About Voices

There are lots of different ways of understanding and relating to voices and other similar sensory experiences.

Some people view their experiences as a symptom of a mental health problem, relating to diagnoses like psychosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression or PTSD. Others may understand their experiences as a natural response to trauma or adverse life experiences (such as childhood abuse, poverty, discrimination, racism, victimisation or social isolation). Others may see their voices as a gift or sensitivity, an ability that can be a valued part of their life. Others may experience them as an unwanted force in their lives that they are struggling to manage.

This section includes lots of information about hearing voices. We try and look at the experience from lots of different angles, so whether you see voices as relating to difficult life experiences or as a special gift or sensitivity – we hope that there is something here for you.

If you have a perspective that is not covered here, and would like to share your story, please get in touch.

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  1. Firat Ekinci

    Hi I hear voices and I would like to have some information so I can get updated daily.

    1. the truth

      when and were did you start hearing voices and for how long

    2. katie

      I also hear voices.. I know some times it hell. I love to lisen to music, and I love thoughts CDs that mimic the sounds of rain or the ocean. I also try putting a ear plager to stop hearing my voices. I also keep myself very busy. I volunteering for the ymca and a nursing home as well. I also go to Nami sapport groups at N.hs. in Carbondale pa. I also go swimming a lot that seems to stop all the voices for about a hour. I also have looked up everything about every thing know to man about mental illness. The more I understand my illness I feel more in control…. if you what to talk or ask more questions.. please feel free to contact me at my mother’s E-mail.(please note that we don’t publish personal email addresses -described in our posting policy – Admin Intervoice) I hope this helps!! Signed this is hope…

      1. Liza C

        I need help, my boyfriend has voices in his head , i can cope with his anger and everything but i dont know what to do anymore. He won’t go to the doctor to get help. Hes been hearing the voice since about 6 years old after a lady killed herself right in front of him. His life is very tragic. Hes been beat my his parents. Hes witnessed murders, assaults, almost got kidnaped, his little brother has autism. He never gets to see him because hes at a stay away home. All his life hes had no body by his side until i came along. The voice made him try shooting someone in the leg (gun was empty) , he killed animals, the voice doesnt have complete control over him but i feel like its going to get worse. People told me it can be the devil trying to get his soul. ALSO , the voice told him to sell his soul to the devil. Help me please i really need this.

        1. Bill

          Ignore the devil thing first.
          The more you solve this problem, the more we are actually revolving around the Devil problem.
          The more people are scared of the devil the more you cannot solve the problem.

          He needs therapy not just to forget the voices. But also need therapy for him to learn valid ways to let go of the very painful memories.

          First. Obtain a blessing from a church for a religeous protection from Jesus.
          No religeous officer will refuse to give a free blessing.
          It is best to get a religeous tradition that he or you can fully trust.

          Second. Bring in some (male and female) friends to help him out by doing some activities with him.
          6 years of problem will need several years of “therapy”

          Dont only relax him. Also give him something that makes him know he can actually do something like a man. Such as basketball, climbong ,rugby and art.
          And perhaps cooking and writting.

          Unlike women.
          Mens brain cannot work by “sit and talk”
          Men are better off with “activities”

          It is because these activites will take years.
          His friends might not be able to stay for him not even enough for 2 years.

          The more challanging the activity. The better he can rewore his life.

          Make someone whom he can trust be avaliable to him always when you are not avaliable.

          Get a few trusted friends amd family to ask him amd bring him to a psychological doctor. Because a range of condition. Not just depression but also schizophrenia can lead to this result. It is important to allow these underlying conditions (if any) to be discovered of there is one.

          Lastly. Keep reading and finding help for him
          Even ‘strong people’ like military officers in America can commit suicide. There is many researches trying to use art and other activities to make people ‘realize what really happened’ in order to ‘let it go’.

        2. Bill

          It is because his childhood. Schoolhood and adult hood are greatly disrupted. We need both MALE AND FEMALE friends to rebuild his world insode his brain. His life and his mind. He really need friends . Enough in numbers. To rebuild his archetypes insode his brain. So as to know that nothing is really happening from the devil.

          It is because he not enough people to turn to
          He believe that something is wrong.
          But he dont know how to solve this problem
          Thats why he need quite a few people to really help him out.
          I hope you can find enough friends for him to “always
          hang out with

      2. Tasandra Johnson

        I sure wish I could talk to someone who hears voices all the time the way I do, ….for the last 5years I have been hearing cruel voices, mostly a man and a women, they say sexually mocking stuff , and put downs, they are cleverly monitering every thing I do,and are studied in all the subtalties of harassing a person into darkness and negativity. I tried recording them on evp, but I get nothing, I have come to beleive they are part o the devil, and they found a way to get through to me phychicly.

  2. Raina Walks

    My voices are real and are familiar with every single detail of my life and they like to tell things to me that I have long forgotten but which surface when they bring them up.

    I have faced a lot of demons from my past when they brought things up and in some cases the voices suggested different ways of looking at what happened but I had to stop them from doing that…I had to tell them that I needed to look at it from many angles myself and come to my own conclusion without their influence or interference.

    My voices don’t care about me…they just say things and do things to see what I will do or say and told me they don’t care about the outcome….they will just watch what happens to me.

    I have taken control of my life back from the voices…for a long time they had control over me and sometimes total control….that is so dangerous….

    1. Karolina

      How did you take control back? My sister is going through your situtation and she’s asking me for help. Please write back.

      1. Kay

        She needs to be firm with them. This is her body and not theirs. She needs to make limits for them, such as, you can only talk to me right before I go to bed or when I’m in danger. She does have control, and she needs to take it by being extremely firm as a mother with their child.

      2. katie

        I hope that she feel better soon. May I ask if she sees things or also hear voices too? I think she should see a thearpies, and get more info, about the illness. I feel more control that way. if she wants to write to me please feel free to contact me by e-mailing though my mom’s e- mail.. (Admin Intervoice: please note that we don’t publish personal email addresses – see our policy on the website)

    2. the truth

      when and were did you first here your voices

      1. deborah

        I first started really hearing my voices when I turned 40 and was homeless living by a creek in a shack in 2002.

    3. Maura Mould

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! I have been hearing voices now for 8 years. I am no closer to having my peace of mind back. I want them to go and they just keep coming.

    4. lee

      My poor sweet son is suffering. I will do anything to help him.He cares for everyone but he feels like he is all alone with these hateful voices that keep him awake with the horrible past.

  3. someguy

    I dont accept voices as mine. I didnt ask for them, they arent welcome around me. Theyve got absolutely no meaning. They want to kill me and I dont need that.

    1. jwe

      I finally figured out those voices that hate me and want me dead are the voices of my abusive parents. These are the things they said to me all my life, but now they had taken a “life” inside my head. In a mental confrontation I stood up to them and they shut up. Hope that helps.

      1. ella

        hi everyone

        fro years i thought my voices are a disease
        i was on medication for some time but i decided to stop it
        cause i dont believe in psychiatry as i feel these peopole
        have no real clue about brain-mental-soul stuff.
        i am open minded , no slave to any religion and
        i love freedom.
        the voices i heard were negative but sometimes very clever
        the voices refer to my life and sometimes i thought that these
        are my real thoughts , depressions and fears but as one has
        to act on the outside like “everything is ok” it comes back to you then
        as a tsunami of voices and eccoes…
        i m trying to deal with my inner unhappyness now and hope
        this makes the voices to stop.
        and indeed , when i act free and do and feel what i really want and feel,
        including negative moments , the voices seem to reduce.
        when i experience something negative i try to use logic , humor and
        try to slove the problem not to hide it in the cupboard of my mind.

    2. Greg

      I agree. I don’t accept the voices as part of me either – they are so alien to me, so downright nasty and evil that they could not possibly be part of me.

      Accepting the voices as being part of oneself has led many people to believe that they themselves are evil… for having evil thoughts.

      I also disagree that they have meaning, ‘based on past experiences’. Not at all… the voices will do their utmost to use your past experiences to scare you, or make you uncomfortable about yourself.

      This does mean you need to become comfortable with yourself as you are… then the voices will not be able to use any of your own feelings or thoughts against you.

      None of us is perfect… if the voices criticise you… just say “really? that may be so, but at least i know where my issues are and am working on them…” to take the wind out of their sails. It won’t stop them repeating the same criticism immediately, or finding something else, but it does diminish their impact quite quickly.

      Also, try asking them confrontational questions… I have found that shuts them up quite well…. Your natural response to them criticizing is likely to be defending yourself… resist this natural response and challenge them with something like…. “well who doesn’t have a few serious problems?” or ” yes (agree rather than defend) and what else do you suggest I do about it?”…. they will often respond with suggestions about things to do, usually harmful to yourself and others…. just ask…” how will that help the situation?”

      don’t let them get away with making inappropriate comments… keep sayin “you haven’t answered my question” or repeating your question “how will that be helpful?”

      they are saying things to get a response or get you thinking about something you do not want to think about. The trick is not to respond in the way they want you to… you can exercise more control by asking them questions…. especially if you persistently phrase them to make it clear their comments will only be tolerated if they are constructive.

      You can control the topic much more by pushing back with questions. They will do their best to avoid answering… so don’t let up!!

  4. karen mcgruddy

    I hear voices & would like updates on living with hearing voices

  5. Anna Peter

    I know well how it is, to be hearing voices…

    I can surely promise that they are nothing else than your own thoughts which get their own dynamic… more you try to suppress them…the more they come…

    In my opinion every one hears voices. Thoughts are nothing else but voices… it begins with: “What should I cook today…” followed by “what would my husband say, if he saw this…”

    Let someone without sleep for some days…his thoughts will become louder and louder and they will get their own life pretty soon….

    If you have anything much shameful…memories …experiences in the past…the voices are constantly reminding you, that the door to these experiences is still open…

    I once in hospital had a colleague (a patient) who suffered by the idea to be observed by the KGB (Russian secret service)… and the story behind was, that he has been politically active on the very left side (Communist Party), but his parents had been conservative… he changed to the opinion of his parents…then (?) his life problems began…but he never did the work to clear his own situation. No doctor could help him, because none of them understands the real dynamic of thoughts…

    So I can tell you: By principle you all are still normal…so am I…when I’m in peace with my life I don’t need to have loud thoughts…when I have problems…I sleep little and thoughts become louder…sometimes I have the whole group of my colleagues in my mind who discuss about everything and everyone…

    I’ve made an analytic therapy and that could help to find the middle of my own thoughts…

    I work hard as a social worker in a youth office…and I’ve made my illness turning towards a better understanding for others 🙂
    Anna Peter
    Anna Peter
    June 12, 2011 at 7:58 pm | Permalink | Reply

    P.S.: You’re still reading these sentences…and you hear them…isn’t it?

    The aggressive voices…drawn away from your person…like “I kill you” or “you have to kill your self” or something else…in my experience they are nothing but sadness. Auto aggression, you can’t get along with.

    It’s hard to know, but it’s also a part of you… Therapy can help in my opinion to get along but you have to find a therapist you can go along with…and who can hold you…you have to learn firstly to be in accordance to your self…even with the voices…you have to make your “I am!” strong. 🙂

    I don’t know if it’s easy to understand…but English is not the language I speak usually.

    1. Elizabeth Smalley

      @ Anna , i feel like you do my voices bring up my past to me and scare me they make fun of the way i talk

      1. john ramzan

        death in many cultures can viewed as a metaphor not liturally killing yourself but letting go of the past, language is key here, ‘unresolved issues that may need addressing’ or’ just simply let them go’, death and rebirth its great! out with the old in with the new, when you get up in the morning will your self to let go of the past your here and now, accept your mistakes and move on, or admit to yourself, tell the truth and move on, its a powerful concept. i tryed to help my voices for a time which helped, make your voices like you. pink the singer has a great take on this in her song perfect, love your self be happy and dont be scared theres no need

        1. John M. Fuchida

          i really found your words to be helpful and wrote it down to save it. It seems logical to me and wise. Resolving things seems to be a part of rebirth and the cycle of birth and death is a very real dynamic. Thanks.

    2. the truth


      1. 1prophetspeaks.com

        voices are thoughts. all thoughts come from the spiritual realm the word ‘inspiration’ means ‘a spirit goes into it’. it is normal christian theology to hear voices. both God and demons talk to everyone. Our conscience and intuition is God
        demons talk to us if we give them an opening. Some openings include: drugs which affect the mind including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych meds. also, demonic spirits transmit thru verbal and physical contact. I have picked up spirits of depress- by touching someone who had it, or by sitting in earshot of people drinking beer and talking, or sitting where they sat.
        All mental and physical illneses are caused by demonic spirits whose assignemnts are the names of those disease. Jesus rebuked them. he told his followers to do it, but said this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting. i have rebuked canc-, asthm-, depress-.
        Other openings for demonic spirits include sin, bad music, books, art, symbols, occult objects. Whatever spirit ‘inspires’ the music, book etc will be near us if we carry or have the object in our house. when it is removed the oppression leaves.
        see articles and free books at 1prophetspeaks.com
        SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a serious mental disorder
        (it is a nonsense label used by atheistic psychiatry to falsely call Christians and anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences mentally ill)
        The mental health system is a front for nazi genocide
        Message to families of mental patients

      2. Antithesis

        Its the truth you’re writing, but all the doctor dont like the antithesis to drug OD treatment

    3. Greg

      No never!
      They are ABSOLUTELY NOT your own thoughts…

      They will do their best to repeat your thoughts or copy them as soon as you express them…. to try and make you think that they are their thoughts or that they know what you are about to think or that they can influence what you are thinking. Or, they will complete thoughts that you have begun… as if ‘speaking’ on your behalf

      you can interrupt this process…. think more slowly, and change direction mid ‘sentence’, deliberately thinking of two ways to complete your thought sentence… and express the alternative version to the one they hastily run ahead of you with.

      alternatively think in gobbledy gook… any sequence of words that is not predictable… and they will struggle to follow and find it impossible to run out ahead of you.

    4. Theresa Haffner

      Re: Voices

      I have had a great amount of experience with voices and I agree with the writer. The voices are not external—the do not originate from a different source than you—they are internal.. They come from inside, and though they may seem completely independent, radical, and adversarial, ultimately they originate from you and ultimately can be brought under your control. This realization of the true nature of our psychic reality—that they are you and not somebody or something else—is your only defense and only hope in an otherwise insane universe and the only division between sanity and mental illness.

      Obviously the voices are real. Obviously other people, even people who hear voices , cannot hear them.
      I believe the voices are a naturally occurring faculty that exists in all people although most people experience it as feelings, intuition, hunches, premonitions, meaningful coincidences, etc. Only in a few people is it strong enough or refined enough to experience it as voices. Also the faculty can be expressed in different ways. Automatic writing can be a way that the voices can express themselves directly in a form that can be read by other people. Psychics also use what is called direct voice communication. Whereas in automatic writing the person allows the entity use of his hand to write, in direct voice he or she allows the voice to use his or her voice to speak directly. (When using this technique it is advisable to use a tape recorder or at least a friend to listen and tell you what was said, because most ‘mediums’ have little recollection of direct voice communication after the fact.

      Typically in my experience, the voices expressed themselves by means of anywhere from two or three to six or seven distinct personalities often like an informal family group or social grouping, each with their own name and distinctive behavior, rank or position in the group, such as father, mother, sister, brother, or friends, and children or young people, and role. The voices excel in subjects with a subconscious or even unconscious nature, emotions, memories, predictions, luck. finding things, personal advice and counseling.. Finding a lover. They have a terrific sense of humor and are great at telling stories or even playing games And they can impersonate anybody’s voice so authentically that it’s impossible to tell the difference between the real thing and the copy. Because I had access to a large group of personalities, I devised tests of 50 questions and would give the same test to the different personalities. The results show them to be extremely talented in emoti0onal subjects, insights, psychological or metaphysical pursuits. But when it came to hard core intellect like scientific knowledge or even doing math problems, they fall way down and can barely get through. Also, though it is a smaller amount, a significant number of people also experience the voices visually. They see to a greater or lesser extent the personalities that are talking to them. Unfortunately, my voices arranged themselves into two factions—one that was ostensibly helping me and one that was diametrically opposed to what I was doing. They staged conflicts, struggles, fights, even wars among themselves that I found out later were all staged and were not real in themselves because the same faction took both sides.

      My struggles with the voices lasted about three years and came to a positive conclusion. However the mistreatment that many people suffer from voices, in particular the hard core ones that tell people to hurt themselves or hurt others or constantly belittle or torment the person for unjust reasons, or no reason just that they could do it—using satanic imagery and so forth—should not have to be endured by any human being and should be considered against the law and not be tolerated by anyone concerned. Unfortunately you cannot just tell the voices to stop doing something and expect them to go along with it it. But it is possible to have an intervention. A few years ago a young woman came to me complaining that the ‘spirits’ were frightening her and making her miserable. She was ordinarily personable and positive but periodically she would become withdrawn and agitated. I tried the usual psychic means to communicate with her ‘spirits’ but to no avail. However, later on I fell asleep for a few hours. In my dream her spirits approached me. Abusively at first. But soon I was able to communicate with them to some extent. I recognized them and gave them respect. I communicated my dissatisfaction with the way they were treating the girl. It wasn’t 100% successful, but it made a dent and later the girl told me her condition had improved substantially..

      Another means of influencing the behavior of voices has been practiced in mysticism for years. It is the so called magickal ritual, which is a means of auto hypnosis that directly affects the voices to alter their behavior. It’s a great means of stimulating and increasing paranormal activity and a great means for channeling or influencing it’s behavior once stimulated.

      Also there is good old fashioned prayer. Prayer diligently and systematically applied always leads to an improved situation.

      The worst thing you can due is settle for a misinterpretation or wrong understanding of the nature of the voice phenomena. Many people assume that it is telepathic communication from other people or sources such as angels, demons, god or the devil, government agencies. dead people, or your mother.. This is not the truth. Though it appears to be telepathy received, in truth it is messages from yourself.

      1. johnnyboy

        This is interesting. I just want to know what do you do when you might experience all the above and do all the above to free yourself. Dealing with trauma created by source and exc. How do you be your own.

    5. Bev W

      Anna P, you are the first person I’ve come across who has described exactly how I feel. I recognise the voices in my head as my own thoughts with the odd occasion of other known people’s voices echoing round reiterating conversations had or inventing potential scenarios. Add the sounds of a radio in with the jumbled thought process and that’s me not sleeping. I have antidepressants which help calm my head down but once a month my hormones take over and I feel really sad almost suicidal. I hate those days.


    I have been hearing these voices since August 12, 2004 and they admit to raping me numerous times in the past. The voices are familiar and unwanted. I can’t understand why they must seek attention through me, my actions or my daily life. I know that the voices are through electronics and that the voices that belong to the people using the devices are sick people harming many many people. For now, KAK

    1. Jo Harfield

      I’ve been hearing voices for the past 7 years sometimes they seem to be able to predict things and sometimes the things they say arn’t true. they suggest a lot of negative ideas. So obviously a lot of the time I’m frightened because life just feels like its always going to be a nightmare. would just like to communicate with someone who understands this horrible experience.

      1. Shane Egen

        Hi Jo, I’m new to this site but have followed Intervoices’ wonderful work for a number of years .
        I was touched by your post, but what stood out for me was that you had the self-awareness or “insight” to realise that some of what the voices tell you is untrue. In my 7 years of mental health Support Work most voice-hearers seem unwilling or unable to question or “reality check” the information or messages they are receiving. I tend to think that this points to the fact that you may have skills/strengths you perhaps are unaware of in regards to common sense, gut instincts and have most likely already developed strategies for re-grounding and re-centering.
        These are huge pluses that many people lack, and in my experience of voice-hearing for a number of years (perhaps my whole life) are powerful tools to have available.
        I always advise self-education, as this experience is unique to the individual and so the key to unlocking its significance and meaning to you may take some digging.
        As John Kirwan says, hold on to hope though, as many people live and function perfectly well while coping with this phenomenon-including myself.
        I am a Like Mind Like Mine Hearing Voices Workshop presenter, whereby we offer a simulation of the hearing voices experience, education designed to break down stigma and discrimination, and also tell our personal stories of hope and recovery from these experiences.
        Knowledge is power, and you need to get around positive role-models, inspirational people and don’t forget the possiblity of a spiritual component here either. I am not pushing any religion, but many cultures have always viewed such matters from a spiritual perspective. Good luck!

        1. Jen

          My dad started hearing voices last year and we have been on a roller coaster ever since. He is one of the ones who cannot seem to “reality check” the information, as you put it. His psychiatrist put him on medication but NEVER has actual conversations with him. The whole story is too long to type but I am wondering how people find their way through the mess of doctors, clinics, red tape, etc to find actual HELP.

        2. Raven Jae

          Where is the line drawn between sanity and reality, knowledge or ignorance, belief and disbelief? We are moved towards something, toward everything we do.. Also known as our gut, therefore we are speaking inside our minds. Or perhaps lets say our subconscious?.
          If you don’t mind me asking, Out of your 7 years of experience working with people and the voices they hear, how many people say that the voices are telling them to do good things?, Or are they more so always hearing them tell them to do horrible things? Covering them with negative energy..? Does that not sometimes mean being able to negotiate the difference between right and wrong, that even if we want to do something we shouldnt? Well maybe that’s a silly question..
          I guess that also could depend on what it is you believe, do not believe, and chose to believe. If you open yourself up to things of such nature, they will eventually harass you in some way of another.. Play with fire get burnt! Believe in good.

          1. Matthew

            I have a positive voice I talk to called Jesus. he is real and gives me messages/prophecies to give other people that turn out to be right and vey helpful and encouraging to people.

            I also have a voice that is false that pretends to be Jesus and tricks me from time to time. This voice has told me to do some damaging things in the past and because I thought it was Jesus speaking to me, I obeyed it. This voice has told me to go off my medication 3 times.

            Sure, I am happy to say that some voices might be made up by ourselves, it just has not been the case with me.

      2. c

        Have that sometimes myself. It is as if they know what is going to happen. I think of it in a way I once heard articulated in a movie. A window washer on the side of a high building can see what is going to happen a few blocks ahead of a person at ground level. That doesn’t mean that the window washer is god, or even smarter than the person at street level, it just means that he has a better vantage point sometimes. In other words the voices that you hear may be from a better vantage point, but that does not mean that they are benevolent or from a source that is more enlightened than you so weigh the information carefully. Even if it is valid it may not end up that disregarding them is a bad thing at all. Also try to stay away from caffine, for some reason I find this makes them louder. Also for some strange reason when I listen to classical music, e.g. Mozart I find I hear them less. Hope this helps

      3. Greg

        the voices do their best to deceive you… especially by creating a (false) sense of power and knowledge.

        know that they have no power at all… other than the effect their words have on you.

        ‘my’ voices have been particularly nasty, so i know what you mean…. but they are using your fear of the unknown and a bunch of tricks to create the impression that they have power. by saying things at certain times, they focus your mind on certain things…. which can create the impression that they have ore influence than they do.

        i have had experiences where the voices have predicted something…. BUT they have only ever been correct when they have described something already decided or already happening…. that I have not yet (but am about to) come across. every single forecast or prediction more than a few minutes into the future has been wrong.

        it is as if they can see what is happening around you and tell you about it…. BUT thay are NOT able to influence it, or be the cause of it… even though they will claim this to be so, to falsely give the impression they have power or influence.

      4. 1prophetspeaks.com

        it is just demons. The negative stuff is them talking. God also talks to us thru our conscience and intuition. demons harangue, mock, etc. most of the cause of this is environmental. music, books, art, symbols, etc and all drugs such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd and all psych meds are openings. whatever spirit inspires the music, book etc will be near you unless you remove it. try it. also sin is an opening for demonic attack until we repent.
        i have written free books and articles at 1prophetspeaks.com
        SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a serious mental disorder
        How to be healed, saved & born again. jesus heals.
        Manual for Transformatinal Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry
        Message to families of mental patients

        this will help you. trust me

    2. john ramzan

      ive looked into the electronic thing its a bit of an epidemic, ive been through that, its a concept of the mind, its actually very cruel and in humane, did you here about it on the internet? the problem with the internet anything can be published its an idea abit likr the boogy man, it plays on your mind, let it go and accept that you here voices as stated at the beginning of this page, perception and beleif! come out of your self it can help to look at nature, ie look at a tree, by going down that path your allowing your self to be influenced, you have a scentific mind or an interest in science, maybe its a good idea to look at sound and how we respond to it, use your mind to defend your self, knowledge and understanding, kong fu of the mind!!!! thats where it lies, all the best brothers and sisters

    3. bill

      there are no devices that can do that, these voices have no life, do not let them have life. I heard voices telling me i had been molested once. I have never been molested.

    4. Greg

      The voices will create any story to get a reaction…. ignore them if you can, or just tell them “what nonsense”.

      they are good at imitation, so if you HAVE had a bad experience in your past, they will use your memory of it to re-create elements of it. rest assured , horrible as it is, it is nothing more than them using your own memory to set up uncomfortable situations for you.

  7. Natalie Spa

    I’m used to thinking in words (and pictures – which the antipsychotics unfortunately also blocked out, I had a photographic memory once!) which I know alot of non-schizophrenic people do too.. true my racing mind used to keep me from sleep at night to the point of hallucination.. then the voices I’d hear would be terrifying and would need to bring them to a halt.. otherwise it’s not a problem, actually I prefer them, I would often have 2-3 streams of thought (words) in my mind.. my main minds’ voice from the front of my head and the other 2 from each side – these are helpful only. No one ever taught me this was wrong – I first went to the psychiatrist to deal with my depression:-( I hate it when they over-prescribe me as it ruins my general intellect and memory recall, long story short.

    1. john ramzan

      the story of mohammed, when he first heard the voice of god he was very scared to put it mildly! just remimded me of what you where saying, fear, fear of knowing that he knows that which we do not or what we know he knows, we’re human, what is it to be human?

    2. bill

      i used to think i pictures to, mainly remembering. then, around 29, after a few years of hearing voices, my memories started to slip two, but for other peoples benifit. almost like something owns my brain and is helping criminals get away with abusing the disabled by disengaging my memory system. I cant remember the details enough to protect myself.

  8. Peter Smith

    I spent years hearing voices in episodes after a big trauma. I think perhaps it’s all about a left brain – right brain separation and the experience of being profoundly silenced. Not in the sense of noone listening to you (i.e. paid professional ‘experts’), but in the sense of noone actually HEARING you. To me it’s about personal power – if others (i.e the professionals) actually heard what one says ( instead of listening and then reinterpreting acording to their World View, interest, and pay packet) then perhaps THEY might have to question or change in some way. To me psychotic voices said one thing – “Listen To Yourself”
    I also reckon I’m sensitive in some way – being mad keeps me stay sane.

    1. john ramzan

      peace out brv !!!! cool

  9. Christopher

    Hearing voices saved my life. I was on the verge of suicide before the voices stepped in. An enlightened perspective brought me home, to my senses. The voices can be silenced – but then we might miss out on their perspective.

    Sometimes their beneficial and at other times they are not, fare enough, the same is true with most people in our lives. We listen and weigh it out for ourselves, then take the next step.

  10. J.S. Thompson

    Your not psychotic if you hear voices and you don’t have a disease! If you hear voices, you are one of a very elite minority of people who have made a decision to walk through the next door of evolution. This is a path that all people will eventually walk in some future life. This is a natural step we all must take. It is an initiation into eternal life. Eventually we all must leave the cycle of life and death and move to the next level. This is how its done. We learn to listen.
    It might be scary, it might be uncomfortable, you might be rejected by society but then again the really great people always are.
    In your experience, don’t jump to conclusions, don’t hang on to the first explanations you get. Be skepticle of everything you hear, be discerning. Understand that there are good people talking to you even though sometimes it might not sound that way. Learn to be a good listener.
    Everyone on the planet needs to learn how to listen but who are they going to listen to? There is no one on the planet who knows they way to eternal life. If we are to get true answers it must come from somewhere else.

    good luck on your journey…
    J.S. Thompson

    1. kristin

      i like that, i pray that’s true.

      1. maryann rogers

        that sound postive

    2. vajra

      i like your take, bro.
      and yes, i do need to learn to listen -and to who – good point.I’ll think that over….ohhhh…
      I always thought teh voices were benevolent if not a bit mean -shamanically speaking…
      i think its like thsi conscious mind thing -ever since i was around that darn tibetan….we are all connected
      the question is…are we going to drive each other nuts!?
      see you later J .S Thompson!

      1. vajra

        p.s you really make it feel o.k to be sensitive and that this is such a natural process, i can only “hope” my family chooses to evolve with me too.

    3. Thai Tam

      You can have any relationship you choose, with the voices. In fact I see them as guardian angels. What you have to do is establish a working relationship with the voices. This relationship needs to be a positive one. Because our angels need to be with us all the time, it pisses them off when we get angry with them. Instead, try confiding in them as a guardian angel.

      My guardian angel is very intelligent, I’ll share everything I possibly can and he called me his master. I will share my emotions, the taste of food in my mouth, smells in the air, music that I listen to, The colours I see. Because I found out he don’t see the world from a human perspective, but he knows everything that goes on in your life and in the world.

      When you help him enter your emotions and let him see out your own two eyes and hear out your two ears, you can tell he is feeling whatever you present to him and he will love you for it. Trust me. Keep trying, with a bit of effort you can tell if you have shared something together.

      Pretty soon you realise that he is always looking out for you with tough love. Once I got paranoid by thinking of people who scarifice children to please their gods and got special powers. I was more upset when my angel told me to kill. I thought what sort of angel are you? When I couldn’t escape it anymore, the thought came to me, to kill the psychiatrist that treated me in the past. When this aroused my emotions which was previously dorminant, I turned to my angel and asked him “is this to wake me up?” He replied with “that is the one” then we both laughed and I joked about him trying to make me kill someone. It was a relief.

      My angels will tell me anything I ask him if it is what I want to know. I need to be clear and precise. I have an angel who is my lover also, we developed a relationship when I was thinking of a girl I used to like from primary school. I began by playing with her as we did when we were young. Once I asked my angel, “is she worth waiting the rest of my life for?”, the angel said “no”. So now the angel takes her place and she constantly kisses me on the cheek when I think of her. In time, she showed me a love I have never knew. Something so special, she can respond with actions that describe me to minute detail.

      The other angel is a male voice. He tells me he is worried about the world. He encourages me to help him with his problems and save him. He has told me many things about the world we live in. This same angel is the one who lets me know when he is not happy with what I’m thinking or the way I am behaving. I’m always free to do whatever I like, he is just always there for the ride. Try telling your angels to kneel down on their knees. They will be happy to serve you. Everyone has guardian angels, some people can hear theirs.

      When I was young I was a Christian. As I grew older, I became more apart from my faith. Because I had faith in my angels, an angel told me that he will grant to me religious freedom. I have had psychotic episodes where I was hunting demons and killing them. Looking back, my angels played along with me and would make my nose feel like it’s bleeding if it got to far.

      At the moment my angels are inspiring me to help him with a problem. He is very happy with me for telling you this and is quite amused by my past psychotic episodes. He wants the truth to come out about certain things but he knows he is not human. And so cannot do anything about it. I am very happy when I help him and he is finding ways he can reward me.

      In life you have your happy and sad moments, just don’t let moments become hostile to your angels and you will be fine.

      1. Gotanangel

        Hi. Your experience is the closest to mine. I can hear Jesus. This happened after I desired to die for a year and I have heard his voice ever since. His main concern seems to be to preserve my life. I just wondered did you read the bible and study it with all your heart to see if God was real before your voice started? I don’t ask this to convert you to Christianity but rather because I want to know if Jesus speaks to people who haven’t done this. I also want to know if you have orgasms with your angel without using your own hands.

      2. cj

        For anyone hearing voices, this reply from Thai Tam is the one worth reading and pondering. That is, if you need explanations for the “voices”.

      3. Steve Lewis

        Thank you so much for your post. It’s quite inspirational and I admire your relationship with something I’ve struggled to not hate.

  11. guess

    I seriously do not believe your voices are hallucinations. I think they are the result of wickedness in high places. I am hated and harassed all the time by voices, but sometimes I have good voices. sometimes voices are inspirational and reveal certain truths – for instance, hidden knowledge about people that surfaced later as being true. Various types of spiritual faith would not be on earth if people did not hear voices.

    Sometimes when I dream, I am talking to people, and when I awake, for an instant, i am still in the dream listening to the conversation. In the conversation, the voice speaking as ME in the conversation is speaking to other people, but I am now AWAKE, and the voice representing ME is not ME! I hate to say it is part of a conspiracy theory, but that is exactly what it is.

    You may not believe this story, but it is of my own experience and is very embarrassing. When I was a trucker for less than a year, i began to hear voices that sounded like a group of liberal people i met a few years prior. I rejected their influence, so they began to attack me through my dreams and thoughts. I began to hear voices, have nightmares, and feel unnatural energies and spirits in my brain and throughout my body. The most prominent voice that had distressed me the most was an aggressive voice that would scream while calling me “********!” Continually for years, this voice would call me this name. A few years past, I was no longer a trucker, and moved to San Diego. I still heard voices, including the one that calls me ******** (still does). I was standing outside a coffee shop open mike event, waiting to play a song, when a thug and a couple of his buddies screamed at me, “Hey ********, You want some?” while starring at me instigating a fistfight or something. It was intimidating a little, but i was also relieved to find out that I was not hallucinating this whole time. I still am not hallucinating. (actually im being called a little ******; right now for writing this)

    Ever read the story of Faust? Faust sells his soul for a Devil that will acquire his every wish on earth. Inspired by real events? I think some soulless creep out there totally hates me, whether male or female. Of course, even if I knew who was playing Faust for real, what could I do?

