Young People

Research shows that around 8% of children and young people hear voices that others don’t. So, if you – or your child – is one of them, you’re not alone.

In this section we’ve gathered together a range of information, resources, coping strategies and experiences aimed at young people, their families and anyone else who support them.

We plan to extend this section during the next year, so this is a fantastic time to let us know what you would like to see here. So, whilst we hope there is something here that you’ll find useful – don’t be shy. Tell us what you want to see here and we’ll do our best to include your suggestions as the site grows.

In This Section

For Parents & Supporters

This section includes some practical information and advice aimed at parents, carers and supporters. It includes Dr Escher’s article ‘Don’t Panic if Your Child is Hearing Voices – It’s Not The End of the World’ and a very useful 10 point checklist to help you better support your child.

Your Stories

Even though 8% of young people hear voices, many of those we meet have never spoken about their experiences to another young person. Statistics are helpful, but they are not a substitute for hearing about other people’s stories and really feeling that you’re not alone. In this section, we will gather together stories and articles about young people who hear voices.

If you are a young person who hears voices and would like to share your story with us, please email us.

Also see: About Voices > Personal Experiences

Links and Resources

Knowledge is power. In this section we will include useful tools, organisations, websites and publications. It includes Dr Escher’s Maastricht Interview (a tool for helping a child or young person explore their experiences) and information about Hearing Voices Groups specifically for young people.

58 responses to “Young People”

  1. Sarah Jean Chesney

    I first started hearing voices when I was around 5 years old. Back then, they told me terrible things. Sometimes they would be to take a knife and stab myself….sometimes stab others. My family was pseudo Catholic, so my mother’s first reaction was simply to take me to the priest. At the meeting, the priest asked me a few questions, placed holy water on my forehead and blew on it. The problem didn’t happen again and the voices went away.

    I always thought that those voices I heard as a child were simply internal messages from my subconscious of a broken upbringing. I did NOT have a positive, healthy, childhood. My parents fought, separated, got back together. Not to mention, my family was very poor. Often times I went hungry to bed at night. Our cars broke down while my mom attempted to drive us to school. I cried because my dad walked out on my mom and didn’t come home for several weeks, and when he did, he came home drunk and high.

    At 26 years old I am in fear of my mental health. I started hearing the voices about a year ago. I am a young adult and I didn’t think that anything in my life should have caused this. These aren’t thoughts streaming my mind. I actually HEAR the sound as if it was outside my head. Sometimes I hear them at night, I wake up, I look around to find that no one is in the room. Sometimes I hear the voices in the middle of a sunny day (or any day with clouds for that matter). There is no specific time of day that I hear voices, but usually, the voice says one word or small phrase. The voice is not scary; however, the very fact that I hear it scares me in and of itself. Sometimes the voices just say my name. I’m not sure what triggers the voice because nothing dramatic seems to be happening in my life. I’m a master’s student, working full-time, and maybe my boyfriend broke up with me but that’s happened a few times before, ya know? I was doing research… ad I just have to say…. that I hope I don’t become schizophrenic or bipolar. Should I get tested or see a doctor? Any reply would be excellent. This happened AGAIN to me last night.

    Thank you for your time,
    Sarah Jean Chesney

    1. Sandy

      To Sarah J. Chesney, my brother is experiencing the similar systoms. He is 19 yrs old, and he recently has been hearing voices which started a yr ago, when we moved into a new place. He hears voice that speak at the same time and sometimes he hears a voice saying his name repeatily. He has been to numerous doctors and all they want to do is simply diagnose him as schizo , SMH, and give him medication, which in fact dosent seem to work! Im his older sister, 26 and trying to help him either stablize it or cure it. I pray for him everyday.I know for a fact that we have no family history of mental illness. I thought it might be something of an spiritual connection that he is experiencing, but Im still researching on that. The good news is that I finally came to the conclusion that he not going krazy. Oneday me and our mother experienced hearing voices at the same time. It was so shocking to us the next day when we told each other that we herd the same voices of an lady repeating herself over and over, talking over someone else voice. this gave me goose bumps. The next step is to speak with an preist at our community church. Good luck and my heart go out to you. word of advice try to do as much research on your own and connect with others that have similar problems as you , before you seek help from an stranger, oh another thing you said that chruch helped you before maybe you should try it again. keep me posted!

    2. Jill Nottelten

      sometimes I get the radio or hear my name or see colours and patterns when I am very tired. Is it possible that this is what happens when it happens to you? If you are looking for patterns, people with mood disorders often keep a mood diary. In this they mark down a rating for their mood for the day, how much sleep they got, if they are a woman they might mark the dates of their period, note down things like and medicine they do take, incidents or notes about stand out events of the day etc and example of one is at
      that way you could have a serious look for any patterns …

    3. Kenny

      i have an 8 year old son tht just started hearin voices and im not sure what to do he doesnt say what they say or want him to do is there anyone that could give me some more info please

  2. Sandy

    To Sarah J. Chesney, my brother is experiencing the similar systoms. He is 19 yrs old, and he recently has been hearing voices which started a yr ago, when we moved into a new place. He hears voice that speak at the same time and sometimes he hears a voice saying his name repeatily. He has been to numerous doctors and all they want to do is simply diagnose him as schizo , SMH, and give him medication, which in fact dosent seem to work! Im his older sister, 26 and trying to help him either stablize it or cure it. I pray for him everyday.I know for a fact that we have no family history of mental illness. I thought it might be something of an spiritual connection that he is experiencing, but Im still researching on that. The good news is that I finally came to the conclusion that he not going krazy. Oneday me and our mother experienced hearing voices at the same time. It was so shocking to us the next day when we told each other that we herd the same voices of an lady repeating herself over and over, talking over someone else voice. this gave me goose bumps. The next step is to speak with an preist at our community church. Good luck and my heart go out to you. word of advice try to do as much research on your own and connect with others that have similar problems as you , before you seek help from an stranger, oh another thing you said that chruch helped you before maybe you should try it again. keep me posted!

