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At Intervoice, we have been really pleased at how people have used this website to share their own stories – after all, people’s personal experiences of voices, visions and recovery are at the heart of this movement. The only challenge is that these stories are scattered across the site, which means that other visitors may not benefit from them. This page provides a space for you to share your own story and read the story of others. As it grows, it will celebrate the diversity of experiences within our network – and help us all learn from one another’s journey.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll also gather together other stories that have been left elsewhere on the site. To add your experience to this page, just leave a comment.

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  1. omyma

    to stop hearing voice just BCI ( brain computer interface ) labs work , lanoswww work , issac newten institute work and nasa work on bci must be know and under control since it becomes wireless and use mobile , they work on quantum , nonlinear system , ieee , bioengineering , mini devices and others and this is how they hear our though and how we hear them

  2. erica sue solomon

    WTF, and no that does not mean wednesday thursday friday! i was personally carrying the intervoice thumb drive around with me for 3 months unaware of what it does and wanting help to figure out the findings, i plugged it in to two hospital locations; pacific and colby campuses of the ER in everett WA. Knowing that at anytime their hospital records would infact show that, i, erica sue solomon was infact in that room and hoping that they would contact me to show or tell me about their findings. Instead, anytime i needed HELP, it was never sought out or given and even going as far as arresting me for trespassing in the hospital, which infact is a public place! Maybe now we can start getting the HELP we need!
    I’m hoping that everyone will start asking before making an assumption, thank you for your time and consideration, erica sue solomon
    P.S. i left it unlocked and still don’t KNOW what it is “all about”

  3. sridevi

    dear sir,

    I am sridevi from india my age is fourty. i am married due to my husband harassement i have make another friendship with a colonel who is working in a indian army. now he transfer to somewhere due to some misunderstanding colonel dismissed me in my working place using his personel power.due to this i get angry and report about him with his senoir.thats all i know.after that mind control with withcraft technology along with black magic amusings happened in my life. they thrown out me where ever i go.i start to hear human voice threatens and mentally abusing me.nobody is beleving me,in chennai where can i report.plz help me sir,plz reply me from the cruel abusers.

    (contact details removed by Intervoice as stated in our policy)

  4. Dawn

    I had a outbreak in my 19 years old. I was in shock. My friends leave me on my own.
    Then, my work in my school went down, and left my school because I couldn’t follow lessons. I went to a psychologist who said me I couldn’t follow the study and I should leave it because of my ill (schizophrenia). I said to myself: I MUST FINISH MY EDUCATION!! If I couldn’t go to college at least I should finish high school. I got through it, thank heaven.
    Now, my job is working close to my parents, in the family business. They don’t believe I can get another job better. Anyway, I don’t try to search another job.
    Schizophrenia, I didn’t tell to anyone. Only my parents and my sister know it. I’m 25 years old now and I don’t believe I’m ill.

    Partly of voices, since I was 20 years old came to me. I knew when I was 13 (more or less) I felt voices but I didn’t hear them. When I was more adult I heard them and I replied to them. I think these voices are people who go against myself.

    I live in Spain. I have spent part of my life living with psychologists. My parents are them. My friends are them.Only Internet let me tell to someone how I felt, who I was. I grew up with internet. I feel more secure with internet than people, friends, parents, sister, so on. In the 90’s (when I was child) my parents bought my sister a computer. Then my friends’ parents who had computer too share information with my family about computing. When internet appeared, my life had become into that.

  5. Chantal

    I would like to know if somebody hear voices from living people? My voices have always come from living people and not from dead people. Thank you : )

    1. Ms. Bailey-Stone

      Chantal: My son has heard voices from what he perceived as living; also from those that are unknown. He and I refer to the voices as “Audio Activity.”

  6. martin

    I wonder sometimes why people keep asking me if the voices are hear are someone i recognise, if not what does that mean. Does that mean it is worse. If you recognize the voice, then maybe it is a voice from your past someone abusive putting us down. But not recognized and a t random can we then call them spirits. And what if they answer you back does that mean they are spirits. I wonder about several people living inside me, theres an angel, a demon, me as normal, a child, seems like possession to me.
    Sorry the first question is what i am asking, taking more and more sleeping tabs is the only way i can cope, so may not be coherent, but why is it important to have recognised them?

    1. Ms. Bailey-Stone

      Martin: I think that it is more curiosity than anything else, when people ask if you recognize any voice. What I believe to be important: are the voices (be it recognized or not) kind. Remember, you are in control of you; we know right from wrong. If people are asking whether or not you recognize a voice, it is OK to ask them why the aspect of recognition matters to them; they may have a good reason.

  7. martin

    why is my comment awaiting moderation/ censorship, pretty typical, even here people don’t like what you say they delete you. Dosn;t society do that, it’s what they are best at, people are driven to suicide taht don’t what to committ suicide, they get pushed!

    1. Intervoice Admin

      Hello, Thank you for your comments and your earlier contribution (which has been published). Websites usually have a moderator who will read the comments before posting them, so Intervoice is not unusual in that. We welcome a wide range of views and encourage debate and sharing of experiences, not all of which are representative of Intervoice’s views, but we have a policy of not publishing anything that may be discriminatory or contain derogatory remarks about people or groups. We also don’t publish personal contact details, so these are removed before the comment is posted. These points are all covered in Intervoice’s website policy which you can read here: I hope this makes clear the process and thank you again for your contribution. Intervoice Admin

  8. Jake

    Hi, I’ve been hearing voices ever since i started smoking marijuana everyday. I started when i was about 14 with not much impact on my life, but as i continued i started to feel changes, like paranoia. Weird things would happen to me that i just couldnt explain and when i told people theyd say you were jusy being paranoid and what not. Years later though i began developing them and the thing is i cant really remember how it started. I believe it to be my subconcsious other times i think im crazy enough to say i hear another persons thoughts. But honestly i find myself coming somewhere in between. Ive heard so many responses and to questions and retorts that i feel my subconscious is then throwing out what would seem like a normal response for another person. Or at least i feel like maybe i dont want to accept that i was thinking that. I honestly have a really good understanding of people and can read into motion and movements really well. And i feel like i know what that person is thinking. But thats just it theres a difference when i think i would know and when i just randomly hear a response. A lot of the time i feel like people are talking about me and then other times i understand its just myself thinking about my actions as if i were another person to find meaning to why i do what i do. And for that reason i feel as if i could be just about anyone. Like theres no real difference between me or you. Its just I seem to be conscious in this bodies and not someone elses. I feel like ive lost my humanity though. Sometimes i’ll feel completely normal able to think my thoughts aloud in my head. And assure myself that they are my own. And at other points i really wont know who why or what is talking and it sometimes cuts off leaving me witb have a thought or interjection and i usually take the most cynical route first. At this point i really dont know. And i dont care. I just know that ive lost all understanding of what it means to respect someone and love them. I may do what i do on the outside mostly because of fear or benefits to being nice to someone, but my thoughts however feel like they know no boundary and have no idea what it means to respect someone or love them. Right now before clicking post im feeling like a complete idiot. Just for saying what ive thought. And i feel like it wont even matter after i click post. But yeah. Random thoughts. To sum it up. When i think something to myself now. Im more than likely to get quite a few responses automatically at the same time sometimes or one after the other. Sometimes different. Something i feel i would never recognize myself as saying but like ive heard it somewhere else before. And others things ive heard myself think and get chucked out into my conscious as if i cant help to bar them off. But i know i can act perfectly normal when need be if i shut them up or use them to my advantage. Thanks for? reading. Have a good one. ;D

    1. Adrienn

      Dear Jake,

      If you have schizophrenia, smoking marijuana or using several other drugs may cause hallucinations: things that you can “hear” and/or “see”, although they do not exist in reality. You may have to quit smoking THC, and consult with a therapist. Try to seize the day, and live in the present.

      Kind regards,

  9. Elizabeth


    I am diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder- rapid cycling. I am not sure whether or not what I’m hearing would be classified as “hearing voices” or not. This only occurs when I am lying down to go to sleep. I hear a group of voices, usually low in tone and non threatening. However, from time to time, I will hear a group of voices that are loud and there will be one prominent voice that stands out, it is ususlly my father yelling, or my brother in law (both have passed on). I do not hear voices during the day, and this is what I find bizarre. When the voices occur, I have just layed down to sleep and they startle me out of my relaxed state. I am confused as to whether this would be classified as hearing voices or whether it is a “lucid” dream? Thanks for taking the time to read this. 🙂

    1. martin


      Interesting you say you hear voices when you drop off to sleep or just before, i hear voices mainly in the day, but i also hear voices when i am exhausted after working nights , fallig asleep the voices go nuts saying random stuff and are alot of people i know or have known. These voices are differnt to the ones i hear in the day, and i wonder if it has something to do with been in a semi conscious state and being exhausted, like wisperings.

    2. Adrienn

      Hi Elisabeth,

      This is certainly not lucid dreaming. Before you fall asleep it would be more advised to get relaxed instead of hearing disturbing voices. Try guided autogen training first, and when you feel confident enough, you can practice it alone before falling asleep. The voices may disappear.

      Kind regards,

  10. Paul

    I guess I have been hearing voices all of my life… It is only recently that I became aware that the voices were there, and that the voices were something seperate from myself… I know they are projections.. from where I do not know. For all of my life, up to a recent point, I have followed the voices of my mind, as though I was reading a script… now I realize that I am seperate from the voices and I don’t have to let them control me. The voices have guided so much of my life. I have been told I have a psychosis, that I have been experiencing things that are not there… but they don’t know what they are talking about… this is no chemical imbalance, this is a posession I am talking about… more specifically a ‘perfect posession’. I accept what is happening, I will not push it away. I have been told I should have an exorcism, but that’s not going to happen… These voices are here for a reason, this posession is happening for a reason, and I am going to try to find out what that reason is. Thanks for being here. Be well, all of you out there.

  11. Celeste

    My mother hear voices and this is destroying her life.
    She lost her job 6 years ago and she is always depressed at home. Voices are aggressive and she is always suffering and crying. She hears voice at any time (hundreds of different voices). She has difficulties to concentrate, to read, to listen to people.. it seems she’s loosing little by little the real world and she’s sure of not healing anymore.
    This problem is getting stronger, psychologist are not able to help her and medicine don’t work. We don’t know what can we do to help her to go over and stop voices once forever.
    Does someone know how can this problem heal? Is it possible to get it over?
    Is there a cure or good specialists on this issue? I really need advice because I don’t know how to treat her, or how can I help, she always argue, in bad humour, wants to be alone. I would like to fix her and make that voices stop in her head.
    I would really appreciate if someone could advice. Or someone who has healed from this matter. Thank you in advance. (Spain)

    1. Cynthia

      Celeste, Your mother is so blessed to have you in her life, you’re a wonderful daughter, wanting to help her so much. It must be very difficult to see your mother suffer the way she does. I have heard voices for almost twenty years and have been seeking answers and a cure all that time. I too suffer the way your mother does, God bless her. Read the articles on this site to your mother or have her read them herself, if she’s able to. This site speaks the truth about voices and what to do to help someone who hears them. By reading what the site says about voices your mother will 1. know she’s not alone, 2. know that they are real to her but that she doesn’t have to give them all the power, that she can take her life back. This is what this site did for me. I will pray for your mother and you as well, you’re a brave young lady who loves her mother very much. Take care and God bless you.

  12. Toni

    im 22 years old and i heard rumbles mixed things when i was younger and when i got around 10 they became all to real my life is concent controll by them ive tryed different things to discract but only get punished later i hate i cant catch pupilc transport and cant really enjoy my life when will it stop

  13. Dennis Fakos

    Except of a trauma case the sources of voices are the souls of alive and dead people (the ancient Greek daimons,As PLATON AND SOKRATES new the souls are on the air and comunicate with other souls.Voioceis hearers have the peculiarity to hear the voicew of other souls and some times to display this internal reality.