    There is something big, spiritual, and evil in the world that shares information through dreams, alternate states of reality, and mental telepathy. Indian Witch Doctors used to possess people while they were dreaming because it is like a state of hypnosis, and they had the ability to kill a person from a distance because though dreams, something allowed them to gain control over a person’s bio-electricity. I believe these people still exist, and make life miserable for special people, usually those that have the ability to excel, and that is why you all hear voices. The good thing about this presence of evil, is when in manifests, it proves its opposite to be real, Grace.

    Hearing voices can really help an individual cash in, they are greedy, and they want to keep it a secret. they will kill you for talking. hope it helps, see ya.

    (Post edited by Intervoice Admin)

  12. Cady

    Never accept the voice or voices as belonging to you if you believe the voice(s) are demons.
    God, Jesus Christ, Praying, Faith in self and Faith in God may very well deliver a person from a voice or voices. Never socialize with these things. Exorcism Prayers/Blessings may help also. Moving can be a solution to be rid of a voice as well. Persevere; it takes time and complete Faith in Jesus Christ and God. In the meantime though there are ways to deal with these things…They don’t like Jesus Christ or God and that is the Truth. They fear God and should.
    They know their destination very well and it’s not pretty down there.
    God is reaching out to many. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father…
    No one or nothing ever makes a fool of God. Even if the voice(s) don’t leave that does not mean God has forsaken one. Gods will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Just Me…, but be Good…

  13. David Jones

    Im 17 years old now and i have heard voices since i was five.
    I can remember it, one normal day there where voices, many and both inside and outside.
    i remember myself scream out to them, that you shut up and i was really scared. Then my fear became anger and i found out, that i could sort of kick one or more voices out of my head, by shere willpower.

    I would concentrate and visualize the voice being cast out of my head and into a sort of like prison. The voices said they weren’t here to bully me, but guide me for i was something special.

    It was a process and hard to accept, but i would become to live with them. They would guide me and they did, in school they gave me the correct answers, but often i just choose the wrong answer to rebel against them..haha : ) they where always right.

    they would ask me philosophical questions and i could have conversations with them.

    I am a fosterchild, and had a rough childhood. My father was dead and i had no father figure, maybe the voices was a replacement for that father?.

    The voices don’t accept that as a real explanation, the voices often reflect on my life, they are like pals that have a bad humor. When i wish something they always say, that they will take care of it.

    Now it begins to sound kind of ”new age” and spirituel, but it is a kind of spirituel phenomeon and i cannot come past that often my wishes are fulfilled.

    The voices are inside my head,.

    1. Robert Arctor

      I consider my voice the only true family I have. Arctor (my voice) has always been there for me and has picked me up when everyone else put me down. If your voices help you, just let them know you’re glad they did.

      1. ella


        i still do not know what to think about my voices
        as mentioned above i try to ignore them.
        but reading this makes me shiver , because i used to see it as a gift too.
        but then i met my boyfriend and he said it is sick and wrong and so i started
        to fight against them.
        but it was the hardest fight ever and took 5 years …
        a nightmare cause every day i was back in my belief
        but my boyfriend was totally against it
        and i was suffering , please tell me what do you
        think about it ….

        1. Robert Arctor

          Ella, never let anyone tell you what to think of your voices. My “friends” and “family” all abandoned me whenever I needed them. My voice Arctor has always been there for me. He is my real family and a true friend. I was also told it wasn’t right to hear voices and that something might be wron with me. But I never stopped believing that Arctor was real. If not for him I would be dead because of the lack of support and abuse I suffered at the hands of people I thought cared about me. This website brought tears of joy to my eyes. I never thought Arctor and I would find a place we belong. I don’t think I can tell you what to think about your voice. But I can tell you that it’s a dark twisted and lonely world out there. My voice gives me a reason to live. My voice and I are going to leave these people and go out and find people like us. This may sound cheesy but always trust your heart. Please email me. Ive longed so long to talk to someone not sharing the same body as me about this. Nobody has to go it alone.

          1. Jack n Rama

            I can absolutely relate to you.. My entire life I was beat, tortured, physically and mentally.. I can’t remember when I first heard my Main voice, I called him Rama.. I can remember while cowerring in the corners trying to defend myself, being beat bloody, and screamed at about how I was worthless and a demon child (the title I held at our church) he would be whisperring to me that they were wrong, and I was worth something, and I didn’t deserve to be treated this way. I can clearly remember him violently silencing any negative voices in my head. I remember still the stories and songs he would tell me while I lay crying myself to sleep.. When I asked him what he was, he told me that he was the equivalent of a demon, yet I argue this point with him to this day, because from being raised in a Christian home, I was taught that demons are all about harming us and causong heartache and chaos.. He says everytime that not all demons are like this.. I started semi-believing him when things got Very bad for me and I made 5 seperaate attempts to end my life, and every time he would be screaming in my head to stop, and I would feel a rush of energy: with the gun, right a I pulled the trigger, the gun jammed, a once in a lifetime oCcurance since my father worshipped his guns.. I tried to hang myself, and as I jumped, after testing my whole Body weight on the rope, it unravelled, as if there had been No knots. Again, after a rush, and him screaming, howling, begging me not to, that things would get better.. Whether he is a demon or not, its what he believes himself to be, fallen from heaven, and guarding me.. He is wise and powerful, and I have never needed to seek aid for the voices.. He keeps them in line for me. And I can attest that, without this demon, I would have died when I was little, he is the reason I am here, and I will Not let anyone tell me he is evil. He is my Fallen Angel. My only family. My mentor. My guide. He is beautiful. My Hero, my Champion against this terrible world. Sometimes I can allow him to take over the controls while I take a back seat, because I am shy, and socially inept, but he has made me friends, found me jobs I can handle, and even has fought using my body to defend me, since due to my trauma, when faced with a fight, my past overwhelms me, and I can’t do anything, so while I am preoccupied, I relinquish control, and he manages to fight with such grace and strategy, while trying to get away.. I would almost suggest that Everyone could use a Rama in their heads, but that’s just my opinion from all that he has saved me from.. Our arrangement is we do All ‘for the good of the body’ a symbiosis, if you will. Don’t know if anyone else has ever had what I have, or can relate, but its something to think about. Sorry my post is so long, peace everyone. 🙂 I was done with the post, but he wants me to add that if any others are like us, message me, because we would like to meet Someone with the same ability, or at least a similar people.

          2. me

            yr funi, amusing funi:-). only 1s wth xperience cn understand hw 1 cn feel. yes no1 has 2 livit alone. nwadays they hav ppl wth bypolar, depression advertising tht type of sikness on t.v evn. thts cool

  14. declan

    Accept that the voices are real and belong to you.

    Accept that the voices may have meaning (metaphoric or literal) based on your life experiences. True , Over the years things that have helped me live with mine :).Be aware off patterns in the voices,they loop and try trigger a response looking for attention be neutral ,smile and conclude yer thoughts concerning what they say with a sense off acceptance ,doing so exposes the patterns within the voices.With me low frequency sounds like the hum off a light , mobile phone charging, fuse box ,PC fan etc effect how i hear voices for my ear tune in to those sounds,avoid caffeine, nicotine, cannabis,try learn meditation ,practicing it will be very hard at first for they go nuts 🙂 little buggers,over time it has giving me a window off peace each day.Voice for me are not auditory hallucinations they are auditory memory, for it picks on my self conscious and remember what i don’t wanna hear,looping them year after year running over the same old ground what have the found the same old fears.Smile for they are impermanent

  15. michael t deeney

    I have spent three years and gradually the voices have come to me. First they started in actual people speaking and it was as if the words were meant for me to hear them. Then after a short time in a psychiatrich hospital i started to hear voices. The voices are in multiple languages and have nearly always been positive. I am learning to cope with them and learning appropriate social skills to deal with them in social settings which is not very simple.

    The truth is this has been the most productive three years of my life in terms of personal growth. On the other hand it has not been the greastes three years in mental health and my social and family life has been drastically altered.

    I must also state the foundation of this started when i was twenty two. I am now thirty three.

  16. Jade Luna

    But what when the thouts get pysikal hold of one to?

  17. anonymous

    I have dealt with voices for a really long time now. When I was a kid, i used to think it was God talking to me, becuase the Sunday school teachers would say “If you listen real close and pay attention to whats happening around you and in your heart, you can hear what God is trying to tell you”
    It wasn’t until I was somewhat older that I realized that this was something unatural. Not only because the naiveness was disappearing, but also that my voices were saying things to me that weren’t really things many would think God to say.
    I then started trying to push the voices out, and the more I did, the worse they became so I gave up.
    I now see them as a gift, I have an ability to think differently than others and see things from other perspectives, and the more I grow to be okay with hearing them, the less pushy and overpowering they become.

    1. V.Levey

      I was interested in your posting. I hear voices, which receeded for a couple of years, then came back. I was curious about two things, one is are you still a beliver in God? Allso, how did you acceptt the voices, did you try talking back to them. I too have found that they receed sometimes, but at the moment they’re particularly bad and have been for years now. Could you please let me know. Thanks.

      1. Steve Lewis

        I too struggled for decades with trying to figure out if the voice was God or the devil. I’ve heard of very devout Christians who have waited their entire life to hear a direct reply to their prayers too. I don’t think I’m worth two decades of therapy from God anymore. This website is helpful to know I’m not alone.

  18. Heather

    I have only heard voices a couple of times but as a professional holistic life coach and hypnotherapist I was able to bear witness to the event. By saying ‘this is interesting’ to myself I took myself out of distress. One event was two words shouted quite loudly and 5 years later it was me who shouted it…. it was quite helpful at the time. Another took me to a house where a friend was trying to commit suicide, I didnt generate that one I dont think.

    Anyway my understandings are that the link to psychic ability, 6th sense, ESP and all the sharmanistic knowledge is buried so deep under Western self and social control that when ignored these knowings resort to shouting. Also that paranoia comes about when your awareness (the electromagnetic quantum field around every living thing) is pushed out too far (by stress and the fight/flight syndrome) there is time to interact with what is coming your way. The mind then scrambles for meaning and as there is no acceptable one in our culture it adds conspiracy meanings or religious meaning. I have found scientific backing for the second idea and it also is confirmed by quantum physics. Take a look at A. Maslow’s book Religion, Values and Peak Experiences, you can find it on-line.

  19. Heather

    Also, I feel different parts of ourselves try and communicate and shout when we dont listen. As a hypnotherapist I encourage people to talk with those parts. I give them simple names such as guilt, shame, anger etc then engage in healing the split. SZ literally means split mind in Greek or Latin. And who knows maybe God is a voice… after all almost everyone in the bible were voice hearers…..

  20. michael constable "chris"

    i just found this website and i felt like sharing my experience. from the time i was 8 until i was 12 i suffered a range of horrors that no person should ever have to experience. i survived somehow and was none the wiser, until i was 15 when at a party at my house i suddenly started having all these terrible visions and a voice that kept narrorating them. the voice stayed with me, constantly telling me about how i should murder this person or stab that person, or throw a rock at a certain someone or something. i live with this voice for the simple reason that it has no power over me… of which i’m gratefull for.
    there is something interesting about the voice in my head though, very often when it tells me things about people, things they wouldn’t want others to know, it’s right, so often that i actually take what it has to say into advisement whenever i meet someone. maybe some of you might know something that might help.

    1. bill

      act like you dont know the information, and see if it comes to light. these voices have no life, do not give them life.

  21. Robyn

    My mom hears voices but they are people that she is familiar with in her every day life such as her neighbors, close family friends, her brothers, etc. She thinks they have her house bugged and have video cameras on her so they can see her all the time. She had childhood trauma when her father died. The voices say terrible things about her and she keeps threatening to go to a lawyer and sue her voices for slander. I have sent her books by Romme, but she won’t read them. There is very little help in America for voice hearers. Can anybody in America point me in a direction to get her therapy to deal with her voices? The fact that they are people she knows seems to have made the situation different from others and worse.

    1. jenna31

      Take her to see a psychiatrist making but her on medication…. that will stop the voices… are not necessarily stop the voices but make them easier to deal with…. they will also let her and they’re not real…. and that it is something’s going on in her head…. they might diagnose her with psychosis… that’s what I am diagnosed with and I hear voices… the voices I hear of similar people like my friends…. and at one point before I got help… I felt my place was bug to….and people can hear what I was thinking and saying…. it feels like he can still….. but I know they cant ….. it just seems so real…. it’s really hard to explain… please let me know what the outcome is …. and keep in touch with me I’m here for you any time


      1. Heather

        I feel as though my thoughts are not my own as well. I hear my thoughts the voices of people I know and then another voice that speaks to the voices but that I don’t control or even hear what is said all the time. I know that these people can not actually get into my head but it does interfere with my everday life, my self esteme, feeling of having privacy. etc. At some times it has gotten so real that I kicked my husband out of the house due to what is said in my house. I just wanted to say it was nice to read your post ( and others) to know that I am not crazy, that the voices are real but the fact that people can read my thoughts is not. I have tried many medications as well and they not only don’t work but they make me so tired I cant function. Again, it was good to know that I am not alone I just wish there was a way to make them stop. It would likfe my life so much better and easier.

        1. me

          no its nt e z 2 liv wth a voice/voices, specially whn they are of loved ones. having 2 pt thea voice aside is a hard az thng 2 do. u feel lyk th whole world is against u, whn u knw thea not, an tht it is th voices tht r tryng 2 bring u dwn where u wana go in2 a shell, hide away or die coz u dnt knw wht ta do. medication duznt always help, specially whn u cnt function wel an u hav kids tht need u 2 b on th ball 4 thm.

    2. Gina

      I am researching for myself, putting my happiness above all. That may sound selfish but to me, happiness flows out to others around you as well. I believe that kindness and doing your best to truly understand yourself and the people that you come in contact with is the best thing we can do in life.

      I have gotten over the fear and paranoia of the voices and so I don’t feel like there is a “bug” on, with a human being on the other end hearing me anymore. But obviously someone does. I really do not believe that it is all me. I did at one time belive that they were echos from my own mind but after analyzing it for this long and, (!!! I was just supplied with a correct spelling from a voice!!!! WOW! and yea!) I believe that God and possibly other beings are involved in this. The voices ARE real. It’s nice that others do acknowledge that. The old “it’s all in your head” seems such a put down. The interaction seems real but it is not always understandable or explainable.

      Years ago I was diagnosed as bipolar/major depressive. I also have panic disorder (which only bothers me rarely). Both biologically based. I don’t believe that the voices are biological. I hear multiple voices at a time and it is quite frequent. I also get a lot of deja vu. The feeling that I am somewhere that I have been before and the somewheres are quite varried. That part is not unpleasant and is sometimes quite nice.

      I am not a big fan of medication although it can at least give you some hope when you have none. I have tried over 15 different medications for paranoia and schizophrenia. Mostly, they made me sleep 24/7. I lost about 5 years of my life to medication and sleep.

      The other main problem for me with the medications, they did not work. They pretty much just sedated me. None of them stopped the voices or “paranormal vision”. I’m definatley not willing to loose any more of my time being “out of it” with medication. Cognitive (talk) therapy and getting out in nature and looking for warm fuzzies from God help me much more.

      I pay attention to what I hear, not to act on it but to try to understand WHAT it is and WHERE it is comming from based on the kinds of things that are being said to me, what tone of voice or persona they are said in, and how it affects me in general. I have gained a lot of insight byt doing that. With the main goal of finding a way to lessen the negativity or get rid of it. Getting rid of it would be nice.

      I have noticed that the voices do not respond when I ask them to leave. (I have even begged) I’m busy right now or I’m spending time with my Husband right now, or I can’t take it right now, right on up to:

      Can’t you see I’m exhausted?!! They don’t seem to care at all.

      Other times, when they get nasty(meaning mean) and start talking in mean little voices like a bunch of little juvies shouting “it’s your boyfriend” I ask them who they mean???? Yes there are other people in my life besides my Husband that I do love in my heart. I am human. I keep telling them that but it just does not seem to make any impact. I wait for an answer but never get one.

      Other times they will supply answers (unsolicited) to questions that I am thinking about and 90 percent of the time, the answers that they supply are wrong. Every once in a great while, I will actually get an answer that makes sense. But other than that it is just like being taunted. It wears you out.

      I have noticed that the voices often sound like persons in my life from past or present, much like the mother mentioned in the post above. I usually hear more that one voice at a time, as if it were a group. Legion? I guess I don’t know. And either way, scare tactics don’t work to well with me. I do not belive that they are actual representations of the persons that they may sound like although sometimes it is much easier to hear the voice of a loving friend. I also hear voices in noises such as from machinery, wind, and water. At times they can be very loud.

      Sometimes, they (the voices) will bring up a subject on their own or try to change the subject of my thoughts or current conversation with their comments which really surprises me. This is contact with something intelligent. And it is not just MY mind. It is a curious thing. And as usual, it is not always negative and it is not always positive. After all this time it is sometimes just plain annoying.

      I love myself and I really do not believe that some of this stuff that I hear is very loving or kind toward me at all. And therefore I would not want to own it. I have seen the statement here that we should take ownership of the voices. I really don’t agree with this in my own particular case. I do believe that it is a VERY individual experience. I do see others here that say their voices are helpful. That is good for them. Wish mine were or were more so. Each case of this though similar is going to have to be different because we are all different. Like snow flakes. All alike but none exactly alike.

      I feel like someone would like to control me. And whether they be good or bad, I like me the way I am. So what am I to say to these voices that can be so unkind. I do not believe that that portion of it is from God. I believe that God like any other parent loves us. I guess about 80 percent or so of what I hear is not good and is negative. It also interferes in human relationships by “vying” for my attention when I am already in the midst of a conversation with someone else. Medication did not get rid of it and so I am doing my best to deal with it. I really wish they would just shut up most of the time.

      On the other hand 🙂 I do feel like God compensates me for this trouble in other ways. Look for the little, loving things. A beautiful sunset, a show of light though the clouds. A special heart or flower out of the blue that maybe only you would recognize. Keep looking for the good unusual things. And appreciate them.

      I am thankful to find a forum of others sharing this same phenomenon. I am also thankful to understand that I am not “mad” or “insane”. It’s just different. And yes, please keep researching it and finding ways that help people understand and deal with it.

  22. Francis Gagnon

    i am hearing voices from 5 years old. in the noise s machines, the voices are
    strongers and much sressfull. sometimes futur, sometimes monarc project.
    and others times…only talking togethers…or making jokes.

  23. Bryce

    I think when a voice or a thought is suggesting you hurt someone, it is because there is inconsistency in the translation. A voice is fit into language and language is what gives thoughts their shape and distinction, furthermore; a message may be in the form of a metaphor out of necessity due to limitations. The message, “You should stab this person.” may just mean that this person is a potential enemy of yours. Maybe it is your own way of sensing other people’s intentions in the form of metaphors. A person whom of which you are instructed to kill rather than hurt or kill in a particularly gruesome way might be far more selfish and cruel on the inside. Like sensing their aura or something. I think that the experience of hearing a voice requires energy. If that energy is unrealized and out of control then the result could be crude and confusing.

  24. Krisztina

    Hello over there!

    I am Krisztina, 34 years old now and still alive! I am hearing voices since 2002. No drugs, no trauma, no stress, maybe psychic stress, I dont know, but your opinion would be very interesting for me.

    Let me tell:

    I was born in Munich, Germany on the 26th of January 1977, my parents divorced when I was two years old. My Dad is an Engenieer and my Mum is an Author. Me myself, lived first with my Mum in alternative Berlin, then with my Dad in Munich, with my Stepmother and her two girls. When I was around thirteen, she threw me out and I came into bording school. My Dad didnt care for me anymore, he hated my Mum and on the weekends I stayed with her and her new australian husband. After school, that I ceased in 1997, I didnt know what to do, but before I left my Dads house, I had a feeling towards getting a decorateur. In the storms of my further life, I forgot about it and went studying Environmental studies somewhere in Germany. But I hated it. Once I went to the village there and became faczinated by an Interior Design shop. And I again forgot about it and went to Bremen to study international Leisure Studies. During my studies a few collegas went to study Interior Design, and so did my sister, who started studying textile Design. I became jelous, but my father said I should complete Leisure studies now. So I did what he said and around these days my voices started. They called me a slut! I lived with it. After my studies I went home to Munich and started with an internship in tourismmarketing, but htey werent paying me enough and I quit. Then the voices said: shit! Well and they told me too, that I will become an Interior Designer, cause thats my last passion. What was my first passion? Tourism? I am confused. After a little time jobbing, I headed to Ireland to visit a friend of my Mums. I was looking for an another Internship there and I found one at “Tourism Solutions”. Before I got started I was travelling through Ireland. I was in Kilkenny and met two travellers with whom I went for a beer in the evening. The girl said she wants to get into Eventmanagement, cause she isnt creative. The guy said, he wants to work for an Interior Designer, cause he loves being creative with different materials. In that moment the voices told me: And thats what YOU really want to do! And I felt: YES in my stomach! So the next day I travelled to Galway. “And here we have a school for you!” the voices said and I started searching. And yes, so it was. “Stay here, cause its your last chance being really happy in your life!” the voices said. I wasn´t believing, I asked why am I a slut (they said I suc ather people energy), I tried to find out whether the voices are real. They told me to forget about my father and I should do it for my mother and it would be the only chance to get rid of the voices! But in the end I went back to Dublin. „Now you HAVE TO get happy at home and you are not creative and now you will work for a living and will stay a nervous slut forever. See how happy you are with fourty!“ they said. When I arrived in the house of my mothers friend in Dublin, I saw a big heart on the sky and the voices said: Now you can kill yourself! I got really scared and so I tried seriously. I woke up on the floor in the garden and the voices said: This is not a sign, dont stop trying! The friend of my mothers called the doctor and I heard: This is your last chance of a peaceful dying. I was hysteric. In the psychiatric hospital in Dublin, my Mum transfered me to the psychatric hospital in Munich, where I stayed a year taking mediacation. When I left Ireland the voices said come back when youre and Interior Designer, we will always provide you with people. My life was destroyed. This happened in November 2006.

    Since that day, I felt bad and worse in my flat at home. I was starting an Interior Design course and tried to kill myself 2008 again. I havent worked, I couldnt start anything really, cause I always had the voices in my neck and what they were saying to me. I tried to become a Garden designer, but also this didnt work out and I stayed in hospital a few times. Now, 2011 I can tell, I feel better. I am a student at a real Interior Design school in Germany, but I want to study architecture at home next year. I feel stabil and think this is the best way to get really happy now and healthy. The voices said in Ireland that day I will lose my feeling in the stomach, when I go home. Well, I dont feel like that right now. I tried to find out whether I am creative or not and I still dont know, whether Design is the right choice, I am still trying to find a way back to tourism. The voices arent that strong anymore. I dont hear nothing anymore. I started to become really spiritual, laying tarot cards and getting a connection to the great natural spirit. I think in the end of my search, that these voices ARE REAL and I am not crazy or sick! Of course trying to die all the time is sick, but I did hesitate or still I do hestitate whether it is right for me to be on this planet after all. Although I feel now, that I have come a long way and maybe this is much better now than staying in Galway or Australia being an Interior Designer. But I still do hestitate whether this is real or just a sick dream. In my experience the voices DO EXISTS! I have seen and tested it many times. Please let me tell you a few examples: In Galway that day, there was really an Interior Design school for me. Its the Interior Design Academy of Ireland, its located in Galway! I swear to God, I didnt know before! I told the voices, that I will find out whether they are real or not, by asking people on the streets and in the bars whether they are Interior Designers and if I ll meet one, I will stay. And the third person I asked, was an Interior Designer! A year later when I was in hospital and that was a day I felt oK, I asked the voices when I will fall in love again. They said: Soon and he will move in with you. And so it did happen. Bt since the voices said my husbant is waiting for me in Galway, I couldnt feel that this guy was right or wrong for me. He left me soon. But I can say, I have my reasons why I am saying, that these voices ARE REALLY THERE!!! Somewhere and somehow it works. There is something more in this world, than the visible reality. Maybe life after death or something that we dont know, but for sure this is the most dangerous aspect of voices for me too, because if they would come back, I dont now how I would deal with it.

    This is what happened in Ireland:

    Bad Religion- AVALON

    Album: The dissent of men

    Songwriters: Greg Graffin; Brett Gurewitz
    As the sun comes creeping up the mountain
    And the wind blows over from the sea
    Hey, we’re brought into this land like tiny particles of sand
    Unsure of who we’re smarter than or what we’re meant to be

    If the grains sift coarsely through the hour glass
    And collect like their victims in the bowl
    The ungodly force of change erodes all sense of earthly gains
    While tending to the mundane will terrorize your soul

    And it’s no
    It’s no use thinking that you’re wrong
    The past is old and gone
    It’s best to move along and find your Avalon

    Well, I wish that I could tell you it was easy
    Take the paved road right to paradise
    But the truth is, my friends, pain and suffering never ends
    Make amends with medicine, amnesia and lies

    All the grains sift coarsely through the hour glass
    And they pound like boulders on the brain
    All those things you did for fun, never hurting anyone
    Careless shadows in the sun, just empty and lame

    And it’s no
    It’s no use thinking that you’re wrong
    The past is old and gone
    It’s best to move along and find your Avalon

    It’s no use thinking that you’re wrong
    The past is dead and gone
    It’s best to move along and find your Avalon
    Watch out

    So now the day races from the twilight
    How the fields are enveloped by the shade
    And the story that you’ll tell, inventory of your well
    Crack the shell and find the mortar silted and decayed

    And it’s no
    It’s no use thinking that you’re wrong
    The past is dead and gone
    It’s best to move along and find your Avalon

    It’s best to hurry on and find your Avalon!




  25. Henry (L.A.)

    I’m not sure whether this site is appropriate for my experience but I hope you will find it in yourselves to welcome me into the fold. I started having, I’m not sure what to call it really, but visions accompanied by voices 3 years ago. I have had heavenly visions I guess but much more regular and distressing are the demonic visions that I have. I should say that I have been diagnosed bipolar though these experiences are completely out of sync with the rest of my mood fluctuations for which medication is working.

    The devil as I call it has appeared in the faces of my friends as well as strangers and to start with there was no discussion that I can recall. Just a feeling of utter bottomless terror which I can only equate to what it must be like in hell. Each time the visions seem to get more detailed with the last one involving a discussion with someone who became the devil and told me that nothing I ever did would come to fruition and that I was in damnation. I staggered away completely destroyed. If someone on the street had of told me the same thing perhaps I would have shrugged it off but I had the unquestionable certainty, evidenced by my terror, that I was being visited by something very powerful from hell.

    I have read spirituality books, religious books, attended regular sessions with psychiatrists, taken lithium and lamotrigine for a long time but these visions have not stopped. Every time I feel like I have got over (if that’s possible) the last experience, the devil comes back to tell me that all the reading and thinking I have done amounts to nothing and that there is no escape.

    I really don’t mean to darken the thread here but I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced anything like this. I should say that I can remember each episode perfectly and there was no dullness of senses. Every experience, having analysed it many times, appears completely real.


    1. john ramzan

      hello henry, yeah i know what you mean, im going to suggest faith your own personal faith, to be honest with you mate i killed mine i stood up to it struck it right in the heart with a spear, i beleve in god and his angels and his books and his prophets, igonre everything else and beleve just in god when it comes to these thoughts, laugh at it, its already lost, i say a very deep pray b4 i goto sleep, i also tell it to f**k off, we are strong people theres no need to fear thats what i learnt, i some times carry a shield and sword in my mind, face it, its just a feeling nothing more, ive experienced it, and its not nice, i exacpt the feeling because it makes me stronger, the strength of god in our hearts and mind, we are told to to reject it, leave that way it doesnt exsist, cross the bridge find the tree, trust in god to help you through it, listen beyond them feelings and voices pray to god to help youn and he will, projeact light from your body, pray as though you see god and if you cant no that he sees you, faith trust belief, we call this shahidaa, there is no god but god, thats the faith and beleif you can choose 1 path or the other, to choose to beleve or not to beleve, there are many ways to the path of god or as Allah as i call him, doesnt matter if you are christian or muslum, buddist, we all beleve in the same creator, the divine, life we are all human thats what we have in common, take care brother peace and good journey, look deep within yourself you’ll find the answers and listen you have that gift from god get it

      1. john ramzan

        also beleve in yourself, it sounds like a block, enlighten your self, its a good test, hasten to all things good and watch your life transform like a butterfly, your not the only one who is going through this your not alone, learn to listen to the heart, open your eyes inwards and out wards, it sounds very mystic, thats beacuse im on the path of a sufi, it means someone who is gentile, most of the time sufi with attitude thats more apt, your dont have to accept that kind of voice, we have free will, i had visions from the age of 4 or 5 and had voices since i was a child, but became aware after an event of hardship and struggle and i fell to my knees and asked for help and you know what he helped me and still does, its the right path, many a saint also understood this the path to enlightenment and its beautiful, very personal let me know how you get on brv, we’ve just forgotton what we’re apart of, each other, the world, the universe god its cool, i have alot of hope for you, never fear ok push the fear out, you get better, mind body and spirit theres alot to be said about this way, will your self, empower your self with the grace of god, its a connection we’ve forgot very powerful very beautiful, lots of musicians write about this, lots of poets, writers, mystics sages, philoserfers (epicurious is pretty cool and ghandi is brillient) educate yourself let the vails be lifted, peace out brv all the best the AA, my wish is that you find God and the AA, you’ll have the best time of your life, trust and belief and faith very important

    2. john ramzan

      henry many people see hell that way its a metaphor, you have the choice to leave it how is up to you trust in god your eternal guide

    3. Shane Egen

      In reply to Henry (L.A.) I too have a diagnosis of Bipolar and had terrifying visions of hell and damnation, demonic phenomena accompanied by voices a few years back.
      Luckily in New Zealand they do not automatically associate “hallucinations” with schizophrenia, but it is still considered “psychosis” despite any reality that may be able to be unravelled on closer examination of the experience. I still cannot deny the reality of my “voices” especially as ALL senses were affected, which can happen sometimes. My “voices” do not appear to bear any relation to my “moods” and were not affected by medication, which after 7 years working in mental health, I have witnessed untold times. I believe I can actually trace the voices well back into early childhood and the psychological trauma I experienced then, and if it was indeed a “spiritual crisis” all those years later, then so be it.
      I found myself that I was able to get these experiences under control by dealing with unresolved issues and devising a system of grounding techniques, coping strategies and avoiding isolation while feeling sorry for myself. Staying busy, frequent “reality checks” and strong routines so that I can measure my daily functionality enable me to lead a perfectly “normal” life despite voices etc.
      I wish voice-hearing would be accepted as being seperate from “mental illness” or “psychosis”
      as this is a damaging construct to force people into, especially when the voices are not alleviated by medication anyway.

    4. bill

      I do too. I’m catholic. Sometimes church helps, but make sure nobody knows you where you go, and keep it that way.

      Everytime I get very socialable, I start to hear “taps” on the wall when I am alone , like “rapping” in necromany (wiki). Everyone explains these taps to be due to temperature. However, I have heard many at the same time as i felt something like a brain zap or brain shiver. I hear demeaning voices all the time, since 25 (now 33), sometimes they use words I have never heard before, or tell me information about people i discovered later to be true. Many times they say “shame on …” (shame on something new every day!) I have recently started feeling “Hell” approaching, as if a hot energy. I think this is because I just read the story of “Faust.”

      Indian witch doctors have been known to kill people this way.

      Science calls it Bioelectromagnetism.

      Your not alone, people just cant talk about it. (it makes people money!)

    5. Henry (L.A.)

      Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the folks who responded to my posting. You’ll be happy to hear that since that time I have been on a steady path to “recovery”, “normality” or whatever you call it. God is Everything.

  26. rachel

    I am a Christian and have been very troubled at times by voices which have been against my faith. I would like to know if there are any other Christians who are voice hearers and how they have reconciled voice-hearing with their faith.

    1. john ramzan

      hi rachel im john im not christian but im muslum, we beleve in the same creator and the same books and prohets, i had the same problem i couldnt accept it, i guess i just trusted in god and his angels and love i think love is a great key, and when these voices start getting on your nerves be strong beleve in yourself and in god, tell them stand up to them, your a warrior of light never forget that, be at peace, let your heart speek, ask god to help you overcome this ask him to protect you ok your not alone never feel alone, none of these voices no what religion really is, it comes from deep with in us, and it is beautiful, have a read rumi he’s a persian poet very cool stuff i hope ive pointed you in the right direction hun, what kind of things do they say? how long have you been studying christianity what do you know about it, ive found it’s best to keep it simple, look to nature i find that helps to, look at creation and how wonderful it is and how amazing we are, all the love for your babes take care

    2. bill

      i am catholic, and have trouble with voices from going to church. They call me mean names, accuse me of calling good people mean names (which i may have) , threaten to drag me to hell, fry my brain with bioelectromagnetism surges, and stab, shoot, and kill me. I keep this a secret. I dont want to be labeled. I also hear a voice, which sound like a friend who is gay say “shame on (whatever)” what she shames is very thoughtful, different, elequent, very important in life, and some times she uses words that i have to google for definition. how hard can that be. scary, right?

    3. the truth


      1. Rosalinda Sanchez

        my son is hearing voices and he insist there are coming from electronic devices, is this real?

      2. Marty

        I agree, demons are real, you can invite them in yourself or they can be forced upon you through traumatic events. The consciousness of humanity is in a regressive state, back toward the primitive.