  3. nik

    I lost a son to suicide due to “hearing voices”. Please know that there is a strong possiblity nothing is wrong with you. I have researched and found a number of people are experiencing the same and it can (not always) be atrributed to spiritual contact, your higher self, you guardian angels etc. Many refer to is an an awakening so to speak. I know this sounds crazy and I am not a spiritual freak.
    Please check out some of the following alternatives..
    Past life regression
    Talking to a reputable medium (list at the link below)
    Blog that proves there is contact with those in the afterlife

  4. Jill Nottelten

    Has he tried talking to a Clinical Psychologist and seeing if he can find someone who will be agreeable to trying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for voices in preference to taking medication. They may suggest that he do both, but he could say that he is not willing to try medication without seeing if he can do without it using CBT first. This could be something helpful. There is research about this as a treatment. Results tend to be stronger with both treatments, but the sampled population may have had more severe voices or the definition used for ‘better’ may have been different to what your brother would consider ‘better’ as it comes from the perspective of the mental health worker.
    Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is also a type of therapy that is common at the moment that they might suggest.

  5. Natali

    My son is 19. A year and a half back voices began after doing drug. Treatment did not help in the flow of year. That to do?

  6. jay

    hey im jay, and i hear voices in my head. i tryed talking to alot of different people but none of them hear voices so they dident understand. for about a year now iv been on several different pills all dealing with different things, and its stoped the voices. but last thursday i met an old friend that i thought id never see again and weve been talkin everyday sence then. and last night when i was trying to go to bed, one of my voices came back, his name is loomis. and he just said “im back” over and over again in a chanting way. if there is anyone out there who can relate with me, dont feel alone iv been dealing with the angry voices for 5 years now, but i remember when i first heard them and i want to tell you dont be afraid. find people that share these issues, hell if you want to you can talk to me. GOD bless you all.

    1. Elizabeth

      Tell the voices you’re in control. I have many voices and for a long time they had more control over me and I did. But once you find your strength and stand up they tend to back down some or test you. Don’t let them win. You own the body, not them, they don’t have more say than you.

  7. Heather

    Two weeks ago my 8 yr old son (who has ADHD) began coming to us in the night, crying that he couldn’t sleep. Yesterday, he was working on math and complained, “Ugh, the voices are making it so I can’t concentrate!” I asked him what he meant and he said, “You know, it’s what I was talking about when I couldn’t sleep.” He told me that they come and go, it’s always a male voice, not always the same voice, not a voice he recognizes, and he can’t understand what they’re saying because they talk too fast.

    In questioning him (I should mention that I’m a psychiatric nurse) I learned that the voices bother him when he’s working on something he needs to concentrate on, like school work, and when he’s trying to sleep “because they’re so loud!” But other times he’ll notice that he’s having the voices and it doesn’t bother him because he’s not working on anything. For instance, he said he heard them while he was riding the bus to school yesterday but it didn’t bother him at all and they went away after a little while. Because he can’t understand what they’re saying, they haven’t been threatening or scary to him. Just very, very loud, he says.

    I found a copy of the book, “Children Hearing Voices” at a used bookstore here in the States and have ordered it. I’ve talked with him about “pushing the voices aside” at night and thinking about calming things–imagery (I specifically painted a picture, complete with scents, sounds, and sensations, of a tropical beach for him to think about). I don’t know if “pushing the voices aside” is even possible, but I’m hoping it is.

    I asked him if he thought stress was playing a part and he said he thought so. Having ADHD, he is constantly being redirected and having instructions repeated again and again because he so easily distracted that he doesn’t follow directions. He said it’s stressful having grown-ups tell him to do things all the time. I told him that as he gets better about self-redirection and self-control he’ll find that grown-ups telling him to do stuff all the time will fade away, along with the stress of it. I suggested that next time he’s feeling overwhelmed and stressed in school to ask his teacher if he can put his head down, close his eyes, and think of his beach.

    I understand that his having voices doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be schizophrenic or anything, but it worries me nonetheless because my mother’s mother was bipolar and committed suicide, my mother’s sister is schizophrenic, my sister has suffered depression all her life, and I have ADHD with resulting anxiety disorder. He’s doomed!! Poor kid. =(

    What’s my next step? Is there one? Or should my husband and I just continue with the emotional support and keep our fingers crossed? Should I start taking Oliver to a psych? He went all last school year for his ADHD so we’ve got one we can go to. It has only been two weeks, though, so my inclination is to wait on that for now… Suggestions?