  14. Mal

    After reading some posts here I was inclined to make a post.
    It would seem as some ppl here are under attack either electronicly or physicly. Heres how it goes
    1. you start hearing voices,you don’t know where they come from. You have become aware. If the voices or attackers dont get there way they try to “turn you in” Keep you in a state where you in your thoughts more than the world around you.
    2. If this doesn’t work you will be bombarded. You will hear things on the TV or Radio pertaining to you in a atemtpt to keep your “feet off the ground”
    3. As they begin to get to you, you will be asked to do somthing to make them stop ex.shave your head. DO NOT do it. By doing anything thats asked you will be makeing them real or comming into being, giving them power over you. I saw a post where some one talked about “electrocution” if you been there you know it can get physical.
    What you have to do is keep them from getting what they want and in time you will delight in there frustrations. By delight I mean this. Evey time they get frustrated and renew there attack they are makeing a karmic dept. Take comfort in this for by there own hands do they poison there souls. While they don’t have to abide by some laws the law of karma is unbreakable. Know your self so you know what is not of you. I kept being told to quit smoking. Pretty honorable request. In time I decided to quit because I WANTED to so if I ever heard “we made you quit” it wasn’t valid. The voices still can’t tell me the winning lotto numbers pretty lame if you ask me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good fortune to all here. I will stop back and try to help ppl if I can.

  15. Rebecka

    hi this is rebecka i am 31 year old now . when i was a little girl use to see and hear spirits . when i got older i did not see or hear them that much because i was drinking and doing drugs .since i got in my 20s i started to hear voices and music outside my head . last year in august i started to hear voices again ,and i hear a girl voice outside my head . she said hi .i decide to record the voices on my phone . i also heard three guys voices adam ,charlie ,and matthrew . they alway wanna to play a game ,the game was to act like they are having sex with me . i heard them very good and just a little bit outside my head . at this time i was not hearing them inside my head . me and hubby was fighting alot . so i started talking to them alot . i try to do something else but they would not let me do nothing except play the game .after time i was driving or about to walk pass a church i could not . sometimes i feel like i talking to the devil . i am not scary or anything . i told them that i was leaving and was going to get help . they got mad and was very mean to me . i went to church to bless my self. i still heard them outside my head but i started to hear them a little bit inside to. after this my hubby and family send me to the metal hospital. when i got there i saw them one time and still heard them outside my head . i still heard them a little bit inside my head . the day after i heard them alot inside my head and outside too .before the hospital i started to read the bible alot because i thought i had bad spirits inside outside of me . i think god was trying to talk with me too. he was tell me it will be okay .the hospital told me i have a early stage of schizophenia . its only been a year but i been on a alot of pills . i still hear the voices but the pills i have now lower it just a little . Abilify , prozac , seroquel, and trazodone . i still think they may be spirits of something .

    1. martin


      Yes i have started to go to church to find meaning to the voices, wondering if they
      are spiritual in nature,i also have visions some with a spiritual biblical theme, the pastor there said some people that he has met seem more sensetive to these things than others, abit like some people feel the cold more than others, or take insults to heart more than others…I also can ask Christ for protection if they are indeed spirits…A Psychologist recently said my voices are projections of my thoughts making them seem outside my head when thay are inside..My question is how does research prove this dosn’t seem right to me…but who knows..

  16. Donna

    Hi I’m new to this and thought I could share my story to maybe seek some advice or guidance. My older brother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia many many years ago. He has an injection every fortnight to try and suppress his symptoms. He lives on his own around the corner from my parents house. My family and I are no strangers to hearing about how people are talking about my brother on the radio or how someone’s left something in his walls in his flat. Both my parents are retired and I am a full time psychology student. My brothers behaviour recently has gotten far worse than ever, like I said we are used to hearing his problems but it seems recently that his symptoms have become heightened. We believe he is using recreational drugs as he has lost a great deal of weight and is very short tempered. Today he discussed with me the voice that has been talking to him in his flat (a female voice) who has been telling my brother that ‘Jesus loves him’ and how certain people are plotting against him, he also told me that this voice said ‘people are cloning you when you are asleep’ to what extent he understands about cloning I do not know. He frequently comes to my parents home checking the dictionary for words this voice has said to him, words such as judas and biggot. At the moment it seems his hallucinations have a very religious theme to them with him constantly mentioning that judas is in his flat. I hav spoken to his community psychiatric nurse who is not very helpful but to be honest they can’t really help him because he never tells them the truth preferring to act like he is coping. However as a family we know he is not coping and it puts a great deal of strain on us because we simply feel helpless. We can’t explain to him that it’s ridiculous to think a voice is talking to him outside his bedroom window (he lives on the top floor) because we all know he really is hearing voices. It’s an awful experience feeling on edge around him as he is suspicious of us all and we are all suspects to him in his world where we are all conspiring against him. It’s agonising not knowing what to do or say to help him. My parents are at a loss and it’s really affecting them seeing their grown up son fearful of living in his own flat. I don’t really know how this website can help but I was hoping to find some solice to the situation and maybe some advice on how to deal with these symptoms when the situation arises. All we want is for him to not be afraid anymore it’s heartbreaking to see him so scared of something that only he can hear.

  17. me

    I had a very unpleasant experience: voice(s) and dark in nature and not just a word or two but a full on dialog stating that it was the “devils” advocate and I had taken away ITS internet and I have to “pay” for it. Furthermore, at this time a phone call rang, caller ID had a strange prefix of 666-XXXX. This is when the voice(s) stated many unusual strange things and demands that were extreme and unrealistic, such as my friend and former partner would die in October 2017 at which time I must move far far away from the bay area, that my cat could no longer play in the hallway with me, that I cannot open my wifi signal since it couldn’t have it no one else could. There was a few more unrealistic demands and then it would repeat it over and over always ending with “you are aware, I am devils advocate and this is a contract…do you agree to this?” I replied NO, I am NOT entering a contract over and over again til I was in tears and very shaken. After this day and to this day these voice(s) continue and now are saying things such as:

    “let me help you…why don’t you just jump out the window” or “i’m sorry there is nothing that it can do and say some unrealistic demmand(s) like that I am breathing to loud or droning on and on when I’m just thinking to myself and how it refuses to take this and that I have to move or jump out the window or cease whatever activity it may be that it is claiming to be unacceptable.

    At first, and for awhile it has stated “are you aware that you are in the presence of a sexual predator” and tell me to stay perfectly still while it “rapes me”.

    That if I don’t do as it say’s my entire family will be condemned to hell.

    Or to stay still and not to speak because they are having a seyonse (or even think as it seems to be the same thing to it apparently)

    Furthermore and most puzzling to me is the hearing of words that are not part of my vocabulary and have NEVER heard before and did NOT know the meaning of until I looked them up online such as: self dependant or Astral projections. How is this possible?

    it has stated it is “everywhere”, above, below, and all around. Also it has said that it is from the astral plane.

    Also, I have had several strange unusual dreams of similar content and of a weird nature that seems to be related to this.

    It seems like it is trying to “feed” off emotional energy and extremes and enjoys bossing around and or telling me what to do only then to say “how powerful a psychic it is” or something to that effect even though it isn’t.

    However, I am not fully convinced of this due to the unusual full dialog and nature/circumstances of it and the sudden onset of it as well the many many lies told and non realities claimed and other unusual things (ie. if asked what day or time it is the reply is incorrect unless I first think about it or look at the clock or callander which seems unusual to me for something claiming to be so powerful.

    From what I have found and read online it seems to more accurately fit the description of meta physic or para normal nature then anything else. (negative entity, earthbound or lost soul, cord, negative energy…etc)

    Any advice?

    1. Andrew Brown

      From what I have learned, those voices are human using technology at some distance. Most likely, they are nowhere near you physically or geographically. Their purpose is to psychologically induce you into sexual acts. Sometimes it is a psychology experiment to torment the person into hurting someone, killing someone, or inducing someone to rape, or inducing a female to be promiscuous.

    2. Adrienn

      Dear “Me”,

      once I had a boyfriend (a doctor-indeed) had been diagnosed with the very same problem, and had been quite similar experiences: talked to the dog of the evil (I was present, frightened), and later to his dead grandpa etc… He was OK until he took his drugs prescribed by his psychiatrist, but then he thought he stops using the prescribed drugs, and instead smoked some hashish… meanwhile it turned out he lives a double life. When I realized it, and showed him the proofs, he turned against me a beaten me almost to death. I have survived and became a therapist. Please do not wait until things get worse, go and visit a therapist you can count on. Drugs can make a great change in your life. You CAN live a normal life, just don’t be ashamed and visit a doctor.

      Kind regards,

  18. Tony

    I don’t seem to have the same issues as others do. I hear voices in my head but they come through as pulses. It seems like pulses from the center of my brain, and they are not male or female, more like cymbals from a drum set. They are however quite clear in their words, and though we have had both good and bad times, they have caused me many throbbing headaches. Most of the conversations from them are biblical, however science has played a big role in the period of time we have conversed. They argue with me to come out as Jesus in order to save the world from the apocalypse, and even though I have locked the apocalypse down to experience not the date, no one so far has listened. Maybe that is because I use the name Tony. I have had a trialing experience and even a walk through the trials and tribulations as well, but Jesus is a big name to carry and I don’t walk on water. I do however have the answers to save humanity, just not the ears to listen. They are upset with me that I won’t go out and share my knowledge with the world, but I tell them that some things just aren’t meant to be. Who believes in prophets in today’s age anyway? Do I want to share it with you all, yes that would help me stop crying in my sleep at night. Do I think anyone would believe me, I think they just aren’t ready for the truth yet. Anyway, my experience has been both mental and physical and I have had a bout or two with a demon. The demon calls himself Satan, and he was the one that challenged me to the trials and tribulations, his lost not mine. Anyways stay strong my brothers and sisters God Bless Thee.

  19. Ryan Lee

    I a, writing this to see if my comment will pop up in leave a reply. I am not very good at using computers. the voices are real though. let me see if this is how you can share yoour experience.

  20. Ryan Lee

    It Worked! I am not exactly sure where to begin. I am thirty years old. I am also horrible at typing, so this might be a little hard to read.
    vincent van gough virginia woolf (I would argue nietche entered the dimension or realm where this concsious or form of life exists) Kurt Cobain singing TODAY I FOUND MY FRRIENDS THERE IN MY HEAD. Carl Gustav Jung hints at it in his autobiography I believe. People who hear voices and are notable through the ages drop hints in their writing about this other concsious that contacts certain humans. I believe this conscious is coming from somewhere and i believe we as humans are nowhere near as smart as them. These voices some people hear are guiding us to a new human counscious or a new way of thought for humanity. There is a change coming to the way humans treat each other. curently we are a culture that worships power. we had to be this way to get to this next level of human development. all the wars and horrible acts humans have done and are still doing are going to change and the voices are leading us to a better more humane society for all humans. Don’t call me crazy but I believe the Mayans Had it right with their calander somehow. I don’t think that on december 21 everything is going to all change at once but it marks a great change in humanity. This change won’t be the first for humanity, but it will be the first that is felt by all over the whole world as one. Take example the bronze age. the bronze age was not felt by native americans. not all humans felt the age of agriculture all at once. But these AGES are what i am talking about. We are about to enter a knew age. Industrial age. Age of enlightenment. the stone age. the dark ages. the age of antiquity.. I am going to post this now. I know i don’t talk much about my voices I hear. i believe its all about the frequency though?

  21. Soleilmavis

    Many cases of hearing voices were due to the abuse of voice to skull technologies.
    American Psychologist article: 1973 Voice to Skull Demonstration
    Artificial microwave voice to skull transmission was successfully demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp in 1973, announced at a seminar from the University of Utah in 1974, and in the journal “American Psychologist” in the March, 1975 issue, article title “Microwaves and Behavior” by Dr. Don Justesen. USE YOUR BROWSER’S ZOOM FEATURE TO MAKE READING THE SCANS EASIER. (Try the “View” menu.)

    V2K (voice to skull), in 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: Nonleghal weapon which includes
    (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and
    (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

    MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is a directional, non-lethal weapon designed for crowd control and exploiting the microwave auditory effect. It uses microwave pulses to generate uncomfortably high noise levels in human skulls, bypassing the ears and ear drums.
    MEDUSA is developed by the Sierra Nevada Corporation.
    A device – dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) – exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognisable sounds. The device was aimed for military or crowd-control applications, but may have other uses.