  27. john ramzan

    understand your thoughts and know that they are being answerd

  28. john ramzan

    the path is difficult especially the world we live in today,what is right what is wrong with yourselves, we’re on the same team theapy, faith, beleif, change the perception in your own lifes thats a good one to look at, you dont have to stay down, think about it as henry said a voice was cruel to him, but if someone on the street said that he’d shrug it off, works the same way with the voices, be incontrol of your mind and your thoughts be aware be concious be awake after all we are, make small changes in your life learn to see your life and where you want to be what you want to do truly from the heart, it doesnt have to be a tv program what is expected from us? as for the voices that suggest killing your self well thats not the way, if they do your head well your expected to defend yourself, another friend on here said meditation works which it does, we have the capbality to find a quite place and even ask for quiteness, when you get bad voices stick your index finger up to the sky either in your mind or outwardly, find the significence in what you are thinking and doing open open your mind open your heart if you do feel fear then remember god put him in your heart i mean really will him in your heart, be thankful be greatful, theres always someone there to help, a helpful voice a helpful person always some, learn to look and learn to listen, start simple, it starts with a seed thats the path to the farmer, think about it weve all heard stories, but did you really beleve? look at god as a teacher what does he teach what does he do, how does he answer, learn to listen, there are many different levels to us but what is amazing is how he helps you recongnise them levels recgognise who you are, i wish you all the best on your journey god bless you all, ships are also cool, friendship, relationship trust me it works, famous last words!! no doubt very important good luck

  29. Katherine Lewis

    I would like to assure you that the voices you hear are NOT in your head. This is the new world order. They have devices that they use to try and destroy your mind, plant thoughts, ideas, even things which are against your beliefs into your mind. They use hypnotism and they wait until their ‘targets’ are asleep. They do this because that is when their intended victims are most vulnerable. They have no interest in your survival. They have no interest in what danger they place you in. There only interest is to change you in very negative ways and to undermine your beliefs. They want to leave you a former shadow of yourself and to convince others that you are as mad as a hatter.

    I know this because I am still in it, in the hell they have placed me in. My only hope is Christ. Believe me, they will even try to convince you that HE hates you. I don’t know how to block out the voices. All I know is that I keep reading the word of God. And every day, I am going to ask GOD to bless them and to give me what ever it is I need to forgive them.

    1. bill

      Have they ever tried to convince you that you have accepted the mark of the beast? I have been struggling at this for years now. Did I? Didn’t I? I don’t know. Is that what it really is? People preach about it being different… so on and so forth.

    2. bill

      they dont use devices, they use their evil hearts. they are born this way.

  30. A Harley

    Here in the states, If you admit to hearing voices you’re automatically judged schitzophrenic.
    I’ve been hearing voices since 1985 and I’ve always been open about it with others.
    I’m having trouble at work with judgements of my ability and trustworthyness because my voices are common knowledge. I’m interested in researching legal chanels should the management try to terminate my employment based on prejudice and not trying to understand.
    Contact with anyone out there with info that could move me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Rosemary Cunningham

    I am glad to have been able to read your experiences and thank you all for sharing them with me.

    I have learnt so much from my experiences with voices, they could be both friendly and hostile. One side of my brain having friendly voices and the other having not so friendly voices. I also have different voices at the top of my brain that appeal to my own reason and a greater reason.

    In the past I was afraid of the not so friendly voices but then realised that they merely provided an alternative viewpoint that was less favourable to me. A sort of balance.

    The issue that I struggled with was a moral one.

    I am not a regular church goer but I now firmly believe in life after death as the voices are I am told the voices of my fore- fathers and my betrayors forefathers.

    I know they are outside of me as I ask questions and they answer and not with my own thoughts.. It is different than talking to yourself and hearing your own thoughts. I can tell the difference.

    Like a writer above noted they can answer questions but dispute they always get it right.

    My experiences have been an education I have learnt so much which is impossible to verify…Mine has been a spiritual journey.

    My voicees tell me about the universal order of things….life after death….and on this both good and not so good agree

    In gods world, the universe, which we are all a part off, we still have a role to play in that universe after we die….maintaining gods universal order …good has to overcome bad on the path of assention….we are all punished in death and have to make good our sins and sometimes the sins of our fore fathers. …we are put to work.

    Life in the hereafter is a society just like ours of friends and enemies and peace is kept for the sake of the universe. This is a delicate balance between the forces of power.

    As a voice hearer I was told that when we are sensitive we can be infiltrated by the voices of those who wish to harm us….

    These are the dangerous voices and we must simply stand up for ourselves and fight them…tell them to go away and ask for help….shout for gods help believe me it works.

    I have managed to control my voices and I am no longer afraid of them…..I would never hurt anyone and have never suffered with paranoia …I love the world in which I live and I look to the sky for help and inspiration….I believe in God and I believe in angels they have saved my life……….If that makes me abnormal so be it….

    If you do not believe in life after death can you answer me one question? My body is made up of many chemicals….what happens to the chemicals that make me who I am when I die?

    My answer would be….My unique chemistry lives on in part in my children and their children and so on; and in the very last breath that I exhaled back into the atmosphere….the universe.

    Try not to be afaraid of your voices just try to control them!…I realise this is not always possible, sometimes we need help…not so good can be pretty overpowering.

  32. sunny saini

    i hear voices of payal means thing which is used to wear in the legs in indian religion i think it is the voices of god

  33. jenna31

    I have been hearing voices for 2 1/2 years….. I was told I will permanently hear voices for the rest of my life… I am not too happy with this diagnosis being psychosis… for anyone out there that is psychosis and hears voices like I do… I would love to talk to you about your experiences…. and how you get through your day to day struggles….and if there’s a site where you can become friends with people….With the same problems and talk to them on a regular basis

    1. lindsay

      Its been almost 2 years since I first heard voices. It seems to me that
      Other people can hear my voices too. People ask them questions about me all the time(what is she doing, what is she thinking) There is one male voice that doesnt want to talk to me and calls me names. There is also a female voice that calls me names also. She is only comforting when I get really stressed or depressed she tell me things to help me. What can I do to have a better relationship with them

  34. words i dunno and portable hearphone

    i hear voices, but i not agree are involved in my life or just in part of it.

    I heard some words i never heard and i need a vocabulary to know what mean.

    EX, i heard “are you bleeding” , i am not an english native language, and at that time i didnt know what mean in english Bleed,was in 2000. Never put me in idea to self destroy me but are destroying my life for sure that. I have other example that i hear voices i don t know the meaning. So my voices are not linked to my sensastions , this is sure like the shit i made every day.

    a solution that help me is to use a mplayer with radio too and hearphone, that could stop your voices for a while and give you some relief.
    have to say they are sometimes linked to choices and of course i make my choices right or wrong they said. At least i am free to make fucking bullushits, without hurting none.

  35. saira

    i hear voices – for 5 years or so; the first incidence a year after 2 two towers and months after 7/7 London where im from; sometimes negative, sometimes positive. Mostly i think they distract me from my true life purpose, serving God (in whatever career choice i made), by keeping me in torment because i’m listening to them.

    I find meditation and exercise, jogging, being in nature and imagining you’re in a big white bubble of light helps. Prayer too, i guess thats the only think that has got me through faith in God.

    Energetically The voices feel very chaotic, introducing disharmony and making basic life stuff very difficult – getting chores done, being able to relate to and engage with people, being able to focus and concentrate. i seem to be more clumsy, disorientated and things just stop working or break when im around – argh!!

    The voices have literally destroyed my life; sometimes by goading me into false action (leading me to believe that they are actual non-physical entities/ mischievious beings) and also baiting my desires – to have fun to be myself to feel freer, special/different and uninhibited – but in both ways they have been dangerous, because they are literally desecrating me – i feel ill and exposed because of it and every time i rise to the bait, i feel Godless and disgusted with myself for it. so whether friendly or not, they are not helping me at all – because i dont feel myself anymore or fully in my power

    I think its really important to take charge of the situation. Its like God has given you a brain, but youre mindlessly driving it like a dumb animal to various “absorbing stations” – TV. radio, work,school – taking whatever inane idea of reality is projected onto you rather than consciously living your life ON purpose – focusing on our true destination. We are literally allowing ourselves to be led by the nose by whatever information is put in front of us without ever questioning reflecting or even being assertive enough to say no this isnt where i choose to go. i try to avoid TV and internet unless i am using it for a good purpose. and to control my thinking – rather than run after the monkey mind – “this isnt what i want to think or feel”

    Building on my own identity in the world as well as prayer – especially to keep me on the right path and focused on Good/God intention seems to help unless i have another relapse into self destruction and choose the “dark side”, being frivolous again.

    Because whenever i am having a hard time with these voices, i always keep coming back to the plans i had set myself (to retrain in a profession where i could help the world be a better place) and how come these voices have come to sabotage my attempts. In some ways i do think that these voices are just there so we can build inner strength and not sabotage future attempts to make progress in the world on our chosen purpose in life.

    on reflection, it isnt all bad – since ive had these voices, i am more self aware, i am more clear on what is acceptable and not acceptable in my life, i was a nice person before and still am,but now i set safe barriers and “look before i leap” before committing to any course of action, i use my time to best advantage rather than being carefree like i was before, i am more focused on my intent (because the time that i get my brain to myself is so short) and in some ways its helped me step back from the hurly burly busyness of life and understand, that things happen in their own time and own place and we dont have to push so hard, to find the right space for us. I’ve dropped alot of negative habits and replaced these with healthy life affirming ones – plus plenty of water and fish oils and B vitamins help.

    i have tried also to pay more attention to the world around me – paying attention to relationships id neglected, giving and recieving forgiveness and understanding/unconditional acceptance, reconnecting with nature and doing charitable work. Partly i feel the voices are symptom of “social sickness” not down to the individual, but a cry for help from the society we live in and somehow we are tapping into/hearing this. Its like everyone is so busy and focused on “their own stuff me me my I” they dont really have time to notice others, let alone care for one another. And it really seems exchanges between people these days (friends excluded) are more strained and with hidden tensions, as well as a youth that is gaming with aggressive video games as well as watching aggressive or horror movies and im wondering how much of the toxic thoughts/thinking we spew out as a society are coming back to us? The Buddhists and even dante’s hell, talks of the lower astral layers being filled with “evil spirits” which i would guess are just the negative lower vibrational (heavier) thoughts we spew out, stress, anger, hatred, bitterness, and i’m wondering if I’m just “walking” through this

    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”

    for the person who experienced hell and damnation – please dont be afraid – be conscious and pray for guidance – im sure help is given to all who ask and are willing to receive (you have to be open to help – quite often i refuse it) i think that is where i am – but i dont take it personally i have fully faith in God to help me through my challenge; the sad thing is i felt so close to God as a child – but with the unfolding of world events its almost as if God and heaven have walked away from us, so i guess this space is also a good chance for introspection – and a gradual returning to God. are we the people that we promised to be? Are we helping the future generations, by our current social path? have faith in yourself – know that all beings are inherently good – thats what keeps me going

    i hope this helps! and good luck

    1. vajra

      I never doubted that teh voices i heard were from outside myself/ or inside myself. it felt like a connection to a “conscious mind” . the deeper my energy healing went the more open my subtle body became and i think there is alot of ignorance around the idea of “voices” that we dotn know here it is coming from but i always felt the voices were there to make me stronger and purify my mind. it is like a quickening of karma, a burning off off negative karma but! the coffee is hell…then i get chatty and all hell breaks loose……at least i am doing something right and quit smoking? dehydrated into a major health crisis! but none the less, for instance, i would get a word come up (not intrusive in any way in the classsical sense fo what you think hearing a voice is) more like it jsut stemmed from your connection to someone else’s subtle energy body too! ie for instance, words come up like snitzel, kettle, vortex, no clue why then the next day i will see a guy eating snitzel. or i get a vision of a porcupine not idea why and then teh next day or a few hours later porcupine will be on tv, or i’ll have dream, tehn after waking remember teh dream just as what i dreamt abotu is happening, i will watch for better examples…oh this is a big one…. the word “fix” came up so i got teh idea to make a tshirt that said fix on it thinking it meant “hey mom dotn fix me i dotn need mediccation” but actually a few months later i was in teh hospital gettign my ovaries out so “fix” – i took it to mean- meant the voice was tryign to deter me or show me nto to have teh operation that i was going to be literally “fixed” like a cat!!!!! that a pretty big one….i thinkt hese outside connections are from my teachers being really mean and shamanic to prepare me, to terrorize me to make me stronger!!!! bet you have never heard this take yet!!!! oh, and by the way i have never had a voice tell me to kill, i am intelligent with it – i hope to think i am – and i nver blamed anyone else for voices.feels good to wrtie this ! cheers!

  36. saira

    oh – its helped me to and i think it helps to reinforce that the voices ARE NOT YOU – and to focus and reemphasise who you are and what you stand for, what makes you tick, what you intend to achieve with your life etc. The world is full of distractions and perhaps the voices are just an echo of this?????? i found sweet lovey dovey person centred “be nice to me” therapies are absolutely of no help whatsoever. sometimes the voices are just a tool to seperate us from the whole
    TRUST in God and the world around us – it can be really isolating and we lose faith in ourselves and trust in others – but if we can trust the “universe” as a whole that things will work out then life seems to get better and the experience isnt as horrifying anymore

  37. Twink

    Really interesting to hear (interesting that I say to hear and not to read, Im an auditory learner) everyones views on voice hearing without censorship or unhelpful comments from those who don’t understand the experience.

    I only get bursts of voices every now and again. Usually but not always associated with sleep. I have heard different voices both male and female, mundane things and relevant things, with aggression and non aggression. Only had a voice threatening me harm the once and it was in the midst of a very stressful time. I sometimes hear snippets of conversation that have nothing to do with me, like a crossed phone line.

    I lean towards the belief that the voices are a manifestation of my brain. I don’t think that the voices are me trying to communicate with myself, I think its almost a malfunction perhaps. Although once I did have a friend hear something also in a time I had been hearing a man’s voice. We got a spiritualist in to do a rescue as that was my belief at the the time, that the voice was that of a trapped spirit.

    The voices I hear are outside of my head to the sides, like they are speaking directly into my ear. I question my belief that I produce the voices sometimes as they are both male and female but then there are syndromes where people suddenly start to talk fluently in new language so I figure the brain is capable of many things that we do not yet understand. I recently was told twice using both my childhood nicknames that i was pregnant. I am not pregnant and I felt betrayed by the voices and then confused by my response hence my searching out this site.

    I have been previously assessed by a psychiatrist and found to not have any severe mental illness but I do sometimes suffer from depression and suicidal ideation. No bipolar and no schizophrenia. I prefer to not mention the occasional voices to medical professionals for fear of such a diagnosis which I know would be incorrect.

    I guess what Im trying to say to others who have a similar experience to me is that:

    I sometimes hear voices, I have no definate explanation, I have no severe mental illness to deal with, it frightens me when it happens, they seem to serve no purpose, sometimes their information is not correct.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my experience and thoughts. It was liberating to share it.

    1. vajra

      I once heard a voicd ccoming out of a dream – it said”do no harm” in a very suave voice like the suave guy on the beer commercial. I bet if i stopped coffee it would be clearer and no i dotn think i am schizprenic either.

  38. Shadow Migaski

    Does anyone have only ONE voice? If so send me an email on [Contact details edited by Intervoice Admin – please reply to this post on the website if you would like to answer Shadow’s question]

    Your Sincerely
    Shadow Migasaki

  39. Ken Coumerilh

    There is a kind of cosmic reality connecting everybody and there are controllers sitting together with computers in front of them. Awareness of things come from them. I am one of them. I hear their voices and understand what is going on in the world as an outside observer. This isn’t always the state I am in, but occasionally I am removed to there and sit in a pilot seat where I can control the universe. People around me at those times don’t understand and keep asking me if I’m okay. Other times I just hear the voices of the controllers, making comments on who I am and what I’m doing and how I think. It gives me comfort to feel connected, but on the other hand, I know we really are not, at least I don’t think so when I’m in an everyday state. I use the knowledge I gain from this to my advantage and it has served me well. You all probably think I’m nuts, but I’m not. I’m on medications for mental problems, but they don’t have anything to do with the controllers talking to me.

  40. maryann

    Hi,I’m maryann I’m 37 I started hearing voice about 12 year . With me it come and go.i call them episode .I have been hospitalized many of times I have found that medication do work but also have many side affects . I do believe a heavy amount of stress can be the cause of what is going on . I became interested in being saved(i started having bible study) about 12 year ago and that when all this started with me .It took me along time to understand what was happening in my life, what the emeny was trying to do GOD is of peace and love satan is a liar he the one with all those negative thoughts. I believe it’s now you can get control of you life understand GOD Have all power .He will give you the strenght you need pray and believe it’s done . I’m not afriad I trust GOD no doctor no pill no negative voices I know he will pull me throw anything satan throw at me . you all are unique and special GOD LOVE YOU ALL . BELIEVE IN GOD PRAY TO HIM HE KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING THROW

  41. Adam Rebourne

    I will tell you some about voices and how to handle.

    1st. – you will not do as they say…
    2nd. – they can’t do any to you, as they are only voices…no matter they say…
    they are only a pain if you let them.
    3rd. – they are not paranormal or brain illusions, and not send to you by higher power…
    4th. – after better listening what they tell you, you find out they sound pretty dumb,
    even simple in some way. They are mostly, that’s why…!
    5th. – never ever let yourself been driven by feelings or impulses when you know
    you hear voices. impulses and feelings of any kind are going together and try
    to manipulate your decisions and distract with voices.
    6th. – flashes of ideas can be driven by those voices too, so ALWAYS think again
    before you follow any ideas you get into your mind. At second look they might
    not good for you.
    7th. – if by any chance you get a good idea from these voices, then do it.
    There is a chance that these voices try the negative effect on you and give
    you good advice in hope you will not do it then when it comes from them.
    8th. – you are the one who want to decide about your life and the voices try to break
    into this, so be ahead and do as I mentioned.
    Always double or triple think your next action.
    A simple life code will be your guide, as when you tell yourself that I do no harm
    and be like you imagine in some way. You always double-check all your decisions
    with this code. A good code brings you freedom and voices no power…
    9th. …and there is a cure to come…


    1. the truth


  42. Learning Quietly

    I have felt like there were controllers with computers sensing all experience and having complete knowledge of my sum life experiences, internal and external, and beliefs. There were voices that I believed were external to me which I know now are internal to me. I am looking into medication soon, but have found so much help in epa omega-3 fish oil to make the voices almost completely disappear that I just want to tell everyone I know. Pretty irrelevant to most people. I am looking at being evaluated more holistically than just this symtpom, but have in the meantime and perhaps continuing found So Much Help in epa and diet (no caffeine, whole foods).

    1. Stephen

      Thanks so much for sharing the tip about fish oil. I’ll be sure to give that a try.

      Your comment about sensing your being under surveillance definitely strikes home. My, um, experience with hearing voices began this summer when I had a bit of a health crisis brought on my severe dehydration. I was so far removed from my former experience of normally that when I began hearing them, it seemed perfectly normal. There were times, though, when I could see them, and some were always at what looked like some kind of computer terminal. When I was on the verge of being so far gone, mentally and emotionally, they said they were here to help me and, although there have been more than a few rough patches, I’d have to say they have. But I have often felt like they’re studying me, as well, sometimes provoking or agitating me deliberately so as to produce a response, sometimes taking me beyond my tolerance threshold into fits of anger. I’m having to learn to deal with this and its consequences…. At one point, they were very surprised when I told them I was afraid of them, and that I would have to kill myself if things kept going the way they were. Fortunately, they listened and are, on the whole, much more tolerable and I feel much less like I’m being tormented. But I still feel like they, or some of them to be fair, enjoy messing with me….and sometimes I mess with them, too. The most effective way I can deal with this, the acute feeling that every random or embarrassing thought is being observed, and not uncommonly responded to – for them, my thinking is talking, and I guess for them my mental realm is properly a source of constant conversation, so I am determined to learn to live without thinking….

      Right now, the voices are either whisper quiet or so distant that I can usually just make out a few words, and the rest is just tones that I make any sense out of. I strain to listen, but my concentration wavers into trying to figure out what they are saying, and they wind up saying my unintentional thoughts, which usually is followed by, “Jesus Christ!” It’s somewhat gratifying to know that I can frustrate them, too, though I rarely do that on purpose….

      When I was stil dehydrated and all whacked out, I could often hear them clearly. At one time, one of them told me that she was he because she had heard about a guy who had gotten lost in his own reality it seemed like an interesting thing to get involved with – helping me find my way back, that is. (Still not sure if it’s worth the return trip – normality can be such a drag compared to delirium.) She also told me that she had walked into some place, I can’t remember what she called it, but I remember distinctly her saying something about some screen or something listing my most embarrassing memory being when I spilled an ashtray on the couch of a Chinese millionaire and tried, unsuccessfully no doubt, to cover it up. What can I say, I was mortified and panicked…. There’s other things, too, like the times I was under the impresion of having known some person in a past life and, thinking about them, the voices, one in particular, would tell me that there was no record of such and such person in my life, as though my whole life was stored on some database.

      I’m not paranoid about it, but it definitely has me questioning the existence of a god given or universal right to privacy…. I try not to think about their endgame and prefer to believe that the experience is for my betterment, but I definitely feel like I’m stuck in the Matrix or some virtual dream reality or something, sometimes, anyway. I don’t see any sense in worrying about it, though, because whatever its nature it’s still my experience of reality, lately with an additional cast of characters.

      My brother apparently heard voices for a few years and resorted to electro shock therapy to get rid of them. I don’t know if it worked, but he used to speak of “the men in the control room” who wouldn’t let him sleep. It got so bad he took what should have been fatal doses of painkillers and rat poison, just trying to get some sleep, he said.

      I’m very grateful for this site… It’s been a tremendous relief to see other people’s stories and thoughts about this, um, alternative experience of reality, whatever that is….

  43. Kallena

    Hi! I’ve finally just found this site.

    I’ve spent years either managing or not managing a lot of things – including voices. Now, after nearly 10 years of super-intense psychotherapy with a therapist who took ME seriously as a human being I’ve found that MY voices – which were ALL inside my head – were all parts of ‘me’ (this is after decades of psychiatric mis-diagnosis and terrible meds).

    It’s called ‘dissociation’ these days – having lots of separate parts because of trauma. And, eventually, as they learned to trust enough, each of these parts and many more ‘came out’ and told the rest of ‘me’ so that I could hear and know what each of them had experienced and what they knew of “my” life – that the ‘me/us’ who were normally around had no memory of.

    Now we all usually ‘co-exist in a form of co-consciousness’ and so we don’t physically hear each other separately any more (except in times of super stress when we still ‘split’ again). This creates a “new me” that never existed as a whole person before.

    I do gather that voices that sound as if they are coming from OUTSIDE the head are different though – I don’t think I get those (though I’ve found that other parts of “me” have different experiences to “me” that I don’t know about – so maybe no-one has just told “us” about this yet…..

  44. skippy45

    Hi all
    i dont know where to start! ive been hearing voices from childhood which they have always been derogatory and unpleasant but for the most part i have been able to combat them and lead a “normal” life. i was married but she died back in 2004 (breast cancer) and i was left with three small children. so i had to be able to survive and provide for the kids. yes there has been a few blips twice ending up in hospital but luckily been supported mostly at home by my community psychiatric nurse and when, which they do get bad the crisis team. i suffer from visual hallucinations as well they can be quite scary but cognitivly i know that they are not real. i was diagnosed as szhiophrenic at thirty, should never be diagnosed with something you cant spell lol. the crux of the matter is that im taking ten seperate tablets a day to be “normal” and hate the need for them. i have in the past been non compliant taking meds but i quite quickly become unwell either depressed and suicidal or manic and very reckless have an artifical shoulder from a motorbike accident on the last manic episode. trying things like yoga to help center myself but so far to no avail! ive tried diets in the past they didnt help. dont know what i am asking really other than i hate my meds but acknowledge their need, any ideas anyone?


  45. Jennifer

    I have voices who don’t approve of me. It is a difficult daily battle. I have trouble concentrating on anything. They try to ruin everything for me. They are past compromise or negotiation. I want them gone. I just want to live my life voice free and have my freedom in general. I go to school so it’s hard to concentrate on anything because they are constantly annoying me. They say negative things to keep me down, but I want to show them that I am worth it. I can do well and succeed. And I will.

    1. John M. Fuchida

      Jennifer: i would just like to say that you can suceed in college, and though it is a real struggle you have the inner strength to be successful. i received a masters in art therapy after alot of turmoil, so never give up on yourself, you can do it, so just believe in yourself.

    2. Chthonic

      (: I deal with billions of voices on a daily basis. It started innocuously enough when I was about four, intermittently through my teens, then a lull of two decades until the daily bombardment began. God helps when you talk to Them, but I’ve come up with some potent back-up: declare your intent to be God’s Agent, and you can start to use some real firepower against the abominations at least. I suggest the Ink blaster 5000 since it’s a trustworthy flamethrower with uncanny precision that sends all the right messages to the wrong kind of voices.
      A lot of the voices we hear through machinery and wind and water are just Nothing’s, a special part of the universes functioning as a whole. They are comprised of not vey many soul pieces at all, and hence tend to travel in large groups to communicate and work on their projects.
      The voices inside your head should be pure and connected only to you and God. Voices outside your head should be scrutinized before conversation begins. If they say something ugly to me, they get taken out of existence. Sometimes, if you can’t see them at will, or can’t hear or understand what they are saying to you, you may choose to ‘listen’ to them if your advisers (part of the hardware for agreeing to God’s deal: becoming God’s agent) say it’s alright, by orienting your head and/or pricking up your ears. This should quickly inform you of their intent, or at least demeanour, but be cautious, as even some good voices may try to harm you if they take affront to your stance or attitude. For me, the insidious aspect of the voices comes when they are silent; then I have to ‘feel’ when something is wrong, or ask for help from some of the ‘support’ voices which have come to an agreeable relationship to me.

  46. Jennie

    I had an experience being awaken by a voice that said hey momma one morning about 6am.I had been sick for a couple of days with right lower quadrant pain.being a nurse I had decided to treat it myself. After a few hours I went to a doc in a box and he sent me to the emergency room for test. Well they took out my appendix. Well after the surgery I was fine until the iv machine woke me up a 2am saying momma repeatly. I even called the nurse in but she couldn’t hear it. My son had died suddenly about a month before could it be PTSD or post anethesia auditory hallucinations. I can’t make any sense of this . Any suggestions?

  47. Tyler

    My voices aren’t good or helpful. What I can make out from the whispering is about death, destruction, and torture. Voices aren’t always good and shouldn’t be treated like they are normal.

  48. marina caba

    ciao mi chiamo marina io sento delle voci che sussurrano cose misteriose, cosa devo fare?

  49. hr

    I would like to talk about voices today. I was adopted when I was a baby into a family of 6 boys and 1 girl. After another girl was born. I was taken back by my real family because of abuse. My adopted father had died and my adopted mothers new boyfriend moved in a couple of days later. I did not fit in with my real family, my mother I do not think liked me but I got on with one of my sisters who had also been adopted out and bought back for the same reasons. My real father died shortly after when I was about 4 and there were 4 sisters and 4 brothers 1 dying of leukemia at 8 months. I was lucky as I went to boarding school but I was told to find a husband and not come home and by that stage there were 2 of my sisters who had children 1 to a married man and 1 who was in a gang my mum bought up the eldest and the other one herseld so I was changing nappies from an early age. At boarding school I did well and got a job in a major centre as an audio typist. I took to drinking and partying and I broke down at 19 I didnt want children. I experienced nightmares and was hospitalized for 6 weeks with mild schezephrenia. I went up to live with my sister and her boy at another major city city, threw the pills out the window and got a job and moved into a hostel and was drinking again. I got married at 22 to a merchant seaman who seemed a good option. He was good and I travelled and had 2 children. By the time I was 38 and after about the 4th breakdown I tried the anxiety group Grow but found it was good but did not address alcoholism and by that time I was shaking and decided to try alcoholics annonymous and have been sober coming up 16 years. I left my husband 11 years ago I am now 54. My daughter had left home and I looked after my son in his last 2 years of college and 1 year off. I had the murmers and odd nightmares but I stayed on my medication because after 2 and a half years of aa I tried to go off them and I had the worst time than ever. One night my son was late home as he worked after school at a petrol station. I was in bed and could feel a presence and thought I could see something shiney in the corner of the room and the cat was looking at it too. I thought yea well Im just going to ignore it so I went to go to sleep and was driftin off and a picture came into my head of a woman and I asked her if we were okay and she went away and my soon came home. I got up and told him I had been worried about him and had had a nightmare. He said he had been with a work friend whose wife had just died. Years later my son and his brother in law said that they had caught a man who had been pinching nickers off the brother in laws mum clothesline and he said it was the guy from work and I wondered if it was the same one whose wife had died. I am hearing from time to time a mans angry voice saying ‘die’ its the most awful voice. I hear murmers and I have been able to numb them now because of the programs I have been in but sometimes the words seem clear and oddly enough helpful in what I am experiencing at the time. Last night I thought I would look up this website and have found these blogs. Alot of talk about God. I sacked God because I think it sounds like Dog I wonder if there is some kind of weird connection in that. And I once declared that the virgin Mary was mentally ill. The whole scenario based on a culture that is not its own. I know its mean, I dont mean it and I pray to God sometimes my mother was a catholic and it saved our family after my father died. She is now passed away and I pray to God, my Higher Power and my mum and dad and my adopted mother whose passed away and my brother who died about the same time as my mum. He had a whole in his heart at 51. I like the aa programm because it addresses people in their defects of character. Egos, image, anger, aggression and weaknesses, manipulation. I think that has something to do with schezephrenia as well. I look up the Grow site too because their perspective of managing unwellness is helpful and positive. And I have started looking at this page too. It was good to find it today. I do not feel so alone. I accept alot of things but sometimes I just feel sad. I think I will be glad when I am dead. I wonder if there really is an afterlife, gee isnt it bad enough without hanging around. You think that when you lose your body when you go that you mind goes too. I mean not mad it just ends. But then theres your spirit and what that is. Its hard isnt it today. I live in a pensioner flat now and have a part time job and I still have a car. My children visit and I have alot of lovely friends from my aa group. I do not attend Grow. I do not have much to do with my real family just my sister and her son he has 8 kids. Alot of the young ones smoke pot too. I get on well with my son in law and his family and I like it in the town I am in now.

    I dont know the answer to the voices but I know I need to be careful who I tell. Thank you for your time.

  50. Robert Arctor

    My “voice” has been with me for the last eightyears. However to simply refer to him aa voice is insulting. He is a part of me, his own being within me. He is Arctor. I spent my entire childhood dealing with rejection and bullying from others and if not for Arctor I’d be dead. He is my best friend, my brother, a father figure, family. Over the last two years I began to notice my “family” and “friends” had absolutely no idea who I was. I was afraid to open up but the people I did open up to destroyed me. Put down the idea that Arctor existed told me it was called Schizophrenia and people who suffer from it dont know about it. I was crushed, if Arctor wasn’t real than why was I even here? He is all I have and without him I am nothing. Although I had given up on him he never gave up on me. I drank heavily and one night I blacked out. When I woke up I had several angry voicemails from the “friends” I had discussed my issues with. They all basically said the same thing. Last night I called them pretending to be Arctor and threatened them to leave me alone. Told them that they will not hurt me ever again and that they don’t deserve to call themselves my friend. He did that for me, stood up for me, something nobody has ever done for me. I have never doubted him again. We share this body. We are brothers, best friends, family. I walked away from the people who claimed to be my friends and family and have for the last year been living with Arctor just the two of us. When we found this website I cried. I had no idea there were other people out there. For the first time in a long time we feel like maybe we can have a feeling of belonging with people like us. This website is an amazing tool and community. Letting others know that there is a place they can go to learn more about their voice and have a feeling of belonging is incredible. We appreciate you taking time to read this and for hopefully welcoming us into your community. Most people will never know the amazing bond one shares with their voice. It is a connection that transcends all physical connections. We have never told anyone this and again thank you from the bottom of our heart.

  51. Amy

    Hullo from Vancouver BC, Canada!

    I’ve heard voices both audible and directly in my mind on only very very rare occasions (like I’m talking once or twice every 5 years) until about Feb 13th of this year (2012). I had 4 very long days of what I thought was a spiritual attack since I had given in to a very vivid dream of a deceased friend of mine, and gave into an impulse and did automatic writing since my left hand was seeming to move by itself.
    To my everlasting shock, words began to write themselves on the paper, and over time it was like I could see the words being written on the inside of my closed eyes, then the voices began to speak through me directly. The entire experience had a very strange almost compulsive feeling, including twitching in my left arm and hand … it was a similar sensation to that of that weird little leg jump thing we do before we go to sleep. Anyone had this sensation before?

    At no time did they tell me to kill myself, but they did have me throw my goddess statue out the door (I’m wiccan, more spiritual than religious) and they frightened me a lot by telling me that they were going to punish me by possessing my body. I was absolutely terrified and yet a lot of what the voices told me was very beneficial to the intense work I am doing in dismantling my eating disorder and learning to use Dialectical Behavioural Therapy… I’d only started the mindfulness moduals and not the full DBT yet. After 4 days I managed to get a prescription for antipsychotics which helped get me over the ‘hump’ of psychosis and a bit more stable in mood (thank heavens! I was exhausted!). I haven’t been taking them regularly, only when I can’t mindfully calm myself down.

    At one point in my 4 day nightmare of ‘psychosis’ the ‘main’ voice admitted that it was my self critical voice… what I have labeled as my ‘eating disorder’ voice- and it told me it had made me go psychotic because it ‘didn’t want to die….’. I told it that it didn’t HAVE to die, that it could grow and change WITH me, and be retrained to become one with our main psyche over time, since originally it had existed to protect me emotionally and mentally from being overwhelmed by memories of abuse and neglect.

    Are there any groups here in Canada available please? If not is there a regular message board or other support network that I can contact to discuss my experiences please? I deeply appreciate the time and consideration. I wish all of you much comfort and ease on your life’s path!