    1. Mannie

      I begin hearing voices in 2010 some of them talked repeatedly where I could not sleep. Well imma tell you the truth most of it comes from the Spiritual Realm! (contact details removed by Intervoice as stated in our policy)

      1. tara

        The voicea are hard to get control of at first. I canonlyt imagine having them as a child. The only advice i have is to try to distract him from them. I couldnt sleep when mine started a few years back. Just hope he finds his own way of dealing. Hes in my prayers

    2. Tilly

      My daughter started getting voices at about age 10, she is a teenager now. First, she was completely checked over by a pediatric psych team and was found to have absolutely no physical or mental issues. She is a healthy, bright, outgoing girl. She started getting the voices when she had a fever (she woke up and had a hallucination about a dream that last for a couple of hours) – and in fact, they went away for a couple of years and returned (slightly different) when she had a fever again. She has never had trauma, she lives in a stable household and is one of the most well adjusted people you could meet. The psych team and myself believe that when she had the fever, it allowed a bit of a crossover between her dreaming self and her conscious self since the characters that talk to hear are from a dream originally. For those with children – have them evaluated properly, there are of course psychiatric and physical (epilepsy, stroke etc.)reasons they may have voices. For your eight year old – my daughter has a very similar thing – the common denominator was a lack of noise – when it was quiet – during a test, at night, – the voices filled in the blanks. She definitely has them triggered by stress to a degree as well. Music doesn’t work but having voices speaking on a radio or such makes them go away. When she first had them I would have her play cards or do some math and using that part of her brain would make them go away as well. Important to note: She also suffers from migraines and sometimes the voices are just noise and I think there may be some connection. Ask your son if he ever sees spots/patterns/colors as this would indicate migraine even if he doesn’t have any pain. Good luck! Your son says almost word for word what she said and she is still completely fun though extremely frustrated the voices still show up, she really dislikes them. PS – look up something called micro-meditation, its mini moments (like your beach idea) to distract them from the voices. good luck! Tilly

    3. me

      Read the New Testament of the Bible online. My son is 6 has adhd and hears the wrong but improves by love, prayer and loving God and .learning of his son Jesus Christ. Be not afraid only believe. Trust me i felt Gods love its wonderful. God does bless and try to keep happiness in him during these times

  8. Theresa

    Hi !!!

    My daugther is 8 years old with ADHD and she just start “hearing voices” last week, I’m in shock ! and thank God I found this website, the question is, Does your child take medication for ADHD ? My daugther was taking Vyvanse (20mg per day) and I thought this situation was a side effect from this med.

    1. sarah

      My son is 8 years old and I just found out yesterday he is hearing voices. He too is taking Vyvanse. He has been taking 30mg daily for about a year. Did you talk to her physician or find any information that links them together. Any info you have and also a follow up on how your daughter is doing is greatly appriciated. Like I said this was just brought to my attention yesterday and I am going to call his counselor and doctor today for appointments, I am just worried about them putting him MORE meds???

  9. Saira

    Hi to all, My mother is hearing voices and my father has just separated from us and said he will not be coming back it’s been a little while now that he has not talk to us or seen us I am 16yrs old and the aldest out of 7 and have a younger sister that is only 2yrs of age who is addicted to her dad and she oftenly crys for him. we have brought a house next door and its been 2years and they use to be a really nice old couple living there who have now passed away. But since we have brought that house my parents have never stopped arguing. Becaus emy mother is not that old she is only 36yrs of age and also feels scared in the night as we have had houses that have had theives around our area. I think that if anyone that is my situation or in a similar condition then I think you should think positive and have extra care on your and your family members health and keep yourself and everyone happy and think positive in life as sometimes thinking negative could make the problem worser.

  10. a loving brother

    Me and my sister both we are 5 years apart have been threw alot of loss, stress, and never really had anyone but each other to depend or talk to.. me and my mother had alot of issues growing up and i used to get told by voices that there is very few things i could do to make them.. or her stop it was scary and sometimes got the best of me.. i used drugs to self medicate and put me in a bad spot.. i am currently much better i still hear them sometimes but its more possitive now im in a good place in my life surrounded by a girlfriend who loves me and 2 beautiful children.. well my sister is 15 and i feel isnt as strong emotionally as me and have presented me the same problem and is having alot of trouble dealing/ coping or ignoring them all together and i cant tell her to deal with it the same way i have.. i need help im worried! please help

  11. Max

    My girlfriend Is 18 and has recently started hearing voices. She says that they tell her that something is coming to get her and that she has to hide. It is really freaking her out and I feel helpless. What can I do?? x

  12. Em

    I was eleven when I first started hearing my voices. I didn’t tell anyone, because I was afraid they’d think I was crazy. Eventually, they got so bad that I had to tell my psychiatrist.
    My life was in tatters. The voices ruined my life and still are making my life a living hell. I can’t go a day without hearing at least one. It feels like I’m being torn into millions of pieces.

  13. omyma

    the most better thing is to put soft silicon ear plug in her ear to absorb most of their sounds , they use thought reading devices like neurophone , it is just psychotronic weapon with bad people

    1. Nick

      Yes your exactly right the thing is many people are still in denial about this technology and not much can be done so I know for a fact Larry Flint some may or may not know who he is but he had the company 3M make him a custom helmet that blocks these transmissions.