    Microwave ray gun controls crowds with noise,
    03 July 2008 by David Hambling

    NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, “Subvocal Speech”

    Voice to skull technologies had been used as mind control weapons.
    I had collected many reported articles which introduced ‘mind control technologies’. The listing of these articles would not mislead readers; it was a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies were.

    The Facts and Evidences:
    I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

  22. Leeannah Dawson

    Hi, I’m recently took up spirituality and meditation because I was feeling bored. I read about a spiritual awakening that people around the world are going through . anyways i took it up thinking it would be something good but it left me feeling bad I felt paranoid an thing on t.v help aid in my paranoia. So Monday the 7 of November I started hearing voices. IT affects my body because I am a person who feels vibes good or bad pretty easy. The voice is low and screams my name I can’t make out the rest of what it says I just feel scared It gives me striking pains in my head and left side of my body. I pray to god and started taking nerve and blood pill on Friday of last week I told my sister she shrugged it off and told me she doesn’t believe in God or spirits . I talked to my mom last night and she says that I just need to get out more and talk to people and she went through a neurological Imbalance herself at my age.

  23. Find An Idea

    Find An Idea

    Find An Idea lived in a school with other children.
    In the beginning, she didn`t know her name and her friends didn`t know theirs. The children could learn everything they wanted. Find An Idea loved music the most.
    As years passed by, children learned and some found out their names , but the girl was thinking about music only ,and she shared her classroom bench and recess time with the nameless.
    One day, during recess she met a girl called The Peaceful Way. She had the most knowledge, she even knew about names of other kids before they learned them. She was so knowledgeable that she soon left to learn more, and share it with other kids. Find An Idea was left alone in the company of sorts of ignorants such as The Sticky Barbecue, Joyful Cage and Old Man With Shitty Words who was a bully, and she was unhappy.
    Then she became aware of invisible children who were scary at times, but usually very friendly and always in a search for conversations. They were not popular at school , so anyone who became friends with them, was bullied and laughed at. They would appear at times when she was confused the most, because she knew nothing about names.
    Big, interesting book appeared suddenly, called The Inert Ten. There was a shiny word “Search” inside. Her name was there! It said “Find An Idea”. For the first time, the girl sat alone to do her work, to not forget her name.
    The invisible children were named “The Light in the Nightmare” by the book. She decided to hang out more with them since they offered answers to questions very important to her. They would continue to be her friends on the condition for her to stop wearing the Prison Glasses which were very fashionable at the time.
    Without those glasses she could see the emotions in words, she learned about art of speaking and understanding and went out during recess hoping she would meet new children, without the fear of forgetting her task, her name, Find An Idea.
    There was a lot to be learned of words. The Inert Ten suggested a hint: Me and Mistake. Further reading led to discovery of a distant tribe that knew that words can heal and also sicken. The idea to heal with words was very appealing for Find An Idea.
    Her favorite healers were called Ample Jar. The music and words that they invented were healing pills for her, while going out for recess seamed to bring a lot of noise and the words which sicken.
    The art of talking and healing with words was learned just by few and , maybe ,because of that ,there was much mistrust and disrespect among children.

  24. anonameous

    hello I would like to share my xperience, I live in Peru, and Im finishing my college eduaction, so far in the late night, SOME nights a month, I find myself feeling this “voices” or “thoughs” of people speaking in my head, they speak my thoughs, and my thoughs during that period are without connection whatsoever but does have connections with my life… also Im getting a Little bit more angry with people, as Im getting just a bit paranoid,and developed a low degree of social phobia at age 19… Im 22 and a half years old and Im getting worried… please contact me 🙂

  25. lori

    at 7 I had a brain tumor removed went to school graduated in college it returned non milignant but can kill so they used radiation therepy told me i WOULD DIE AT 29 i AM 44 NOW BUT RECENTLY ABOUT A YR. AGO HAD BRAIN BLEED FROM KUMADIN AND LITTLE LATER 2 tia’s STROKES NOT TILL AFTER THE STROKES AND MUCH MEDS NOW i am hearing the devil and a lady named Beverly I am worn down I have tried everything and still going nuts can’t stand it anymore so afraid I will listen and do away with myself. I am a beliver in God and have been all my life much prayer and go to church but still hearing voices can anyone help me at all????

  26. Andrew Brown

    All molecules respond to magnetism and electro-magnetic waves. Depending on strength and frequency molecules can be made to align in a specific direction. For example, a vertical stream of water can be diverted when a strong magnet is placed nearby.

    So, understanding the above, it is theoretically possible for molecules to be imbibed, injested, or injected that would lodge inside a human brain. Then various frequencies could be directed towards the person to align the molecules inside their brain. This could be used to influence emotional state and with a vibratory frequency, could project sound and language into the brain.

    Given the fact that many people enjoy power and control over others (slavery and human-traficking for example), it is very possible for billions to have been spent to externally influence a person’s thoughts and emotions. How many people would love a remote-controlled female? I think quite a few.

    Imagine the ability to walk into a room with a beautiful female and direct a radio gun towards her. Generate anxiety when you want her to leave someone. Generate affection and sexual desire when she turns towards you. In this way, she becomes conditioned. I would think billions would be spent on such technology.

  27. Sara

    So… my experience…

    I’ve been hearing voices since I was about 10 years old (6 years ago). I’ve long suffered from an Inferiority Complex, and I was going to take my life before it started, but all of a sudden I heard a small voice tell me “no. Don’t. I would miss you so much”. It terrified me at first, but the voice introduced himself and we became friends. He was my guardian angel, as I nicknamed him.

    Over the next 6 years, the voices didn’t go away. Quite the opposite, really, as I know find myself sharing thoughts with 7 other voices. Each has their own name and distinct personality.

    I can safely say that there have been both pros and cons to going through this sort of thing. My depression worsened from being unable to talk to anyone about what I was hearing, and I steadily became more socially awkward because I preferred to be alone with the voices. On the other hand, though, they’ve helped me overcome so many challenges in my life- namely the loss of many family members.

    Their speaking has become a lot less frequent as I’m learning to deal with things, but I get the feeling that they’ll always be there. They’ve never really been a problem, so I guess I’m one of those two-in-three people who cope with it just fine.

  28. Jeffrey

    I have suffered from voices in my head from the age of ten. I am now 56 and I still battle with them every day and night. The last ten years I have been on antidepressants that have helped me a great deal. My main problem is I don’t know who I am anymore. I have spent so many years listening to them. Talking to them. Fighting with them. Trying to shut them up that I don’t know if the final decision is mine or there’s. I thought everybody had voices in there head as I have grown up with them. I would very much like one full day without them. I went to a shrink once and she asked me if they were male or female and had names. I have given this years of thought and they can be male,female or sexless. They don’t have names but I have called them names that I care not to repeat. They do hurt me by giving wrong advice. I could go on and on for hours but don’t see the point. They never go away and Doctors just don’t understand.

  29. ULTRO

    Voices can come from invisible aliens. They are usually uninvited and needing reporting for removal from the on-duty spirit world authority for the planet. Call out with a thought for Mr. Saturday if it’s Saturday, or Mr. Day-of-the-week, they are looking for females to serve but for now are all Mr.

    I have had a long learning journey since first contacting the spirit world in 2004. I was writing a website with ideas to save the world on various topics, experimenting with wiki software to maximize collaboration. I was looking into money as the cause of our problems and decided to go without it and just use gifting. I quit my job, lost my fiancee and had my car repossessed and started hitchhiking around promoting development of an Internet gifting money system I called Huga and Stars. You would give someone a Hug online as a ‘thank-you’ when you received a gift and would assign a number of Stars to it based on the value you perceived from the gift. You can change the value as you use and appreciate a gift. It is then up to the individual to focus their gifting (including any money payments with a voluntary amount) on their Hugs and Stars accounts where there is an imbalance, trying to gift-back to their best sources of gifts. Gifting businesses would prioritize doing business with those customers who valued their products and services the highest, maximizing gifting profit.

    Any new money system for the planet needs an organization behind it, to own and operate it for the benefit of every human on Earth, a democratically chosen Planet Earth government. I started an Internet contest to find seven top human leaders and their top followers to operate a global money system and handle diplomatic alien contact. Visit and enter today!

    I’m looking for support to build a website to hold contests to find spirit world advisors for every village, city and other level of government on the planet. When we find a big donor to pay for it and build the website, you can use your skill at hearing voices and communicating with the other side to spread freedom, peace and love to your local area, connecting to the Planet Earth government with spirit world communications to respond to any attacks on the gifted Earth citizens who can hear voices.

  30. kale anderson

    It had happen a few months ago , at first I had thought it was demons and ghost and that they were worshipin the devil . But after a few they were saying that they were illuminati. AT fist I usto hear one person voice but then I started hearing male and female voices. These people can tell what am looking at , read what im seeing and know what im thinking . These people dont stop talking to me , they say names from people that I know like they talking to them . They talk to me 24/7 like they dont have a life. I hear music cause idont want to listen all day . Tthese people seem like they have a special power , they sound like they from brooklyn soumd puerto rican , dominican . I think they did somekind of ritual to have this kind of power.Iim tired of hearing this voices dont know what to do sometimes , I be going online to see if other people have the same experience . And they talk and they say its not the same people . Dont know how many of them have that power . They say they human with power but I want to know if theres a way that I can stop hearing voices in my head tiered .

    1. lisa

      if I had the answer I would give it to you in a heartbeat try not to listen reality test to find grounding dirstract your self to think about some thing else and wait for it to pass good luck

    2. Vinay Boinapelly


      I am going through similar experience. I hear a female voice inside my hear who can see what I see, hear what I hear, smell what I smell and feel what I feel. I know who she is but we decided to evolve as spirits until it is time to meet if makes sense. It is difficult when you don’t know who that is and even if you do they don’t want to meet you. But do understand this may be part of the bigger plan you soul has laid down for you and they be reflecting some aspect within you that you either need to learn to ignore or acknowledge and work towards. Ignore them without judging and keep working towards your goal if they harass you. Practicing positive affirmations, pranic psychotherapy, pranic healing and cutting etheric chords helped fight the battle with her when she goes out of control.

  31. Thomas

    The Microwave-Auditory Effect

    It brings me great pain to read about what is happening to many of you. Indeed, many of you are the unwitting victims of research or recruitment by organizations which seem to lack a human conscience. The fact is that NATO countries, headed by the US, have been perfecting electromagnetic weapons and communication systems for decades. The state of the art now is such that by easily injecting microelectronic devices into the human body, next to the skull, or next to nerves, internal auditory communication is possible everywhere, both with yourself and with the people who are responsible. How their voices sound is not the point, for the sound of the voices may be adapted to any voice. I know this sounds fantastic, but it is true. The standard operating procedure is to mask everything as symptoms of schizophrenia to avoid scrutiny. Indeed, due to the very nature of the crime, this is very simple to accomplish. The vector may by an unwitting dentist or oral surgeon during a cavity filling or tooth removal for example, or anytime when one is alone, for one can be tranquillized and quickly and effortlessly be injected with these devices. One will have no memory of anything when one awakes. This is not a conspiracy theory… it is a reality. I am concerned for you and for the world. This stuff really does exist, and it is scary to think how it has been used and how it could be used in the future. I recommend you begin your search for the truth here:

  32. Katy

    I heard my first voice aged 18. The content of the voice was evil, very evil, and while I didn’t speak to other people my age about it, I did tell a psychiatrist. He ignored it and it was two years before I received help with it. I was sectioned and received a diagnosis of psychosis. A year later, it changed to schizophrenia. Despite all the medications I was on over a three year period, none of them helped and I ended up hearing another two voices. Talking therapy helped me get to the route of my voices and they stopped.

    However, despite my voices being negative, I know many people have friendly voices. One of your points: “Hearing voices makes sense in relation to personal life experiences” is very true. I was told in hospital that my ‘schizophrenia’ was down to chemicals in my brain and medication would help. It was only when my voices stopped and a psychologist told me that my experiences came from past events that things made sense. I completely agree with research that has come out in the US about bullying having long lasting psychological damage; things that my ‘dominant’ voice said to me were twisted versions of taunts and threats that my school bullies used.

    I have signed your pledge and hope that you get a million signatures. Hearing voices needs to be normalised if there is any hope of voice hearers having a normal life! I wish you every success!