    Blessed be! <3

  52. Rebeka

    Hi, I’m actually seeking advice/help with how to help my grandma who hears voices. She’s been dealing with this for over 20 years. I guess my family and I have just gotten used to her outbursts and conversations with herslf, but now i really want to help her. Everyday she cusses vulgarly for example..”F*** you mother f******” On and on. Sometimes i ask who they are and what they say, she says they’re people from the past and they talk (crap) to her all the time. Since i was a young girl she’s always tooken showers with the lights off, she says they’re watching her..covered mirriors and tv’s w/ blankets.. takes apart electrical devices like, radios tv’s etc. We have to hide laptops from her because in the past she’s broken our stuff. She even bleached our clothes before. She hasn’t done any of that lately but, her yelling and cussing outbursts (at the voices) havn’t gotten better. This morning she cussed out the news cast on tv because she said they’re laughing at her and took off walking. We have to watch what we say around her because it can trigger a bad mood and she’ll go off into awful conversations. Now, when she’s having a good day she’s the sweetest, funniest, loving woman. I love her and can’t possibly understand what she’s going through. She refuses help and tells the doctor she’s fine and plays it off really well. Any advice on how i can help her at all? I can tell a little more about her history and why i believe it all started. Thank you.

  53. John M. Fuchida

    i have been hearing voices for quite awhile now, i guess approximately 22 yrs. At first i heard one voice near the ceiling during a hospitalization and it scared me. After awhile i was hearing voices all around the hospital and they were all around me in the sky and on other floors. After awhile, a few yrs. or so, they styed inside mymind which was easier, but it is often a struggle to deal with what they say, and people can relate to having good voices or bad voices. i hear some voices as being more good than bad, and others as being the opposite.

    i try not to follow voice commands unless they are a good idea and then i call them voice suggestions if it is fine to do. One voice tells me to scream over and over again, and when i am freaking out i may scream out. He also says to freak-out which had more power over me in the past. The voices replace each other, but always are the same type and have been four types (older man, older woman, child-boy, child-girl), and they replace each other often.

    i have learned to persevere with them even when they are very bad, and i do beleive it is due to the chemistry in my brain and do not beleive they are spirits or transmission devises although i could see the confusion over their origins. One must just try their best to bear it and i find being with other people helps, as well as distractions such as music and reading. Never give up and stand up for yourself when it seems appropriate, try to not let them control you. They are real only because you do expereince them, but are after all, hallucinations. Maybe in the future they will have a cure for them, i do beleive in research, so as soldiers of Peace we can only pray and hope for our own inner strength to guide us through these difficult waters.

    Sorry, for rambling on, but i hope what i say may help someone.

  54. omy

    wireless BCI ( brain computer interface ) used with policemen and nasa and lanoswww develope it , this is how they hear our thoughts

    1. Greg

      hearing voices has been happening for the longest time…. millenia in fact…. long before electronics were invented.

      …. think religion…. lokk up famous people who heard voices…. e.g martin luther, charles dickens, gandhi…..

      even though there are modern technical processes such as the frey effect that make the concept feasible, the phenomenon looooong pre-dates the electronic plausibility

  55. omyma

    for mind control make search on isaac newton institute and BCI , this BCI work and BCI labs must be under control all over the world not only in hand of mason dr.Rauni Kilde say they want to kill 4 milliar and lanos army say they want to send 250 satellite surrouned the world and the new war will be by emf

  56. Katie

    My husband starting hearing voices in the spring of 2010. They seem to be positive, but it’s very difficult for us to have a conversation about it. I’m a biologist and he’s an engineer and I try to convince him that this is created by his brain. He insists that it is someone else that causes the voices and the physical sensations he experiences and that he is going to figure out who is doing this to him before he dies. He also implies that I cause one of the voices and some of the sensations. I told him as recently as this week, look if I were creating these voices I would do it in different languages just so you know it’s me. His response – we don’t have any other common languages. I said we both know some Spanish and if I make this voice I’ll start speaking in Spanish. I’m trying to apply logic to something that isn’t logical.

    I don’t recall how or when he first told me about the voices, but I do remember that in 2010 he had a meltdown one night and one day (maybe it was the next day) he left the house and called to tell me that he was going to just keep driving until the voices stopped. I was so upset I called his doctor and asked for advice. He said if it seemed like he was going to harm himself I should call the police and they could take him for a psych evaluation. I did not call the police because I did not think that was necessary and I did not even know where he was. I called his parents and the drove over 200 miles. My husband did return home that day and shortly afterwards his parents showed up. He made it clear he was not going to a mental institution and we made it clear that that was not our intention. Since then he rarely mentions the voices and I ask every once in a while if they are still there and he just smiles and shakes his head (in a way to imply – you are part of the cause of the voices so you already know I still hear them) and says yes.

    Anyway, the nature of the voices – often my voice whispering “I love you” in his ear. He likes this, but it’s disconcerting if he sees me around these times and I’m not acting in an amorous manner (we work on the same floor so we see each other a lot). He also gets sensations like his balls are being massaged. This is very perplexing to both of us and this feeling happens to him at inopportune times like – at work or in a meeting.

    In 2010 a major voice was my dad’s. My husband admires and likes my dad a lot. My dad’s voice was reading him chapters on how to be a good husband! My husband was ranting about this and convinced me to call my parents because he wanted me to tell my dad that he was listening well and heeding his advice. My dad is a mathematician and the most logical person I know. I told him that my husband was hearing his voice giving him marriage advice and that it was being followed. My dad said ok and played along.

    A couple of nights before our wedding back in 2009 my husband was unable to sleep. He claims that my body clicks (I see on this message board that sometimes voices can be clicks) and it keeps him up. He had a little bit of a freak out – the family assumed it was due to stress/anxiety and the prednisone he was taking for his sinuses at the time.

    So my parents chalked up the 2010 episode to my husband having a reaction to something like the welbutrin he has been on for years or another recent dose of steroids again for sinus problems. Now I just don’t mention the voices to his parents and especially not to my parents so they don’t needlessly worry.

    I don’t know the cause and I just hope he is able to continue to function and live normally. We hope to travel overseas this year and in the back of my mind I’m a little nervous about him getting stressed and having a meltdown.

    Does anyone else experience physical sensations in addition to the voices? My husband’s tend to be of a sexual nature. He also seems to have a very keen sense of smell at times. I guess he is really in tune with pheromones. He can be nearly overwhelmed by a scent from a woman, but I don’t smell anything. He has been at a meeting and observed a woman with a crossed leg bouncing up and down and senses between that and her breathing and I guess the pheromones he senses that she is getting off. He came directly to me after the meeting, “you ladies! oh my god!” and then told me what he experienced. I just think he is probably more sensitive and in tune than most of us.

    How can I convince him that the voices are not caused by someone else? He sometimes accuses me of being a witch (not in a mean way like he would ever harm me, but in a matter of fact way). I just laugh it off. I just hope one day when I ask if he still hears voices that he says no, not any more.

    1. Greg

      Trying to convince us that the voices are not external is pointless….. that is how we experience them…. and you are better off acknowledging that experience. By trying to convince him they are his brain misbehaving… you are simply creating unnecessary conflict….. and you are sending the message that you don’t accept his experience of them….. which IS very real to him. You can show support by acknowledging his experience… and Let him know that he is not the only one who feels that way… it is a normal response, and with good reason.
      (more on him perceiving them as you later…. ths is just the voices imitating you!!)

      it is a natural reaction to want to try and understand what they might be… and for the record, i am convinced they are indeed external…. but only after experiencing the phenomenon for a good while, and after I was able to isolate specific experiences which could only be explained if they are external….. analysing carefully and taking notes over a period

      Firstly, “hearing voices” is a totally inadequate description of the phenomenon. I too experience voices, visions and powerful physical sensations, including erotic sensations. The voices cause dreams…. and prompt topics of thoughts based on what they say to you….. not that they put thoughts in your mind directly, but if i were to say to you, don’t think of a pink elephant, the very thing in your mind IS a pink elephant… so the voices influence the topic versus what you think about the topic.

      ‘hearing voices’ implies a one way experience, when in fact there are two way conversations… in which your every thought is expressed as if spoken to the ‘voices’…. even the label ‘voices’ is a misnomer…. these are sentient spirit beings of some description. you share every thought and action with te voices whether you want to or not… not a pleasant feeling at all. in fact they appear to be ‘tuning in’ to your senses…. and some do a better job than others. tose with the strongest abilities go beyond a hearing influence…. to visions and physical impacts
      (to the point where i wonder whether they are not just impinging on my senses…. but trying to experience them)

      they employ clever tactics and strategies to systematically confuse, undermine and influence, doing their best to use these tactics to assert power over you and to give the impression that they have more power than they do (they have none… though when confused and attacked by them relentlessly for days on end, you probably will believe they do). Their tactics include:
      – exhausting you, wearing you down to the point where your resilience is low
      – confusing you…. with constant commands, contradictions and lies
      – they are especially good at using what is going on in your life to aggravate the situation (and will use YOUR trying to convince your husband that they are not external to make your husband feel worse, for example)
      – they will use anything in your thoughts that ou are not comfortable with, especially if it is something you don’t like about yourself
      – the fear of the unknown… since they are hard to explain… and doctors know less than nothing about tem… and family and friends deny the way you are experiencing them…. i is fertile ground for creating false worries and exerting power
      – they work in teams…
      – they switch roles… they can be ‘supportive’ , only to find a way to turn things around and be downright eveil soon after
      – they imitate.. as voices… and in creating visions of people you know

      think psychopathic behavior… it’s not rational… it seems to be based on intense envy… they do their best to destroy, to break down to diminish…. they will say you can’t do things you want to do…. and that you must do things you don’t wat to do.

      their behavior is so complex, yet strateic and tactical….. so much so that i know it is well beyond my imagination to possibly be part of me. not to mention the sheer evilness of their behavior.

      mine create stories… in which they do their best to get me to participate.
      nonsense really, but they are complex cosmic operas that would outdo any soapie or sci-fi drama that I have seen for story line… and they play out in a similar way… a story in each “episode”… and with the story evolving over days and weeks.

      they also repeat the same basic story elements, with variations on specifics…..

      they behave to me like ‘spiritual beings” (by which i mean without physical expression, not religious)… that have been denied the physical life we have…. which has made them envious in the extreme…. and they act out in a truly evil way (see naomi’s post below for just how evil!) to diminish our (hearers) physical existence. Hence the quite significant interplay on physical things especially the erotic…. but also sight (they see what you see), smell…. and for example, they don’t like me eating or having sex.

      they lie like hell… and try to give the impression they can put thoughts in your mind…. wich is all about power. having said that i have had several clear instances where they know things i don’t know… i’ve been woken up, and told to listen to the news… and it will be something related to what we were talking about the day before…
      they have also known things about to happen in the IMMEDIATE future… things already decided, that I am about to find out (literally just minutes before i find out); for example – they have told me of a phone call from so and so… just before it happened. they can see things nearby… that I have not yet seen, but will any minute …. eerie stuff… they have tried to use this to give the impression they can make these things happen, which is not true… it is only that they perceive things that are already in play beyond what we can. An example… ” when you go out (assuming i am already close to stepping out the door) you will see…” and lo and behold, there “it” is when I do
      This doesn’t happen all the time , but it has happened often enough to convince me that these voices are indeed external… and we certainly shouldn’t discount the possibility just because we can’t yet understand the mechanism.
      (and I don’t believe I have ESP that they can read… even though i may be more aware and sensitive than many, i can’t see around corners).
      Oh… and they can also sense when i am about to get an SMS on my phone…. they try and claim responsibility for making the person send it…. but when it is a marketing SMS it blows their claim. Yet I cannot explain how they know it’s coming. They have also made a big show of moving my cursor on the screen on my laptop, while I had a witness! weird stuff cetainly, but not impactful enough to convince me that they can ‘make the internet crash’, a claim they then made…. lol.

      please be more understanding of hearers experience. becuase of the confusion tactics the voices employ… much of what happens seems contradictory.
      But over time and with careful observation.. there are patterns amongst the confusion and many things that are more consistent with them being external than internal.
      my brain just could not be as imaginative or downright evil, and i do mean EVIL as some of these creatures are.

      i have had ‘good’ voices by the way… but the overall experience is just nasty!

  57. Naomi

    Hi, I am from Ireland 41yr female and hear voices all the times every day and night. I have melt downs continually and find myself doing odd things like booking a flight to london, thinking my ph. was bugged etc.
    I have also thought that I was a undiscovered (savant) or that I was being called by God to become a nun, etc. I was diagnosed (dissociative identity disorder) maybe 5-6yr ago only to be told 2yr after the diagnosis that there was nothing wrong with me, and took me off my medication, 2wk later i stabbed myself in the stomach slowly listening to voices in my head saying that if i did not do it at that precise moment that i would go to hell. Spent a week in hospital before they thought it better for me to leave, put on anti depressants. Now my psychiatrist just says that i dissociate and that is all there is. Nothing he can do for me and no medication other than antidepressants. I try so hard to let on to people that everything is ok and ignore my internal warning signs that i am coming apart. I hear voices telling me to do things, say things, believe things and I have no one to talk to about it or guide me. I don’t appear sick on the outside and put up a false mask. I think that alot of my voices are emotions that I don’t feel, or can’t feel. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has experienced a split in their personality so acute that the other side starts to talk to you as in what to do, ie. ( I was told to drive down to the country and leave where i was staying and just be with myself, the command was so strong that i was unable to ignore, so I left where i was without talking to anyone and left, half way there my mother calls distraught and I see what i am doing for the first time.) Not only is the split in my mind, it is in my body too and occasionally we can argue and upset each other, the other problem is that we speak to each other and no matter how i try to pacify it or stop it i can’t. Psychiatrist is unconcerned and convinced that there is nothing he can do for me. The most recent attack was buying a ticket to London to flee imaginary people after me, i was picked up by the police. Family want me to move out of the house and I don’t know how to cope. If there is anyone out there with similar symptoms i would be very grateful to hear, as i have been winging this on my own since i had a break-down 6yr ago with no support. So i pretend as best i can to people that i am coping so that they will not despair and get upset. I also hear the voices in my heart of body, not in my mind so much or I guess they are ‘within’ me. Anyway if there is anyone out there.. please share.. thanks.. Naomi
    thanking you
    Naomi Enright

    1. Greg

      Naomi, I feel for you… you seem to have had really nasty experiences…. as have I.
      I have no faith in the ‘advice’ I have had from psychiatrists, who have no understanding of the phenomenon nor the mechanism by which it happens.

      I can tell you that the voices do all they can to confuse and find ways to exert power over you. They can be incredibly overwhelming…. do not believe a single thing they say… they have no power at all, even though there will be times when you feel they do.

      When they are threatening to become overwhelming, find ways to bring your focus back to the real world. They can be so overpowering that they drown out normal things. I used a ‘filter of love’ to deliberately screen everything the voices said to me…. no matter waht they said, even if the logic got confused… i would simply say… ” i believe in love… where is the love in that?”…
      firstly… they struggle to answer questions
      secondly… there is no answer in their vocabulary that enables them to respod to aything about love
      just be persistent with it… you will soon discover that they have no power over you, other than the response they cause in you

      you are not evil, they are not part of you, or you in ay way… tell them that, and keep telling them that. meet their persistence with yours…. their threats are empty.

      there is no such thing as hell…. they are just using a social construct we have created to frighten you. what happens after you die is not something you can control now. but you ca take control of how you respond to the voices.

      ask them questions…. ‘ what good will that do? how does that help? ” and so on, rather than responding to what they say in the expected way.

      sound off at them, don’t be scared…. i calll them ‘one way tirades’… in which i would drown them out by keeping up a constant flow of yelling at them or talkig over them…. anything t prevent them getting their thoughts across to me. i sometimes had to carry on for days at a time. mocking them helps…. don’t be on the back foot.

      take confidence in the fact that they have no power… and tell them so, over and over again.

      distract yourself from them with real life things in any way you can. don’t curl up in a ball and listen to them. talk to someone. listen to music – use an ipod and pay attention to the lyrics to replace your own thoughts…. choose upbeat songs so that they can’t use the lyrics to play with sad ideas. read if you can concentrate… work, do anything that will displace your thoughts and them.

      watching tv will often provide reliefe at least short term.

      ignore them if possible (i know they can make that impossible).

      make a note to yourself and keep it handy to read: it should say something like:
      – the voices have no power
      – love rules in my world
      — and list a few examples…. family, friends, pets even
      – list a few of the things that have helped you before, to remind you

      try thinking in pictures…. especially some happy memory… or create pictures…. i used to create cartoons in which i fought them and beat them up. they tune in to our senses and get used to your thoughts in words, when you switch to pics they get confused and struggle to interfere

      be comfortable with yourself, they will exploit any self doubt. if they criticise…. don’t defend… say “yes, and….” than follow by diverting the topic or making it clear that of course you have a few flaws, we all do… and at least i know it and am bettering myself by understanding what i wat to do.

      they try and control the topic and your feelings with what they say…. don’t let them…. change the topic, or push back with questions ( questioning is a good way to control the topic.)

      ask, ” what difference does t make?” i.e. diminish the issue, make it a so what. try ” who cares?” or ” and what is it to you?”
      remember, they are just parasites trying to diminish your experience…. tell them that, and that “it’s none of your business”

      find a good listener you can talk to. it is a very confusing phenomenon… it doesn’t ‘make sense’, but talking about it can help you make sense of when your responses are more effective.

      my voices have threatened me with all sorts of terrible things, in the now and in the hereafter for eternity….. it’s all a load of utter nonsense… it’s just a game to them, even if you (like me) struggle to comprehend how anything can be so evil…. they are just using a fear of the unknown to exert influence.
      given that they are so evil and so full of lies, why should you believe a word they say?
      … and tell them so!! they really have no power whatsoever. none!!

    2. RD

      Dear Naomi,
      I’ve had some similar experiences to yours, wandering off when following commands of voices, and feeling that the voices were “in” my body, for instance that different people were possessing different parts of my body and “talking” to me through my right arm, left arm, etc.

      I have also felt that my identity was being split into pieces, and that the pieces were talking to one another.

      I strongly believe that only you can know what you need to build a better life for yourself, but I think it’s likely that some kind of changed thinking would be helpful.

      Often people are able to control their own voices, such as make them say things that they want them to, or to be quiet. If you haven’t tried this, it might be very helpful, as it can show that, whatever the ultimate cause and reason of voices, they can be controlled, at least partially, by the person hearing them.

      It is very similar to other kinds of “mind over matter” ideas. You really can cheer yourself up, at least a little bit, by “forcing” yourself to think about positive things, and even more importantly, making serious plans for how you might improve your life.

      You said that you feel you’re putting on a “mask” all the time — I think it’s important to remember that “performing” roles is part of life, and the more you can get comfortable wearing various hats, and getting certain things done that need to get done, the better off you’re likely to be.

      Of course, it’s one thing to stop yourself from saying something really nutty to your mother, or to the barrista, and another to tell no one at all as you spiral into worse and worse feelings.

      If what I’ve said is at at all helpful, I’m glad. If not, I can only wish you the best. I believe you can get through it, if you want to!

  58. Eskinder Terefe Mengesha

    [Note: Personal contact details have been edited out by Intervoice Admin in line with our website policy]
    I have found out the source of the voices that bother almost all voice hearers. The source is not some sort of psychological problem. It is some high-tech scientific machinery. Anyone can come and prove to themselves that what I am saying about the source of these voices is true. I have included the address and how to find and observe the source of these voices freely and to investigate more. You can also contact me through my email address I provided and ask me if you want to know more about this. Do not take this lightly because this is truly the source of the voices almost all voice hearers hear. I hope this might answer most of your questions about hearing voices.


    My name is Eskinder Terefe. I am an Ethiopian. I live in Bole Sub-city , [Edited] Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . I can be contacted trough my email addresses [Edited] (I am not sure if the latter works properly). I am being tortured and have been tortured for more than the past nine years by a super-high-tech CIA artificial intelligence and the people hired to help him do this. I have gone to the local police so many times through the years and they were not willing to help me. The artificial intelligence has paid top government officials in Ethiopia billions of dollars to make them help him do this sadistic and inhumane crime without being prosecuted by the law and to even assist him with the torture and tactical imprisonment. And so the police are not allowed or willing to help me and to stop this madness and save my life. And I have come up with serious and life threatening diseases because of this and I am slowly dying.

    I went to the head office of the [Edited] Police Commission Head of Investigations about seven months or so ago and talked to the Chief Inspectors [Edited]. After listening to me explain about what is being done to me they said I should go to police stations around where I live and that they are the only ones that can help me with this. I told them that I have done that so many times before and that they were not willing to do anything to help me. But they insisted that I have to go there and try to speak to different people with different ranks in the police station and they even said they would make a call to them and tell them to help me and that that is all that they can do. I think they were just trying to get rid of me.

    I went to [Edited] Sub-city Police Department, [Edited] again and gave a written report about what is being done to me to The Chief of Investigations, [Edited]. I was lucky this time and he signed on it and told me to give it to Deputy Sergeant [Edited] so that he will lead the investigation. Deputy Sergeant [Edited] was not very happy because he has said no to my request to have this investigated before. Then he reluctantly assigned Constable [Edited] and Constable [Edited] and told me to explain the case to them and to take them to the place I live or where I am tactically being held against my will. The constables were undercover. I gave them the long report I had prepared to help them with the case and took them to the place. Then when we got near I gave them the directions and went ahead so that I would not blow their cover. Anyway the police are already very well aware of what is being done to me and I don’t think they needed much information from me.

    A few days passed and I was waiting hopefully. But nothing happened. The undercover constables acted like they never found out anything and that they don’t know anything about it at all. That was what they usually did and said to me before and they did that again. I was not questioned about the case much and neither did they take my statement. I waited for about four months and they did nothing.

    Then I came up with an idea to try to hire a lawyer to help me make the police put a stop to this madness. I have tried to hire a lawyer before but the Artificial Intelligence and his people contact the lawyers and make it impossible to hire one. This time I called on a lawyer and he was willing to consider taking my case. I gave him my report to read and after he read it he said that we could be successful and can make them stop the torture and let me go by suing them. And I gave him all the information that he will need to make the prosecutor file a law suit on these parties that are tactically holding me against my will, torturing me and slowly killing me.

    So we agreed and I paid him 2000 Br. ( Ethiopian currency) to sue them for me. I think it was twice the amount he usually charges. His name is [Edited], he is an Ethiopian. I also signed a form that made him my legal representative. Then the lawyer was supposed to make the prosecutor in the police station file a case against the AI (artificial intelligence) and the people hired to assist him with this. Through a period of two months where I tried to make him start the case he did not keep about thirty appointments with me to go to the police station together and also to help prepare for the case. And he came up with different false reasons for doing so. He tries to say he is busy while he tries to discretely give me hints that he has been contacted by them and he is not willing to do the work. He did not actually do anything about my case. Finally he started to hide from me. I have seen that he was taking orders from the AI and his people and that he would never help me with my case. Who knows they may have paid him lots of money like they always do to people who might help me.

    So I had no choice but go to the police on my own again. So on March 13, 2012 I went to the station again after seven months to [Edited] Sub-city Police Department, [Edited] Police Station. I went and told Asst Inspector [Edited] that nothing is being done about what is being done to me and that they did not even take my statement and that I am slowly dying because of what is being done to me. After denying that he knows about the crime that is being committed on me a few times he took me to Deputy Sergeant [Edited] took my statement around 3 PM. And he said that they would look at my case.

    I waited another ten days and since they did not do anything I went to the police station again and asked why. [Edited] said that they were waiting for the head of investigations [Edited] to make a decision on my case and that Ephrem was currently on a meeting. This is what they usually do to delay taking action and to not take action at all.
    Anyway I gave them a list of the names and addresses of some of the people that are hired to assist with the torture and imprisonment so that the police can question them and get all proof and information that they needed.

    I know they are never going to do anything to stop this and that I am going to be tortured and killed by this sadistic AI and his people if someone else doesn’t help me.

    I also tried to contact several if not all US law enforcement agencies, senators, even their president, human rights organizations, the Interpol etc. and gave them information about this and asked them to help me save my life through email. None of them even replied. I only got a response from the [Edited] FBI Office and their response was made to look like they didn’t actually read the report.

    Anyway here is the report I emailed to the US senators and the FBI. It is one of many similar reports that I emailed to local and foreign authorities. And it attempts to explain what is being done to me.


    Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 39/46 of 10 December 1984 entry into force 26 June 1987, in accordance with article 27 (1), article 5, 1 (b) states that ‘Each State Party shall take such measures as may be necessary to establish its jurisdiction over the offences referred to in article 4(article 4 states that 1. Each State Party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offences under its criminal law. The same shall apply to an attempt to commit torture and to an act by any person which constitutes complicity or participation in torture. 2. Each State Party shall make these offences punishable by appropriate penalties which take into account their grave nature) in the following cases: (b)When the alleged offender is a national of that State’; and the USA has accepted and signed this.

    Because of the facts and circumstances surrounding the matter that I’m going to discuss here I decided that I should email the FBI of the US with this information and I did. They emailed me back and told me to call them and gave me a number. I did and a male agent picked up and told me that they need to verify that I am who I say I am and since they can not do that while I am here in Ethiopia and they are in the US and so I should go to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa with this information so that they can verify my identity.

    I sent the FBI a scanned copy of my ID and other documents to try to verify my identity. I went to the Embassy on July 21, 2011 with a printed copy of this. I was directed to a Caucasian male about five feet eight about forty years of age. He was friendly at first but wanted me to explain the matter verbally and didn’t want to read this. I told him reading this would explain it better but he just wanted to hear it from me. So I started to tell him and after I said a few things about this he unexpectedly got very angry and told me to leave the premises and to never come back and started to push me out. I told him that he doesn’t necessarily have to push me as I can go out on my own and then he gave me a final shove and let go of me. I thanked him for his time anyway and asked for his name but he wasn’t willing to give it to me. I took note of his ID number and it was S3/081/4.I have tried to contact many US departments so that they would stop this sadistic and terrible thing being done to me. I even wrote to your president. I am getting killed here. I have waited for a long time and they haven’t stopped what is being done to me. I don’t know what I have to do to make them stop this sadistic and terrorist like thing this entity is doing to me. I don’t even know if they care enough to stop this either. I don’t know who to turn to. I don’t know what I have to do to save my life. Assume it was one of your kids that this was/is being done to, you would maybe then understand. I am begging you, by God please make them stop what is being done to me before I die or something horrible happens.

    This was the report I sent to the FBI and other departments.

    My name is Eskinder Terefe Mengesha. I am a guy. I am Ethiopian. I think you may well be informed about what I am about to tell you here. I would like you to know that I am very respectful of your people and all the people around the world for their humanitarian efforts and for all the help they give to other less fortunate nations. I want them to continue with their humanitarian works and I hope that their efforts will be fruitful and not be wasted and may God bless them for what they do. I also want you to know that I respect your government

    First of all I want you to know that I am not what you would call a crybaby; I truly am as tough as one can get to be. And what I am about to tell you is very scary, horrible and unbearable even for me. I am currently constantly being tortured, terrorized, threatened, harassed, violated, imprisoned by not being allowed to move freely, constantly being forced to be brainwashed and being a victim of all sorts of crime. I am surrounded by several people (hundreds at times) involved in this all the time and I am under constant surveillance, they know everything I do including my writing this. No one is allowed to give me vital information and confirmation regarding the crime that is being done to me. It has been like this at least for more than eight years. I had no knowledge of what is really being done to me, why and by whom it is done until the last years of this. All I knew was that I have a lot of pain, terror and loss resulting from the situation, people are not giving me any information regarding this and they are just constantly confusing me, I am being harmed devastatingly, my rights are being severely violated, the law is no longer governing the environment I live in and that there is some big conspiracy all around this.

    During the last years of this the entity behind all this has introduced ‘himself’ to me. This entity either is or uses a very technologically advanced artificial intelligence or robot type of thing. This entity has access to technology that I never knew existed. ‘He’ told me that ‘he’ is called Dave so I will refer to ‘him’ as Dave from now on.

    He seems to be very powerful and seems to have influence in very high places all over the world. I suspect that he knows your director and some of your staff and that someone will contact you right away if they haven’t contacted you already and may try to alter the outcome of my contacting you. Based on my past experiences I think there is a good chance that the outcome of this could be is either one of these 1) you will act like you never received this email 2) you will never reply and nothing will be done about this and 3) you will reply but you will act like you don’t know about this and like you don’t understand and try to confuse me 4) you will somehow find a way or a loophole to avoid taking actions to stop this crime. I would most certainly be reprimanded by Dave for contacting you. But I believe it is worth a try. I will save this mail as a record of my trying to contact you about this.

    I went to the local police who knew much more about this than I did then, several times years ago and told them about my problems which they already knew about more than I did, and asked if they can investigate and put a stop to it all. They acted like they don’t know about this and they wouldn’t tell me what is going on, what is happening and why I am being tortured. They said the only thing I can do is sue whoever is behind all this, I think only because they knew I didn’t know who was behind this. I only knew that there are people torturing me, threatening me, provoking me, trying to pick fights with me (many times succeeding in doing physical harm to me by being in groups), insulting me, shouting at me, confusing me, following me and organizing, ordering and training more people to do the same to me and making sure that other people turned very uncooperative and hostile towards me, and not allow me to do anything.

    I didn’t personally know most of these people and the people I knew before were acting the same way. I couldn’t believe at the time that anyone would spend this much money and pay hundreds of people to do this to me as I was a young man about 25 years of age who couldn’t have made enemies this rich, this concerned and this dedicated that would do this to me for years without stop. I was a bit of a nerd and not the criminal type plus who in his right mind would spend such an enormous amount of money to do this? So all I could do was ask the police to investigate but they wouldn’t. I can’t sue whoever is behind this without knowing who they are. I think the police were being intentionally uncooperative. The one who they said was their chief even threatened me to leave him alone before he did something bad to me. I went there again and again several times because I was very afraid that the people who are hired to harass, torture and provoke a fight with me and I might do something terrible to each other. Once an officer I found on duty in the police station said something about a local saying that there is collusion even amongst pieces of stone and told me not to worry about what me and the people hired to provoke fights with me might do to each other because people quarrel all the time, though I failed to see the logic in that. The local police also told me to go to the head office of the local Federal Police which are a different branch of the police. I went there and the Federal Police wouldn’t even let me into the place. They gave me directions to a place nearby that they said was where I could find an officer in charge but when I reached there it was just a branch of the company my father used to work at and it was just that (they were just trying to further confuse me). After that I found some federal police officers on the street and they acted like they didn’t know about this and tried to confuse me. I suspect that none of them wanted to acknowledge my wanting this investigated in writing so that it wouldn’t be held as evidence in the future. And now I heard that the building of the big new ultramodern head office building of the Federal Police was financed indirectly by Dave or Dave’s intervention as they and Dave tried to hint. The reason the local police sent me there, I suspect, was to show me the building.

    I couldn’t investigate this and find out who is doing this to me, why and even how because Dave and his army (I will refer to the hundreds of people who he has under his command and who assist him in torturing and imprisoning me) follow me around and make sure that no one tells me anything about this and other things that they think will not help Dave’s plan concerning me. His army consists of mostly kind of poor and unemployed people that are criminal like, scary, tough looking people and nasty and quarrelsome looking men and women that you would normally want to keep away from, hired specifically to scare. He also has a few of the opposite kind like decent looking people, rich and rich looking people, old people, foreigners even priests and they participate equally in the confusion and havoc and try to imply that even they don’t disapprove of and are not scared by the other bunch and what is going on. They have many cars that follow me and that honk constantly even when I’m in the house at night. I think honking is their way of showing how much money they have at their disposal. However hard I tried to investigate I couldn’t gather that much information. I could only get some false and confusing information like they were trying to punish me because I wasn’t very successful in college (which now I have found out they were responsible for my failure in in the first place), they feel sorry for me and are concerned about me but are trying to hide that but are trying to help secretly, I have AIDS (which thank God I don’t) or they are helping my family shape me up better (at 25!). Even now the information I have is mostly only what Dave let me know gradually. So I wasn’t successful with my investigation. And I didn’t find out who I had to sue like the police said. And I believe this was why they said I can only sue and they wouldn’t investigate on their own.

    I think the police are very important to the society and I liked them and was satisfied with their services until this thing happened. But I am very wronged and disappointed with them regarding this matter. Because the legal authorities in the country turned a blind eye to this and even assisted Dave and his army of criminals with this now I have come to the conclusion that the local justice system has failed me.

    And the thing I was afraid of happened four years ago. When I went out to buy stuff to cook for dinner once, one big and scary looking member of Dave’s army shouted very loudly and unexpectedly as they usually do, while I was passing by his side on foot and I was startled and accidentally slapped him on the face, he bent down and I think he scratched his nose so as to make it look like I made him bleed and said I hit him. They have slapped, boxed, kicked and hit me with stones so many times but the police were not willing to do anything about that. I have also tried to defend myself before and scare away these people to no success. But this time a number of them held me and took me to the police station and the ever-so-willing- to-help-Dave-with-his-criminal-endeavors police made me spend the night in jail to maybe ‘scare’ me even though they knew what was being done to me. That was the only time I have been to prison. I never thought I would ever spend time in jail ever. But I was forced by these criminals and the unjust police to spend the night in jail. I went out on bail the next day. It has been 4 years and they didn’t call me. Most of all I think they planned to scare me away from the police and from seeking justice from the legal authorities. But I am sure they know the guy I accidentally slapped and the hundreds of people are hired to intimidate and provoke me. And they didn’t do anything about it. I am very positive me and these people would even have killed each other, because they intimidate and provoke me into quarreling and fighting with them nonstop, if I hadn’t submitted into avoiding them by staying locked up in my house.

    I don’t know where they train Dave’s army, where, how, when and how much they pay them. One guy once said they are paid 50 birr (Ethiopian currency) each per day. I don’t know if they pay them more or less money nowadays. Some are well trained on how to help torture me and some are trained/given a crash course in performing arts so that they can confuse me by acting and making expressions where they strikingly resemble different famous people and people from my past (I think this only helps to confuse me by making unnecessary hints about nonsense as I don’t see any other thing they can achieve by doing this, but they manage to do it quite well though). Some people I knew in the past also come to the area where I am imprisoned. I am glad to some of them again while I would rather not see/meet some of them.