  14. Pedro303

    salve a tuttih o 18 anni da quando ero piccolo 10 -12 anni sento delle voci nella mia mente di fare presto presto ho di rallentare quando sto facendo un cosa e una voce dolce non riesco a capire se un uomo e una donna ho un bimbo più di questo non sento ! questa e la mia esperienza sono nazionalità italiana città napoli

  15. Lu

    Last year (February time) I had just gotten into a relationship and was extremely happy. Two weeks into the relationship I started to get really bad mood swings, but I chose to ignore it. My moods got worse and a voice that sounded similar to mine started to talk to me, and I tried to ignore it. This voice told me things that destroyed my self confidence and esteem, it was like a self hate voice. It got worse and told me to hurt my self and to kill myself. I did hurt my self several times but not too severely and did try to kill myself but backed out the last minute. My mum took my to the doctors to put me on the pill as my cycle was terrible and she thought that was what was wrong. I hadn’t told any one at this point what was going on. It didn’t happen that often, and I tried not to let it show. It carried on for a month and it started to show a week before my boyfriend dumped me. This didn’t make things better as he referred me as being ‘stressful’ which made me feel worse. A month later I met my current boyfriend Sean, and I was so happy the voice just seemed to disappear. A year later (this year) around March it started happening again, but this time, it’s worse and it hasn’t stopped. I’m still with my boyfriend, and I have quite a good family life so I’m not sure why I still have it, but whereas I used to be able to control it, I now can’t. When it happens now I can’t stop it, and it scares me and is destroying me. I didn’t tell anyone until a couple of weeks ago, and only last week I started seeing a councillor, but the more nothing is done the worse it’s getting and no one I speak to or talk to understands and I don’t know what to do. I was bullied from the age of 4 right up until I was 12. I’m 15 now, nearly 16 and I still occasionally get grief from people.This is the only thing I can put to being the cause of it happening, other wise I don’t know. I don’t know what I should do to stop it or quieten it when it happens, all I know is that it seems to want me dead.

    Anyway, thank you for reading, I always feel a little better in the knowledge that someone knows what is happening now, and I hope anyone who feels the same is getting helped in some way shape or form.

  16. Gentile

    The voice you hear,may be a voice you see.If it harms you or attempts to harm others,seek medical help.If it’s a voice that you are comfortable with, “see” what it has to say.It may want to take you on a journey.No one else can hear it ,so this makes it difficult for others,including family members to help.Contrary to what many believe,the mind needs to be busy while the voice communictes.Playing chess,working crossword puzzles etc..Many times the voice will awaken you at the exact same time .I was always awakened at 3:33 A.M.The voice will often speak to you while you are asleep,through visions or lucid dreams,after you feel comfortable with the voice you will be able to communicate with it while dreaming. Here are some simple rules to follow.Always doubt the voice,but don’t deny it.If it tells you something,check it out,do your research.The voice hears with your eyes,You may discover the words Panspermia and Zygote is import to you and your voice..It can’t harm you,it only wants to tell you something via your heart and not your mind.

  17. Drake

    I heard voices a lot when I was younger (around elemntary school age, I couldn’t tell you the exact date).
    It started just by hearing my name on the playground and there being nobody there to talk to me, and it escalated over time to agnry voices yelling and cursing at me in my basement.

    Eventually the voices stopped.

    I am not 21 and they have started again. Just the usual being alone in my apartment and hearing my name or short phrases or single words.
    I never had a bad childhood. My parents loved me and I didn’t have ADHD or any other problems.

    I guess I just wanted to share. Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions.

  18. Isabella Rossi

    I have occasionally heard voices all my life – always short runs of words. Usually it is a female voice that simply says my name. The voice is indistinguishable from real outside voices. Because it does not happen often and because I have never been frightened by it, I have largely ignored it. I am 46 and clearly am not schizophrenic/bi-polar. I have been medicated for depression only once for a few months during a bout of extreme situational stress in my 20’s. Now that I am middle aged, I do suspect that I am a high functioning autistic but have a good and full life and see no problem with my cognitive style and/or the auditory hallucinations. I don’t know if these two characteristics might be related? Sometimes I think the voice is a spiritual experience (once, as I awoke one morning, it said “she has cancer” and I found out later that day that a good friend’s biopsy returned as malignant). Sometimes I think it is just a trick of my mind which is highly creative (my IQ is very high). As a small child I could hallucinate visually on command (I also constantly saw people that weren’t there). It has been with me so long that I just don’t question it much. I don’t see things others can’t see anymore but I do still hear things.
    I would have ignored all of this if I didn’t then start having children. Both my daughter and my son have these same benign experiences. My son has been diagnosed with Asperger’s autism (very high functioning) and my daughter is probably also in that category but hides it well (like me). She is in public high school, makes good grades, has a decent (albeit small) social circle and has just finished a successful summer of performing a demanding internship. She functions well and is usually happy if she’s given enough alone time and is allowed to pursue her special interest.
    So, are the voices related to autism? I don’t know. But neither of my children seem too bothered by the voices in any case. I have coached them on how to handle the experience. Perhaps they are calm and undisturbed because that was the example I set? Like me, my daughter has ceased to ‘see’ things but continues to hear things. My son hears things only. Neither report anything menacing or destructive about the experiences although it sometimes causes my son to come running out of his room. I say, ‘what’s wrong?’ and he answers ‘oh nothing, it’s just that lady was talking to me and it startled me’.
    The last time this happened was four months ago. When I asked him what ‘the lady’ said, he replied “call me”. That’s a good example of what the voice might say – something short and neutral. It has happened when I was with my son also and I didn’t hear anything – so probably NOT a ghost or we’d both of heard it 🙂
    I just don’t know but it’s part of our collective historical experience and has posed no problem so far.