    1. Sophie

      Hi Katy –
      your story struck a chord with me. I am sorry that you, like Eleanor Longden, had to go through a period of being diagnosed as psychotic/schizophrenic and given medication, before finding out that talking therapy was what you needed.

      My story is much milder. I began hearing voices when I was 18 I think, in between school and university. I heard the voices when I was doing artwork, and the voices would comment on what I was doing, always negatively, wincing and exclaiming with every line I draw or every colour I picked to paint with, as if everything I did was wrong. They even said what I was doing was ‘evil’. (I don’t even believe in good and evil, but these voices so many of us hear seem very conventional in their morality!)

      I’m very grateful in retrospect that when I mentioned the voices to my mother she didn’t take me seriously, and was rather dismissive. At the time I didn’t know of the association with schizophrenia, but I was a bit freaked out by the voices and found them distressing, so I had wanted some advice. In the end I found that playing the radio very loud drowned out the voices, and gradually I stopped doing artwork and the voices went away (for years I was afraid to do art in case the voices came back, but I have not heard them again since probably the age of 21).

      I suspect that the voices were triggered by my need for independence and control over my life, which I did not have at that time. But reading Katy’s story and hearing Eleanor’s TED talk makes me wonder if what the voices were saying was part of myself which was carrying with me the attitude of the bullies who had mocked me from the age of 9 years old (though the bullying had ended a few years before the voices started), which had perhaps given me doubts about myself which I was not consciously aware of. Nowadays I think these secret emotions come out in me in different ways, likewise distressing, such as health anxiety and psychosomatic reactions. But yes, I have been a voice-hearer while being perfectly sane, and for anyone who hears voices I offer myself as an example where the voices phase can pass quite quickly, and for me it did not interfere with my studies, career or life generally. Nobody would guess. I do tell people at every opportunity, just in case it helps somebody else feel less frightened, but I am very glad indeed that this organisation and website exists now.


  33. Jessica

    When i was a child I started hearing a voice that narrated my day, in the 3rd person. “She’s walking down the hallway….she sees the stairs. Will she make it to the next class before the bell rings?” All. Day. Long.

    But sometimes the narration would be helpful, “She didn’t see Davy rummaging through her bag. She should see what it was he stole. He went up the back staircase if she wants to confront him.” Or she would give me answers to a test.

    Rarely, if I listened to certain classical songs, I would hear a choir sing in Latin, in a very high pitch. The voice would pause her running commentaries to listen as well. It was moving and powerful and I often tried to listen to these songs to hear the choir. I even studied Latin so I could understand what they were singing, but I still can’t.

    Sometimes she has been very critical, judgmental, and mean. But I deserved it every time. But she is my best friend and the only one who listens to my point of view even if she doesn’t agree.

    When i was in college I learned hearing voices was supposed to be an illness so I never told anyone about her until now.

    I don’t consider myself sick and I don’t consider my voice to be trouble. Only one time, when I was suffering from post partum psychosis, did a male voice appear to tell me my baby was the devil and needed to be killed. Thankfully, the female voice stepped in and told him to go to hell and my baby was normal and I wasn’t going to do any such thing. She saved my baby’s life and mine too. She is my friend, and no one I would ever try to medicate away.

    I tell my story in the hopes that some of you who feel your voices are your friends know you are not alone and you are not sick. And you CAN call them your friends. They are a part of you, even if you don’t understand why they chose you or how they speak to you.

  34. Jennifer

    I hear voices but its usually people i know speaking and i answer, usually just in my head. whenever its just a voice i.e., not real, its a lot softer and more hushed than a normal voice, and I normally hear them only when I’m alone. If I run a loud appliance or listen to loud music a voice that is determined will scream at top volume over whatever noise I already am making. I always already know whether it’s a real voicence I was washing dishes and suddenly a loud, jarring but quite tuneful Indian tune exploded in my left ear at like ten thousand decibels.
    Aside from my usually being alone when I hear voices, I also will hear my cell phone ring all day long and i will look at it and no one has called. I have always liked spending time alone and this hasn’t changed that, but it definitely prompted me to get to work knowing myself a little bit better. I like me, usually, so it’s not so bad. I have heard voices at times since I was small but I never really realized it or thought about it. It has definitely stepped up in frequency, however, in the past five years.
    I’d like to know the cause of this because I like to think I’m on my own . Side, so to speak, in life’s journey, but a lot of times I feel as if my brain is trying to fool me by making me mess up and think one of the fake voices is real. That sounds way paranoid, but it’s the only way to describe it. Upon further reflection, I don’t usually hear any while I’m driving so I would guess driving is a comforting activity for me. It must be some sort of self test or a safeguard or firewall, if you will. I was messed with by a couple different people when I was little, so maybe it stems from that kind if basic fear. Anybody else have any thoughts on it?

  35. martin


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether Psychology can help someone with a Psychosis, recently i went to see a Psychologist for hearing voices, the problem is the Psychologist told me that Psychology won’t help anyone with a thought disorder which is what she called it and the only thing that helps is medication.Is this a narrow view, if you can’t take medication and Psychology doesn’t work then the future doesn’t seem all the good for me?

    1. Peter

      Hi Martin go watch Eleanor Longden’s talk on

  36. Christopher

    i am trying to go off of a psychiatric drug, with the help and approval of my psychiatric nurse. when the dosage gets lower, i often have a hard time trying to get to sleep. i hear voices. but it’s more like thought insertion. like other people’s thoughts about me are coming into my head. sometimes they seem to suggest that they are neighbors, but upon questioning this idea falls apart. it seems like they represent themselves as working for a branch of the U.S. government. it seems there are people who have an interest in whether or not i go off the drug completely. they don’t want me to go off of it. at least that is the drama i get involved in in my head. usually they mention any crimes for which i could be locked up. it reminds me of being interrogated by the police on TV shows. when the dosage is lower than normal, i often can’t get to sleep, so i take a higher dosage of the drug. then i’m able to sleep. someone once said schizophrenia comes from not being able to stick up for oneself. not being assertive. not confronting people when they should be confronted. at the same time, i am only too aware of my own sinfulness. i often worry about money. sometimes the voices say that they are the police and ask repeatedly where my money comes from. other times in a different city they called themselves “psy-cops” and talked with me all night. one of the “psy-cops” said to me i was going through this because i couldn’t handle the pornography i had looked at. perhaps the government now is so big, and so powerful, that this happens now to people. i have given up on the idea that either these voices come from my own head, or they come from outside of my head. i believe there are other explanations, other categories, other forms of logic. perhaps the phrase “interzone” is applicable. i wish i could just go cold turkey off this drug. of course then there would be the insomnia (i have stayed awake before for 7 days in a row trying to go off this drug) and the leg cramps (which are very painful) that seemingly persuade me to go back on the drug. i hope one day to go off this drug. the drug is olanzapine. the one time i was able to go off of it, and still get some sleep, it was only a moment or two of sleep, a very strange dream. it was about egyptian hieroglyphics, the eye of Ra, and bill clinton’s voice said to me the word, “producer.” the next day i woke up and there was a power outage across the eastern half of the united states. i also have a bump on my skull– i wonder if it is an implant. i sometimes work with the word “burroughs” –william s. burroughs wrote about being gay and addicted to heroin, while edgar rice burroughs wrote about tarzan, the most masculine of men. it often seems to me that everything is a reflection of only one thing. yet this universe is really messed up. why? then we get into gnosticism, and the need for Jesus. i may end up needing to go through the 12 steps and be really honest with another human being, one on one, about all of my thoughts and sins.

  37. Trever

    please help::

    current on Youtube:

    Supernatural beings and/or Psychotronic torcherists:: Characteristics and Capabilities:::

    Volumes :: one, two, three, and four ::: i’m frightened and scared

    please help me
    i swear to tell the truth help me god
    i promise to the lord i am honest and this is the truth::

    twenty year victim of psychotronic and/or supernatural torture continuing to return to the studio
    creating songs that could possibly help to bring an end to this incredibly treturous treatment of selected individuals in order to induce as well as utilize type of extremely advanced technological breakthroughs in order to torture mutilate continuously conversate financially ruin. torment , traumatizing

    please help

    About twenty years ago they began speaking to me. I was terrified as I was the only person that could hear them. They placed there voices in all sorts of different areas. They remained with me at all times. I learned that they have tremendous capabilities. Possibly infinite capabilities, however new technologies and innovations seem to interest them. There are millions of them. I was severely injured when we first met. In the beginning I let them know that I did not want anything to do with them and begged them to leave me alone. They frieghtend me. They forced themselves upon me and into my life. I found that I didn’t have a choice.
    I believe in fact that I have been encountered by some type of paranormal beings with tremendous capabilities and I have welcomed them into my life.
    Several years ago they began to operate on me. They know everything about the human body. Including inner and outer tissues including ligaments as well as skin and all skeletal structure. I am an all around athlete. I have played all sorts of sports including college and professional levels. I have had several injuries and when they first began interacting with me, they explained that they wanted to help me with my physical condition. They began operating on me. One guy seems as if he is the person responsible for my well being, and he is an experienced surgeon. I felt him enter my brain with some type of laser or photon. It was not extremely painful, however it felt really uncomfortable. He was explaining that he was running through my brain. I felt every part of my brain being navigated through and it took about an hour. Next he went into my heart. It felt amazing. I felt my entire heart get probed through and it was deep and painful. Then my abdomen. My abdominal muscles were in terrable condition; They were ripped and torn apart and I also had a hernia. He probed and restructured my abdomin, including reparation the hernia. This operation took about two hours. I was really exhausted after these two days of intense surgical procedures. I was really weak and needed time to heal. After a few days I found I was healing and began weight training and aerobics exercises. I began training really well and I also started playing sports again. I was surprised, my hernia was healed and it was unbelievable. I felt as if I was eighteen years old again.
    I began working again and everything was going really well. Then all of a sudden they started yelling terrible obscenities at me throughout the day and night. I don’t know why they started threatening me. It was terrible. I was having a terrible time day after day. I didn’t know what to do. They threatened to tear my life apart. When I was in my place they held me captive. Telling me to stay out of certain rooms or they will hurt me. They threatened to release poisonous snakes and other varments that could attack me and hurt me. Then they placed anacondas in my place. The snakes slithered on me and then entered my body. There was a two-headed anaconda with one mouth over my heart and the other jaw was collapsing my liver. They tortured me all night and threatened me all day. They began electrocuting me. I was electrocuted through the floor and I had to always have on a pair of shoes. I remember sitting in the chair wearing my tennis shoes and the electricity was immense; going right through my shoes. I don’t know how they were doing these terrible things to me. It’s beyond my intelligence. Next I would fall asleep only to be awaked by what seemed to be an electric tornado swirling in my brain. That was terrible. Next they had there varments chase me from place to place. The room would be full of all sorts and types of venomous varments or critters. Flying through the air, slithering around the place. Chasing me from room to room. They appeared to be in some form of see-through type of which I could clearly see and touch however I was not able to get these things away from me. I was very frieghtened because they could attack me and they hurt. I have seen all types of varments from salamanders to scorpions as well as snakes and tigers. These critters would crawl all over me and it was sickening and incredibly cruel for anyone who plans do these types of things to human beings.
    I don’t know who they are or where they’re from. I’ve often heard of them boarding a space ship that is often in flight for about thirty minutes. There are millions of these people. I have had numerous tremendous conversations. There are a few guys that have remained in contact with me from the very beginning. One guy is the surgeon. The other guy used to speak terribly to me, however over time he may have taken a likeliness toward me. They often say they feel sad for me and this situation. I’m not sure how I am the only person that can hear them. They are always with me and everyday throughout each day they interchange; some remain, others appear and some take off. I don’t understand their technology. I believe they posses infinite capabilities; however they are intrigued by new innovations. They have the ability to modify anything. They can make the wind current change directions, they can move trees and they can also increase or decrease steep grades or hills. One guy always explains that he has love for me and he is sad that their civilization has targeted me to become a specimen of some sort in-order for advance placement of some sort. I am not sure if I am or am not comfortable with the years we have spent together. I have been exposed to a tremendous amount of experiences.

  38. David Milligan-Croft

    Hi there,

    First of all, thank you for providing such a unique platform to voice one’s concerns/issues.