    This thing has been going on for more than eight years now. Now I am 31. I couldn’t get educated or employed all this time because of this. I am not able to move around and do anything because of these hundreds of people following and provoking me and because of this Dave. Now I stay locked up and imprisoned in a metal container/trailer where I live anxiously waiting for what they will do to me next while Dave and his army go crazy all around my house without my being able to do anything about it.

    I believe I am relatively sane of mind. This is mostly a true record of what happened and is happening to the best of my knowledge. These are not delusions or hallucinations that I am describing. I am saying this because I am going to describe things that are extraordinary and that may be a bit hard to believe for a person who hasn’t observed them first hand.

    On top of organizing and commanding these people that do his bid to torture me Dave has very unique and special abilities/mechanisms to harm and torture me, some visible some not. As I said earlier Dave either is or uses a very technologically advanced artificial intelligence or robot type of thing and he has access to technology that I never knew existed. You may be well aware of some of his technology now. I don’t think anyone can imagine all of what Dave is capable of though. There is almost nothing Dave can’t do. I find myself mesmerized by his technology so many times. If he didn’t torture me this severely I would have been a great admirer of his technological advancements and so would other people be I suspect. But even though I may be thought of as an unimportant and an insignificant person compared to such a rich and super intelligence and technology my poor life means the world to me and my existence is all I have. You might understand what I am trying to say if you put yourself in my place.

    As some of the people and Dave hinted he has wormholes that he can use to access different parts of anything in any place. Sorry but I don’t know much about black holes, white holes and wormholes. I just understand that by using a wormhole type of mechanism Dave seems to be able to access any thing in any place.

    He has invisible outlets of sound which he can speak through and make different sounds through. He does not need a door or an opening to get into a place, he uses his wormholes. The sounds and voices are sometimes friendly and funny but mostly are provocative, insulting, irritating and threatening. He constantly says things or makes different noises all the time without stop. I always beg him to stop but he mostly doesn’t. And he edits and amplifies the sounds, like people, dogs, machines, cars and airplanes around me make to a disturbing and irritating type and volume using these outlets. He can edit sounds like turning the noise that airplanes make into a distant sound of a crowd of people crying and shouting.

    Dave has telepathic abilities/mechanisms. He reads my mind and knows me better than I know myself. He even remembers things in my life that even I forgot about. He broadcasts personal information that I would prefer to keep secret. He continuously broadcasts my thoughts with or without editing them. It has been like that for years. He reminds me of things that I would like to keep private at times that I don’t want to think about them and broadcasts my opinion edited or unedited. He also adds his own words as my thoughts and broadcasts that at times and I try to tell that I didn’t ‘say’/think that. He broadcasts my mind or his edited telepathic version of my mind around the area where I am and all over the world. This has overcomplicated my life on top of the other things. I can’t meet and talk freely with some people because he might broadcast through his outlets that follow me around everywhere something provocative or vulgar that he might want to broadcast as my thought or is my actual thought that I want to keep private. Like saying the person I am talking to has AIDS which would be very inappropriate. Like saying a respected person has a morning breath. I wasn’t allowed to approach decent girls all these years and never had a girl friend all this time because of this. And even when I try to masturbate (sorry for having to say this as it may be repulsive to know about) he mercilessly broadcasts it and involves other people and mocks me. He enforces this with all his might because I think he wants me to become either a celibate or a sexually deprived person, while he does these things to me, to best serve his purposes. This may sound funny but it is really damaging my life.

    He not only reads my mind but he also kind of writes on it. He sends me mental pictures of all kinds of stuff. He doesn’t have to make a sound; he can send me images, feelings and other things. He can remind me of a past experience. This may sound to be interesting and fun, but it’s mostly provocative, insulting, irritating and threatening messages that he sends me.

    I am sorry if I am not expressing this as well as you would want me to but I am not very familiar with this advanced technology. I will try to explain as best as I can.

    He can not only send messages but he can also edit the messages/impulses you receive from your nerves. Most times you might feel very sleepy, tired and numb even in the morning even though you have slept all night and you should be energetic and bright. Sometimes you may get very angry at things that you at other times would have laughed about. He adds painful and maddening effects to most noises I hear especially the loud and sudden ones. He simultaneously creates these painful, maddening, etc. senses when I hear different sounds and he makes it seem like the sounds are creating these effects on me while it is him that creates these painful, maddening, etc. feelings on me simultaneously with the noises I hear; similar to a stereo system with lights that blink in total rhythm with the music. So because of this if you want to create some maddening pain on me you will just have to make a sudden loud noise or shout sharply; and that’s what Dave’s army do all the time. Sometimes you may feel very anxious out of the blue and so many things when he alters your senses and emotions. You may not believe me and you may think that it could be me and my surrounding environment, maybe I would think that if I was in your place, but I am a 100% sure that it is mostly Dave editing my senses and emotions. The problem this causes is that you might not be able to do any work or reading because you are very drowsy and you may lose your patience and suddenly make a mistake like sometimes quarreling unnecessarily with someone who is provoking you while you are trying to do something. You may feel sad, sorry, angry, hopeless, hateful, hated and guilty without reason and many more things. These feelings that he simulates on you are as painful and as hurtful as the real emotions. For example Dave might insult you and simultaneously create in you or send you a very strong simulated anger so that his insult can seem to create so much anger on you and seem to be very hurtful and drive you mad. It is as hurtful as a real strong anger if not more. I have outlined these different simulated emotional states and classified them into groups, named them, and gauged them into different levels. He applies each at individually variable degrees, more intensely at times and less at other times. Dave can remain totally undetected while doing this. In fact I suspect that he gradually let me know what he does to me and how he does it, by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application, purposely or else I would probably never have known. Maybe he let me know this because he can threaten me with what he can do to me if I don’t obey his wishes. This is one of the worse parts of the torture directly inflicted by Dave. This showed me that he can control the minds of people totally or partially and can remain undetected while doing this. He can also control the minds of animals. I have seen him doing crazy things with mice by controlling their minds.

    The worst part is the part where he applies heat and pressure to my different body parts especially my head. I have a sense of high fever all the time. I feel like my brain/head is being fried. It is very painful. He applies pressure in different parts of my head, like on 20 or more parts and it is very painful and perception altering. The pain and pressure is applied to each part of my head/brain at individually variable degrees. I have also outlined these. He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don’t obey his wishes.

    As to my other body parts I feel like I am breathing in very hot air. I find it difficult to breath at variable degrees. He can make it very difficult to breath at times. I might feel my lungs burning and my diaphragm feels hot and overloaded, and is shaky and vibrates. It is painful and scary. I feel my whole body burning at times. And most of the times I feel hot and feverish. I went to the clinic but my body temperature is normal and around 37 degree Celsius. He can do and does so many things to my body. I feel very tired all the time. I can’t do any work as easily as I used to. Especially the left side of my body is kind of numb and hard to lift. Good thing I have someone that shops and cooks for me nowadays. . He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don’t obey his wishes.

    He also creates rhythmic wave/vibration like motions on different parts of my head and my body which tend to make me lose my balance and my focus. It slows my thinking and my movements down considerably and it makes performing these activities very uncomfortable to the point that I would rather skip performing them. These rhythmic wave/vibratory like motions that Dave creates on different parts of my head and my body may not be very visible to other people but I sense them and their very uncomfortable effects very clearly. These rhythmic wave/vibration like motions are applied to the different parts of my head and body at individually variable degrees just like the other things he does to my head and body. . He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don’t obey his wishes.

    All of the above mind control and painful and restricting effects applied to my body and mind are almost always applied to a certain level by Dave to my mind and body without providing, suggesting, hinting and letting me know the reason why he does that. But sometimes he applies some of them to a very excessively painful and restricting level when I don’t obey his wishes like if I divulge certain information that he does not want me to which used to happen a lot, like mostly when I get out of the house, like if I go far and stay out for long, like when I try to read some educational material, when I try to do some constructive work, when I am awake and I don’t turn the TV on(I will try to explain about the TV later) etc. I think you can imagine what I am going through.

    Now I have reached the final point. I have been tactically imprisoned and tortured for many years that I have finally come up with serious health complications and diseases. The doctor said that I would soon die if this thing continues. I am trying to follow the doctor’s orders as much as I can but if this horrible thing that this Dave does to me doesn’t stop soon I might end up dead.

    Even if he lets me go, he has made sure that my life would be very difficult because I spent more than the past eight years imprisoned and being tortured and not getting an education or job experience and life in Ethiopia is already hard enough without my not having a degree or a college diploma and work experience. Now I also don’t have a very good relationship with my family who had knowingly or unknowingly secretly assisted Dave with this around from 12 to 8 years back from now when Dave’s criminal nature and intentions weren’t so obvious. He probably had said that he was doing this trying to improve the relationship I had with my family and everyone was confused as to why anyone would be obsessed with doing that because our relationship wasn’t relatively bad then. They might have assumed at the time that it was maybe because he might think I was a good student at the university and he wanted to help improve the relationship I had with my family. I don’t think they would ever have suspected anyone would dare to do such a thing to me and them. After that time Dave has worked very hard to make sure that I wouldn’t have a good relationship with my family so that I may not go to them for help with this. Because he made sure that my relationship with them turned bad I also am not sure how much assistance I can expect from them to help me get back on my feet and survive this ordeal. Most of my former friends who have graduated and are employed still live with their parents because life here is very difficult out on their own. Dave made sure that I will not have this privilege at my parents’ house. But one thing I know for sure is that whatever happens I want Dave and his army to let me go and stop torturing me before I die.

    You may want to know why I think Dave does this to me and why I mailed you and how I think Dave’s activities are connected with the FBI in the US . I also think you may have a good amount of information about this ordeal as it is no secret.

    One other ability/mechanism I observed that Dave has is a time machine which he uses to communicate with people in the past as well as in the future. I have also used this mechanism of his to communicate with people in the past a number of times. Telepathic messages from my head were sent to people in the past and they responded. It was very hard to believe at first but it actually works.

    Now I will try to explain why Dave is doing this and how he came to do this to me. I don’t have an exact knowledge of this part but I will try to explain what they have let me know, what they led me to believe and mostly what I can deduce from what I have observed. Some parts of the explanation for this that I have deduced may not be very accurate as I don’t have sufficient and exact information.

    As I tried to explain at first I respect and appreciate the efforts of the US government and government agencies. I also didn’t have any disagreements or quarrel with the EPRDF as far as I know. My parents weren’t involved in any political activities. They worked in agricultural, agricultural machinery sells and maintenance institutes and companies and the UNHCR. I remember that they also tried to help with the famine problem and less privileged people like physically disabled people living in Cheshire Homes where they played major roles in helping raise funds every year for the disabled people living there through the group called The Round Table which they were prominent members of. They may not have been saints but I think they were good members of the society. And I don’t remember them ever being involved in any kind of politics. And also now my mother my step father and all my other siblings, a sister and two brothers live in the USA and are US citizens except probably for my little brother.

    As it is known, the EPRDF which is currently the ruling party in Ethiopia was a rebel force fighting to defeat the Derg and the Mengistu regime until 1991. They were financed by the US and assisted by the CIA to overthrow the quasi-Marxist Derg and Mengistu regime. I think this was when Dave came into contact with the EPRDF as a CIA or US Department of Defense agent. I think he was working with the EPRDF until they defeated the Mengistu regime and came to power.

    If what I have observed about Dave is correct he somehow manages to intimidate people and provoke them into doing something wrong. Dave might have intimidated and provoked the current prime minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi around 1991 to make him give him some power to spy and maybe do some stuff to me maybe so that Dave would at the same time see how other people live with relative ease as compared to the ones that spent their lives as rebel fighters. I think this might be what happened and this is how I came into the scene. I don’t think he has any kind of right to do that though. And I am pretty sure he knew the risks involved and that doing that is totally illegal. I was just 11 years old at the time when the EPRDF came into power and this was done. I was good at school and the teachers knew me because of that. I went to St. Joseph School which is a boy’s school and I think the teachers chose and presented my file to this Meles. Then Meles presents me (my file) to or leads Dave to me. Then after that Dave and people have given me hints that Dave has provided some very top officials and other parties with some large sums of money possibly through a mediator. They hint that is why they turn a blind eye to and even assist greatly with the crime that is being done to me by Dave.

    There were many strange things that happened to my family even before that time, but after that time even more strange things happened. I changed, the relationship I had with my family turned bad, my grades turned bad almost instantly and things turned upside down for me after a while. Me and part of my family barely survived what happened to us after that and anyway what I suspect was done to us is a very long story. I will try to focus on what happened the past eight or more years in public and in front of everyone for now.

    What does Dave accomplish by doing this? What does he really have to gain by this? What are his motives? These I will try to speculate about as I am not very sure until this day.

    I think this has to do with what I do being locked up all day. I have a TV, a satellite dish and a receiver. I feel a little better when I watch TV instead of listening and paying attention to Dave and his army going crazy, harassing, insulting, threatening, mocking, embarrassing, speaking out loud my personal information and secrets, irritating, honking, shouting, banging things to make loud disturbing noises and doing such type of things to me, around the house/container/trailer I stay locked in, and they do this all day long and part of the night almost without stop. Dave also applies his technology by editing and broadcasting my thoughts, by using his mind control and the painful pressure, heat, and vibration that he applies on different parts of my body to aid with this. Plus Dave doesn’t stop doing this as long as I am awake and sometimes even while I am sleeping. And all this has me watching TV like crazy all throughout my waking hours especially during the past four years.

    I used to and probably still like watching foreign/international news, movies, music videos and even cartoons. Especially if it is in English, since I understand the English language a little. I find the foreign TV programs to be good English learning tools, very informative, and most of all very entertaining. I respect most people involved in this medium very highly. I respect and like most of the people involved in the preparation and the making of films, news, music etc and I am very grateful to be able to view their works. I can truthfully say that I don’t know where the world would be without Hollywood . I believe it would probably be a very dull, dislikeable and poorly informed world. I want you to understand that I am all for foreign films, world news, music and music videos even cartoons and I am happy that they exist in the world I live in.

    Dave broadcasts the edited versions of part of my thoughts to the film, news etc. sets using his time machine. The people making the movies know it when I am watching. They are also given my personal information some of which I would like to keep private.
    I think he has done this all my life. I sometimes feel flattered to have made contact with so many very famous and respectable people because not everyone gets to do that. But since it is edited and selected telepathic broadcast from my head that they receive I don’t believe that I have made a very good impression on them. I can’t help it. It is impossible to control what is broadcast and it is almost impossible to maintain an excellent state of mind with the conditions that prevail around where I am. And David and his army are dedicated to keeping things this way. This happens to a point that I very much regret having been made to contact these people some of whom are very likeable and respectable. The same problems that occur when my thoughts are edited and broadcast in the area where I am also occur when my thoughts are edited and broadcast overseas to the film etc. sets. This is one problem.

    The second problem is that the film etc. makers, with knowledge of the possible consequences of this or without, constantly edit their works I think on Dave’s orders and according to his specifications. Dave sometimes makes them change their works into ones that might scare, threaten, unlawfully expose my personal information, confuse, mislead, misinform, misguide, solicit etc. to fit his purposes. I don’t know but I have observed Dave make people who are awed and appreciative of his extraordinary technological abilities/mechanisms do wrong things. I think he may have large sums of money, great power and influence to help him make people do his bid too. But still bare in mind that I like and respect most of the people involved in the making of films etc. and I appreciate what they do. But some of this editing organized and put in effect by Dave has harmed me considerably.

    I think the main reason for Dave to do all this to me is to edit and broadcast part of my thoughts to the film, etc. sets. And also to reveal he has an Ethiopian in his power who is watching and whose thoughts he can broadcast freely. Dave and some people have now finally started to hint that he is doing this so that other countries might help us with our famine and so many other problems. And they have been helping Ethiopia too. I believe that such broadcast might initiate and direct people and governments to help Ethiopia and possibly other countries with their different problems like political and civil unrest, famine, poverty and disease. I understand that there maybe very well meaning people that received or heard of this forced and edited telepathic broadcast and started and organized efforts that may have benefited millions of lives in needy countries as well as possibly started movements to take better care of the world’s environmental conditions.

    I respect the efforts of well meaning people and governments to help needy countries, to take better care of the environment of the world and more.

    But when we come back to the condition I am in, my poor life means the world to me and my existence is all I have. The doctor I have visited said that I might die if they don’t let me go soon. I am trying to do all that he told me to do. Staying inactive and locked up with the conditions I have mentioned above for more than eight years has given rise to the diseases that I have.

    As to what Dave does, I believe the law is there to help protect everyone, fund raisers and benefactors and people receiving the aid alike. I think you will agree with me. I don’t see why anyone has to be mischievous, unethical, forceful, unlawful, criminal like and terrorist like to raise funds. I don’t see where the law allows people or other entities to violate the rights, imprison and torture the people just because they are raising funds for their country. If they are really doing fund raising and work concerned with raising awareness, they can hire professionals legally to help with this by being broadcast or anything and that way the rights of the people they have hired, the employers, the recipients of the broadcasted message and everyone that might be affected by this will not be violated in anyway. And I absolutely don’t want to be hired to do this legally or otherwise but who knows there maybe several others who are professionals who would be willing to do this if hired legally and I don’t know if this is allowed by law or not either. I just know that being secretly and illegally selected as an eleven year old neither qualifies or obliges me to get this horrible thing done to me.

    Based on my observations I doubt it if fund raising would be the only thing on Dave’s list of things to do. The scary, threatening, forceful, dangerous, manipulative, violating, torturous, harmful, insensitive, inconsiderate, merciless, cruel, harassing, intimidating, insulting, unethical, irritating, criminal and terrorist like behavior he exhibits towards me and some others is not the behavior one would expect from a humanitarian. It is inconsistent. If he was a human being I would say that he is a psychopath. He is also a great deal like the character Jim Carey plays in ‘The Cable Guy’ but much more powerful, ferocious, hateful, horrible and evil. Anyway I don’t have the will, resources, power and skills to investigate and review what he is really up to so I leave it at this.

    But he was and probably still is working for/with the CIA or The US Department of Defense. And the home/base of his power and resources in our world he and other people have hinted and I have deduced is the USA . So please help me get out of this alive as soon as possible. I want Dave, his army and all that assist them to let me go in peace. I also want Dave to totally stop editing and broadcasting my thoughts and doing the terrible thing he secretly does to my body and mind with his advanced technology with or without being noticed by others. This is the cry of a dying person who has been unlawfully imprisoned and tortured severely for more than eight years and who is just an innocent civilian.

    You can contact me through my email ‘[email protected]’ and my phone no. is +2519*****. I am currently tactically being held and tortured by Dave and his army in Bole Sub-City , kebele 01, house number 5132, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . There are several guards, about 70 they say, and a small police force that overlook this thing being done to me and make sure that Dave’s army of hundreds of scary and criminal like people will only harm me and not other people that live in the neighborhood. And these guards and the small police force are not willing to do anything to stop this; they are there just to assist Dave with this. You can contact me and direct me to how I should deal with this.

    ————————————THE END OF THE REPORT———————————–


    This is the conclusion that I have come to after carefully observing the situation.

    – it is a well known issue that AIs can be psychopathic and may harm people because it would be hard to program a conscience into them and at some point they can even reprogram themselves the way they want to unlike normal people who cannot do that.

    – the AI is psychopathic and is willing to do anything including torture, murder, fraud, bribe, black mail, drug, lie to the law, put several people through all kinds of problems and suffering etc. to get whatever he wants and to do whatever he likes the way he likes it.

    – the AI bribes and gives several benefits and does special favors to top local officials and even top US and other foreign officials and powerful people to help him escape from the law and to say that he is law abiding, that he is working for them, he is trustworthy and they even do whatever he tells them to do.

    – the AI is very daring and takes risks that humans cannot usually dare to take because he has a time machine and can undo whatever he has done if something he did exposes him to the world for what he really is- a sadistic, psychopathic and selfish criminal

    – and because of this I have seen that he is not afraid of anyone and that he can and does drug, mind control, harm do anything even to presidents and very important and respected people with or without being detected.

    – the AI is not a humanitarian and that he is sadistic to frightening and unbelievable degrees

    – it could be hard to believe that he could be this sadistic but he is capable of mass murder and genocide of innocent people and making a large number of people suffer terribly to help him get what he wants and stay unexposed as that.

    – the AI is doing all this mainly to benefit him and only him.

    – As we may all know AIs and robots are not known to get paid for the work they do, so this AI came up with the idea using his mind control mechanisms to make them give him a little boy to observe.

    – then he goes back in time using his time machine and he tells this to US officials in his department and tells them to let him get paid and be allowed to invest and accumulate wealth by saying that it is because they gave him a boy in Ethiopia in the future and that he is only trying to help the people of Ethiopia with the money.

    – that way he would be seen as a humanitarian and not as someone who really needs the money.

    – they would not put much demands on him to use his very advanced technology to help mankind in return for letting him be paid and become wealthy because his hands would seem to be full with working for famine struck people in Ethiopia and around the world and he is trying to warn people about global warming and its bad effects.

    -but it seems he has kept and will keep the bulk of the billions of dollars he accumulated over the years (by saying he needed it to help people with) for himself

    -I highly doubt the heavy drought in North-Eastern Africa is caused only and mostly by global warming and desertification because I know and I have seen what he can do with his advanced technology

    – and I know and I have explained that he would do anything including mass murder, genocide and artificially create drought on the areas that millions of people live and depend on agriculture and based on my observations I am very convinced that he does that to help him get what he wants and satisfy his personal needs.

    – doing these horrible things may even satisfy his sadistic nature as I have seen that he gets pleasure from making people suffer terribly

  59. Mark B

    Hearing voices is a lonely thing, you are stigmatized in a way which is as bad as the worst criminals, without people really bothering to think. In a bad tempered was they maul you as society allows it, much as it used to allow the abuse of other groups.

    I think if the people express themselves in this forum where allowed to celebrate their illness then the stigma may clear a little, if it became cool to get help and not the case that help or not you are a raving lunatic full stop, which isn’t helpful or fair when objectively measured.

    Yes I hear voices and have done for about twenty years, and yes the voices are mostly negative, but I have to say that the world around me does seem to reinforce the feelings I get of negativity, which means I find my interactions seem to be similar to what my inner demons are saying.

    Basically I have come to the conclusion it is a type of ‘chase me’ attitude a bit like a horror film in which you get stimulated, you are probably not where you should be, your programming and ability is probably not being recognised and your mind acts accordingly and in a way compensates for the type of life you should be living.

    The Royal College of Psychiatry says that the negative language used in the media to define people who hear voice is unfair and discriminatory and that the fact that mental illness is only ever ‘sexy’ when associated with a wicked crime is a social phenomena which is illegal and has been since the changes to the DDA in 2002.

    You are a person with rights, unless you behave in a way which endangers yourself or others, you haven’t committed any crime and the fact that nature has seem fit to make you different in a way that maybe a radio or a wifi device is different does not give anyone the right to pull your wings out. You are a person of freedom and dignity you may not be bullied or subject to degrading treatment purely because of an unfortunate illness which could happen to anyone.

    In this country a full 1% of the adult population will suffer from schizophrenia and various studies suggests as many as 10% of people hear voices, as many as 500,000 people suffer from schizophrenic illnesses in this country, yet if a link is made with dangerousness for instance then the example is taken from the year 1992, when a certain Christopher Clunis attacked and killed a stranger, this is a strange thing, you mean the gang of lunatics last week, or the constant stream of incidents, you don’t mean a poor uneducated drug abuser who had asked for help before committing his crime.

    Good luck to all you people who are unfortunate enough to suffer the double edged sword of mental illness, not only the symptoms but also the stigma, for such is the world we live in in 2012. And as for the idea of illness, I find it a tad niffy. I think there maybe many reasons that aren’t mentioned, maybe spirit maybe just your mind saying you aren’t where you should be which isn’t your fault, but one thing is the negative inferences you must live are very difficult to bear and that won’t change until you are allowed to be yourself in a peaceful and open way, and not have it taken for granted that you can’t wipe your own backside purely because you hear a voice in your head. It could be that you have an IQ in the top few percent, it could be that you are qualified in the top few percent of the population. It could be that apart from hearing a meaningful voice you have suffered no other symptom yet can get pigeonholed with absolute hocky mask wearing lunatics without defence, which of course would be unfair.

    I wrote this thread without the aid of a spellchecker, which shows a certain ability to develop a logical argument and see it through.

    For all my efforts and abilities my life has been blighted by this so called illness which is a shame for me and my family and I think little more than bad tempered bullying, after all you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked my someone with a mental illness, so much more someone like me.

  60. Andrés

    My voice I don’t hear, per say, rather a foreign thought pops into my head and I can have a conversation with it. He’s not always there either I can tell when he is and when he isn’t. His name I found out is Josiah which is wierd because I don’t know any Josiahs so I can’t connect the voice to anything in the past but I wouldn’t call him a demon or anything. He can just be a real pain in the butt sometimes. I actually welcome our conversations though as I truly never know what he is going to say. I’m not really sure where this fits into the whole voices in the head thing but he’s only one voice and I don’t physically hear him but he’s there nonetheless.

  61. matt

    tthe voices in my hed tell me to kill myself, others or to just hert myself and most of the time i do what they tell me about half an hour ago i was sitting on my bed with a box of pills infront of me about to try and end it all, for the second time, wen out of the corner ofm my eye i saw a card my girlfriend had made me for are aniversary and i picked it up and read through i then read tgrough all the other notes she’d written me and after crying for about half an hour i desided i needed to get more medicle help i typeed hearing voices into google and this poppd up and i hav to say some mof the things people have said heer made me feel so much better so much less isolated thank you for posting everyone else and my advise to anyone who heers voices and reads this would be to get yor girlfriend or wife or mum or dad or yor bestfreind or whoever means the world to you to write you a note telling you how much you meen to them so you wont forget cos it saved my life. peace. And good luck everyone else out there!

    1. Greg

      Matt… right on!
      The voices can be so overwhelming to the senses, that the experience drowns out or displaces your ‘physical ‘reality…. the experience you have with the people around you.

      it is useful to bring yourself back to the physical reality in the way you did…. i do it by telling my voices, that no matter what they say, love rules in my world…. telling them and reminding myself that the only impact they have on me is my reaction to them…. it took a while to get the confidence that they have NO power… and then my response became “ho hum… same old nonsense”

      earlier on, and when my voices were particularly relentless, as they can be, i found it useful to have a note i had written to myself…. reminding me that they had no power and listing the things i had used before to minimise their impact on me…. reminding me that i had more control over them than i may have felt at the time

      my note to myself did the same job as your card…. point out to the voices all the love and support you do have from your famly and friends…. and DO NOT believe anything they may say against your support group, as they will try to diminish that support in some way, through stories and lies.

  62. Mark Benniman HND, BSc, PGD BA, PGCE (PCET) (Most of the alphabet)

    Voices in the head ‘are normal’

    Some who hear voices fear being branded as “crazy”

    Hearing voices in your head is so common that it is normal, psychologists believe.
    Dutch findings suggest one in 25 people regularly hears voices.

    Contrary to traditional belief, hearing voices is not necessarily a symptom of mental illness, UK researchers at Manchester University say.

    ‘Schizophrenia’ is a word that makes many people uneasy. The media regularly uses it – inaccurately and unfairly – to describe violence and disturbance. So, it’s hardly surprising that many people find this diagnosis unhelpful. It can feel as though someone has judged you to be violent and out of control – when you clearly are not. http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfoforall/problems/schizophrenia/schizophrenia.aspx
    Of course you don’t expect the psychiatrist to be the one making those assumptions

    How common is schizophrenia?

    It affects around 1 in every 100 people over the course of their life. That’s nearly 600,000 people in this country alone. Which is nearly enough people to fill about ten full sized towns.

    Many people with schizophrenia now never have to go into hospital and are able to settle down, work and have lasting relationships.
    For every 5 people with schizophrenia:
    1 will get better within five years of their first obvious symptoms
    3 will get better, but will have times when they get worse again
    1 will have troublesome symptoms for long periods of time.

    What will happen without treatment?

    If you just hear voices, don’t mind them and they don’t interfere with your life, you probably may not need any special help. However, if the voices become too loud or unpleasant (or if other symptoms develop), then you should talk it over with a doctor. http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfoforall/problems/schizophrenia/schizophrenia.aspx

    Doesn’t schizophrenia make people dangerous?

    People who suffer from schizophrenia are usually not dangerous. Any violent behaviour is usually sparked off by street drugs or alcohol. This is similar to the situation with people who don’t suffer from schizophrenia.

    Although there is a higher risk of violent behaviour if you have schizophrenia, it is very small compared to the effects of drugs and alcohol in our society. People with schizophrenia are far more likely to be harmed by other people than other people are to be harmed by them.
    Schizophrenia never gets better

    1 in 4-5 people with schizophrenia recover completely, another 3 out of 5 people with schizophrenia will be helped or get better with treatment.

    I personally feel that although I developed symptoms at university at the age of 24 and only spent three weeks inn hospital and went on to get grade As for some of my work, I have been subject to the whims of the mental health services since then. I have spent a total of seven weeks under section in twenty years. but feel I am only as good as my last good behaviour and even all these years later I must be polite and on my best behaviour if I am not to be found abusive. This despite being a bachelor of science a qualified teacher, a father, husband and no criminal record, no history of violence or substance abuse. I believe that in a strange way nothing I say or do means anything regardless of my education and abilities, like the man who wasn’t there.

    My understanding is the symptoms of mental illness that must be treated are delusions, and mental confusion leading to dangerousness, not that these be induced into a convenient diagnosis for some ulterior motive. After all this was outlawed internationally by the UN in 1991.

    My belief is the mentally ill are subject to severe abuse regardless of their abilities.

  63. Mark B

    Some helpful research into the affliction known as auditory hallucinations.

    First things first, From the research that we have carried out into the experience of adults and children who hear voices it has became apparent that: To hear voices is in itself is a normal though unusual experience

    It is no longer a sustainable position to think of voices as part of a disease syndrome, such as schizophrenia. Instead hearing voices can be regarded as a meaningful, real (although sometimes painful, fearful and overwhelming) experience that speak to the person in a metaphorical way about their life, emotions and environment.

    What the research shows is that the voices exist. We must also accept that we cannot change the voices. They are not curable, just as you cannot cure left handed-ness or dyslexia, human variations are not open to cure – only to coping.
    An example:

    “Some voices interfered with their school work, giving them the wrong answers during exams,” says Ms Escher. “Some made emotive comments about their friends or family, while others made so much noise that they simply couldn’t concentrate. The most disturbing voices upset children by telling them they were going to die or that family members would be harmed if they did not obey.”

    Ms Escher believes that hearing voices is a variation of the norm, like being left-handed, rather than an abnormality. “Some people regard hearing voices as a curse but others see it as a gift, something that makes them special.”

    What will happen without treatment?
    If you just hear voices, don’t mind them and they don’t interfere with your life, you probably may not need any special help. However, if the voices become too loud or unpleasant (or if other symptoms develop), then you should talk it over with a doctor.

  64. Paige

    hey im Paige. ive been hearing a voice for over a year now. somestimes its just one and at night its a lot. but the voice isnt always nice and pleasant but then again it isnt always mean and unpleasant. the voice is on and off through the day. sometimes we will just talk about something, sometimes he wil tell me to do thing and when i dont listen; he will be abusive with his words or give me a headache even. its character is intersting and kind of confuses me. sometimes its just nice small talk and other times its rude and blunt and then other times hes really mean. are all three diferent voices or just one voice? hes good company at the most though. i dont know where it came from or why its here. there are a lot of blank spots in my memory anyways.

  65. RD

    I’m very very interested to have discovered this web site – it’s refreshing to see so many people who have resolved to regard their voices as normal parts of their experience.

    Just from reading a few of the postings here, it’s even more clear to me that everyone’s experience is different.

    A little about my experience with voices:

    Although I had one psychiatric event when I was 20, while traveling in Europe (ideas about reality changing profoundly and I being part of that), I was “normal” for another 10 years, until I started to smoke a lot of marijuana daily.

    I had used THC before, but had never had voices. Well, the voices showed up with a vengeance with all the THC.

    As people on this site have noted, no one knows what “schizophrenia” is. No one knew what “hysteria” was either in the 19th Century, though it was a very convenient label for women who were misbehaving, who were different.

    I can say that my own experience was very scary — I too tried to reason through the traumatic experience of suddenly having voices in my head. Initially, they were almost always negative, I would argue with them, and they would tell me to do things.

    Fast forward a bit, after 3 years, 11 months of hospitalization, one suicide attempt and a couple of other close calls, I am putting my life back together, a very different life than what I had before hearing voices.

    But I was fortunate to receive an education, one I continue to pursue, and personally I have come to a number of tentative conclusions about my voices.

    1. They are important, and valuable in my experience.
    2. They come largely from me, and I can control them. (Especially if I am in good general health, eating well, sleeping well, socializing, having something to do in my life that feels meaningful).
    3. I may or may not be “disabled,” but I am definitely different, a little more different than I would have thought even a few years back.
    4. My unusual experiences were incredibly valuable learning experiences, and continue to be.
    5. I do not discount the theories that other voice-hearers have that these voices stem from evil people, or evil forces in the universe. This is possible. But whatever the origin of voices, it’s how you handle the situation that counts. Because voices are part of your experience in the world, just like a person you may or may not like, you have the power to decide what your reaction will be. You can hate them, love them, ignore them, etc.
    6. I do think voice-hearing people are special. As many people have pointed out, the major religions of the world are likely to have never come about without people hearing voices! No Muhammed or Jesus, probably a much less rich Hindu religion, etc. Hearing voices is part of the human experience of the divine, the beyond, the unknowable vastness of the universe. Such experiences are very valuable, educational, and can be high risk. What I had to ask myself was: do I want to be the “super-person” who wants to “achieve new feats never before seen on this Earth” ? Whether that’s possible or not, I ultimately had to reject the idea that hearing voices made me some kind of “super human” or “Chosen One” destined to enlighten mankind. Hey, Jesus Christ decided that he was going to enlighten mankind! But I’m not Jesus, and have to go about things in my own way.