  19. Rebecka

    when I was a little girl i use to see and hear spirits. when i got a little older i stop seeing them but i still heard them. I always could feel when a spirit was near me . I always new if a family member or a friend was going to past away or about too. they talk to me . most the time they talk to me threw my dreams. when i got in my teenager years i become using drugs and drinking . some time someone they try to talk to me but i was to far gone. i not trying to tell u that i may be spiritual . last year i started to hear voice and i feel them too. i started feel sick , headack, and light headed . I could not hear the voices that good so i took out a recorder so i can hear them better it work. the voices started to move me and wanted to play sexual games with me . I met Adam he is one of the voices and i have three more .I heard them on my record that how i no their was a girl there too. i did not hear them inside my head only a little bit outside my head and mostly in side of the recorder . they would not let me do nothing so i told them i was leaving .. they came after me and was being very mean too me .. i had a breakdown and they took me to the hospital …. when i got their i did see them just one time but i didnt hear voices intil the next day . they told me i have early stage of schizophenic… now i hear them inside and outside my head . I do take pills they work a little bit. but i still have dreams of my family .

  20. Glory

    In freshman year (last year) towards the mid/end of the school year, I was under a LOT of stress. I was extremely behind in school, I was having relationship problems, I was having issues with my mother (she’s always very…rude…well.. Thats quite the understatement. But anyway) I was dealing with having to constantly listen to my mother put me down, dealing with trying not to fail my classes, trying to maintain friendships (I have large difficulty with this…I don’t. Relate. To people very well). Basically I was under all kinds of stress. To the point that I’d have nervous breakdowns in my classes. After awhile of this, is start to hear this voice, a male. It was when Id be close to a breakdown, he’d constantly tell me things like that I’m “useless”, that I’m “going to be alone” “all my friends are going to leave me” or that nobody actually liked me, that they all just hated me and pretended to like me so that once I got attached, they could all hurt me. It would be like sudden flood of these negative ‘thoughts’
    They were so bad that I would breakdown crying all of the time. I ignored this, thinking it was just stress. Well, after awhile of this kind of thing happening, I had been stressed and depressed to the point of wanting to die. That’s when I got into smoking weed. It made the voice go away, and made me feel happy for the time being. I continued smoking for awhile, and since I was smoking every day, I was always in that “happy” mood. Well, my sister wasn’t able to get ahold of any more weed. I ended up going a bit over a month without it. I would have these…i guess, episodes. Where i felt like nothing was real. Like i was in some sort of dream. Id forget who i was sometimes. This happened all throughout that month. Well. Within the first week without it the voice came back. It was more aggressive. Every day it would say horribly mean things. I figured I was just imagining things. That it was just stress again. And that I should ignore it. Ignoring it didn’t work. He just got louder. And angrier. He would appear in my dreams. Id have nightmares, and he’d be in them, hurting me in some way or another. After a few days of this I started getting less and less sleep. Whenever I smoke it goes away. But everytime it come back it’s more and more angry. More…violent…the violent things I hear…especially when I get mad…I could never think things THIS violent on my own. I know I can’t. Simply the idea of fighting someone bothers me because I don’t like the idea of hurting people. But the things he says…they’re violent.
    For example. Just recently. Like a week ago recently. I was in class. My teacher was really irritating me but I was trying to ignore her. But she was making me feel like I was stupid.
    The voice kept telling me I was stupid. Then he said something along the lines of “you wouldn’t have to listen to her bitch if you took your text book and threw it into her throat. She’d shut up then. Do it.” and he kept telling me to do it. Every time he talks I get these horrible migraines that make my head feel like its going to explode. I don’t know what to do…he says I can’t try to get help because nobody would believe me. I believe him…
    I know he’s lying…I’ve told my friends. They always try to reassure me that I’ll be okay,
    That I’m not “crazy”. That I’m going to be fine and that I can make it through this. But it’s so much easier to believe him and his lies than it is to believe them…even if he has been trying to “persuade” me into killing myself lately…I came very close just the other day…

    Also sorry if any of this is disorganized or repetitive…



  22. joe

    Very interesting stories and I feel for many of you. I have always been curious about my experiences hearing a woman’s voice during childhood. I’m 49 now. It happened over probably a few years starting maybe around age 6 or 8 – not sure. What I do recall clearly was a mean woman speaking fast to me. It made me very uncomfortable and I’m sure quite unhappy. I could never tell my parents. I was a very insecure boy lacking in parental attention so perhaps that has much to do with it. As a father of two children ages 7 and 9, I realize and cherish my vital role as nurturing father. God bless you all. Be patient and love yourselves.