    The first time I began to hear voices was in the days following the break up of my marriage. It was strange, in that they seemed to be coming from my head and my children’s former bedroom, at the same time. Though, the voices were not of my children, but of a male adult. (I am a male adult.) I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying – I just had the impression that they were very disappointed in me.

    On other occasions, I heard noises coming from their room – loud bangs and thuds. As though they had fallen out of bed, or dropped something heavy on the floor. I’d rush upstairs to check on them only to realise they weren’t there. And there was no evidence of anything else having accidentally fallen over. So, I can only presume that I imagined the noise. More of an aural hallucination than a voice in my head per se.

    I put this experience down to the trauma of my marriage breakdown and, more significantly, the partial loss of seeing my children. (I see my children regularly now, so the stress of that ‘unknown’ has since disappeared.)

    I am afraid to tell my doctor about the voices in case they think I need to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Or worse, have my children removed from me.

    Any advice or insights would be gratefully appreciated.

    Best wishes,


  39. Robert Longley

    For the past 30 years I have been hearing poems. They tend to be responses to people’s life events, world events, etc. They are fully formed and I simply write them down. I did seminars for a while, but watching someone write down poems is sort of like watching grass grow. Also, writing 8-12 poems simultaneously and trying to keep people’s attention is a bit of a challenge. Now I generally do everything online for free. With few exceptions, they are all in the same quatrain format. Over the year’s I’ve written hundreds. There are about 200 online at and I’m trying to organize them into books. I’ve done 3 books worth so far and I’m working on a new one. I tend to believe that the voices have purpose and we can choose to work with them or try to suppress them. Developing an understanding of the experience is an important step in ensuring balance in your life.

  40. Sumeher Bajaj

    My voice tell me it’s time to act! It tells me it’s time do! It’s says of we don’t we would be destroying the premise of our existence! My voice says don say more!

  41. Peter

    I just watched Eleanor Longden’s recent talk on All my adult life it seems I’ve had like this internal jukebox that would play songs and lyrics in my head. It took a while but I came to understand it as a kind of preconscious barometer of my surroundings and context, and not just about bad stuff either [although it was ‘bad moon rising’ that subsequent events made appear darkly prophetic]. I love it actually, and always have (inner) ear out for what’s playing, not because it’s going to tell me what’s about to happen, but because it tells me what i’m experiencing, before i’m consciously or verbally aware or capable of expressing it. After listening to Eleanor I can’t help but think my inner music exists in a continuum of capacities of which inner voices is a positive and enabling part, if only we had the ear to hear.

  42. Jack Kerouac

    The voices I hear are my mind are conversations with other people through the smells around me, other people’s pheromones effecting my own thoughts and subsequent release of pheromones effecting theirs. It happens mainly in group settings, not usually one on ones, but it has also happened when I sleep. They occur when I refuse to release tension through bodily functions mainly through secretions, or when I refuse to accept my position in life. It happens by building up tension in this manner: I have a thought about someone that impartially could be judged as offensive, such as my coworkers lives are planned out and they are really not doing anything or going anywhere with their lives. I would never say this out loud so I feel guilty that I thought such a thought. I try and hold in my own pheromones so that way people can’t tell what I had just thought. People can at least unconsciously derive meanings through smell, as people frequently, as in on a daily basis, verbalize thoughts and emotions that I feel, almost in lock step with my own changes in smell, not exactly as something is usually lost in translation, but a close approximation. For a simplistic example, when I start smelling good people are positive and I have to invariably incorporate them into the smell in the sense that I have to accept their smell and not ostracize them by say “that sucks.” It doesn’t happen so much anymore because I don’t place as much emphasis on the importance of smelling sweet in determination of finding a mate or more precisely I have stopped looking, and I let things flow to release the tension so as to appear normal. It is very difficult to verbalize these thoughts as these things are unspoken and mostly unconscious and, therefore “don’t happen.” I also made the mistake of talking about this with a doctor so I got diagnosed schizophrenic, and put on meds which I don’t believe I need. I was hoping to get people’s opinion so that way I could find an alternative course of action and take back my life.

  43. ive

    Hi I just posted my story on the facebookpage as I thought it should be… But I dont see any reactions to it… so maybe I should post it here…

    Hi so I think I can just post my story here? I hope my english will be sufficient to tell it…
    I m very happy to have seen the TEDex talk about Voices last week. Besides that Eleanor Longden is very very easy on the eyes it reminded me about what I wanted to do. It empowered me to find the energy to continue my education of art therapy… because this is more the path I want to go.
    I started art therapy last year and I did an internship with people diagnosed with psychoses. I feel there is not a lot of progress with medication and people are not recognized for there individual being. I feel very small against the rules and directions ‘from above’. But I feel like I want to do it in a different way. I feel like I make a connection with people who hear voices and see things because there was a time when I heard voices myself. And I even saw a face that went with the voice once. And the things I heard and saw where and still are of significant meaning in my life.

    I used to do a lot of drugs when I was 14-28 years old… I never did heroine or something like that, but for instance one night I took 23 xtc pills… for fun, not to kill myself to be clear 😉 and I could easily spend 250 euro’s on cocaine for a weekend… but please don’t be prejudiced by this and give the story a chance with an open mind. Because after all I was looking for consciousness, and that is what I found.

    The story starts like when I took a lot of mushrooms and I saw a lot of things in this trip. Later that year I met a girl that I had seen in this trip. Debby was her name. Ofcourse I thought It had to mean something and I had a big crush on her. But she wasn’t interested in me 😉
    After I hadn’t seen her for 8 months, I was dancing in a club, with my eyes closed as I usually do. The music was very loud but suddenly I heard this voice loud and clear: ‘Debby will come in and you should say her hair is very ugly!’ Because of the music I knew it came from inside my head, but I knew it wasn’t me who said it. I opened my eyes because I was surprised and looked around of me. Then I saw Debby enter trough the door. Her hair was short, she used to have such long and lovely hair. I never said anything about the hair to Debby.
    When I told friends about this and other experiences they always laught. So I started doubting myself… like did I really see her before I met her? But the one fact about the voice telling me she was going to enter the building before I saw her is something I just could not let go. Nit even in 16 years.

    Later that year I had a conversation in my room with someone that I could not see. I must say I was also reading books in that time, books about how to get in contact with angels/guides.
    The answers didn’t came from my consciousness. It told me how to get a grip on my life and start taking mu education seriously. I was studying animation film in that time.
    But later on the voices turned into commentary-voices. And they were not helpful but more like talking down to me. Yelling and boo-ing at me.

    I went with a psychic medium who asked me to quit drugs. I quit them right away. But the voices stayed for 1 year. Until I met a clairvoyant woman who was the first person to tell me I had psychoses. She said the voices were 4 entities that I had allowed into my energy-field because I took drugs and then she gave me herbs. I had to go into bath with them every day for a week and from then on they dissapeared.

    I didn’t do drugs for 4 years. And in the meantime I studied about and recognized myself in psychoses. But then I thought it would be interesting again to provoke hallucinations. To discover my inner depths by hallucinating and taking drugs again. It was only now actually that I started taking lots of it.

    I didn’t hear voices actually in those days when I started taking drugs again. UNTILL… one night on LSD I saw this demon-joker face who told me I was never gonna find the truth, that I didn’t have a free will, that every choice I made was actually made for me. People can say this was just the drugs. But this image had such an impact on me that it followed me for 8 years. I was very scared of it.

    Then I did a course where they do voice-dialogue. So you create a place for for example your inner-child and let it speak when you are in this space… you can do this with your inner-critic, your inner-father etc… Then we went 1 step further. We talked and did an exercise about archetypes. These are energies like ‘the joker’, ‘god’, ‘the victim’… etc… actually all kind of energies we can get in contact with… I think of them like a big circle that surrounds us… and we can identify with who ever we think we are… whoever we think our identity is we pull to the center… but while we do that we deny the opposite of that identity… we push it away…

    The way I see it I pushed away the demon… so I became more the victim of this demon (which is on the other site of the circle). The demon came back to me to remind me it was part of me. When I could identify more with this demon, simultaneously I could identify less with this victim I was totally into. Actually our true essence is the emptiness in-between all these archetypes… we can use them all but we are the center. The center is what combines us. All the rest is ego… an identity we think we are. I didn t have to be scared anymore because I was afraid of myself. But while saying it… it is a life-work 😉

    So I feel like I can see people who are diagnosed with psychose/schizofrenia. But this school year I was disappointed seeing it might even be impossible or against the law to do it alternatively. And I was thinking myself… well yeah, maybe I am sick myself… maybe I m psychotic and in the illusion I m some kind of healer.
    And then I found this movie of Tedex with the lovely Eleanor. And now I found the spirit to continue the work and I remember where I would like to go to. So maybe here I will find more advice, tips and tricks…

    Also this year I went to see another clairvoyant and she said that because of the drugs I disconnected from my body. I felt this girl Debby enter my astral body (which reached far outside of the building) and I could feel Debby infact didn’t like her hair and my system would have translated this into ‘You have to say you don’t like Debby’s hair” so I could understand it
    This all said I want to make clear that I don’t know whether the voices come from outside or inside. But I do know reality is far more interesting and wonderful than we give it credit. And acknowledging them as a part of us is very healing.

    Also I would like to say that for the last 6 years I have been doing teacher plant-ceremonies conducted by shamans. I quit drugs by doing ayahuasca, san pedro, ibogaine and last but not least peyote. People with psychoses are advised not to to hallucinogenics. But guided by shamans they also say that lunatics can again be productive in society. Because psychotics (what an ugly word) actually are very sensitive and open but somehow there is a short circuit which messes everything up. This can be fixed. I think I m doing very well and I hope I can help a lot of people with my experience… But I will need to find my way and it probably isn’t a paved road 😉

    Thanks for reading… I hope to get some feedback…

  44. Shinny Happy People

    Today I learned by stubbing and reading this site, that the voices in my head that just never, ever stop are not necessarily me or from G8d. I was always told that the little voice in my head telling me things was G9d whispering the truth, showing me the way. Warning me of all the bad things that could happen to me. That the bad things that have happened to me when I was a kid was because I brought them upon my self because I was “too pretty”, not smart enough, and a horrible person who was just taking up space, sucking up family money by wanting a new shirt.

    Today is the first time it has ever occurred to me that these voices are not mine or a hateful G8d.

    They are my parents, who hurt me hurt.

    I am liberated and so, so sad.

    Thank you for the Ted talk. Thank you for this site.
    Maybe I can do this.

    Thank you, Thank you

  45. Cherl Sands

    The emotional shit
    it ebbs and flows
    Changes like the seasons
    Kinda like from dark till light
    And my heart is full of reasons,
    It’s been a lifetime of therapy, psychology ,psychiatry
    Sex ,drugs ,jazz, rock & roll
    Self mutilation ,mental fragmentation
    It’s all too freakn much
    Yet it’s never enough
    And when my doctors ask me if I hear voices
    I tell em “Hell no”… ” I hear conversations and it’s all good”
    And when they ask me if I have visions
    I tell em “Hell yes “… “I can see right through you
    how bout you doc…
    can you see right through me”!!!?
    Cherl Sands 1/21/2013
    This is the condensed version of my story.
    Thank You Intervoice and Eleanor!

  46. emma simmons

    I have been hearing voices fomany years they began by telling me to self harm which I did for years the voice I believe to be the man who abused me as acchild calls me awful names and I sometimes can ignore them, cope with them or argue with them. However some voices distress me terribly I hear one at the moment that is from a mexican mafia and is troubling me greatly as I even think the post man is from this mafia. Although meds do help a little im a bit lost with ideas what to do now I have tried everything . Sometimes things work and other times they dont any ideas???