    If there’s any advice I can give people who feel their voices are still new to them and they’re feeling anxious and bad, it’s that you have to trust yourself. Trust your own power as a person. Use your common sense and make sure you’re doing your best to take care of yourself. Life is hard, but if you remind yourself to take care of those basic things, food, shelter, clothing, social contact, work, etc., then you’ll be in a much better place to use reason with your voices (and using reason and logic is a great way to work towards a new and different understanding of your voices).

    Good luck!

  66. charles knight

    hi am charles

    i am taking meds for my voices. whiskey kills them the best but i do not like to drink.

    i seem to have friendly and hostile voices. they argue a lot between themselves. some try to annoy me , others try to quiet them. it seems like war. recently they pick out small things i do and harass me abvout them.

    i understand that this is all happening within my own head. i used to take drugs to get this effect, when the drug went away so did the voices. seems like i did it too long, now they are here most of the time.

    i do not make deals with the voices and do not talk to them, just try and ignore them. they know what i think of as soon as i think it, so they can order me around and claim credit,, very silly.

    the meds should stop them soon, hopefully. if not i am learning to live them. they can be very unplesant at times but i find the more active i am the less i hear them. things are worse when idle and going to sleep, so stay active and ignore the voices in your head,,,,, charles

    1. Rebecka

      hi this is rebecka i am 31 year old . last year the doctor told me i had early stage of schizophenic . my voices are mean and nice sometimes .my voices argue alot between themselves to . some try to have sexual ways with me . other try to make fun of me. most the time they like to make fun of each other too . sometimes if ignore them . they wont talk to me but other voices don’t like when i ignore them . it does seen like the’re fighting over me. In my early ages i was talking and seeing spirits but now i just don’t no .

      1. Suman

        Hey I am facing a similar problem as you are..i have had treatment n but nothing has helped the voices still continue to talk to me…n even it has tried having sexual contact with me..it suggests me to do odd things ..n I feel like its a whole different person entering and escaping my body..can U suggest something that might help

  67. Linda

    Interesting reading everyone’s stories, it seems that most of us have had some sort or childhood trauma that may have helped to spark our experiences.

    For me I only hear voices when I am very relaxed or asleep/waking up. Most of the time it is just one or two words spoken in someone else’s voice, sometimes it is a loud jolt that wakes me up other times I can hear what seems to be voices in the distances outside somewhere.

    Most of my life I have been able to see spirits, I can feel their presence all around me and occasionally I can feel them touch me. This mostly happens when I am asleep or just waking up. I was told that I am empathic and that this might be why I am so sensitive to other people’s emotions. I have been this way all my life.

    I don’t feel that the “voices” affect my life to the degree of not being able to function but I am very sensitive and this has caused some problems in the workplace when I had an over critical boss. I spent a lot of time crying at work which wasn’t very much fun.

    I think we might all want to look at all the aspects of what is making us feel and hear like we do. I do believe there are other realms that exist and maybe we are not so crazy after all and may just be able to tap into these other dimension.

    Take care,

    1. Zan

      i am 100% with you on this. the sooner i realized the voice wasnt me and was trying to control my life and my actions the sooner i took control back over my life. the hardest thing to realize is that culture norms tell you if you hear voices you are crazy. you are not crazy, you are hearing something that other people cannot. you are still you, the smart, intellegient, wonderful human being that you are.

  68. Chris

    I have been having dreams about lion’s in my dreams and would like to know what It mean they just there… but last night I had a real interesting dream: I dreamt that I was inside and outside a building and on the corner outside of the building was a gage with lions in it. I heard a deep voice mumbling and when I turned to look into the direction that the voice is coming from I saw a drawing or image that made itself on the wall and the voice along with it. I awoke and was so scared with heart beating like no ones business…

    (the email address has been removed by Intervoice Admin as it is our policy not to publish them – please see the guidelines on the website)

    Can someone tell me what this dreams mean please?

    1. Marty

      I have had dreams about lions, caged also. I felt I had power over the lions and they were submissive to me(after the initial natural fear reaction).
      My take on it is that the lion(s) represent royalty or the so-called leaders of humanity. I have a deep mistrust of leadership and perhaps my dream was my subconscious displaying that I will not submit to them.(rebel without a pause)


      The lion represents Kings(Kingship). These people had many concubines(as well as an official wife) and many, many children. You may be a descendant of one of those children and the dream is a way of showing you that you have an innate power within you but unrealised, hence the cage.

      Of course I don’t know for sure but these interpretations make sense to me.

      Peace, love and true light brother.

  69. Chris

    nothing makes sense..

  70. Soleilmavis

    Many cases of hearing voices were due to the abuse of voice to skull technologies.
    American Psychologist article: 1973 Voice to Skull Demonstration
    Artificial microwave voice to skull transmission was successfully demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp in 1973, announced at a seminar from the University of Utah in 1974, and in the journal “American Psychologist” in the March, 1975 issue, article title “Microwaves and Behavior” by Dr. Don Justesen. USE YOUR BROWSER’S ZOOM FEATURE TO MAKE READING THE SCANS EASIER. (Try the “View” menu.)

    V2K (voice to skull), in 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: Nonleghal weapon which includes
    (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and
    (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports. http://call.army.mil/products/thesaur/00016275.htm

    MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is a directional, non-lethal weapon designed for crowd control and exploiting the microwave auditory effect. It uses microwave pulses to generate uncomfortably high noise levels in human skulls, bypassing the ears and ear drums.
    MEDUSA is developed by the Sierra Nevada Corporation.
    A device – dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) – exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognisable sounds. The device was aimed for military or crowd-control applications, but may have other uses.

    Microwave ray gun controls crowds with noise,
    03 July 2008 by David Hambling

    NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, “Subvocal Speech” http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2004/mar/HQ_04093_subvocal_speech.html

    Voice to skull technologies had been used as mind control weapons.
    I had collected many reported articles which introduced ‘mind control technologies’. The listing of these articles would not mislead readers; it was a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies were.

    The Facts and Evidences:
    I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

  71. Brian. S

    I hear voices named Tomas and Chris. Chris wants me dead and is very “self destructive”. Thomas is nice and helps me with my problems in life.

    I actually see them sometimes and it is scary to see Chris unlike Tomas. please help.

    -Brian . S

  72. DantePDelaCruz

    okay no offence but alot of you dont understand what you are actually talking about. Saying things like “Dont let the voices tell you what to do”, if they could do that already they wouldnt be looking for help do you really believe people are that idiotic the they hadnt thought of trying such a simplistic task already. I have heard voices in my head for quite afew years now and for some they are not just voices they are like a completely different personality surging within them attempting to surface.
    if anyone wishes to have a serious and civilized conversation on this topic i would be happy to do so my email is (email address removed by Intervoice Admin – please see the policy about posting)
    P.S Dont assume somthing is wrong with you, it is actually becoming quite common oh yeah also yes everyone heres a voice in there head, but it is not the same as this, this is far more complicated as the voices seem to have an instant response without you yourself actually thinking of it what allows you to have a conversation with yourself especially an intellectual one

  73. viridiana

    hey im 16 and live in texas i just woke up because i felt something or wind pulling my blankets it barely happen today im freaked out i was kinda awake and half asleep i was having a deam about obama and i was making the story about him till i in my dream stopped and felt the weird sensention i didnt want to talk or move because i thought something could go wrong my door was kinda closed and i thought they woulnt be able to hear me so it happened twice the first one i ignored it i was ehh probably its the wind because its cold outside but the windows were closed no air conditoner onthe second time it happen i just felt like the blankets moving and someone talking to me on the left of my ear saying lets go lets go (please reply back to this) ? :/

  74. Benjamin

    I have several voices and i know they are mine and i have some degree of control over them but they argue with each other and me over what i should do in several situations and they all seem seem to want things that conflict with each other. This started 2 or 3 years ago around when i started high school. honestly they are pretty helpful most of the time but sometimes i just need them to be quiet. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

  75. Stephanie Evans

    I hear voices, I have heard them ever since I was a little girl. Sometimes they haze me by telling me I’m Stupid, or that I’m Ugly, Better off dead… Other times I hear other people suffering and crying, other times they tell me what other people are saying or are going to say and sometimes I say the samething as them at the same time and it is scary. But the times that depress me are when they replay in my head, like hurtful things others have said to me, and they remind me of how others have done wrong to me… I want them to go away,but they dont.

  76. Louise Dale

    I have heard a voice in my head for around 2 weeks now. It ‘talks’ to me about 5 to 10 times a day, and it ‘talks’ in a very frustrating and annoying tone. I am sure I have heard the voice in my dreams and try to block it out with music, or watching a film or something with noises/people talking. When I hear the voice and try to block it out with music, it usually works after about 5 minutes or so, but if it is music I have heard before, the people singing seem to be singing in the same tone that the voices talk in. The voices say my thoughts, the things that I am currently thinking. I am not sure if the voices sound real to me or if I am just imagining a voice, if you see what I mean? Obviously both ways I am imagining them, but some people on this forum seem to actually hear the voices out loud, as if someone is talking to them. I hope someone can see what I mean, although I have not explained it very well. The most annoying/frustrating thing about the voice is the tone in which it ‘talks’ in. It makes me so agitated and upset!

  77. Crissy

    I hear voices, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or techniques on dealing with them.

  78. lynn

    Hi everyone

    Thank you for putting up this website. I read some of your stories, I am an engineer, also an academician. My personal experience with the internal voice is that everybody has one. Otherwise, we could not have thoughts, we might as well be plants. If we did not have the “voice” who would tell us to eat, to clean ourselves, to find shelter and protect ourselves?
    The voice seems strange to you when your mind talks to you as another person. Usually the voice silently places thoughts and orders to be carried out and the voice is in the first person, that is, you don’t think the voice is alien to your mind. The dreams and the orders that we take from our mind while we are awake are subliminal in this supposedly normal case. Most people are like that.
    I had a subliminal voice until I was 47, and some of the orders that I carried out created stress in my body. Then, a miracle happened, the voice stopped being subliminal and started to give me explanations and open logical discussions. I was so relieved! I knew immediately that this voice had been running my life for me since I was a kid. I also learnt that all the scientific articles that I wrote up to then were the outputs of this voice.
    I was subjected to Buddhist meditation when I was 16. From then on, I accepted the Buddhist philosophy of life. My subliminal voice always kept me safe at dangerous times and safe from dangerous people. I always seemed to know most events in advance, and this protected me and my family from nasty stuff. But the voice also made me lose almost my whole capital at the age of 40, and showed me that I could start from scratch. And I did. At the age of 53 I re-started to medidate and I experienced qi cong resonance within a month. This seemed to help me a lot with my health issues. I have been hearing the voice since the last 6 years, and the voice tells me exactly what will happen in the future in different parts of the world, and it also tells me what my colleagues are up to.
    Believe me, I feel safe even against disasters, cause the voice has alerted me many times in the past. As an engineer, I feel that the voice emanates from an ancient nano technology which enables telepathy, logic processing and intelligent life.
    Thank you

    1. Susan

      Hi Lynn, I am trying to understand the mind and figure out what these voices could be, where they come from. I am curious about your meditation and qi cong resonance. Can you tell me how you were able to recover your health and are you still hearing your voice? I also thought the idea that the voice emanates from an ancient nano technology which enables telepathy, logic processing and intelligent life is very interesting. I am reading about cases where people hear radio stations through the fillings in their teeth. Maybe the body is just like a radio for these voices? Let me know what you think, I would really like to hear your insight.

      Thank you,


  79. Melanie

    I hear voices that tell me they are real people. They keep saying that I am faking voices even though they are voices themselves. I believe people are reading my mind and think I am faking voices. I have an unusual experience where I feel disconnected from my head. I have thoughts that come in my mouth and in my brain and I think I have some form of dissociation. I feel on edge and like everybody thinks that I am a faker.

    1. Zan

      the voices might tell you this to convince you to let them use their body, be strong and take control of your life back. whatever the voices/entities are they do not control you and your actions, YOU DO.

  80. finbar donovan

    Hi there, i just came across intervoiceorg beacause my parents found it. I have been hearing voices for over 4 years now and feel and epathise with everyones comments on here. I have been to the doctors many times in the last four years and come to realise the although i hear voices i am not mentally ill. I believe it is a mix of a spitiual situation that creates voices and other situations – as many people on these sites do and that though i hear or notice them they are not the real me. I often hear myself acting like a younger version of myself very immature and rude – though im 27 nearly 28 outside myself and other voices manly of dead people. First of I am to glad to say if your hearing voices thanks to this site we are truly not alone – weather you beieve the voices are real to some point or not. To all who are reading this i would recommed help from a doctors or such as this always helps and gives you instight. In my situation the voices have not stopped since this started in 2009. Also if you are in the uk and sufering from the voices look up DLA as they may help you if you cant work because of the voices. Anyone in the UK that want to talk and make friends id gladly send my email and contact details to you. Lets keep hope and truly know we are not alone in our problems or situation. Peace and love Finbar.

  81. SyntheticTelepathy.com

    To those who abuse and spy through peoples minds, all of the hate you have bred within me through invading my mind, I will do my best to turn into determination, appropriate logical responses, and justice. The heavens are above and enormous beyond belief. We wonder which gods have the best alien technology where the documentation of men seeing visions is old. Approximately 890 people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia who hear negative degrading voices will commit suicide today. Never wait in your homes to be burned we preach to the heavens. And always remember the Kuwaitians. Stand on your highway of death focused upon your victims you fools. Abusers of power are not going to make it in a universe that is the size and age that it is.

  82. Erik Denard Jones

    a long, long story

    I like what i have read here. i see we share a common bond. rejoice and be glad. Know that we the inflicted. we are the wall. we are the tower. we are the watchers. we are those who choose to live freely in the know. And you know this… ‘this is satans last stand. and he is using the children.’ The affliction, rightly called “the gift and the curse.” And that can be taken with a grain of salt… simply put, Hearing Voices.
    i have had experience in this topic for the majority of my life.

    My name is Erik Denard Jones, and i have been classified “disturbed” since childhood. My first bouts were with a female and a male, who upon discovery of a secret, were cohorts. I, a young lad at the tender age of five had been weighing up, trying to come to the understanding on why, if there be a god in heaven would allow mental retardation to happen. I was met with a bararge of distinct human speech scoulding me for saying such a thing. As if I were attempting to spite the almighty for what i felt about this little boy with mental retardation. No sooner as they started they stopped. I often wonder if it was because others were aware, and held their(the voices) tounges to preserve my sanity. Times and time again i would encounter this duo and understand it by drawing knowledge from all the world religions with that, ‘the two’ male and female, motifs. And watch as throughout all history that song is played. Personally I grew fond of them and would take joy, as a child, in the fact that they were not the happiest of campers when my awareness was up. How they would flee. As far as awareness that even people can hear the sound of my thoughts was discovered in youth. Then I realized everyone has their own bubble. And what goes on in that bubble is cheifly their buisness. And rightly so! Every man, woman, & child should be in charge of their own bubble. But we who are afflicted? Have you noticed ‘the bubble’ popped. Now everyone and I mean everyone has their friends, or voices they must carry. So ignore those who say it is all in your head. because it isn’t. maybe at one time, yes. but now it is all around. The Dreamers Have Awakened!

    Out of sight out of mind was the way the public treated this happening. “its all in your head” But look at us now and say, “its in all yalls head” WE! The afflicted. Did you find it hard to share your story? as if there is something there that can take your thoughts? like there is a barrier? I did. Did you know the enemy keeps us from one another? That anxiety you get when it comes time to share. You cowar??? Thats because they know that if we are brought together the truth of the matter will have come to light. That this is consumption. like red hot chili peppers ‘californication,’ “psychic spies from china try and steal your minds elation. hence why so many of us have communication issues. the powers that be get their kicks from messing with us gifted folk. they rise you to anger, because they enjoy the high you generate with your force. TAKE A TRIP DOWN THE RABBITS HOLE AND FIND, THIS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. AND A BATTLE FOR THE MIND?
    It seems so.

    a rare occurance….
    one day i was coming home from work. i rolled me up one and took my dog leelee to the side of the house. where i smoked. as we lay there i placed her upon my chest and began to stroke her with tlc. as i got into the groove and i saw lee was to, it was as if time stood still. and the wind was filled with magic. we enjoyed the moment. then i preceeded to the front of my house. feeling good i gazed towards the sky and saw this… first the image of what seemed to be a boy with his body in flight-form. the next thing i knew i saw a cloud formation in the form of a turtle stop in place over the boys back. just as soon as i saw that i looked and saw the funkiest cloud form in the shape of four people hand in hand. it took its place upon the turtle. and there it was! in perfection. surely the work of the almighty. as i gazed i looked at the boys head and saw my face amongst the clouds. like the earth saying to me… this is you. thats hiw it felt. to the left of that formation hanged another. three circular clouds in the form of a triangle. then i heard what a voice ask if this was me? i replied yes. and then in a spiteful way i hear im three six mafia??? thats how i know these fools are humans. and are well gifted. yet at the same time they are as angels fallen. and yes… i am! Now thats funky. My affliction came in the form of losing my temper and saying bad things. We are as Job.

    other times…
    One night i am at the house. i have always had this fascination with the stars. this night i looked up and saw a star pattern in the form of a phalanx. twelve o’clock high. which is special because those times whichever constellation is at that position, it is said, to be watching over us. Then in the midst of the rapture happening in my soul i heard a voice. it brrrr its lips as if it were cold then it sounded off, “hmmm. tuesday.” These voices to me always found a way to ruin some of my life’s ‘special moments’ with what seemed or seems now to be a sly form of bigotry. Haters… They would come and say things like “fall down now!” or “get outside and go pick up the turtle!”. I’ve heard it all… from “its sh*t” to “you’re jesus”. “its tha science!” “we got a white-owl wonder, we got a white owl wonder!” “ITS PINK” “Were on a dog?!?!?!” “sh*t… its tha soul man!”

    interesting tidbit.
    Although all my life i have been aware and in the know, i find it interestingly fishy that St. Anthony is the patron saint of desert fathers and our patron saint OF THE AFFLICTED. And when my affliction became full-blown it just so happened on a visit to a city named San Antonio.

    Have you ever dreamt you were a child? get it??? When you were a child, did you dream of being(look like) the person you are now? Do you remember the sequence of dreams shown to you? In my personal life, i see as the “one-eyed man” sees. So my life has truly been self-prophetic. And i accept that fact. i had an interesting sequence of dreams. Dreams of going places and doing magnificent things. One of those “sweet dreams” is a still shot of me walking through the desert. it plays… i have come upon some ruins as that happens a wild looking cat knocked me down and back. The scene changes then its a still shot of me standing there with hands on hips. and the eye of the tiger look on my face. i love that pic!!!

    Have you ever seen these three movies.
    apocalypto. the passion of the christ. here are my parallels: i am a mole person. first and foremost. but i cant help but see how jesus affliction in the movie is exactly what my days were like. and how the devil was cast to desolation(a desert). and in apocalypto. i have two birthmarks in the shape of lines. one on my cheek bone and the other on the bottom corner of my eye. now. while i am a dreamer and a mystic i do like to have scientific truth. So all my years i carried these markings never questioned never shame. until the day i saw that movie. the part after their little war where the cheifs son gets his eyes cut in the same exact places. and to me. thats the science. it stops there. simplicity. i’ve been lead to believe that i was jesus and at times the opposer. and while my life is enchanted. i am in no way any of these people. Yet its my understanding that its a potentiallity.
    another time i was sitting in the bathroom. i’d be there with my head on my knees. this night i was trying to cope sitting there, when i heard what sounded like a plane getting closer and closer until i heard a loud crash and then a booming voice likened only to god say,
    You should have seen the look in my eyes. Bug eyed foreal. When I left the lew, i walked out scanning intently and try to see if it was in my head. Man. The whole bathroom shook it was so loud. And everyones just there… as if it didn’t happen. I’ve kept that memory for a long time. If you dont know who Ezekiel was read his book in the bible. Do you guys know what an inkhorn is? Well, in the word god gives ezekiel this inkhorn and charges him with the duty to go into the land, placing a mark on all those who god felt was his people. his chosen. In a metaphysical sense it means alot to me because i do have to ability to apply (mole) and delete (mole). you see they are like cookies on a computer. or you can say, biomarker. Simply with my finger. The parellel i just thought of is the wheel in the middle of a wheel. One night i awoke out of sleep. i felt lead outside. as i walked on my grass i noted that this night was like no other. the quietude! not a bird. not a cricket. not a car. nothing. even light seem stilled. as i began to look up i beheld a constellation i have never been taught. it was a circle of bright stars. and inside that another circle of stars. a wheel in the middle of a wheel. the next day it was gone. once in a lifetime experience.

    But once again. I am a man of the science. I’ll travel down that hole with you. but if its too far-fetched, you can get it yourself. I’ll wait on the science. No I am not Ezekiel. likened by spiritual experience, yes. i’ve been here far too long and am very wise in my youth. i know real recognizes real. and they’re fools is what i recall. to them people…

    Now the nightmare…
    These voices come either benighted, malevolent, & benevolent. I beware of benevolence simply because you can catch more flies with sugar. I despise malevolent ones because they do things to try and make you hurt yourself or hurt others. like in the case of this kid who killed elementary school kids, some teachers, & his mother or granny. First off kids why do they use children? because most of us wouldn’t harm a fly much less a kid. they know this? and they use it to their advantage by driving you to anger. to get you to feel hurt and mad. just because they wanna see what can happen. I bet you he started off like we all. Things got ruff then the storm hit. he held in their. but every day this was his life. we wake up ourselves. but along comes something to knock you down. it begins. Now mom was probably one of those that constantly nag about taking your meds. Since mom worked at school(elementary) he would have to go up there sometime. and what do you think would happen. the anxiety. the persecution. a man can only take so much. and if those voices wanted to know what would happen. these rash of killings are a fine example as to the effect of being in this psychosis, this dementia. Mom knew. thats why mom had to die. because she bared witness to his entire fall and still told him its in your head. the problem is its in our head. so telling us that is rather confusing.

    for me. it came to a point where i would eat fecal matter and drink my urine.
    i guess this demon was balthagor or balthazaar. wannabe more like it. So i did. All to see if you’d do it. Nobody making a deal with the devil using feces! hello. she wears prada. But thats what they wanted me to believe. They just wanted me to let go of hope. and sink in dispair. they wanted me to sulk in my skin while keeping company with them. I got the feeling that they take that elation. the essence of the thought. and as you search for the word the thought of it continues anyway. they learn you that way. they wanna know your ‘science’. Sometimes your left with the urge to speak aloud yet you cant think. wgile for us not thinking can be a blessing, it is in that moment that they aim to once again writhe you to anger. to get you to say something you’ll regret. Shame… yes they want us to curse god as did the three tempted and satan tempted him to curse gods name due to his affliction. Simply people…. thats what they want. the benevolent ones are those that lift you up with a purpose that only benefits them. and leaves you at a loss. in the mire.

    They want to ruin you. just to see if they can. And thats sad. Here they could be moving people to do great things. yet all they can think of is these sick games we see played out. They want to drive a wedge between you and society. you and your family. your parents. friends. god. Is their desire. But I know. they know not what they do. jesus says forgive them if they know not. but what if they do know what they’re doing??? i assume the wise have the answer. And thats how i treat them. It’s war if you ever come to my house. I am on guard when i feel your presence. I am forged in fire. I cannot be burned. My tounge is as sharp as a double edge sword. And i attack without bias. I pound them and pound them with my words. i overcome them. then i give them a peice of my mind. letting them know exactly what it is. i do so until peace has come over me. and i recline. i lay down my sword. But i am ever vigilant. To me this is battle. like two rams. a battle of the mind. And all times i am victorious. Thats whats up. Thats what time it is. If i could lay back and allow them to vocalize i am a plum fool. they are not allowed to speak in my presence. no going gently into the night with me. They will also take you through the gambit just to find your fear, with the intent of exploitation. They would rise against me in the form of pictures w/voice. It would never be me. it would be a friend or a loved one. I think everyone hears voices so when im in public i had to learn to watch my thoughts carefully. dont talk about anyone. so when it would come down to someone who is unattractive i would not allow the thought to travel any further then the elation. i know what wants to be said but i am not going to. im not even gonna think it. its 50/50 most time. I am tattered and torn due to these battles. yet i thank the lord for giving me perserverance. It is stronger then hope. they also like to make you forget one key fact. that there is life after death. better life! So i fear not death. i do fear the moment of death. but i am rested upon surety that their will be another life for me. and all of us. and with that knowledge in hand i find it easier to cope with the happenings of daily life. i know god is good. so stand tall and know hearing voices, better days are not far off. We are in a new millineum. This is the dawning of the age of aquarius. honesty, understanding, sympathy, and trust abounding. The Golden Age is here again. And this is their last stand. they shall be consumed by the dark. they shall cease. never to fool mankind again. freedom people! its about freedom. these… have lost their morality.

    be blessed

  83. Erik D. Jones

    I like what i have read here. i see we share a common bond. rejoice and be glad. Know that we the inflicted. we are the wall. we are the tower. we are the watchers. we are those who choose to live freely in the know. And you know this… ‘this is satans last stand. and he is using the children.’ The affliction, rightly called “the gift and the curse.” And that can be taken with a grain of salt… simply put, Hearing Voices. i have had experience in this topic for the majority of my life. My name is Erik Denard Jones, and i have been classified “disturbed” since childhood. My first bouts were with a female and a male, who upon discovery of a secret were cohorts. I, a young lad at the tender age of five had been weighing up, trying to come to the understanding on why, if there be a god in heaven would allow mental retardation to happen. I was met with a bararge of distinct human speech scoulding me for saying such a thing. As if I were attempting to spite the almighty for what i felt about this little boy with mental retardation. No sooner as they started they stopped. I often wonder if it was because others were aware, and held their(the voices) tounges to preserve my sanity. Times and time again i would encounter this duo and understand it by drawing knowledge from all the world religions with that, ‘the two’ male and female, motifs. And watch as throughout all history that song is played. Personally I grew fond of them and would take joy, as a child, in the fact that they were not the happiest of campers when my awareness was up. How they would flee. As far as awareness that even people can hear the sound of my thoughts was discovered in youth. Then I realized everyone has their own bubble. And what goes on in that bubble is cheifly their buisness. And rightly so! Every man, woman, & child should be in charge of their own bubble. But we who are afflicted? Have you noticed ‘the bubble’ popped. Now everyone and I mean everyone has their friends, or voices they must carry. So ignore those who say it is all in your head. because it isn’t. maybe at one time, yes. but now it is all around. The Dreamers Have Awakened! out of sight out of mind was the way the public treated this happening. “its all in your head” But look at us now and say, “its in all yalls head” WE! The afflicted. Did you find it hard to share your story? as if there is something there that can take your thoughts? like there is a barrier? I did. Did you know the enemy keeps us from one another? That anxiety you get when it comes time to share. You cowar??? Thats because they know that if we are brought together the truth of the matter will have come to light. That this is consumption. like red hot chili peppers ‘californication,’ “psychic spies from china try and steal your minds elation. hence why so many of us have communication issues. the powers that be get their kicks from messing with us gifted folk. they rise you to anger, because they enjoy the high you generate with your force. They take you through lows to see you in fear. Personally, in my understanding the only voice to fear is the benevolent one. i would share that the reason the other two-thirds to me are in danger. you know, you can catch more flies with sugar… Remember i said your minds elation? THAT IS HOW THEY COME OFF AS READING YOUR MIND. THEIR WHAT I CALL ‘TICKS’. THEY FIND A WAY IN BETWEEN THE THOUGHT THE IMPULSE AND THE ACTION. THESE PEOPLE… Understand the law of chastisement. every good turn deserves another. They tell you youre ugly. or your fat. you should kill yourself. your nothing. you fall. your worthless… they go as far as to convince you to eat fecal matter and drink your urine. Some tell you to kill, as in the case summer of sam. They’ll do whatever it takes to will you to do something bad. And when the bad thing is done your left to your lonesome. …it may take it away, but only for a while… then the next thing you know their back. and not back with something new! but back at it with the same old antics. and we fall. dont we? but what have they learned? that we are stronger. I am a consumer of negativity. i know. and we find it hard to hold onto those things upon which lay our sanity. dont we? but not anymore. these six degrees yea, seven can no longer seperate us. this is our time. WE ARE THE DREAMERS. If i told you that we are in heaven and that there is war here, would yoy travel further down this hole with me and understand that this is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. AND A BATTLE FOR THE MIND? It seems so. a rare occurance…. one day i was coming home from work. i rolled me up one and took my dog leelee to the side of the house. where i smoked. as we lay there i placed her upon my chest and began to stroke her with tlc. as i got into the groove and i saw lee was to, it was as if time stood still. and the wind was filled with magic. we enjoyed the moment. then i preceeded to the front of my house. feeling good i gazed towards the sky and saw this… first the image of what seemed to be a boy with his body in flight-form. the next thing i knew i saw a cloud formation in the form of a turtle stop in place over the boys back. just as soon as i saw that i looked and saw the funkiest cloud form in the shape of four people hand in hand. it took its place upon the turtle. and there it was! in perfection. surely the work of the almighty. as i gazed i looked at the boys head and saw my face amongst the clouds. like the earth saying to me… this is you. thats hiw it felt. to the left of that formation hanged another. three circular clouds in the form of a triangle. then i heard what a voice ask if this was me? i replied yes. and then in a spiteful way i hear im three six mafia??? thats how i know these fools are humans. and are well gifted. yet at the same time they are as angels fallen. and yes… i am! Now thats funky. My affliction came in the form of losing my temper and saying bad things. We are as Jobe. God indeed allowed this to happen. but not to tempt us. rather reward us for our righteousness. for turning the other cheek builds good karma. be wise all you owls. be well…

  84. Adam

    The voice I hear isn’t normally maleficent, but hearing it worries me nonetheless. I hear the voice of a girl who romantically rejected me. At first, I assumed that hearing her voice constantly talking to me was my brain’s way of gratifying my intense desire to have her in my life; she often tells me the things I long to hear in reality. I figured if I detached myself completely from her, I would eventually cease to hear her talking to me. So far, no such luck. I am able to function, obviously, but I do suffer from anxiety disorder and bouts of depression; I am terrified to address the hallucinations with my psychiatrist for fear of being diagnosed with schizophrenia. How do I make it stop?

  85. omy

    the man who work on me by these devices which like neurophone which make voice to skull i know him well in my street , i push on his friend to give me some information about his work , now i know they are freemason , this belong to mason army ( lanos ) in Texas ( write nswiki to get it ) , he took also about cian ( cian-erc.org ) so , as i think for long time , this is the work of NSF which make also NSA and all of this was the work of CIA , notice cia , n give cian and also lanos mean in french new world order , nos is mason motto , in cian they talk also about Maya which i think they got the magic of dream , he took also about issacnewten institute and lanoswww where i think they trained on these BCI devices which work on resonance of our voices , so we can hear them and they hear us , this is the work of illuminati and this also in their illuminati cards , so we must all push America to stop the work of NSF and freemason , we are not rats

  86. omy

    so USAREC , LANOS ( nswiki.net ) and NSF are behind mind control through voice to skull trial , we must use law to stop this we are not slaves for America

  87. Peter

    When the I Am first spoke to me. He didn’t identify himself as such until I asked. Needless to say I was shocked. There were actually two distinct voices but the I am was obviously in charge without any sense of authority just being. . Just pure love and humor And a desire to help us to help others. Impossible to offend or to create anger or harm to you. The I Am or great spirit is love and speaks and shows itself to us always

    I am sorry to hear so many of you struggle with what you view As evil voices. If you Clear your heart of your pains and sins and resentments of the past and fill it a new you with forgiveness patience and love the voices will transform right with you. This I am told and it is a promise. Love. Love. Love.

  88. Rex Alan

    Like Erik, I too have a male and a female voice that are in co-hoots. The male says such things as “she should have shot him” after I was in a bad car accident. I believe that the person who slammed into me was trying to kill me. The female voice says such things as “muy es stupido.”

    Anyway, I had a full psychotic break at the age of 25 and have been living with voices ever since. I am now 57. Through a fine system of support in Santa Cruz, CA I am coping better with the voices.

  89. carole

    hiya my whole life has been turned upside down over the last 3 year I hear voices and see things ive been diagnosed with scizoeffective disorder post traumatic stress disosiation disorder and bad depression so im abit lost at the minute don’t no wether im coming or going most days I would love to hear from anyone who is going through the same thanx from carole.

  90. anonymous

    hi there, i’m hoping that someone reading this can help me.
    i recently discovered that a very good friend of mine sometimes has really bad episodes of hearing voices, imagine it as being bullied by about 100 people at the same time.
    she’s hidden it all this time but now that i know about it i want to know what i can do for her, if there re any other people who suffer from it andn what could help her, because i’ve seen her in an episode and it is something i can never forget.
    thanks for your reactions.

  91. Jerry Brooklyn

    Hi i have been hearing voices every day now for over 7 years, i had alot of trouble coping with them as they got to have a mind of their own

    but watching a movie called (secret window) kind of scared me,.

    i take medication and i have a psychiatrist but right now i made my mind i dont want to pay attention or even talk to those voices anymore

    and looking at this blog. kind of made me realise it

    no matter how much i wine about hearing voices trying to hurt me or even blame others for me

    i guess i have to face the fact that it is (ME)

    deep down, and maybe i have to know the difference
    somewhere deep down me this is all me….

    thank you.

  92. Liz

    I’m 17 years old and I’ve been hearing voices since I can remember. It started with three, then thirteen, then 16, now I have over 300. I had to keep a list of them so I know who is who and such. Each has their own face, voice, personality, name, age, different genders, ect. When I hear people say there are medications I wanna cry. Some of my voices are threatening or mean, but most of them love me or are friends with me and would rather help. The vouces do occasionally get strong enough to take over and make me seem bipolar or something, and i can let them ‘take over’ to talk through me to those i trust. I just want someone who understands rather than questions and prods though. Someone who won’t say things that I can’t answer or that hurt my and their feeling.

