The Hearing Voices Network in Switzerland entitled Mouvement Les Sans-Voix, was established by Theresa Krummenacher. She also founded the self-help group in Geneva and in 1999 published a translation of “The Voice Inside” called Entendre des Voix: Guide pratique.

Contact: Mouvement Les Sans-Voix, Case postale 235, CH – 1211 Geneve 17

Email: Theresa Krummenacher at [email protected]


Most recently Theresa oganised two, three day training programs for psychiatrists in psychiatric clinics in Basel and Geneva.

Jakob Litschig is a psychiatrist who was once diagnosed as having schizophrenia. Together with Verena Baerfuss, he promotes the hearing voices approach in Zurich. He also organises the psychosis seminar in Zurich.

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