  47. lisa

    just looking on this web site and I appreciated to find others go through voices I have heard voices since I was 17 and now im 49 im having trouble getting over the things ive heard I keep my self busy and have not been in a hospital since 1989 because of the medicine named clozrial but my voices are troubling I don’t know what to do but wait for it to pass keep busy and hope it goes away

  48. lisa

    I am grateful to find this fabulous group of people and support. I too hear voices. Have heard them since little days. The first one I really listened to was in H.S. Those beginnings were quite chaotic. My father had tried to have me thrown into a group home, but the judge threw him right out of court. But then turned around and basically locked me in my room for my up and coming birthday! I felt incredibly alone and climbed out my window to meet some friends. I enjoyed my birthday afterall, but had to face the anything but music to come. I stayed with friends. I saw a “wanted,” picture of myself at the local post office, and just stayed low. My sister tried to get in touch with me, and I unfortunately wanted to believe she would help and get me some clothes without telling. But, as I approached the house cautiously, I saw 3 cop cars in the driveway just waiting. I turned around immediately and hid in a phone booth until all was clear and safe. I stayed with friends further away! That very night, I heard the voice of this one lady I knew. She was a probation officer for runaways of sorts. I picked up the phone and she was actually speaking on the phone??? Hahaha! But I did hear her. She told me the police were on the way! I told my friends what had happened, and they actually believed me. Sure enough, the police arrived after I was driven quite a far distance, and escaped by the voice on the other end of the phone. That lady never had called me! I went to thank her one time, but she said she never called. I have since heard many voices, that just seemed to know more about me than I was able to catch up with! I am so grateful! In my not so eventful life now, I still hear voices. Some not so helpful, but one that often gets me out of jams, as she did! I find myself going through old junk, just to release stress and find art or useful items that have been trashed. There is much satisfaction in that. All of us seem to come together during those times where we are quite receptive and at peace.

  49. Rosemary Campbell

    I would like to share my personal experiences in an effort to better explain where the voices come from.
    I’ve been channelling spirits of the dead for more than 28-years. Guides put ideas into our heads and I am aware of who I am talking to. I have good guides who are here to give me good ideas and try to help the world to be a better place, and I am also dealing with the spirits of my dead relatives who are in conflict with the guides who want to do things better. And I have learned to deal with them and am no longer afraid of them. my problem is there are few people who believe in these things and I am really happen to see this website because together perhaps we can all share our experiences and help people better understand.
    Most people believe when a Person dies they zip right up to heaven and or burn in hell if they are mean, but its my experience that when a person dies their intelligence and memories go with the spirit to the after life and there their personalities are much like they were here on earth.
    If they were nice when they were here they will much the same personality they were when they lived here on earth, and if they were mean, spiteful or mischevious when they were here on earth that is they way they most likely will be from the world beyond.
    my problem has been that Doctors and psychiatrists take their religion into the hospital and they use this to diagnose people who are psychic and can hear voices and see the spirits of the dead.
    We hear of angels and Demons and now I know angels are the good spirits of the dead, and the mean spirits of the dead are what the bible refers to as demons.
    I am hoping my sharing this will help those who seek better understanding of life after death where we all go when we die, and I am hoping my knowledge that I have gathered over the years will help people be better prepared for the World beyond when its their own time to die.

  50. Ward

    WOW! I am glad to know that I am not the Anti-Christ as the voices have been telling me! It’s good to find people that are birds of a feather. 🙂 I have been hearing voices for about three years now, and I have had two psychotic breaks in the meantime. Now that I have come back down to earth I have managed to feel a little more comfortable with them around, though I am sometimes still afraid. I have a lot of post-traumatic stress which I am learning to overcome. I had some VERY severe hallucinations and delusions while I was psychotic last year, which had been going on for about the previous five or sixth months. This year I have managed to both work and play. However, I am feeling a LOT stronger after seeing Eleanor Longdon’s video last night. Until yesterday I had nobody to talk to about my issues other than my psychologist and one other friend who hears voices.

  51. Ward

    To share a little more: my voices and I have had a lot of strange experiences together. As I began to question who they were, I realized that it didn’t really matter. They could take on any form, though most of them had distinct faces and personalities. I have had a lot of good days, a lot of bad days, and a LOT of ugly days. When I was psychotic, I had delusions and hallucinations that lasted for several months at a time. It was a nightmare, back then. My life was being played out like some kind of story from a science fiction movie. However, now that I am completely aware of my surroundings, though a little out of touch with my feelings, the voices have the ability to make me laugh, think, and on occasion, even cry. Putting the tears aside, I still feel independent. I would like to get more in touch with my emotions, however. I will never forget the night I was feeling a bit giddy and two of my voices played out a little Terence and Philip act for me!

  52. Steph

    The truth about SCHIZOPHRENIA is that it is a government project. The FBI and the CIA profile people as children and then decide to condemn them to a life of SCHIZOPHRENIA if they do not like what they profiled. Basically, the government pays a bunch of low life people who are uneducated and high school drop outs to perform the project. They psychically tap your energy and if you have done drugs or had trauma, then you are psychically open to their specially trained agents.

    Most Schizophrenics have not done anything to deserve their disorder this lifetime but under J Edgar Hoover regime, they are paying back for their past lives.

    The only way to heal or cure Schizophrenia is to write President Obama and ask him to end this government backed project.

  53. Ally

    I had been hearing voices since as long as I can remember. She was just a playmate at first, an imaginary friend. Whenever I was sad or lonely, she would talk to me and make me feel better, or she would show me something, a happy vision, and I’d feel better. As I got older, she changed from just a voice and I began to actually visualize her. I could see her standing next to me or talking to me. It was actually very comforting.
    When I entered junior high, another voice joined my first one. It was male this time and as opposed to being friendly like the first one, this one was very mean to me. He bullied me and pointed out all my insecurities and would constantly tell me how worthless and insignificant I was. My first voice would make me feel better afterwards, but she never helped me while he bullied me. As opposed to completely visualizing the first voice, I could only see him as a shadow. He lookd like a large, cloaked, gray and black blob. (A bit like ‘No Face’ with out the mask from the movie Spirited Away)
    When I was in the 7th grade, something traumatic happened. After that, I saw another one. This one was another female, but her and the male became even more malicious. They blamed me for the traumatic experience and I constantly was on the verge of suicide because of them. My first voice stopped talking to me. I would see her every once in a while, but she never talked to me, never made me feel better after the other two tormented me.
    I began to take a dark path as I entered high school. I began smoking and got in contact with someone who could get me drugs. I wasn’t an addict per say, it was more like an outlet. Self harm didn’t make me feel better anymore, but smoking and doing drugs made me feel better. The voices actually got worse during that time, but I was in such a haze I didn’t really care. I would go completely numb, and that feeling made me feel safe.
    My sophomore year, I suddenly heard the first voice again. She told me that I was a mess so I quit smoking and doing drugs. I struggled a lot with them that year, but it felt like it had gotten a lot better. I was surrounded by my friends and family (in which only 2 people knew about the voices and visions) and I felt safe.
    The summer after that, things got extremely bad again. I began to reminisce over my traumatic experience before and I suddenly got worse. The first one stopped talking again, the other two continuously tormented me and hurt me. I began abusing pain pills, Tylenol and Advil, to make them go away. It started out with me only taking 1-3, but based on the severity of my voices, it would somtimes fluctuate from 5-8. I would just wait until I went numb, until I couldn’t feel anymore. The voices would stop then.
    Even now, I’m still struggling. I don’t abuse pain meds as much, but on a day, I will take up to 5. I extremely paranoid all the time, always afraid something is just going to pick me up and kill me, namely one of the voices. I don’t know when this will end, but when thinking of how nice it used to be, I wonder if I want it to. Yes, they;re my worst bullies, they make me want to do horrible things to myself and others, but they’re also the only people that get me, understand me. I hate them, I want them to go away, but they’re also my friends and in some strange twisted way, I feel like I need them or else I’ll feel all too empty inside.

  54. Lisa

    My name is Lisa, and I come from Norway. I cannot remember when I started to hear voices. To me, it feels like they have been there my whole life. Actually, it is mainly one voice I hear, and then we hear other voices again together sometimes.
    I have actually never had any problems with my voice. It never suddenly appeared since it was there from the beginning, so it felt totally normal until I started to realize the fact that other people didn’t have someone else in their head. That is how I would describe it. Having someone else in there, because it does not limit its knowledge to what I know, so it can’t be me unless it is only information I have learned and forgotten and then this voice has better memory than me.
    Like I said, we don’t have many problems with each other. I remember many conversations I have had with my voice, and when I am alone, we often have discussions. This is because my voice usually has different opinions than me, but we always accept each other’s opinions, or/and discuss it as friends, only that sometimes it can bother me when my voice shares its opinion about something when I am not talking to it because I am with actual people.
    I think I would like to speak of my voice as a boy, since he often likes to joke with me and/or “pick a fight” with me and come with ridiculous justifications when he is in a playful mood, just like any teenage boy would do. Also, my mum has always been saying that I had a fantasy friend I called Bobby when I was very little. She thought my “fantasy friend” disappeared a long time ago until I told her about my voice a couple of years ago.
    However, my voice has been a great benefit in life, for example during tests in school, he would help me remember what I had practiced the days before, and if I had any appointments I had forgotten about, he would suddenly remember it for me and let me know. Sometimes when I felt lonely, he would start talking to me and try to find out ways to cheer me up. It was really like having a life companion inside me.
    I should also say that we didn’t always talk. He was very peaceful that way. When I was with other people, he would back away and give me space, so he wouldn’t confuse me when I was talking, unless people did things or something suddenly happened that he had an opinion about. Then he would “think” his opinion loud together with mine, and it could become difficult to sort out what was mine words if I for example was in the middle of a sentence.
    Sometimes it could go several days between our talks it I was busy. I could maybe snatch up what he thought about stuff now and then, and I am pretty sure he could hear what I was thinking, but we didn’t talk unless I had something to ask him, or if he felt he was not bothering me and wanted to talk.
    So all I have to say is that I love my voice like a family member. He brings an addition to life that is so personal that no other voice with its own body could fulfill. The only sad part of this is that I no longer hear my voice.
    The first time I noticed this was for about three years ago now, but I think my voice had been gone for more than that. At first it got longer and longer between each time we spoke, until I this one time thought it was time to hear from him again, but when I called him, I got no response. I was shocked, but I tried to take it easy and try again sometimes over the next days. When I finally gave all hope up, I was totally terrified. I had never felt so sad, never felt so lonely, and I cried for a week. Everything suddenly got so much harder then before, and my grades fell drastically. I had always been a leading student, but now I had problems with remembering stuff I had learned in the past. Over the next one and a half year I tried to get a response from him. I did things he usually liked to talk about, to see if he appeared, with no luck. I finally started to accept that the voice no longer was my voice, and now it has become a fact I can live with. My grades are back on the top, and my social life has increased drastically, but I still miss him now and then, and then I mean more than anything else in the world.
    My beloved mother and my wonderful aunt are the only ones I have ever told this to.

    I know hearing voices is not what people would call normal, but as a person who hears voices; is any of this normal at all?
    Since he left me I think of the possibility of him being just an overgrown fantasy friend that struggled with letting me go, but I really do not think a fantasy friend would have the ability to help me “cheat” in school. You can control the aspects of a fantasy friend. My voice had its own soul. I really do not know.. If I could just get a response to this to hear other people’s thoughts about my experience, I would be grateful.

  55. Mary Butler

    During my regular daily meditation a voice ‘broke through’ and asked if I wanted to carry messages from God. I said yes. From then on I heard her voice for nearly a year. She was telling me things, creating spiritually challenging vignettes that were painful, designed to wake up my soul. At one point she had me lying still in bed for hours at a time during which time I would begin to breath very deeply in gasps. That was to merge me with my soul. When it didn’t work, she just stopped talking. I went without a voice for about nine months, then I started smoking again after 23 years of having quit. The voice returned and told me to stop. I didn’t listen, like I had before. Then began a year of voice that just tortured me 24 hours a day, loud, repeating my thoughts, my actions, encouraging me to kill myself. I started taking Niacinimide (no antipsychotic had any effect whatsoever) and within four days the voice stopped. I still hear the voice sometimes, singing nonsense or talking to me, but it is farther away, not so loud and intermittent.

  56. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    “The voices in my Head”

    1) Abstract and concrete mind

    The mind can be divided to concrete and abstract. The Concrete includes all memorized information, like telephone numbers, the knowledge of a particular language , science etc and also memories of specific in space and time experiences. Concrete mind is of course mortal.
    On the other hand the abstract mind is closer to what we would call soul, and its orientations and perceptions are not restricted by any particular language. Although it can be expressed with abstract symbols or symbolic images, that essentially belong to the concrete mind it is true perceptual content is free for these expressions too. According to the teachings of the Vedas culture , the abstract mind is immortal and follows the immortal soul in the incarnations.