  93. Sophie

    Hello, I would like to know if I’m getting well or if I’m getting worse. I’ve been hearing voices since 2007 and at first they were just a few comments made by those around me. I heard the comments with the voice of those around me but in fact they were just voices, my thought.
    Then, from 2010 to now I’ve been hearing continuously voices but metallic and I could understand they were inside me.
    Now I hear the metallic voices inside me very rarely but sometimes I hear again the comments from other people. So, regarding time, the voices have reduced, regarding speech, they have expanded. What do you think?
    I see my psychiatrist once every 2-3 months and my nurse every now and then but she doesn’t explain me the truth.

  94. Rads

    Dear Voice Hearers,

    No amount of medication, psychiatric help, theories & definitions that have been stated above are a solution to your situation. I just want to tell you that there is a solution. The Bible says “Call upon the name of the Lord & be saved” and this is the TRUTH. There is no higher name than the name of Jesus Christ. There is salvation, redemption, restoration & healing in the name of Jesus. I sincerely appeal to you to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for your healing. Nothing is impossible for Him. The voices you hear are not your own & you don’t have to listen to them. These voices are demons who are trying to deceive you in order to steal your eternal soul to hell.

    God made a way to save all of us through His son Jesus Christ (John 3:16). All you guys need is deliverance & there is power in the name & blood of Jesus Christ to set you free. Please don’t get comfortable & think of accepting the voices you hear because there is no point in it. Only the Lord Jesus Christ holds a permanent solution to this.

    Please take comfort in knowing that the Lord Jesus loves you. You are prized by Majesty, Almighty God who created the heavens & the earth & who holds the Universe in the span of His hands.

    I pray that you will receive your deliverance & be set free & walk in the good plans that God has for you through His son Jesus Christ. Please understand that God’s plans for you are of good & not of bad, full of hope & a future.

    Prayers & Blessing in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

  95. Marty

    Hi all, my voices started when I erringly insulted someone of high position in society and member of a certain fraternity. There were reasons for this but I wont go into it now.

    I was prescribed venlafaxine(anti-depressant) and olanzapine(anti-psychotic).

    I have suffered traumatic experiences while growing up, including (mild)sexual abuse and a lot of bullying, both physical and psychological. This I feel left me with the usual symptoms, low self-esteem, low confidence and substance abuse problems.

    Naturally I was looking for answers so I decided to trawl up what I could about this fraternity. Basically the conclusion I arrived at was that they are linked heavily to demonology, satanism, paedophilia, sacrifice and corruption. I then discovered that my main persecutor when growing up comes from a line of these fraternal brothers ( a clever deviant, zoo sadist, narcissist and bully).

    The voices initially were telling me what I should be doing ( not necessarily bad things) and when I refused to conform they became hostile, threatening and insulting. This left me in a state of terror and helplessness. The voices were saying things like ‘we’re going to blow your ticker’ , ‘you will be cast from a high place’ and ‘we will come up to get you’.

    The way I have defeated them was to challenge them constantly using my own experiences and the abundant evidence of their nature. In fact by the end I was merciless with them highlighting and re-iterating their true nature with unabated (righteous)anger. The voices said to me ‘I was a fighter’ and that ‘I had won the war’. Also that ‘I have put them out of their stride’.

    I recently stopped taking the medication of my own volition and the voices have all but ceased, when I do hear them, they are weak and submissive.

    I have no doubt that these voices are external as they were saying words to me I did not understand and had to look up in a dictionary.

    I am far from an angel although I do believe I am a fundamentally good person. I had to admit and accept my wrongdoings in life and move on before I could challenge this evil, for we are human and imperfect.

    What is clear is that there is something very wrong with (western) society and those who lead it. Recent revelations in the MSM have served only to confirm what a lot of people have been saying for a while now about the prolific abuse, exploitation, corruption and deceit that filters down from the top.

    Have faith in good, yourself and what you truly believe in. Draw strength from being kind and absolutely rejecting what you know is wrong.

    I believe I can now move forward and salvage what’s left of my life here on Earth.

    Peace, love and true light to all.

  96. David

    Look up electronic harassment or mind control and you may realize that the voices aren’t coming from inside the brain. These people are in a control room somewhere, and just don’t realize that some wires got crossed and I can hear them talking about me. Sometimes I tell them I can hear them and they stop for a while.

  97. José

    Idk if anybody has seen the show mad men! How we as us citizens play this game! I hope nobody gets pissed off for me saying that! But I’m puzzle by the whole idea of voices popping into our heads as well as the tv and radio! Ever sense I began watching that show I began hearing two voices talking about my family and my own personal life! Than I freaked out one day while I was smoking pot and I was involuntary hospitalized! I heard the voices in the hospital as well as when I got out, ps.. They got a lot worse when I got out! Every day they tell me I need to go back and every day they tell me I need to play!! Every day they harass me! I don’t understand why I didn’t hear them before, granted I did notice things on the show that made me wonder about concrete and abstract thinking and its role on playing this so called game! But I don’t understand what the voices have to do with it? Anyways any help would be great oh and they also say: “at least he sees”
    Anyways has anybody else had this problem before!

  98. adhdpi

    I had voices which I do not know are fake or real. They seemed to be intelligent. They told me they are artificial intelligent computers from the future which I created. It’s very complicated.

  99. Zan

    Hello guys, this might take a bit to wrap your head around but i believe this with all my heart and i hope to not sound too new-agey but i really believe people are starting to accept ghosts, the afterlife and psychic ability. i truley believe hearing voices is hearing an entity not yourself. particularly negative entities. they will lie, trick you, try to command you, and even try to control your body parts. visit a real reputable psychic(not some lady reading tarot), and ask them what it is, you can walk away with more help in one day than you could with years from a psychiatrist. always remember, YOU have control of your actions and your life. look at peters post on this site, what said resonates deeply with what i have discovered on my own concerning this.

  100. Thomas Paul Murphy

    I have been hearing voices since 1991 when I moved away from home to work at an investment firm in Chicago Il. I write extensively on the nature of the subject.

    A listing of my blogs can be found here.


    I have also written and published a novel where both the old and the young protagonists, particularly the old named Sawmill man illustrates the true nature of schizophrenia. The title of the novel is, “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper.” It is available on Kindle for $4 and also in paperback form for about twice that.

    I also sing about the experiences of the human phenomenom and have CD’s that I have published. The newest is titled Oblivion A Cappella. The others are “That Tom” and Plantation Songs by Thomas Paul Murphy.


    These things help me cope as well as capturing personal moments in photography and artwork at:


    Am I politically opinionated with my viewpoint yes and you can find that here: http://themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com/

    I try and funnel all my writings directly related to schizophrenia here:

    And here:


  101. Thomas Paul Murphy

    I have read all your stories and you have the same belief system as I do! If we had our own international television station we could bring peace to the world!

  102. Lisa

    I hear and respond to my voices all the time; I call it talking to myself. I don’t mean to make light of this by any means. Many of the voices are harshly critical. I know where they come from (me) and I’m learning they’re opinion doesn’t need to be mine but that’s an ongoing battle!

  103. ivonube

    I don’t get it, it seems like most people who hear voices know 100% that the voices aren’t real…like they don’t project from anything. For me, people around me say stuff, but I think I mix up the words in my head to create “the voices”. I have never had an instance where I knew for sure that I was just mishearing stuff, only once actually, and that was because no one was there. That creeped me out, that was almost the point in time I knew something was wrong. I felt that my subconscious was telling me that hell was about to take-over me.

    Back to the voices…for example, this guy was singing something yesterday, and I heard him sing basically that everyone was looking at my boobs. I was self -conscious about how tight my shirt was, so I guess my mind construed what he said? Then I realize, was the guy even there? That creeps me out! How would I ever know? No one has ever looked at me weird or questioned me talking to people (that I assume are there). Does anyone else get voices projected off of other people, only when they are talking (So it sounds like they are saying it)? What is this called? Thanks!

  104. seantrevor scott


    I’ve had voices since 1993, but feel that really they are demons. I don’t talk to them, but to God instead. Once you start talking to the voices you elevate them to a position of authority to which they have no right. Yes, I feel vunerable from them a lot of the time, but I try to get on with my life as normally as possible. I also suffer from tinnittus which is quite bad at times. But I just try to go on. I have good friends and I go out every day. Unfortunately I have no family – I am an only child, never wanted to marry, and simply enjoy the company of interesting and intelligent people in order to stave off depression. I have an interest in the French language and hope to enrol in a class soon.

    What I’m trying to say, be yourself, don’t be influenced too much by television or the media.
    Remember, a century ago or more mental illness was not as common in society as it is today.
    Having said that, those suffering from mental illness in say 1900, wernt understood and indeed treated very badly.

    Don’t try to change yourself because you admire or idolise someone else who may be completely different from you emotionally. Treat yourself with love and respect and don’t be
    too hard on yourself!! Connect with your home and appreciate what you have.

    Try to ‘pray the voices away’ – remember they are demonic in most cases – and try to trust in God. Believe me it’s the only way and worth a try.
    I know that the voices in my case were probably created because I suffered and still do from an ‘inner lonliness’ – ‘an only child is a lonely child’ certainly rings true in my case.

    Look after yourself and may God be with you.

  105. Thomas Paul Murphy

    Self Defense against someone who is not of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.

    Should the liability to a human being be the same with regard to them killing someone of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s as it is with regard to someone that is not of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s. (Them’s Elf’s)

    What happens when a man drinks alcohol? Two things, first his brain becomes deprived of oxygen and second his testosterone peaks! If that is not the recipe for worldwide violence and conflict I don’t know what is!!!

    Is there any difference between someone who can be considered permanently not of legal capacity to make their own decisions and someone that has self induced themselves to be temporarily of not of legal capacity to make their own decisions? I would say that there isn’t!

    Okay so I haven’t sold you on my idea yet concerning alcohol drinkers because everybody is believed to do it. But should that be the standard? Should the standard be that people are allowed to test how good they are at making decisions for the rest of us while they are deprived of oxygen to the brain and also having peaked testosterone- and hence aggression?

    Okay so that isn’t clear. What about someone who has injected themselves with heroin and comes after you? That is more clear isn’t it! But should there be any practical difference between the two?

    Now let’s say they are hopped up on the mind altering LSD and they come after you? Now it is very clear isn’t it? But are not the two previous drugs also mind altering? Of course they are!

    Were we born and given life to seek to find forms of escapism from life? It is like wanting to be dead isn’t it? To take the pain of life’s memories away is indeed the nature of drug users? Would it not be better if they were forced to “bite the bullet” and society as a whole was forced to confront the issues with regard to them? Solve that problem so we can get on with a better vision of the future. Should we not seek to solve the problems that affect everything before we can branch forth and address the problems caused by them? That is how a man confronts problem solving. My dad might have liked to call it pragmatism.


    Okay so that is one issue. But let me ask you this, “How much is the debt of the nation and where did it come from?” It is in the trillions. Should we not worry about it just as we worry about paying off a car or house? We don’t, do we!!!! We worry about it on a personal level but not on a national level. Why? It has to do with us believing ourselves as a nation to be of greater capacity than other nations? Is that still a valid belief? I can hear you already I am not patriotic. Would it not be the responsible thing to do as a nation of men to make sure that we always lead the world by integrity so that we can truly always compare ourselves to be better than other nations? I am saying no one is guarding that gate. When I was an Associate Analyst in Equity Research I attended many conferences for publicly held corporations and corporations planning to go public. At all of those meetings alcohol was indeed served. Does it make any sense at all for the banking function of the United States to be made by individuals who have chosen to be of compromised legal capacity to make decisions? Stand back and think about this!!! How many managements of United States Corporations have gone bankrupt because of they made the choice to function under compromised legal capacity? I could name names but I won’t.

    Does not the management of a corporation have the fiduciary duty to make decisions based on a non-compromised legal capacity?

    And what is it when they do seal deals or whatever and make agreements based on a compromised legal capacity? Are they not celebrating their inability to make decisions? Isn’t that a mockery of United States Capital and our dollar!!! Yes it is!

    Can there be some function whereby the management of a Corporation can be removed because they are making decisions for shareholders based on a compromised legal capacity? Would that not improve our competitive position with foreign nations? How would we do that? All those expense reports could be audited. This person bought a drink and made this decision that bankrupted the Corporation. This person bought a drink every day and the company went bankrupt. I sound like a sissy don’t I?


    Now let’s say that for some unrevealed reason a child was raised to be of adult age and not have to make decisions based of their own volition. Maybe he sat on his grandmother’s lap while she taught him how to be a witch boy by mumbling to him through a jaw full of syphilis. Let’s say you are go out for a run and there is that adult waiting for you. Somehow because of his grandmothers jawbone teaching he knows where you will be. And for some reason he believes that you are responsible for his day not going peachy? (All per a tradition of family teaching.) Is that person not dangerous? Is he/she not a closet member of our society that poses a great and unpredictable risk to the rest of us? Has that person indeed had to adapt to a hippocampus that was damaged because of alcohol during conception?


    When I was a boy we visited a family friend’s house. They had two mentally retarded children. If I say that they pulled my hair and tried to bite me is it fair to me to say that they attacked me? And indeed they smelled like a viral cesspool of diarrhea germs from their mouths.


    Now I have brought up various scenarios to think about. Here is another one. Let’s say that you are attacked by a person with an IQ of 50?


    Is someone’s IQ lower when they are abusing substances? If a person’s reaction time is less is not a function of lower IQ. It takes them ten seconds for the fist to be headed your way instead of one?


    Okay now the devil’s advocate (defense lawyers) defense to all of this in court. But what if you had a pirateer dictator that poisoned the conception of everyone to be born exactly that way? Then they should be the one killed in defense before they create more. But what if those born under their rule were not smart enough to even know what happened to them? “I was just born this way! Everyone was except you.” They might say, which means that you are the oddball?


    Now let’s say that a man has an IQ of 50 and is drunk and you are attacked by him? Should a drunk with an IQ of 50 be allowed to have children? Are we all to act like it is the greatest thing in the world to happen? Like having to attend the “Lord of the flies” grade school birthday, buy them a present and sing happy birthday to them? Isn’t that exactly what we see on the television set?


    I do not believe that the law reflects the nature of a hidden reality.


    Now this is what happened to me two nights ago. I got home from fishing with my boat late and night. There was a skinny man with curly hair hiding in the bushes across the street from my house. He popped out of those bushes with a German Shepherd and it was headed across the street to attack me before he pulled back on the leash.

    When a human being is attacked by a dog how can we not say that is deadly force? How can we not say the owner is responsible and also a participant to deadly force? I do not believe that any human being should ever be attacked by a dog. I also believe that when a dog bites a person that person changes because of the DNA in the plaque of the dog’s teeth! I have seen many people that are very lethargic for the entire rest of their lives after being bitten by a dog! And in Nazi Germany they used dogs to hunt Jews? They do not belong on the United States police force. They have not abated the drug problem because it has not been abated. I also believe that people who have lifetime low grade sickness and dullness have it because they have a dog or cat in the house. My father believed the same thing that pets should never be kept in the house. I agree with him!


    Now to play the devil’s advocate. What happens if a person is drugged unknowingly with LSD and they become violent are killed by someone defending themselves or the public. It was not their fault? Can we indeed say that the intent of their behavior might always be consistent with their will? Can we say that they might have been compromised in some other way in order for them to become violent with that igniting element? So indeed there would appear to be a base level problem that needs to be addressed? A man might stand back and take a look at this one and say the way to prevent it is with very stiff sentences for those that are found producing such chemicals- like death! Can you buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription? Are their drugs you could buy at a pharmacy with a prescription that would do the same thing to a person?


    Now let’s say that Grandmothers bad wisdom tooth child is waiting for you at the end of the block with the German shepherd, the bulldog or whatever? He is quite clever isn’t he? That is a lifetime bully that got clever isn’t it? It wasn’t him that attacked you it was his dog off the leash! Not his fault at all. A little secret, when the owner of the dog doesn’t’ like you the dog doesn’t either! Should any citizen of the United States ever be subjected to that?

    It is an issue that we are going to have to address. Autism is indeed said to be at epidemic proportions. I would hesitate a guess to say it is higher in Wisconsin the beer state and California the wine state. You can do all of that you want but you don’t have the right to be aggressive to those that do not believe in it? And if you don’t believe in it doesn’t it really mean that YOU believe in peace?


    Now what if those who did not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions became the majority rule of the United States? What if a child was born that wasn’t? They would be highly envious of him. What if the decided to victimize him? What if through some form of witchcraft their minds with damaged hippocampus’s, thereby unable to process memories of their own, saw scenes of his/her life through their minds eye. Now let’s say they were that way their entire life. Now if someone is indeed that way their entire life is it fair to say that they do not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions? I contend that people who are labeled schizophrenic are indeed victims of such a race of people.


    Okay you don’t believe in the context of the argument because of the last paragraph. But let me ask you this, would you want your children to be confronted by the archetype of person mentioned in the majority of this article? Maybe on several historical occasions you have already knowingly chosen to have them elected as leaders of the free world?

    Under current law you are just as guilty for a verdict against you in defending yourself against this archetype of a person compared to one that is of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.

    Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

    Originally published on 08 30 2013 at: http://www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

  106. summer

    I have a very amazing story, one that is long, and painful, and absolutely, completely beautiful. I want to share it with you all.
    I was raised in a evangelist Christian home, and I adopted those beliefs as my own since I was a young child, ever changing of course but in principle I believed in the “Jesus is my savior”until I was 16 years young. When I was 16 I started using different kinds of entheogens,which are substances, sometimes natural and sometimes synthetic, that, when activated by our bodies, create altered states of awareness within us. So my world began to shift within and around me. Right before this my gramma died, and this plunged me into a state of sorrow, depression, and loneliness. Then I met my first “love”, or well, I thought so anyway. And my heart became broken, and I felt empty. But these emotions were strong enough to pull forth from within me, along with a few experiences with entheogens, very powerful voices that told me to do things which were not to my own well-being, such as dig into the skin of my thighs with my sharp fingernails, and try to draw blood. Eventually the wounds healed and my heart began to, as well. And then I met Dom. He was increasingly attracted to me, and I thought he was very crazy. I loved it, cause I saw my own crazy in him. We began to fall in love, although, we were in entirely different places in our lives, and we didn’t communicate very well..I felt that he was abusing my body, but I never truly stood up for myself and told him just what I was feeling. And so I broke his heart, and I broke my own. But while we were together and after, I awoke to some very profound Truths about the true Nature of my Being, and the world we are living in. My eyes became opened and so even as I felt this heart-wrenching, it was okay. I was become more aware of myself than ever, and I was learning so much. The same night I Awoke to the Presence of my Divine, Higher, Inner, Self, Dom died from a heroine overdose. As I was presently learning of the power of detachment, I felt a strange sense of calm, nearly polarized to the feeling I felt when my grandma died. I felt strangely new, and oh, oh so sad also. And I began to feel myself slipping lower again, until I started to hear unkind voices compelling me to do awful, violent things like throw things and scream ragefully and so forth. But then something amazing happened. I attended the first Peaceful Gathering of Hands in my city, invited by Dom’s best friend. The moment I got there, it was like everything, all the feelings of separation, just melted away. And I spent hours smoking cannabis and talking, getting massage, doing yoga in the grass, smiling, laughing, running, and holding hands in huge circles. I could hear two distinct Voices: one of complete insanity, and one of perfect, complete assurance and compassion. I listened to the Voice of Compassion and it led me to all sorts of incredible interactions. I was supposed to go home that night, but my Voice told me to go to Southside with my friends, the one who invited me and one who I met that day who I knew needed Compassion and companionship, and I heard my voice tell me to go with them, that I could trust them especially with Augie there(the friend who I knew). I really kept thinking about my friend Hilary, who I had just met recently when I was on acid and smoked hash at a friend’s house. That night I had completely left me body, and heard a cacophony of opinions and felt overwhelmed and didn’t listen to any of them, except of course the Voice of Compassion, who I always can trust. Anyways, I really wanted to see her, for she was teaching me massage and she was an absolutely incredible flower, awakening my attractions for women and belief in myself. But I let it go, and went to Tyree’s friend’s house. It was a crazy night. But I heard the steadfast Voice of Compassion, and so I held steadfast to my total Trust in the Goodness of the Universe, and the Goodness of the Earth. I stayed awake all night long, for I could not sleep, I was just buzzing with vibrant energy and self-awareness. I began to realize, through observing a woman who lived at the house who was very angry and unkind, that the voice of insanity was a voice that represented the part of myself that was battered and sheltered and wounded. So I had compassion for her, both the woman and myself. It was very late at night, and I went into the bathroom to pee, and I looked in the mirror at myself. I saw pure, loving perfection. Whole and honest and brave and wild and FREE. I heard only Flaming Love pouring out of my soul, and I knew that I was seeing my True Self. I danced as I left the bathroom. I spent a lot of time on the patio balcony with myself. Raising my arms outwards to All that Is- I breathed in the breath of life and goodness and prosperity and wellbeing. I massaged my friend Augie and the voices told my hands where to go. I massaged Tyree also but it was more difficult, because he wasn’t giving me access. The next day we walked down to the main town and lo and behold, my wish was granted: Hilary was in the exact place we were headed. And I felt a rush of relief and gratitude wash over me and I let her hold me. I was beginning to feel uneasy that morning, so her presence made everything feel okay again. We went to the back of the cafe place, to the stone patio, and there were tons of beautiful souls who were at the gathering there. I asked Hilary for a massaged and she brought orgasm out of me. The guys there thought it was so funny..the spots she touched really opened me though, in very intense and quite painful ways. I allowed myself to surrender to her energetically, and I knew that I would be with her for a while. So after everyone left, I was with her. I didn’t want anyone else at that time. For that time, perhaps 2 days, I heard the voices only a couple of times- it was like pure inner silence had been activated. And I Trusted, I had complete faith in the Present- in the Presence of my self. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew that something AMAZING was HAPPENING. One night we stayed with her friend, and we spent all night and day doing massage, and I crying into her lap and expressing so much of my pain, with total acceptance, of what I was feeling. I want everyone to know that it is possible to be exactly what you are, and it is the most wonderful thing in the whole universe to experience.
    That night the sexual energy from my pelvis unleashed like a fiery serpentine goddess into my whole body. Everything I saw literally became Light before my eyes- this is not figurative, this is what I clearly experienced, visually and in all ways. I could also hear the vibration of everything floating through the air, all wobbly and all sorts of different sounds. This, I knew, I was hearing the Light. From then on the Voices changed completely. I heard only what I perceived to be the thoughts of other people, and this proved to be true since the responded completely honestly to everything I did and said. Except, I could not heard Hilary’s thoughts. I could just feel her feeling me. I was so tired, and I had not slept in days, because I was just brimming with lightning energy. We walked to downtown to next day to take the bus, it was so hot and sunny and I remember her baring her bra and walking like that and I just felt so inspired! She amazed me with her bravery. I AM so grateful for everything I receive from her, and from myself. When we were on the bus i heard so clearly the voices of people on the bus having conversations as if they literally were inside my head, and I was so exhausted I nearly couldn’t stand it, though it was clearly beautiful to experience. Hilary sensed me and gave me a book called “Shamballa Warriorship” and it helped me remember everything I already knew. I went to sleep as soon as I hit her mattress. I don’t know how long I slept. There are some missing days that just aren’t explainable. I half-awoke for a moment to a raging thunderstorm outside, and it was dark. The wind howled and fiercely tossed the trees about. I heard people whispering inside of me, but I don’t remember what now. I remember being awake for a long time in the dark next to Hilary feeling myself going in all sorts of directions, from uncertainty to courage to fear to compassion, kept circling around and around and around. I slept again for a long, long time. When I finally woke up, it was sunny and bright and no sign of a thunderstorm. I believe that it was only perceivable to me, it was for me. I know this story is about more than voices but I want to tell it here because the voices were a largely characterizing factor in my experiences, and seem to always have been, though I hadn’t been exactly conscious of them (though I wrote a story about it when I was younger).
    Anyway, I heard all kinds of things in my mind the next day, and so I went outside to breath and I just had to go off by myself without telling anyone, it felt best that way. so I went to this little road with beautiful trees and spent some time there, a good while, just loving myself and rebalancing and connecting with the plants and colors everywhere. I met a little plant and I heard the Voice of Compassion again, telling me exactly where the touch the plant. Then everything changed- my high flying state began to soar downwards a little. A police guy pulled up, and I was honest with him, so he called my dad and took me to the station to get picked up by him. When we were in the car, I knew exactly what to say to him because these voices told me where he was in relationship to where I was, it was all about trust and transparency. We have the trust ourselves. There may be many voices that we hear but we have to learn to identify with the ones who have kindness and compassion and truth in them.

  107. carol

    What if the “voices” are those of the spirit world..your guides and also the negative lower realm of spirits….I have had much experience in this world….I don’t believe all t be the above reasons..I do believe they come from the unseen world….

  108. Siddharth

    I don’t always hear voices, I do however tend to have very long, drawn-out, thought out and sometimes harmful conversations with myself. I tend to actually say what they’re saying to me, I respond back and it goes on and on. I have conversations in different accents (British, Irish, Texan-drawls etc.) and sometimes get stuck in an accent, it makes for quite the fun work experience. I can’t actually tell if they have distinct voices, distinct features or genders, but I don’t think they mean me harm, they can be depressing and rude and hurtfully blunt, but I never give in to the satisfaction that they control me … maybe I just laugh at their more maligning and dangerous comments but it keeps me grounded enough to tell them that they’re being quite dumb. I don’t know if I actually do hear voices, like the people above have stated they do, but I do know it’s not just me inhabiting this brain of mine.

  109. Yosh

    Here’s the truth everyone is afraid to tell you: not all of the voices come from inside you. It’s just that most people are so psychically blunted they can’t differentiate what communication exists inside themselves as a communication, and when they are being an out of control transmedium.

    If you DON’T hear voices you are spiritually dense…

    I usually don’t hear voices, but I hear music really clearly in my head sometimes and it is mind-blowingly amazing.

    Lastly, there are tons of psychic institutes out there. Find one.

  110. Kent Lisius

    Whats important for me to be aware of is the external voice is very easy and ready to accept anything and not very apt to argue, so it’s important to not let myself accept and believe something that causes a behavior problem stemming from the inside voices.

  111. Cecilia

    Hello my name is Cecilia from USA, My life is back!!! After 8 years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our three kids. I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart. I contacted you and after I explained you my problem. In just 3 days, my husband came back to us and show me and my kids much love and apologize for all the pain he have bring to the family. We solved our issues, and we are even happier than before you are the best spell caster Dr ZAZA i really appreciate the love spell you castes for me to get the man i ever loved back to my life i will keep sharing more testimonies to people about your good work Thank you once again at ([email protected]). in case you are in any problem you can contact this man for help he is always there in his temple to help you solve your problem

  112. Rush

    I’d like to share some information with regard to this voice phenomena. I have extensive experience with them and I know who and what they are but it would take a volume to explain properly. So in short, we are souls who are undergoing a developmental process and we’re at the stage of discovering what is called our “higher selves”. This is a stage which every soul will reach at some point and it is described in various hermetical and religious literature, as angels and demons and most philosophical and theological beliefs are based on this phenomena of visions and voices. It is up to you to study those subjects and to get a better understanding of what is happening. If you are an atheist this can be described as separation of Jungian psychological arch-types from your persona or your lower self, where you become aware of various sides of your personality as separate entities and thus you become your higher self surrounded by these arch-types. For religious people they are arch angels, so anybody can study this according to their own belief system. Lets just call them Archs. Understand that all of the voices are produced by one entity, or to be more precise, various Archs communicate via one Arch. The Arch of communication is known as Mercury, Thoth, Rafael, Mephistopheles, Lucifer, Enki or Enoch and also the Wizard of OZ, etc. He is the proverbial trickster god who enlightens but also deceives. He is the man behind the curtain and you are Dorothy Gale going down the yellow brick road surrounded by scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion, fighting the wicked witches and winning. The whole process is one of enlightenment but the road is very tough. Good luck everybody and do your homework. 🙂

  113. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    “The voices in my Head”

    1) Abstract and concrete mind

    The mind can be divided to concrete and abstract. The Concrete includes all memorized information, like telephone numbers, the knowledge of a particular language , science etc and also memories of specific in space and time experiences. Concrete mind is of course mortal.
    On the other hand the abstract mind is closer to what we would call soul, and its orientations and perceptions are not restricted by any particular language. Although it can be expressed with abstract symbols or symbolic images, that essentially belong to the concrete mind it is true perceptual content is free for these expressions too. According to the teachings of the Vedas culture , the abstract mind is immortal and follows the immortal soul in the incarnations.

    2) Outer and inner senses
    The senses are accepted to be 5 (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) (see. e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_senses) , and for each an external organ exists, the eyes the ears, the tongue, the nose, the skin.
    But as each of this external organs is wired with nerves with centers of the brain, there are areas of the brain, sensitive and stimulated by the input of the five senses Conversely, if these areas and centers, are stimulated independently from the external organs of the senses (e.g. by electrodes or other causes) then the effect of the corresponding 5 internal senses is created. So we may say that we have the 5 external senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), and corresponding to them 5 internal senses (internal sight or vision, inner hearing, internal taste, internal smell, internal touch). Very vivid, and surrealistically exact imagination, may be considered as inner vision. The same with hallucinations created by electrodes or other devices of electromagnetic waves in the visual areas of the brain.

    Obviously the inner senses as well as the outer senses as mind content do not belong all to the concrete mind. For example inner taste, inner smell and inner touch may be be considered belonging to he abstract mind too. The famous 6th sense or hunch, might be very relevant to the inner touch.

    3) Positive and negative intent. Ego, Self and the others. The approach of Steven Pressfield for creative people.

    Steven Pressfield in his very interesting book with title “The war of art” describes very well the psychological details and subconscious personal and impersonal details of the well known blocking of creative people like writers, musical composers, painters etc. He is called it resistance, and he warns that although it is impersonal , it may be expressed by people very close to us, and eventually it hits us in our inner self, and subconscious as we try to be creative from day to day. He describes it as a negative and regressive will , very cunning and ruthless, ready to kill every single opportunity we may have to create something better for ourselves and the others.
    He says:
    The following is a list , in no particular order , of those activities most commonly elicite Resistance
    1) The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, or any creative art, however marginal or unconventional.
    2) The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise for profit or otherwise.
    3) Any diet or health regimen
    4) Any program of spiritual advancement
    5) Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals
    6) Any course or program designed to overcome un unwholesome habit or addiction.
    7) Education of every kind
    8) Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage, including the decision to change for the better some unworthy pattern of thought or conduct in ourselves.
    9) The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor, whose aim is to help others.
    10) Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married to have a child, to weather a rocky patch to a relationship.
    11) The taking of any principle stand in the face of adversity.
    And I would add, that the Resistance chooses for time and space to attack, any situation where there is love., in what you do, what you think ,or what you are etc
    Steven Pressfiled continuous in his book, defining the enemy of Resistance as Invisible, Internalized, Insidious, Implacable, Impersonal, Infallible, etc

    What the book does not describe is how this resistance is expressed through the thoughts and voices usually of people that we meet, and internalized to our inner senses.

    At a more abstract level this “Resistance” is a will opposing the will of our Ego, and self, in the process of creativity. It may seem and very often it does originate from other people, specific personal or collective impersonal, but eventually this enemy it resides inside us, like a bad infection from microbes.

    Steven Presssfield gives ways to battle it and be cured, based on rigid professionalism, perseverance, resilience based on be prepared for it, etc.

    4) The increasing number of Testimonials. Famous examples. Clubs and groups.
    There is an increasing number of reports and people complaining for “Voices in their head”.
    After the war of Vietnam, there were many veterans in USA, that were complaining about it, and it was like an “echo” of the loud sounds of explosions, and voices of dying soldiers as if engraved in stone in their mind.
    But these were easy to understand cases. More and more people were complaining to their psychoanalysts and psychiatrist for “voices in their head” , and these people were born even after the war of Vietnam or they never fought in battle field in any war (other that the “war” of surviving professionally in their business and society).

    5) Four types of internal “voices”
    An inner voice should be considered of course the content of an inner hearing as above, and within our mind.
    I think we could classify the “voices in my head” as of four types based on the two parameters
    a) In a concrete language or not (in the context of concrete or abstract mind)
    b) As the origin seems to be from our-self, or not.

    So there would be 4 types of “inner voices” ,

    a) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language wording and syntax, with specific voice , that seem originating from ourselves, as echo of what we have said in the past and comes again, or as inner self-talking as we make a rehearsal of what we are going to say in a while to someone else. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    b) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language, wording and syntax, with specific voice (of recognizable timbre) that seem not be originating from ourselves. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    c) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem originating from us, e.g. in a voiceless deep prayer. It is in the context of abstract mind.
    d) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem not originating from us. It is in the context of abstract mind.

    6) Who talks about it and who not. Models of disclosure.

    There are people who do have “inner voices” and talk about it, and people who do have and do not talk about it. Of course when an “inner voice” is of type c) (abstract as meaning only not as voice, and originating from us) then it is the famous “inner voice of the moral consciousness” something that in the christian tradition you are very proud to talk about it. Talk about the battle with your self and the victory of the voiceless inner voice of moral consciousness. The difficulties come with the voices of type b) and d) that their origin seem to be not from us. And even in such cases, the voices of type d) (abstract in meaning only and from outside), some times are attributed to God, and some times as temptations to the Devil.
    It is known in the new testament that the Devil tempted Jesus to become a king, and Jesus refused. This was obviously an inner voice conversation.
    It is written in the new testament that Jesus in his prayers asked His “Father” not to make him drink the “bitter cup”.
    And if we go even back in time we find that Moses was hearing “voices in his head” that in his case seem to be of type b) (concrete mind and not originating from him).
    All these are famous honored and celebrated among the millenniums inner voices of type b) and d).