  23. Matt

    Well, I don’t hear voices. I hear my own voice tell me basic things about life. I always ask myself why in every situation. It’s first started about 7 months ago I was smoking weed with a Coworker . He tried to come on to me or so I believe… And it was the scariest thing I ever encountered and ever since then I cannot smoke weed or my logical brain gets all crazy. It’s like I doubt myself but I’m only interested in woman. It’s a strange situation but praying helps. After that night I went home and read the bible. Makes me aware of the world that people don’t see. That my innocence was altered because of this man. I do not hate him for it. I’m just confused why life is that way. Some things you may never figure out but God has given me a gift. I have become my own best friend. There is so much to say but for me it’s been a learning experience. I’ve been trying to figure out what causes this stuff. I feel like a philosopher to be honest. Haha. It seems our world is in a strange place. Everyone is connected through one conscious. The conscious of the world is not as pure as it should be. The thoughts of our world are pretty terrible and thoughts are scientifically proven to be real matter. So I think people just talk to much there are too many words out there. People should just listen more often. I think they would find that all these voices were meant to to be One. And that is God. I believe this is how jesus Christmas was able to have a perfect relationship with God. Man was created in God’s image. Which means man is God (to a certain extent), jesus was a real man on earth. He accomplished something that only God could. I guess what it comes down to is humans are mirrors. When I look upon another human we are physically different on the outside. But on the inside we are the same. We all enjoy fun., we love and care and we all have our own personal issues. That’s where God comes in though. That even though this voice in my head is my conscience I jesus Christmas must of had a perfect conscience because that is God talking to you. When you have a relationship with God you have a clear conscience. I guess I’m rambling but that’s the mind set I have. Everything can be explained. And what can’t be explained is the reason for religion. There is a higher being who knows what all of us know. Everyone had the ability to know everything as long as they ask the right person. That’s why this website is amazing. The Internet has something for everyone. Kind of like God having whateveryone needs. I’d be interested to know if anyone on here has smoked Canabis with these issues and the outcome of it. Thanks. I’m sorry I rambled lol amen.

  24. Adam

    All this fascinates me, I cant say I’ve ever heard voices myself but earlier this year I went to hospital for drug induced psychosis. In this ‘mental hospital’ the staff kept asking me if i hear voices ect. i told them no, i hear voices of others that i have looked for and put there. this sounded strange to them at first, what i meant was i play music and listen to every sound that goes on in the room, in some of the psychedelic i got into the words would blend into the beats and i found so much in music and art. I then went back to my roots and music I have always listened to and things were so much brighter.
    I’m 17 and am starting a project that will bring to light the emotions of people like me and those i met in hospital. i want to show though film how i follow trails and get rapped up in my thoughts and the environment around me which leads me to feel utter happiness or in some cases fear. I have some pretty mental dreams, recently i have had full body rushes and seen bright lights in my dreams, I think to myself that i could wake myself up but i don’t, i let it take over me and i cant really describe the feeling i get after that. I have also seen some pretty scary figures in my dreams that you could describe as like the devil, i shout out to god purely in fear, then the light takes over and i must say the feeling from then is more intense. i go through phases of believing in God after what i see because i think this cant be coincidence but then i go through a phase of linking it all to psychology. Is the belief in God purely enough to blow everything else in your head away even if he isn’t real? or is that God, the fact that you can believe in something that you haven’t seen and get a feeling of peace from him

    I havnt put myself across how i would like. but its hard to explain. I’m not a some of a substance. I believe bi-polar, schizophrenia, psychosis and other things are all one under the same topic, i could be diagnosed with so many things, in life though i can be very normal, i have an amazing group of friends but i go out looking for this, i explore as many aspects of life as i can and i want people to talk to really………… duno i have so much to say might aswel stop before i ramble more and get know where.

  25. Emily

    I came to this site looking for why I hear voices in my head. I’m a 13 year old girl who around 2nd grade I began to hear voices in the back of my head. Normally between the hours of 7am and 11am and 4pm to 10pm. Never during the middle of the day.
    These voices mocked whatever I was saying outloud or thinking in my head in a mocking tone. Being 10 at the time I was scared and just freaked out whenever it happened usually plugging my ears or closing my eyes. They usually would go away after about 5 or 10 minutes.
    I never told anyone about this until the subject was brought up at lunch and I confessed about them.
    I really don’t know what to do much, i’m pretty sure i’m not crazy or anything, it’s just they drive me nuts always telling me how bad my work is or just repeating everything I say in a mocking tone. Anyone know what I should do?

    1. Liz

      I know how hard it is….try talking to them. That’s what it do. I know it sounds weird but it may help you too

  26. danny

    read this!!!! ive been hearing voices too they are very human sounding ppl (i also see things like hallucinations and moving objects my lips and mouth also move to pronounce words thru me by themselves)… i think that the voices are souls that dont kno they are dead the way that we conversate (not verbally) i communicate with them mentally with my mouth closed… unwillingly! with each and every thought and idea in my concience… sometimes my thoughts are repeated to me or mocked if u will… so different i wasnt used to it now i am (i was thinking its some children of the corn shit because it was multiple voices even high pitched sometimes like squirrel) ……..i kno what some people think because i thought of it myself being aware of my actions and decisions and being a normal person with common sense… only a crazy person would talk to voices or create a voice to talk to without realizing it but i kno the difference…im pretty sane …they constantly mock me word for word like a child would and play with my emotions it truly is a horrible feeling. harassment to the max…not only hearing them but physically feeling them, theyre always getting my attention somehow no matter where i am or what im doing… they want something and i dont think its positive they probably want my soul i say they because i think its more than one soul .. they have their own opinions and personalities with powers that we dont understand logically they know things i dont know so its like talking to another person but in ur head.. its scary to me because they teach me new words in my vocabulary without reading a book man like when they talk to me…i think its a devil and im a firm believer in god so i try to keep from sin… i was recently fired from my job because these voices were too much to handle while working…its pretty much ruining my life to be honest im losing friends because its hard to talk to them while talking to “them” (souls) and i space out… and my fam think im crazy now… i care too much to make them help me with something they dont understand so i dont bother them while im being tormented its seriously mental torture ( even as im writing this)…