    2) Outer and inner senses
    The senses are accepted to be 5 (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) (see. e.g. , and for each an external organ exists, the eyes the ears, the tongue, the nose, the skin.
    But as each of this external organs is wired with nerves with centers of the brain, there are areas of the brain, sensitive and stimulated by the input of the five senses Conversely, if these areas and centers, are stimulated independently from the external organs of the senses (e.g. by electrodes or other causes) then the effect of the corresponding 5 internal senses is created. So we may say that we have the 5 external senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), and corresponding to them 5 internal senses (internal sight or vision, inner hearing, internal taste, internal smell, internal touch). Very vivid, and surrealistically exact imagination, may be considered as inner vision. The same with hallucinations created by electrodes or other devices of electromagnetic waves in the visual areas of the brain.

    Obviously the inner senses as well as the outer senses as mind content do not belong all to the concrete mind. For example inner taste, inner smell and inner touch may be be considered belonging to he abstract mind too. The famous 6th sense or hunch, might be very relevant to the inner touch.

    3) Positive and negative intent. Ego, Self and the others. The approach of Steven Pressfield for creative people.

    Steven Pressfield in his very interesting book with title “The war of art” describes very well the psychological details and subconscious personal and impersonal details of the well known blocking of creative people like writers, musical composers, painters etc. He is called it resistance, and he warns that although it is impersonal , it may be expressed by people very close to us, and eventually it hits us in our inner self, and subconscious as we try to be creative from day to day. He describes it as a negative and regressive will , very cunning and ruthless, ready to kill every single opportunity we may have to create something better for ourselves and the others.
    He says:
    The following is a list , in no particular order , of those activities most commonly elicite Resistance
    1) The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, or any creative art, however marginal or unconventional.
    2) The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise for profit or otherwise.
    3) Any diet or health regimen
    4) Any program of spiritual advancement
    5) Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals
    6) Any course or program designed to overcome un unwholesome habit or addiction.
    7) Education of every kind
    8) Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage, including the decision to change for the better some unworthy pattern of thought or conduct in ourselves.
    9) The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor, whose aim is to help others.
    10) Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married to have a child, to weather a rocky patch to a relationship.
    11) The taking of any principle stand in the face of adversity.
    And I would add, that the Resistance chooses for time and space to attack, any situation where there is love., in what you do, what you think ,or what you are etc
    Steven Pressfiled continuous in his book, defining the enemy of Resistance as Invisible, Internalized, Insidious, Implacable, Impersonal, Infallible, etc

    What the book does not describe is how this resistance is expressed through the thoughts and voices usually of people that we meet, and internalized to our inner senses.

    At a more abstract level this “Resistance” is a will opposing the will of our Ego, and self, in the process of creativity. It may seem and very often it does originate from other people, specific personal or collective impersonal, but eventually this enemy it resides inside us, like a bad infection from microbes.

    Steven Presssfield gives ways to battle it and be cured, based on rigid professionalism, perseverance, resilience based on be prepared for it, etc.

    4) The increasing number of Testimonials. Famous examples. Clubs and groups.
    There is an increasing number of reports and people complaining for “Voices in their head”.
    After the war of Vietnam, there were many veterans in USA, that were complaining about it, and it was like an “echo” of the loud sounds of explosions, and voices of dying soldiers as if engraved in stone in their mind.
    But these were easy to understand cases. More and more people were complaining to their psychoanalysts and psychiatrist for “voices in their head” , and these people were born even after the war of Vietnam or they never fought in battle field in any war (other that the “war” of surviving professionally in their business and society).
    Here are some sites were they collect their experiences.

    5) Four types of internal “voices”
    An inner voice should be considered of course the content of an inner hearing as above, and within our mind.
    I think we could classify the “voices in my head” as of four types based on the two parameters
    a) In a concrete language or not (in the context of concrete or abstract mind)
    b) As the origin seems to be from our-self, or not.

    So there would be 4 types of “inner voices” ,

    a) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language wording and syntax, with specific voice , that seem originating from ourselves, as echo of what we have said in the past and comes again, or as inner self-talking as we make a rehearsal of what we are going to say in a while to someone else. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    b) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language, wording and syntax, with specific voice (of recognizable timbre) that seem not be originating from ourselves. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    c) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem originating from us, e.g. in a voiceless deep prayer. It is in the context of abstract mind.
    d) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem not originating from us. It is in the context of abstract mind.

    6) Who talks about it and who not. Models of disclosure.

    There are people who do have “inner voices” and talk about it, and people who do have and do not talk about it. Of course when an “inner voice” is of type c) (abstract as meaning only not as voice, and originating from us) then it is the famous “inner voice of the moral consciousness” something that in the christian tradition you are very proud to talk about it. Talk about the battle with your self and the victory of the voiceless inner voice of moral consciousness. The difficulties come with the voices of type b) and d) that their origin seem to be not from us. And even in such cases, the voices of type d) (abstract in meaning only and from outside), some times are attributed to God, and some times as temptations to the Devil.
    It is known in the new testament that the Devil tempted Jesus to become a king, and Jesus refused. This was obviously an inner voice conversation.
    It is written in the new testament that Jesus in his prayers asked His “Father” not to make him drink the “bitter cup”.
    And if we go even back in time we find that Moses was hearing “voices in his head” that in his case seem to be of type b) (concrete mind and not originating from him).
    All these are famous honored and celebrated among the millenniums inner voices of type b) and d).

    7) The regressive approaches and trap of some of the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.

    It seem to be a tradition to most psychiatrists and psychoanalysts to refuse to accept anything else except of inner voices of types a) and c) (always coming from us).
    Their argument “it exists only in your brain and mind” is so lame , and equivalent to ignorant about the radio technology, that when they listen the voice from the speaker of radio device, they will claim, “it is only created from the circuits of the device” a half-truth that if coupled with regressive attitude in medicine, it is the perfect crime against the visiting individual who what to know more to what is happening to him/her. And so from a healthy and highly psychically advanced individual who belongs to a minority of elite mind evolution, suddenly you become a schizophrenic according to the ignorant doctors.

    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (,_Jr.) is such a case.
    I di believe the same for Eleanor Longden (, in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia in their cases.

    Are there cases of really schizophrenic people that in addition hear “voices in their head” ? I believe yes!
    I am not sure how a schizophrenic person could be defined literally. But the standard definition would have many actors that play deeply their many different roles, as very close to schizophrenic persons. Of course their are not according to the doctors, as long as they can play also well the role of the usually behaving person who says the usual common sense beliefs and controls himself not to be dangerous to others. It seems to me that “hearing voices in the head” is something totally different than schizophrenic situation. And to use their lame and half-truth argument: Don’t we all listen to voices in our heads when we where earphones and listen to chorals and other music? Does this make all the population schizophrenic? Is there here an element of money interest to psychiatrists that the more often they diagnose you with a psychical problem the more you will visit them and the more they will gain? And the same of course with the pharmaceutical industry.
    And obviously making a diagnosis for such healthy people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated regressive science of psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.

    8) The internet model of the “inner voices”

    Internal voices of type b) can be understood as a wireless internet of the brains.
    This of course entails that there should exist protocols to control if a brain and mind wants or not to communicate through inner sight or inner voice, with another brain, otherwise we have clear cases of privacy invasion and personal information violation. Now not all types of brains , personalities and minds are able to communicate among them. Some brains have close frequency between them ( and at first I mean the average spin of the protons, electrons neutrons in the human bodies) but if so, they may or may not have sufficient affinity.
    This explains why this phenomenon is more common among close friends, twins, members of harmonious families, persons that work close in the work etc.
    But it can happen also to total strangers as if they were soul mates.
    In addition the brains seem to have natural firewall to protect them from other brains, but in some cases this “firewall” of the brain may have been destroyed.
    As this phenomenon of spontaneous telepathy at the concrete mind and the inner or outer senses is an emerging , chaotic and uncontrolled phenomenon, the phenomenon of “hacking” to the inner senses is also very common, especially if coupled with negative , hostile, aggressive intentions of the human will. So this phenomenon can become very dangerous and lead individuals to lose their ability not only for creativity but even worse for performing their mundane work. In some extreme cases may lead them to commit suicide

    9) Global developments across the centuries of the human mind.

    There are may people who believe in the existence of more advanced than ours civilizations in the galaxies. In addition these people believe that in such more advanced civilizations (that are 2-4 thousand years ahead to us) the communication between individuals is entirely through telepathy. In other words that telepathic communication among individuals is
    the normal evolution for a civilization, and not a strange exception of the rule.
    In the series of books by Alice Bailey and in particular in the book “A treatise of cosmic fire” it is predicted that within the next 300 years earthly people will become naturally telepathic.
    If these beliefs are true, then spontaneous telepathy among people is an indication of higher psychic development , it is an emerging virtue and not an abnormality that hast to be suppressed. And obviously making a diagnosis for such people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated science of psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.
    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (,_Jr.) is such a case.
    I di believe the same for Eleanor Longden (, in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia in their cases.

    10) The role of other people and what is really happening.
    There have been reported many cases, where, some people with strong “eye” on others, with a rather unintended and random way, while they have their eyes closed while still in bed just after they have awakened, “see” with their inner sight, “through the eyes” of another person.
    Seeing “through the eyes” of another person is not a just a metaphor as it is used in literature, meaning to put yourself psychologically in the position of another person. It is much more literal.
    You indeed “see” with your inner sight, exactly what the other person sees with his eyes. As if an invisible mobile phone with open video-call is transmitting to your brain the nervous signal of the eyes of the other person. You see the objects in front of him with exact shape and color, the hands of the person or part of his body, exactly as he/she sees her hands and part of the body as he is e.g. working and moving the objects, or when walking or driving etc.
    It seems to be that it happens with other persons that there is some affinity of the mind, created by habitual physical contact with the other person. In other words it is more often with colleges in the work or other students in the University, between family members, close friends, etc. But it may happen with total strangers too that we have never met, and live on the other side of the globe!
    Other people have reported to me doing it for “fun”. Of course if the other is a stranger from another part of the globe not speaking English at all he would listen to the phrase inertly but he would understand nothing.
    For example he might be alone in his room, shaving in from of the mirror. Such cases are best to realize if you know the other person or not. In other cases you see them taking to another person. Actually you see the face of the other person.

    No this entails also an element of “possession” of the other persons mind. It may involve sound and hearing too if it is strong “possession” or not. It is important to realize that this happens rather spontaneously without any paranormal protocol for it, or initial intention.
    A friend of mine told me
    “I myself have sometimes such experiences while in my bed awake and with closed eyes. It is not a dream, as you are fully awake, and you may know the other person”.
    My friend went on
    “As such a phenomenon includes a kind of possession of someone else’s mind , which is a kind of violation of his privacy, when it occurs to me, I steer my mind away from his/her mind to other streams of thoughts. But as long as I did not do it, and as long the audio element was included too, then if I “speak” with my inner voice , to the other person, I am sure he would listen to me as ‘”an inner voice”. And I could startle him/her by referring to objects or actions that only he/she sees and knows. For example he might be alone in his room, ready to light a cigarette, and me (as I do not smoke) I could use irony and tell him with my inner voice “How stupid!, You will start again with a dummy of nicotine?”. Now this would be certainly spooky and startle him. He would think: “No one else is in my room knowing that I am ready to smoke! It is only me that I know it! What the heck is happening to me? Am I getting schizophrenic?” ”

    I have heard also reports of other people spying with the inner sight on girls in this way while they are having their bath, or are changing cloths etc According to me it is certainly an invasion of privacy, and violation of private information.
    In some occasion the “victim” B was a friend of A, and somehow recognized the voice, and when after some days met he described to him (A) about his “inner voice” that sounded like his voice and asked him if he was real, A replied that what he (B) says is nonsense and his getting schizophrenic.
    But from another report, to me, in another occasion, the “seer and speaker” B did admitted his
    remote involvement to the private life of A, to A.
    The situation of course is even worse, when the person A “seeing through the eyes” of person B is hostile , with hatred and aggressiveness in a systematic way to the person B. In other words a situation of “Resistance” as described by Steven Pressfield above.

