10 is a week’s wages. In countries without a benefit system, we know some people live without an independent income and rely, instead, of money from their family which – in some cases – can be extremely restricted. Even in England, in the era of austerity there are a significant number of families who are living far below the poverty line. We never want people to have to make a choice between essential items for themselves or their family (e.g. food) and membership of our charity.

As such, in consultation with members of the Hearing Voices Movement, we have decided to offer our membership at a fee of £1 per year for those who genuinely can’t afford the £10.

For those unable to afford £1, which in some parts of the world is a reality, please email us – money should not be a barrier.

We are operating this system on trust, so we value your honesty. If people start to use this as a cheap membership option when it is not needed, it will greatly reduce our membership income and risk the future of our charity.

If you would like to find out more about Intervoice, please email us at [email protected]

How to become a member:

  • You can buy your membership online, using Paypal (via credit or debit card)
  • Complete the membership form, return it to us and pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Download: Intervoice-Membership-Form | Intervoice-Membership-Form

Pay Online:

More ways to support Intervoice

hand-circleWhether you are in a position to financially support Intervoice, or not, there are lots of ways you can help to support the Hearing Voices Movement and help spread its values across the world.

Alone, we are a single voice that is easily lost – but together we can make a real difference. The following are some of the ways you can work alongside us. These ideas are just suggestions, so please feel free to use your own creativity and initiative.

Support our ‘One of a Million’ Campaign: We are trying to find 1,000,000 people who will add their support to Intervoice’s values. If you have already signed up, please help us spread the word by sharing this campaign with others. One million pledges is a very big target, so we need everyone to work with us on this. Click here.

Have a conversation about voice-hearing with someone who has never heard of Intervoice or the Hearing Voices Movement. Few people know how common voice-hearing is, how many people hear voices and live fulfilling lives or that there are many different ways of understanding why people hear voices. To help change the stigma and taboo surrounding voice-hearing we need to help raise awareness of this common human experience.

Start a local Hearing Voices Group: Hearing Voices Groups are peer support groups for people who hear voices or see visions. They are places where people can come together to meet without fear of judgement or prejudice. They respect the individual’s expertise in their own experience, and are places where people can also learn from one another and find ways of making sense and living with their voices.

Share the information: If you see something on this site that you feel is interesting, please either print it out or share it with others via email/facebook/twitter. The more information people have access to, the better.

Help us translate this site: We are an international movement, and we are trying to make some of our essential information accessible to people who do not speak English. If you are fluent in another language and would like to help us translate some information, please email us at [email protected].

Join our Intervoice Facebook Group, read our Facebook Media Watch page, follow us on Twitter or check out our You Tube Channel. Contribute to discussions and help spread the word.

8 responses to “Join Us – Become a Member”

  1. Alex

    I live in South Africa and have been hearing voices for almost a year now and have a friend who also has been hearing voices for about 5 years now.
    Is it possible for us to open up a branch in Jo’burg, South Africa?
    we’d love to meet more people like us.

    1. Paul

      Dear Alex

      Thank you very much for getting in contact and for letting us know about your commitment to setting up a branch/group in Jo’burg. This is great news and we will be willing to assist you in any way we can.

      Meanwhile with respect to information, I suggest you look at some of the literature on the hearing voices approach and other resources on setting up groups. You can find a selection of publications on our site here you can purchase
      these directly or via amazon/ or the publishers.

      I would recommend the following:

      Living with Voices – 50 Stories of Recovery, Professor Marius Romme et al
      (2009) PCCS Books/Birmingham City University, UK (Good section on role of
      Hearing Voices Groups and recvoery)
      How to start and run a Hearing Voices Group DVD, Working To Recovery (2010)
      The Voice Inside – A practical guide for and about people who hear voices,
      Paul Baker (2009)
      Working with Voices, Ron Coleman and Mike Smith (2007)

      Best wishes

      Paul Baker

    2. Freyja Dennison

      Hi Alex

      Did you end up setting up a group in Joburg in the end for hearing voices?


  2. Beth Me

    Any on line groups?

  3. Paul
  4. Chirene

    I just saw a video of a speach given by Eleanor Longden, that just blew me away and for this firs time in months ahve I felt I glimmer of hope. We live in South Africa, and my brother in law was the top of his engineering class at the univeristy of Cape Town, working at a frim in Stellenbosch and getting along very well until aporx. 2007 when he suddenly said he wanted to move back home and take a break. Since then we have suffered a terrible slow agonising road to him havgin finally been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is the most beautiful soul, but has over time and relapses lost the ability to read and write, and resently became convinced he needed to kill his uncle because he had molested him as a child and that everyone was against him and so he stopped taking his medication. No private hospital wanted to take him, and the only way we coudl get him to hospital was by getting hiim arrested and place in a state insitution. But despite being back on his medication, he maintains he think he was abused at some point, but cant remeber who, and the voices wont stop/ or dull like they used to despite being back full time on his meds now for three weeks. I feel like we are missing something, but the doctors want to just keep him on his medication and in the insitution. My heart is breaking.

    Thank you for her video, its made me realise we have got to keep working and trying to help him!

  5. Danny

    Hi – I saw a few places on the site where it was mentioned that there is a hearing voices group in Israel, do you know or have contact with any person group working in Israel – I m in the procss of starting one but want to know if there anyone already started.. thank you for checking.. cheers, danny

  6. Bhana Donahue

    Reading about your organization, I am in real gratitude, that I am not alone in this world. I never had this problem before, and it is Music that I hear on my mind that goes all day long. I would like to join your group and meet other people with similar symptoms. This resulted in my life from emotional trauma I suffered at home. I pray and hope for my early recovery. I am 58now. and have sufferes a serious loss of my life. I would very much like to join your group.

    Thank you

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