    people hate what they dont understand family or not so automatically they joke or feel some type of way so dont get too discouraged. this is a real problem thats why im reaching out…i read the comments about other people going through it and i just want to say if you’re letting yourself be influenced by other peoples advice just know its good to acknowledge but always remember no one knows YOU better than yourself! stand up for yourself or no one will please… reading your stories let me kno im not alone and im not even the first one this happened to…ive been going through this for years w/o a solution…ive had priests tell me they dont know what to do and that they dont want to help me also a pastor prayed over me for a few minutes and when i told him i still heard them he said to see a psycologist!… at that point i felt so alone words cant describe so my family convinced me to go and live at the hospital and they drugged me up on skitzo meds and all type of shit…i just continued to live feeling very alone but i kept reading the bible …for some people i do believe medication could help because skitzofrenia is a real sickness and its hard to tell the difference of these two situations…but for others in turmoil (confused) about what to do such as myself at times when u kno ur not going through skitzofrennia but some the signs are similar, i say simply god is the answer to this thats what ive been researching to be the most successfull result.. find god!!!!…god is intervening in my life as i build my relationship with him if i told u how u probably wouldnt believe but its so fucking real that its awesome and scary at the same time…i see why people are in love with christ so much now its truly a blessing to kno hes helping me along the way so my point of this comment is to keep the faith alive…there is hope there is a way its hard to do by urself especially when everybody thinks ur crazy even the people closest to u…when ur alone it really sucks but ur not…nobodys perfect and god is really right there with you please believe me…please … times i get angry with him because i been through shit that if i told you it would add sadness to ur heart… if u have read this far im happy i grasped ur attention…i dont kno what else to say im running low on sleep but if u want to contact me heres my email (address removed by Intervoice Admin – please see our policy on posting) life is good god is good always …thank you

  27. Ryan

    My name is Ryan and I started hearing voices in January of 2011. there seem to be so many common links that it confuses me greatly. I was taking vyvanse at the time as well as a friend of mine. I noticed that my friend started acting strange and telling me the government was after him then he mentioned voices and how he could talk to the dead I thought he lost it. Six months later I noticed that I too was getting paranoid then I started hearing voices and eventually lost my job and my girlfriend during the process. My ex girlfriends son was on Strattera and he to I believe was starting to hear voices. Now I have to be honest about the time this all happened I was in a place in my life where I was praying and beating my self cause I wanted to be a better person. there are many things that happened to me where I have to admit it thought it might have been spiritual at times the voices well tell me things I actually have to look up in a dictionary. I just cant piece it together spiritual or is it a sickness. I am jst depressed now and have no motivation like there’s no hope. I wish everyone the best and ill keep reading these posts.

    1. Kade

      Bro, that could’ve been a direct quote from me.
      I was seventeen, had a gorgeous girlfriend, and was doing really well in everything. Then I signed up for a college level Physics class. I started getting stressed about it. I was a maintaining a solid A, but the professor was borderline verbally abusive and gave us waaaaaay too much work to do. I started helping my uncle build his house. And I was trying to spend more time with my girlfriend, who had started to criticize me more and put me down. I learned a few things about her by accident that disturbed me, and she told me that I was too dense to really understand her.
      So that’s when it all hit the fan. I started hearing a voice that came from inside my head, telling me that my girlfriend was tweaked on so many levels. I won’t even put any of it here because most of it was sexual in nature. IT told me that I was actually the one who was actually saying those things, and that it was only repeating what was in my subconscious. I started getting extremely paranoid, like believing that my classmates were trying to kill me. The voices would not shut up.
      I resorted to extreme pain, like burning myself, smashing my fingers with a hammer, bashing my head on tables to stop it.
      I realized that it had gone too far when it took control of my hand and tried to stab me with a fork, and then my dad. I dropped everything and escaped to the shop, and came to a decision: the only way to stop it. The voices were mainly taking advantage of the things I didn’t know about my girlfriend, so I needed to ask her if she would ever do those things, even if it meant that she would hate me.
      I did. In doing so, I confronted the voices outright and proved to them that they were telling lies. With their main weapon of torment now gone, they stopped. And incredibly enough, my girlfriend forgave me for asking when I told her why.
      Sadly enough, her mom found out about everything when she hacked in our facebook messages, (Totally illegal) and made her whole family move to a secret place to get away from the “Psychotic murderer ex-boyfriend”. I haven’t heard from them since.
      In the end, it was probably best for both of us, even if it was very hard for the first year. But now I’m 18, I’m seeing a very good psyciatrist, I’m fairly stable, (I only have paranoia attacks about every third day) and I’m doing well in college. I’ve learned to cope with losing my girlfriend like that by telling myself that it was only temporary, and that I have the rest of my life ahead of me.