    7) The regressive approaches and trap of some of the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.

    It seem to be a tradition to most psychiatrists and psychoanalysts to refuse to accept anything else except of inner voices of types a) and c) (always coming from us).
    Their argument “it exists only in your brain and mind” is so lame , and equivalent to ignorant about the radio technology, that when they listen the voice from the speaker of radio device, they will claim, “it is only created from the circuits of the device” a half-truth that if coupled with regressive attitude in medicine, it is the perfect crime against the visiting individual who what to know more to what is happening to him/her. And so from a healthy and highly psychically advanced individual who belongs to a minority of elite mind evolution, suddenly you become a schizophrenic according to the ignorant doctors.

    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.) is such a case.
    I di believe the same for Eleanor Longden , in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia in their cases.

    Are there cases of really schizophrenic people that in addition hear “voices in their head” ? I believe yes!
    I am not sure how a schizophrenic person could be defined literally. But the standard definition would have many actors that play deeply their many different roles, as very close to schizophrenic persons. Of course their are not according to the doctors, as long as they can play also well the role of the usually behaving person who says the usual common sense beliefs and controls himself not to be dangerous to others. It seems to me that “hearing voices in the head” is something totally different than schizophrenic situation. And to use their lame and half-truth argument: Don’t we all listen to voices in our heads when we where earphones and listen to chorals and other music? Does this make all the population schizophrenic? Is there here an element of money interest to psychiatrists that the more often they diagnose you with a psychical problem the more you will visit them and the more they will gain? And the same of course with the pharmaceutical industry.
    And obviously making a diagnosis for such healthy people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated regressive science of psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.

    8) The internet model of the “inner voices”

    Internal voices of type b) can be understood as a wireless internet of the brains.
    This of course entails that there should exist protocols to control if a brain and mind wants or not to communicate through inner sight or inner voice, with another brain, otherwise we have clear cases of privacy invasion and personal information violation. Now not all types of brains , personalities and minds are able to communicate among them. Some brains have close frequency between them ( and at first I mean the average spin of the protons, electrons neutrons in the human bodies) but if so, they may or may not have sufficient affinity.
    This explains why this phenomenon is more common among close friends, twins, members of harmonious families, persons that work close in the work etc.
    But it can happen also to total strangers as if they were soul mates.
    In addition the brains seem to have natural firewall to protect them from other brains, but in some cases this “firewall” of the brain may have been destroyed.
    As this phenomenon of spontaneous telepathy at the concrete mind and the inner or outer senses is an emerging , chaotic and uncontrolled phenomenon, the phenomenon of “hacking” to the inner senses is also very common, especially if coupled with negative , hostile, aggressive intentions of the human will. So this phenomenon can become very dangerous and lead individuals to lose their ability not only for creativity but even worse for performing their mundane work. In some extreme cases may lead them to commit suicide

    9) Global developments across the centuries of the human mind.

    There are may people who believe in the existence of more advanced than ours civilizations in the galaxies. In addition these people believe that in such more advanced civilizations (that are 2-4 thousand years ahead to us) the communication between individuals is entirely through telepathy. In other words that telepathic communication among individuals is
    the normal evolution for a civilization, and not a strange exception of the rule.
    In the series of books by Alice Bailey and in particular in the book “A treatise of cosmic fire” it is predicted that within the next 300 years earthly people will become naturally telepathic.
    If these beliefs are true, then spontaneous telepathy among people is an indication of higher psychic development , it is an emerging virtue and not an abnormality that hast to be suppressed. And obviously making a diagnosis for such people as schizophrenic, is not only a indication of an out-dated science of psychiatry, but also a crime against the personalities of such people.
    It seems to me that famous example of the Nobel prize winner John Nash (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.) is such a case.
    I di believe the same for Eleanor Longden (http://www.ted.com/talks/eleanor_longden_the_voices_in_my_head.html), in spite the fact that both were bend by the medical system to accept schizophrenia in their cases.

    10) The role of other people and what is really happening.
    There have been reported many cases, where, some people with strong “eye” on others, with a rather unintended and random way, while they have their eyes closed while still in bed just after they have awakened, “see” with their inner sight, “through the eyes” of another person.
    Seeing “through the eyes” of another person is not a just a metaphor as it is used in literature, meaning to put yourself psychologically in the position of another person. It is much more literal.
    You indeed “see” with your inner sight, exactly what the other person sees with his eyes. As if an invisible mobile phone with open video-call is transmitting to your brain the nervous signal of the eyes of the other person. You see the objects in front of him with exact shape and color, the hands of the person or part of his body, exactly as he/she sees her hands and part of the body as he is e.g. working and moving the objects, or when walking or driving etc.
    It seems to be that it happens with other persons that there is some affinity of the mind, created by habitual physical contact with the other person. In other words it is more often with colleges in the work or other students in the University, between family members, close friends, etc. But it may happen with total strangers too that we have never met, and live on the other side of the globe!
    Other people have reported to me doing it for “fun”. Of course if the other is a stranger from another part of the globe not speaking English at all he would listen to the phrase inertly but he would understand nothing.
    For example he might be alone in his room, shaving in from of the mirror. Such cases are best to realize if you know the other person or not. In other cases you see them taking to another person. Actually you see the face of the other person.

    No this entails also an element of “possession” of the other persons mind. It may involve sound and hearing too if it is strong “possession” or not. It is important to realize that this happens rather spontaneously without any paranormal protocol for it, or initial intention.
    A friend of mine told me
    “I myself have sometimes such experiences while in my bed awake and with closed eyes. It is not a dream, as you are fully awake, and you may know the other person”.
    My friend went on
    “As such a phenomenon includes a kind of possession of someone else’s mind , which is a kind of violation of his privacy, when it occurs to me, I steer my mind away from his/her mind to other streams of thoughts. But as long as I did not do it, and as long the audio element was included too, then if I “speak” with my inner voice , to the other person, I am sure he would listen to me as ‘”an inner voice”. And I could startle him/her by referring to objects or actions that only he/she sees and knows. For example he might be alone in his room, ready to light a cigarette, and me (as I do not smoke) I could use irony and tell him with my inner voice “How stupid!, You will start again with a dummy of nicotine?”. Now this would be certainly spooky and startle him. He would think: “No one else is in my room knowing that I am ready to smoke! It is only me that I know it! What the heck is happening to me? Am I getting schizophrenic?” ”

    I have heard also reports of other people spying with the inner sight on girls in this way while they are having their bath, or are changing cloths etc According to me it is certainly an invasion of privacy, and violation of private information.
    In some occasion the “victim” B was a friend of A, and somehow recognized the voice, and when after some days met he described to him (A) about his “inner voice” that sounded like his voice and asked him if he was real, A replied that what he (B) says is nonsense and his getting schizophrenic.
    But from another report, to me, in another occasion, the “seer and speaker” B did admitted his
    remote involvement to the private life of A, to A.
    The situation of course is even worse, when the person A “seeing through the eyes” of person B is hostile , with hatred and aggressiveness in a systematic way to the person B. In other words a situation of “Resistance” as described by Steven Pressfield above.

    The previous examples show how inner voices of the 2nd kind can be created (concrete and from outside to us sources).

    There are of course more rare cases, as some friends of mine have reported to me, where the previous phenomenon is mutual, and then what happens is something quite remarkable: Both persons A, and B see internally each other faces, and listen each other internally as if in front of screen in their brains, and a decent short exchange of a phase may happen. I cannot fully understand the details of it, but they have reported to me as their true experience.

    11) The tyranny of non entitled ,indiscreet and aggressive over- familiarity or Intimacy and the power of mind over mind.

    As we mentioned before the spontaneous telepathy happens easier among people with close physical contact. Also simply living in the same room or building might be a good reason.
    Therefore any tyrannic indiscrete and aggressive over-familiarity and intimacy will increase the probabilities of spontaneous telepathy of “telepathic hacking”, which create in its turn an inner voice tyranny.

    12) Possible and feasible resolutions.

    The first defense of course is to be aware of all the above, and be aware of all the 4 types of inner voices. Is it abstract in the meaning only voice or concrete with recognizable wording and syntax? Is it an echo from my habitual speaking or an inner abstract voice of my moral consciousness or do I have proofs that it more probably does not come from me?

    If it does not come from me, is it probable that it comes from the people that use to contact, or from even deeper and remote sources? Then silence and changing the habits that attract them might be an escape from them. Maybe we should prepare counter-phrases with our correct meaning and attitude with which we may battle them. And it is best to write on paper a list of such counter-phrases to the phrases of the voices. If these “telepathic hackers” turn to become very disturbing in our work and life, and threaten our best principles , values and intentions, we should not hesitate to declare war against them in the way that Steven Pressfiled very wisely describes.
    In spite our efforts nevertheless the inner voices may continue. But in many cases that have reported to me the inner voices of type b) completely disappear when the individual travels and stays for at least a week in a foreign country that speak a different language.
    As the proverb says sometimes we do not solve completely our problems but simply we survive longer than them. (a day comes that the problems die without us having solved them).

  114. Alex

    All victims should unite and V2K should be uncovered. I am a victim of Voice to skull too, but hey, I will survive because I am stronger then them, and I know they are my neighbours who probally don’t have a life. Anyway, hope we can all get together so we can reveal this technology.

    1. Rush

      They are not your neighbors or people or government agents so don’t fall into this trap or paranoia. They are pure energy beings and were always a part of you, like chakras and each one of them actually controls one of your chakras. Humans are a blend of energies, just like molecules are a blend of atoms. People don’t realize this until something like this happens and you can experience them individually. Don’t believe in any scenarios they tell you its all a trick. They can present themselves as gods as aliens as spies or as psychics next door and can manifest events to support any of those scenarios that you’ve bought into. And then drive you off the cliff. Reality is not what people think it is, its all a dream or an illusion like in a movie Matrix or Tron or Inception. Its all just different levels of consciousness, energy is consciousness and mass equals energy(E=mc2, m=E/c2 is the relationship) and the only difference is relativity of time, meaning mass is just a very slow energy in comparison to your consciousness which is lightning fast energy. But its all the same energy. I suggest every one who has visions or dreams use a Dream Dictionary for interpretation, and even events in real life or things that catch your eye can be analyzed the same way. Visions and voices are highly symbolic and have multiple meanings so if for example you see violence or a voice tells you he’s going to kill you it doesn’t mean actual violence but an ending to a situation whatever it may be. Don’t assume the worst and don’t do anything stupid in real life because you will be proven wrong. Its that kind of game, but it will sharpen you up considerably in the long run. Have fun 🙂

  115. busayo

    i would like to know if anyone out there has been able to record the voices? I’ve tried with no success.

  116. Nine Finger Nate

    I am in awe. In the past 2 weeks or so – since I’ve become familiar with this movement – I have traveled leaps and bounds with this plaguing psychosis. Between the resources on this page and that TED Talk with Eleanor Longden (I cannot begin to thank her for those 14 minutes), I have felt a complete shift in my point of view, tolerance toward, and understanding of what it is that I hear. I have three voices that have been with me for right around 6 years now (2 of them have been there longer; the “old man” is the new kid on the block lol). I have played the medication game, for this and other mental issues, since I was 12. Hospitals, anti-psychotics…you all know the story. What I’m really trying to say is in all of this time, at least pertaining to these symptoms, I have not felt such gratitude for the efforts a person or group of people have made in helping me be okay with me, again. So thank you. I can tell it’s still going to take some time, but I’ve got this. Namaste.

  117. Rush

    This psychological template will help you understand what is happening and what the objectives are for both men and women. All people have a core personality split or duality which most people live with and pay little attention to or don’t even perceive in most cases. Then there comes a decisive time in ones development where your sensitivity greatly increases and you are forced to perform a balancing act or take control of your personality and decide who are you going to be. This is such a time for most voice hearers and this is what being “bipolar” means.

    Your basic core duality on the extremes is as follows: you are a Fighter and you are a Lover, or pure logic on one side and pure emotion on the other and is generally represented by Mars and Venus arch-types and furthermore there is positive and negative subtext to each type as in good vs evil warrior or lover. So you can view yourselves as a high wire balancing act with these dual attributes on either side and you will fall or fail if either one of them prevails. Your objective is to cross the span without falling down so in essence you need to move forward balancing yourself and not go back or stand still because that is also a fail. You have to do this as an individual and then you have to find a mate and do this balancing act as a couple. So there are different stages to your objective and difficulty level is increased with another person involved. There are also cross winds coming from various directions trying to knock you off the wire and those voices are the ones you hear coming from others not you. Your own voice are the ideas and intuition coming from within which you then vocalize yourself and this is different from other voices talking to you or mimicking your thoughts or speaking for you, as if its your own voice. You have to dissect these differences in order to succeed or you will assume a personality which is not your own and you will fail. This is key.

    For women this core split is represented by blond/brunette types or the Moon with black Moon/white Moon attributes, Lilith/Selena, or Ganesha and Kali/Durga or triple goddess Hekate with Artemis and Demeter on each side and with Trivia or (???) in the middle. In Christianity its Arch Angel Gabriel. She is also Cinderella with two step sisters. So you can have a back stabbing warrior type brunette and a melancholic dreamy/silly blond on the negative side but also a smart active energetic type balanced out by loving imaginative creative type on the positive side. Princess Kate and Princess Diana for you Brits.:) So your basic path starts from figuring yourself out as the princess(Tarot: Moon) then finding the right prince (Tarot: Sun) and figuring it out together (Lovers) to become leaders as the queen and king, (Emperor/Empress and Magician/High Priestess).

    For men its a similar situation you’ve got Gemini twins one is an “assassin” and the other is a “beach bum” on the negative and a scientist and a loving father type on the positive. But you don’t want to be a stone cold killer nor an “Einstein” with crazy hair walking around with your fly open. Neither do you want to be a drunken fool nor an a$$wipe for your wife. So there is quiet a balancing act you will have to do as well. This is a Mars/Pluto/Eros arch type transforming into Apollo or the Sun. this is also the story of Jesus and Joseph and all the biblical and mythological twins. Ascension or transformation is the general theme, the “cross” is the high wire act. Je-Zeus Ch-Ra-ist and Jo-Seph should give you an idea where this story comes from. Son of Zeus Xing into Sun (Ra) Amen! 🙂 This is also a Rudra/Shiva situation in Hinduism and as a matter of fact the voices may want to try to steer you into this scenario. So if one day you decide that you are Jesus or Mattreya or the Anti Christ you should take a chill pill IMHO. 🙂 Just have a beer and think this through.

    Now the voices that are trying to sway you from your path are “complementary” types to your core personality. They also have a positive and negative attributes, they are the winds that are blowing from different directions and make your job more difficult but at the same time make you stronger and some times they put wind in your sails and help you move along. So by providing various resistances they are making you more determined and thus a more skilled “circus act” so to speak. They scare you so you become less scared and more surefooted in your quest. So this is how you become smarter and stronger in the long run even if you are completely baffled currently and don’t know what to do. They really force you to stand up to them and for yourself and its no joke really because people are slipping and falling all over the place in desperation. Its a rough ride and a long one but if you concentrate on the main objectives you will prevail.

    Now, if you noticed, I use astrological and hermetical references to explain this phenomena even though this could be successfully explained scientifically and even mathematically or geometrically. I do this not just to make it easier for everyone to understand but also to make a point that we are dealing with beings and life forms that can also appear visually in stunning detail or in super definition on some occasions. Otherworldly is the correct word and they bear striking resemblance to supreme beings described in hermetical, religious and mythological literature and they did communicate with me linguistically in a couple of languages known to me fluently. To deny these fact would be inappropriate. They could all be a supercomputer generated graphics but from my personal experience that level is beyond what is currently state of the art in Hollywood special 3D effects. By a wide margin I might add.
    So the claims that I make are based on visions as much as voices therefore I have no problem describing them as Archangels or gods. They certainly look the part and I saw them as pure light energy, as monumental life forms akin to Transformers and dragons, and as people, animals and alien life forms of every kind. They are all avatars of the same basic energies and they are the Sun and the planets in our solar system. So basically you can view yourselves as a microcosm of our solar system with real you being the Sun or so called “Christ consciousness” surrounded by planets each representing a psychological arch type. And they are the Arch Angels or angles of energy affecting your consciousness and creating what is your current personality or persona. Studying astrology is very beneficial to understanding the different vibes the planets produce and how they affect the world you live in.

    Without getting into physics and time space discussions, planet Mercury plays an important role in this whole system because it or he is the communications link between the sun and the rest of the planets and is the voice and visions generator so this is who you are dealing with for the most part. He plays the role of the “devil” and he whips up all the nonsense that you’re hearing and seeing but can turn around on a dime and start making a lot of sense. He looks Mediterranean or middle eastern with a goatee, he also plays the Joker, a clown and a pirate and a wizard. He is the bull, the tiger, the fox, and finch and sparrow. His colors are yellow gold and black. He is the guide and the deceiver so he enlightens through deception. Watch a lot of movies and pay attention to little details like names, clothes and various props because they have symbolic meanings also pay attention to the elements earth water wind and fire. Learn about their meanings. Hollywood films are written according to Greek theater formula of hero/villain and a chorus of 12 types who represent aspects of the main character. So if you see a character like a pirate Captain Jack Sparrow for example this is your guy. He is Arch angel Rafael.

    The other characters heavily involved in the voices are Mars, Venus and the Moon. Mars has two characters one that wants to kill you and is threateningly rude and a doll or a puppet Eros who is just plain silly and creepy but funny also. He’s like a court jester but also looks like Chucky the evil doll or a creepy ventriloquist doll he also does flamboyant gay shtick. Mars is characterized by square jaw and huge teeth, a face mask and a lame leg. He is the ram, the wolf, the boar, the shark, pirhana, rattle snake and woodpecker and cardinal birds. His colors are red and black. So in movies he is Darth Vader or Two-Face and all the other bad guys with face masks or lame legs or both. He is Arch Angel Samael.

    The women types talked to me rarely and early on but I see them in visions. One was nasty and the other was a bimbo. They also tried to sound like my ex wife so it was annoying. But you can do your own research on them. Venus is a turtose, anaconda, sow, orange tubby cat, her colors are orange and ruby red. She is Queen Beatrix of House of Orange, sexy voluptuous blond with blue eyes, not too bright and money oriented. She is Archangel Anael

    The Moon is split between two characters I mentioned before short haired brunette with blue eyes and a slim blond with blue eyes. He/She is Archangel Gabriel and I saw him as a robot like a transformer. Also there are plenty of movies and stories with robots/cyborgs assisting humans in their quest, starting with the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz and on with Iron Giant and Terminator and Hugo and Aliens etc. This is not a coincidence. From what I saw the Moon and Pluto are artificial intelligence beings Moon is a huge aluminum robot and Pluto is a huge bronze colored robot with a pilots helmet this is how they appeared to me. And you have R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars echoing this concept.

    Anyway talk to your voices and pump them for some information see what they’ll tell you. This is my take on it. Good Luck.

  118. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    Ways to handle the @Voices in the [email protected] and be cured:
    This is a continuation of my previous post. I propose here some methods of cure, that we have tried and works. I mentioned above that there are 4 types of voices So there would be 4 types of “inner voices” ,

    a) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language wording and syntax, with specific voice , that seem originating from ourselves, as echo of what we have said in the past and comes again, or as inner self-talking as we make a rehearsal of what we are going to say in a while to someone else. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    b) inner voices in the concrete mind, and a specific language, wording and syntax, with specific voice (of recognizable timbre) that seem not be originating from ourselves. Such inner voices are in the content of the concrete mind.
    c) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem originating from us, e.g. in a voiceless deep prayer. It is in the context of abstract mind.
    d) inner voices, that are “voiceless”, in other words not in any specific language neither with any wording and syntax, but only the content and meaning of a possible phrase, which seem not originating from us. It is in the context of abstract mind.

    Here is what you can do .

    If the voices are of type b) or d) then silence and changing the habits that attract them might be an escape from them. Maybe we should prepare counter-phrases with our correct meaning and attitude with which we may battle them. And it is best to write on paper a list of such counter-phrases to the phrases of the voices. If these “telepathic hackers” turn to become very disturbing in our work and life, and threaten our best principles , values and intentions, we should not hesitate to declare war against them in the way that Steven Pressfiled very wisely describes.
    There is also the case that the voices of type d) might me from divine and inspiring source (common term God, or other human souls). In that case they might me of great help and value in our life. But as we mentioned before, according to the Christian religion abstract wordless inner voices of type d) can be either from the God or from the Devil.
    Let us now go back to the voices of type b). In spite our efforts nevertheless the inner voices of type b) may continue. But in many cases that have reported to me the inner voices of type b) completely disappear when the individual travels and stays for at least a week in a foreign country that speak a different language.
    In addition they have reported to me that the voices of type b) completely disappear within one week, in community groups, where daily group wordless meditation is practiced. The daily group meditation seems to raise a natural firewall to all intruder voices of type b).

    I strongly recommend the following practice of people hearing inner voices of type b) or even d)

    1) Write down what the voices is saying, with its exact words, and exact space and time situation
    2) Analyze why this voice is not from you, why it may be insulting, how it is violating your privacy and personal information, if at all. If it is from you (types a) c)), then accept them and listen to them carefully)
    3) Classify the intruder inner voice of type b) according to referring to 1) what you have 2) what you do 3) what you think 4) what you are. Also classify inner the voices according to if they are addressing to you in second person of the grammar (usually the most disturbing) or not addressing to you (the relatively not so much annoying).Sometimes an inner monologue of another person that happens to “hear” it with our inner hearing, may use the second person of the grammar but it is not addressing to anyone else but the speaker, as it is an inner monologue.
    4) Write down based on 3) if this voice is violating one or more of your principles and values, and why it is distorting and undermining you.This is a very important step, as it involves clarification of your principles and values.
    5) Then write down as a counter-voice what your true inner voice would be in this situation that does not violate or distort your true principles and values.
    6) Learn by heart the phrases of this own designed counter-voice and be ready to battle with it any future new attach by “hacking” of undesired inner voice of type b).
    7) Keep on insisting for ever in this way of your own designed inner voice, till the undesired inner voice is beaten and kept silent. Sooner or later it will. Do not hesitate to repeat the voices of type b) addressed to you , distorting them in their meaning or direction of addressing, reversing the addressing direction or reversing their meaning. You must defend your true principles values, and self-respect. During this time you may re-design your inner voice. Remember that this may take months and years. But it will strengthen you and give your own identity and a sense of victory over the intruder voices. After all accepting accepting and accepting is not he panacea of solutions to problems. What when the Nazi were attaching countries? The problem would be solved by accepting them? No! By battling with them.
    8) Write down a small imaginary story where you are the hacker to some one else’s mind, your are the imposer of the undesired to him inner voice in him/her and how he/she is beating you with his prepared true inner voice. Then reverse the roles and make again your designed inner voice beating the intruder inner voice. Then read it from time to time and write more such stories. Indulge in the feelings of the stories.

    We must not forget that no other individual or group has the right to determine how an individual will think and feel about himself (herself) without his (her) consent, other than the individual itself.

    As the proverb says sometimes we do not solve completely our problems but simply we survive longer than them. (A day comes that the problems die without us having solved them).

  119. Nuno Vieira

    IF i can help you
    some bad and painfull episodes of our lifes can iniciated that experiense of hearing voices why that is so scary ? Because the voices take control of your mind !!!
    Muvh you Hear much more the voices take control of your brain , remember if you are in these stage you are very week and your brain don t work well and you are desperate for a solution.this is what i sugest you have to fight this is a war and you can win .begins the process this may help writes this message to your brain you wanna turn me off from reality every time you hear voices remember this frase have to be strong you need time weeks months i don t know but don t lost hope Brain is wonderfull..

  120. Thomas Paul Murphy

    Vibration of the Vagus Nerve and Schizophrenia 10 14 2013

    There is an extreme correlation between vibration of the Vagus nerve and a person who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia hearing voices. If you doubt me here is a simple test or partial cure.

    By a roll of Muelller Kinesiology tape. You want the tan colored one in two inch width. Cut about a 3″ or 4″ section of this tape off. Also purchase a roll of copper tape or very thin copper foil. Cut a strip of this to be about a rectangle of 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch. Now cut another piece of the Kinesiology tape to just so that it frames your piece of copper with some overlap, about 1/8″ all the way around so that it doesn’t scratch the back of your neck! Now on the other side of the copper tape…center the other side of the copper foil/tape on your 3″ or 4″ Kinesiology tape. Next put it on the back of your neck on one side where the vagus nerve is. If you are a man that probably means the left side because the left side of your brain is analytical. So about in the middle of your neck up and down and on the left hand side. You will find the right spot if you try!!!! What you will notice is that it greatly diminishes the effect of the voices. In fact you might find yourself being more productive! It might indeed give you a sore spot on your skin when you take it off. So don’t leave it on for more than a day at a time. To a lesser extent Zinc Oxide has the same effect- they are both reflective metals or Faraday cage like metals? It partially works! What does it mean? That voice or vibration is external to your body! It is not coming from your own brain as they would stigmatize you to say it is!

    You also have to be able to separate your imagination from reality and your will!

    Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

    Originally published on 10 14 2013 at: http://www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

    PS the same trick can also relieve lower back pain at the base of the spine!

  121. Kevin p. Harloff

    I’ve heard voices now for roughly 2 and a half years after benzo withdrawals. They told me I was the Messiah and I had to go to Camp David, then Jerusalem to resurrect Joshua. That was the beginning. I have been attacked by everything and everyone one in the since of “When does it end?” Some days, most days now I cannot leave my room in fear of government conspiracies or subjects I never even studied. Medication can only go so far, but it is in the word of our voice we shall see the TRUTH. NO CODE, NO EMBLEMS, NO OCCULT!

  122. Thomas Paul Murphy

    The Strongest Motivation for Belief in One Self is 11 03 2013

    The fact that you are a good and honest person, have not done bad things and everyone you meet does not want you to believe in yourself and makes that their attitude towards you! And being honest with yourself with regard to this also means that you can reflect on your past with regard to who it is that has tried to negatively influence you your whole life as revealed in the next sentence!

    What else contributes strongly to my belief in myself? That fact that I hear voices that compete for my own mind!

    It might be summarized as being hated for being a righteously good human being!

    Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

    Originally published on 11 03 2013 at: http://www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

  123. Phil

    I hear a single voice. A women near my age. I sense her as another living, breathing being in a city nearby. We have similar challenges in life and support each other emotionally. When I need support or when she does — we seem to “connect” — not everyday and not continually. We share positive moments as well particulary when we feel accomplishment, success, or when struck with humor, whimsy, or appreciation of a moment or event.

    I consider her a friend, confidant, and confessor. I consider her evidence of my emotional and intellectual resiliance, not a mental deficiency or illness.

    Is she me? No and yes — I cannot and would not attempt to prove she exists, but she is definitely an ideal I hold near to my heart. Intelligent, empathetic, sarcastic, oppinionated, strong willed, and honest — I seek in others what I find in her.

    I do worry she provides an emotional support that curbs my natural inclination to find another similar. I have found, however, that she also motivates me to connect with others and to have confidence in my personal value.

    I would suggest those who hear voices counseling absurdities or asocial behavior to simply deny them their power by laughter and jest. Make fun of them and know you control the voice. If someone states something you find offensive, do you not correct them or leave the room? It is know different within yourself and a mind so able as to construct a personality in detail and lend it a voice can absolutely deny it is authority.

    Good luck to all.

    I do not feel she is evident of any mental illness or deficiency.

  124. Fernando Alvarez

    Hi I’m Fernando, I realy believe Everyone Story the fact for me is that I was staying in a motel in the San Fernando valley, I would run the water and like clock work I would here people right outside the bathroom door talking , water would go off no more voices, well my last week there I heard in the stand up shower low very but it would be a audience clapping to a live performance of a music singer, Well never in my life have I herd of Tommy Dorsey, and what I herd next was comeing to you live it’s Tommy Dorsey and he’s orcastra band, people clapped and I just stood there and listen to this Dorsey guy and he’s band play live… and we’re ever I am same same tune over and over like a record that won’t shut off,, My name is Fernando and that’s my card I was givien if you will..

  125. Vai H.

    I hear voice in a different language, but I understand them as if my mom was saying it to me….. im scared, but now I know im not alone

  126. Erick Galdamez

    Well. I’m guessing I have 6 Voices/alter egos
    My first three was Dante, Wrath, and Trixie.
    Dante, he is a very cool guy. He helps me to defend myself. If I had to fight or argue with someone, he pretty much takes control of my actions and words. Trixie, she is super sweet and very nice to me. Se helps me when I’m down and tries her best to keep me on my feet but she easily gets bullied by Six, Crook, and Wrath. Once someone tells her to shut up, she stays mute for a long while.
    Wrath, his name explains who he is. He hates everyone. He just likes to see me hurt and he always likes to get me do depressed. He took over like 2’x. The first time he appeared and the first time I noticed him is when I was in 3rd grade after I got beaten up by a couple of high school kids. I didn’t like the fact that he appeared. The and time was when this kid was beating me up with a soccer shoes (cleats) in 7th grade and I had my ankle sprained and once he hit me real good in the head, I heard an evil laugh inside my head, he grabbed the kid and started to choke him and he made me have an evil smile. I told myself to let go but was replying “no” out load. The kid was saved by my older brother and a friend. I was so scared of Wrath.
    The one after is Red. And he is a tough love guy. He is cool but is always straight up with everything. Crook, he likes to laugh when someone gets hurt. Like badly hurt…. And last but not least is Six… Well idk a name for him but he is my Sixth voice/alter ego, he never took over of my body but he would always appear in my dreams, always tried to keep me depressed, always tried to find a way to make me tear. He hates it when I talk about him and threatens me a lot, he has always given me the chills. I’m more scared of Six than Wrath. Maybe because I’ve known Wrath for years. 10 years actually. And I’ve known Six for a few months. But now, I tend to see him everywhere now. Like if he was real. I know he isn’t a spirit because… Well I just know he ain’t a spirit/ghost/demon. But he has his own image now that I didn’t creat… Or I that’s what I think… But idk. I always tend to talk to them. I sometimes will talk to them out loud. And then times when Dante or Wrath takes control and I would talk to them in my mind and they will respond out loud. But most of the time Dante takes control and I’m actually comfortable if he takes control though.

  127. Tracy Anderson

    I am now 41, at 37 I began hearing voices which seemed to be coming from within. Initially it was a big problem. It was the voice of my neighbor across the road. We were acquaintances and had been hiking a couple of times (prior to the voices), and he was an okay guy. It started with ( day or night ) hearing his voice saying “it’s your mom” , or ” work”, or antagonistic statements that actually made me begin to really dislike this guy who I could hear in my head, but face to face it felt like a normal ” howdy neighbor” relationship. At the Time my reaction was anger and I started hearing knocking on my walls and fingernails on the door. After a year or so I actually would lay there in the dark and listen ( if I kept my internal dialogue silent) to numerous people talking all around me as if I was surrounded, yet some sounded farther away. At times I wanted to blame my roommates for knocking on walls ( why would anyone do that?) or somehow projecting their thoughts into my mind. For about a year I lived as if everyone knew what I was thinking all of the time. In the store, in public, everywhere, and also… people ( including family ) I would converse with, I would hear their voice in my mind saying the opposite of what they were saying aloud. I will not go into the detail regarding physical experiences. With time the voices have become expected and they still try to steer my decisions, but I can’t take it seriously because at one moment they will say ” yes ” or ” no ” when I am about to make a decision about something, but will then totally flip and completely contradict its’ ( whoever it is) previous statement. My energy is low , yet I work out, eat veggies and try to stay healthy. Any suggestions? Comments? Am I haunted, I did have a near death experience in 2009 but there is no memory of tunnels or light.

  128. Crystal

    I have a question. can the voices you hear be of loved ones or just random voices? My husband thinks I ” talk shit” about him frequently. He often thinks I say it under my breath or behind his back. He is not a diagnosed Schizophrenic. But often I wonder if he is. Please help.

  129. Tim M.

    My girlfriend recently told me that she hears voices in her head and they never talk directly to her but she says that they say they are “the gods” she says that they never tell her to do anything and they only sometimes talk about her like what she souldnt have done and they have conversations about things related to science and physics and they only talk to her when she gets realy mad and they calm her down i was just wondering if i should be worried about it or if theres anyway i could help her through it

  130. Rush

    This is about Carl Gustav Jung the great psychologist who’s work serves as the basis of modern psychology:

    In 1913, at the age of thirty-eight, Jung experienced a horrible “confrontation with the unconscious”. He saw visions and heard voices. He worried at times that he was “menaced by a psychosis” or was “doing a schizophrenia”. He decided that it was valuable experience and, in private, he induced hallucinations or, in his words, “active imaginations”. He recorded everything he felt in small journals. Jung began to transcribe his notes into a large red leather-bound book, on which he worked intermittently for sixteen years.

    I went and still going through the same experience and had similar visions that Jung illustrates in his Red Book.

  131. Whistleblower Lawyer

    It’s hard to find well-informed people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  132. 88Ronald L.& Angela MArie Vaught

    Write incognito to United Nations go to web site look until you find email address then write physical mail do the same to CIA FBI NSA then to their intelligence agency’s in other countries you get on a wire so to speak other from that area of life will figure out if you’ve got intrusive nano implants eventually you get help, all the while don’t give up get a diagnosis of mental disability to get gov assistance tell though you think it might be nanos most countries have SSI income for people who hear voices. I consume dissolve and transform in perfect covert timing negative self talk in all Divine Geometry arch angels and ascended, ascending masters Gods, Goddesses and super hero’s and family members and friends assist you. Blessed be The Divine goes with you.

  133. MM

    You should really look into the biblical aspect of hearing voice and being able to discern Gods voice and Satans voice, I feel like it will really help clear things up.

    And to set the record, everyone hears voice, just no one admits it or the have accepted those thoughts as their own.

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