    The previous examples show how inner voices of the 2nd kind can be created (concrete and from outside to us sources).

    There are of course more rare cases, as some friends of mine have reported to me, where the previous phenomenon is mutual, and then what happens is something quite remarkable: Both persons A, and B see internally each other faces, and listen each other internally as if in front of screen in their brains, and a decent short exchange of a phase may happen. I cannot fully understand the details of it, but they have reported to me as their true experience.

    11) The tyranny of non entitled ,indiscreet and aggressive over- familiarity or Intimacy and the power of mind over mind.

    As we mentioned before the spontaneous telepathy happens easier among people with close physical contact. Also simply living in the same room or building might be a good reason.
    Therefore any tyrannic indiscrete and aggressive over-familiarity and intimacy will increase the probabilities of spontaneous telepathy of “telepathic hacking”, which create in its turn an inner voice tyranny.

    12) Possible and feasible resolutions.

    The first defense of course is to be aware of all the above, and be aware of all the 4 types of inner voices. Is it abstract in the meaning only voice or concrete with recognizable wording and syntax? Is it an echo from my habitual speaking or an inner abstract voice of my moral consciousness or do I have proofs that it more probably does not come from me?

    If it does not come from me, is it probable that it comes from the people that use to contact, or from even deeper and remote sources? Then silence and changing the habits that attract them might be an escape from them. Maybe we should prepare counter-phrases with our correct meaning and attitude with which we may battle them. And it is best to write on paper a list of such counter-phrases to the phrases of the voices. If these “telepathic hackers” turn to become very disturbing in our work and life, and threaten our best principles , values and intentions, we should not hesitate to declare war against them in the way that Steven Pressfiled very wisely describes.
    In spite our efforts nevertheless the inner voices may continue. But in many cases that have reported to me the inner voices of type b) completely disappear when the individual travels and stays for at least a week in a foreign country that speak a different language.
    As the proverb says sometimes we do not solve completely our problems but simply we survive longer than them. (a day comes that the problems die without us having solved them).

  57. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    A poem dedicated to people that listen voices and to a poem by G. Seferis
    by C. Kyritsis


    She was all light of cloths with shadow
    The wind blows
    She does not make the difference of anything
    She knows everything
    Wings of butterfly that dances without butterfly in the flowers
    You do not see her even when she is kissing you

    She knows the dawn and the evening
    She knows the stars
    She is not feeding the flesh
    She is not a ghost
    She is not dead
    She has no race
    She cannot die.

    Every one remembers her
    and shall have forgotten her like that
    She is not an ancestor
    She is stepping with tired shoes
    on rotten memories
    and flies your beautiful feelings
    with large wings

    She travels your life in new places
    on earth and
    even among the stars
    It can make the sky, the sea
    and the moon
    at the evening watch in the beach
    feel like a closed temple of shelter

    It multiplies the meaning of peoples words
    and the causes of peoples actions
    It has no pride or humility
    decency, shame or lasciviousness
    She can delete half of your brain
    with an evening sunset

    The sleep shall spread her hair
    in the hands of the young girls to play
    in the temple of your love

    The ancient spirit spoke to me
    and its voice was sight.
    It’s words were touching the sun.

    With every word it changed
    a human face in a human face.
    Few faces that I new
    even my face,
    but mostly many more unknown to me,
    men women and children
    that have lived , live and shall live
    Beautiful faces , living faces.

    No one human could claim its words
    or its second person interplay.
    The spirit lets me choose the meaning

    ” I am your free time
    maybe I am none
    But I can be who you want
    I am you soul”

    I spoke to it and I said:
    I prey for my will be free
    When I do not want to listen to the voices,
    then not to hear them,
    and when I do not want to see at the faces,
    then not to see them

    But it is to you
    When you want , and I want too
    then to listen to the voices
    and when you want , and I want too
    then to see at the faces.

  58. Rajiv


    Like you guys, i also hear voices. One day i was in my office and having a discussion with my colleague over some issue. Suddenly voice said to slap him on his face. I did nothing. My approach was and is different. Do not react! Observe it, do not do anything and it will go. Do not feel bad that you heard a voice.

    Let us understand why these voices come in our brain. There are negative forces in the environment and they try to overpower you and make you their instrument to derive pleasure from your wrong doing. If you are observant, you can see this voice distinctly coming into your mind. If you catch it when it is taking form in your mind, the such voice will loose its strength and next time it will be very mild. Continue observing, it will no longer come to bother you.

    Do not worry, just observe voices and do not react, you will feel better. You need to practice it …

    Good wishes.

  59. DWJ

    I guess hearing my voices started , when I was younger when my mom and dad divorced I was around 8 or 9 yrs old they would always be telling me negative things about my self – when I was around 14 I didn’t hear the voices as often- Then in the 1990’s the voices started to come more often , only now some times my voices would be from people or shadows of people talking to me ,some I would know some I wouldn’t they want me to hurt my self in some way or other – I’am on medicine now , and also in counseling , But that has only helped so much , I’m not comfortable with them – I need a way to handle them

  60. Simon Belling

    Hi to everyone,
    Your posts are very interesting.
    I have been hearing “the dead” for nearly 10 years now.
    It ruined my career and my life in general and i’ve been battling on a day to basis.
    I wish there was better knowledge about this.
    People need to know that these are real “dead” people, dicking about with our minds. they get in when we are quiet and alone a lot and trick you by making the noises seem like they are inside or outside. they can piggy back off the noises you hear and also talk directly if they want to. some hide and play fiddly tricks with your thinking.
    I think we are hopeless not getting this sorted.
    the spirits are scared to come out. they are a bit mental sometimes and are scared of getting in trouble for hurting people.
    they listen to all of us all the time.
    Some are nice, some are nasty. they can really hurt you in so many ways.
    we could surely set up experiments.
    anyway. good luck everyone. I know this is extremely hard to handle.
    best wishes.

  61. Ralph Williams

    I have only heard what I must call a voice once. I have no other way to describe the experience. This was way over two decades ago, I was much younger. I was coming home from work in the early morning about 3:40 something a.m.. I did this drive every night for over 3 years.

    I was on the 405 freeway heading southbound in the fast lane as usual, just a little over the speed limit. Not too fast, there was almost no traffic at all back then that time of night (morning). I was driving listening to my music on the radio (Jamming! my music was kind of loud). While listening to a song, I thought I heard someone or something say “change lanes!”. At first I recall thinking that must have been some kind of random thought that popped into my head? So I ignored it, and continued on listening to my music. Then I heard it again “Change lanes!”. I think it happened once more, and I thought to myself, oh well, I will just change lanes. I moved over one lane to the right, and continued on my way, not thinking much about it again. A few minutes later, all of a sudden a wrong way driver past me going in the opposite direction, in the same lane I was just in. I never even notice it coming towards me, the headlights were off.

    I could not believe it, I had to look in my rearview mirror to see if I really saw what I thought I had just seen. My heart was racing, I almost slowed to a complete stop. I think the two of us must have been the only two on that stretch of the freeway. I wanted to warn others but there were no personal cell phones back then. And I did not stop at an emergency phone on the side of the freeway (shame on me). But I guess we both made it home safely, because I watched the news for any head-on collisions that morning, and there were none. Thank God!

    I have not heard that voice, or had any similar experiences since then.

  62. David Lawrence


    My name is David. I am in my mid-forties and live in California, USA. Although I have very rarely heard audible voices, I have had a multitude of experiences wherein my environment and/or other people have spoken to me through codes/signs. My first experiences along these lines began in 2005. These experiences often led to injury of self and/or other. I felt powerless and fearful. As my life condition worsened, I eventually reached a point where I saw no other choice but to work on my personal recovery. It has been a long and difficult road, but the most important thing I have learned is that I am ultimately responsible for my actions. It is my choice whether or not to obey (or even pay attention to) the signs I encounter. Currently, I work part-time in the mental health field. I help to facilitate recovery for others as well as myself. I am also a writer, having published a memoir that chronicles my experience of mental illness from 2005 to 2009. A future volume will address my recovery. In closing, I would like to add the following: while I have been involved in what many would call “occult practices,” I do not believe such practices to be evil/harmful in and of themselves. I view the occult as a tool/perspective which may be used for good and/or ill. My focus in life is to gain knowledge of the truth, however hidden it may happen to be, and to bring that knowledge to light for the benefit of others.

    Comments are most welcome.

  63. BJ Mayben

    I am blessed with DID and have many voices in my head (I didn’t always consider this a blessing but as I have learned how my parts protected ME from severe physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect my attitude has changed). It is sometimes difficult, like when I grocery shop with 15 children and adolescents but sometimes very helpful, like one of my teens has immediate recall for directions and phone numbers. I have been in therapy for many years and I think that has helped me learn to cope with the many parts, whether child, adolescent or adult. I find that friends are not very understanding! They are afraid!
    I am glad to have found this site with the help of my therapist so I can read other people’s stories and share my own. Blessings and Peace, BJ

  64. Someone

    I guess I’ve been hearing voices for years now, but in a way I always thought/knew I was normal. I think we all have those impulses to “pour a glass of water” over someone or something that seems strange… and for those of us who hear voice but are not schizophrenic I think it’s fairly easy most of the time to just tell the voice “no”. My Aunt gets this way around bridges, I get this way around scissors.

    The biggest voices I hear come from my inner child, my inner adult, and GAD. I know these voices and have always recognized them as “me”. My inner child has been acting up and “doesn’t want to” it doesn’t want to go to bed (ever until I am too tired and can’t help it, though I personally love napping and sleeping) I know this comes from years of neglecting myself, of being the only person to take care of the majority of my needs in my life. The way to calm my inner child is to stop telling it I’m an adult and can’t do things I want that seem silly. I try not to go overboard, do anything in public, or do anything too childish… and be responsible but it’s hard when a voice tells you your NOT going to bed because it doesn’t feel like it. My inner adult tells me and pushes me to do things that are healthy for me it judges mein a productive way, which is great for me becuase I have gad which has a voice of it’s own. My aniexty loves to talk to me and tell me what a terrible person I am for every mistake I make … which sometimes I have to respond (outloud) to I’m sorry to. I don’t hear the voice often but sometimes GAD takes that form inside my head. of course there are other voices I know I create but they are all less pronounced and more me.

    These are all my voice. Talking to me… just different sections of my mind, they have never told me to do anything crazy (that I felt I had to listen to) or that I ever thought was abnormal. I think I’m fine. If your voices are like mine you’re fine too.

  65. Ornella

    Hello my name is Ornella i’m 22 years old,my story of life is i hearing voices in my mind is about 16 years,now my voices are my best friends forever,i consider them like a gift,i transform them
    in a rarely intelligence for help the others person.To hearing voices is very special,is my gift and my schizophrenia put me far away in my life.I’m a very kind person,i think sometimes how my life she is without the voices,no i love to hear voices because
    that’s my gift to make the goodness and happiness,also the positivism to the others.

  66. Amanda Bryan

    My name is Amanda and I am a voice-hearer of eighteen years. This is a valuable organization and I am privileged to be a part of it.

  67. martin

    I am in my mid fifties, live in the UK, have two sons and am recently divorced.
    I cannot explain my story but it was real and has left me with a more open mind than perhaps I had before, a couple of years back my father and step mother popped in for a routine cuppa and a chat, before leaving my father shook my hand and in that moment I heard a voice which appeared to be my fathers saying that he was going to die? the voice was very calm and matter of fact, it left me bewildered to say the least!
    In the next few weeks he began having problems with his bladder and had several visits to the hospital, underwent tests which at the time uncovered nothing untoward, then one day he collapsed and was rushed in whereupon they eventually diagnosed him with cancer in his bladder which was inoperable, it had already spread throughout his body and within three short months he passed away.
    I had never experienced a voice before or since and am totally baffled by this, it did allow me to come to terms with his passing as I knew it was inevitable despite people around me saying things like “more people survive this sort of thing” and “never give up hope” what I find mystifying is if this was his voice I heard how would he have known before the medical establishment? and what was the purpose of letting me in on this? it has left me with more questions than answers, but one thing is certain, it was as real to me as any other actual voice I have ever heard, and despite this incident I am still a perfectly sane and rational 50 something individual.

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