  28. Liz

    I’m 17 years old and I’ve been hearing voices since I can remember. It started with three, then thirteen, then 16, now I have over 300. I had to keep a list of them so I know who is who and such. Each has their own face, voice, personality, name, age, different genders, ect. When I hear people say there are medications I wanna cry. Some of my voices are threatening or mean, but most of them love me or are friends with me and would rather help. The vouces do occasionally get strong enough to take over and make me seem bipolar or something, and i can let them ‘take over’ to talk through me to those i trust. I just want someone who understands rather than questions and prods though. Someone who won’t say things that I can’t answer or that hurt my and their feeling.

  29. Brent Larson

    Hello, I do believe your site might be having web browser compatibility
    problems. Whenever I take a look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine
    but when opening in Internet Explorer, it’s got some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Other than that, excellent site!

  30. Kacie

    Hi. I am Kacie and I’m 14 years old. I have been “hearing voices” ever since I was 6 years old. It doesn’t sound like they are right next to me when I hear them, but it sounds like they are either whispering or are distant. They tell me that everyone is out to get me or that I have a disease, and when they tell me that I have a disease, I start freaking out and look up the disease online, then I start thinking I have that. I would tell my parents about the disease and they would just say “It’s okay.” or “You don’t have it.”
    At first I never really noticed the voices because I started hearing them at a young age and thought it was just my own thoughts. However, as I got older, I could “see” the difference between my thoughts and the voices. I was adopted so I have no idea what my biological family’s medical history is.
    I told my parents about the voices and they just replied with the same thing they always told me when I was little “It’s just your thoughts.” I go to a counselor for different reasons and I’m debating on whether or not I should tell her…

  31. Alicia Kon

    I have studied Oriental Medicine and this old knowledge can shed some light and bring understanding to all hearers (I myself have had times during which I would hear voices). All organs work in pairs and, apart from the physical functions, they have psychological/emotional aspects to them as well. Hearing has to do with Kidneys/Bladder, so strengthening of these organs is needed – sometimes just taking herb tea made with plants that have a good impact on them is enough. But if more concentration of the plant is needed pills or more oncentrated medicine should be taken. Also acupuncture or moxibustion is helpful. In Oriental Medicine, irregularities in the head or even craziness is considered to offset from deficient kidney/bladder functioning. I advise you to research this, it is a wise old knowledge that helps a lot. Life is meant to be lived fully and to carry out our talents, not to be distressed about illnesses.

  32. Balbina

    I just found out yesterday that my daughter (17 yrs old) started to hear voices, it began about 3 months ago. I’m worried.., las time she experienced this was Friday (almost a week ago) this voices is giving my daughter dark message; made her go to the kitchen and grab a knife to ended it !
    To end what ?
    I took my daughter to the Psychologist but, is there anything else I can do to help her ?

  33. amandria

    Do any of these voices that speak to you let you know their names, what they look like? Have real conversations with you? My granddaughter is 9 years old, and has had a voice/personality/spirit speaking to her that claims to be 10 years old, red hair, girl and she can even draw the clothes this voice looks like. Anyone have anything like this happen? please email me if you know anything about things like this. Thank you.

  34. Kent Lisius

    I never would admit that I was hearing voices and would not speak much about it today because as Eleanor from TED said it is a huge mistake. The voices take different forms. The ones inside my head can become destructive and frightening. The external ones outside are always positive and constantly remind me that they love me. I didn’t discover the external voices until after several manic episodes and hospitalizations. Sometimes the loving external voices fade and start taking form as manic scary internal thoughts. I have learned to manage internal voices by making them say positive things or ask the external voice questions.

  35. Ashley

    Hi I first started experiencing what doctors call schizoprenia at 26. It was earlier this year 2013. I would hear words that id never heard of before and id look them up in the dictionary. I also thought that colors were of great importance and that they had to do with healing. I would make drawings and my mind would quickly send me all this information that had to do with the outside and the world. I was put on medication and everything happened rapidly that I feel I didnt get enough time to explore what was happening with me. I would have liked to write down what all this information was about. Its like these ideas would come to me. Ive been told I was diagnosed very early and that it could be dangerous for me to get off the medication. I was also told if I get off of it that I have to leave my house. I wouldnt know where to go so I comply. I feel like maybe if I had more time I could make my condition work for me rather than against or the fear people have. Now with the medication I havent felt spiritual or like doing my artwork anymore im wondering if I could have been more creative. Its also made me gain wieght which after all was said and done id come to find that antipychotics cause wieght gain. I was happier being slender bc im self conscious. Everything stopped at times I felt I was time traveling. There are things which I miss about my so called madness.

  36. Steven

    my son stutters so he gets teased on the bus buy some boys we’re trying to get that issue resolved but now he’s hearing those voices in his head telling him to hurt himself he seems to not be able to get those voices out of his head he tries to put paper in his ears to quiet the voices he’s trying to talk to school counselors and teachers doesn’t seem to help whatever mommy or daddy are around he says the voices are scared of it’s getting to the point where he’s physically hurting himself and we don’t know what to dohe has been hitting himself and scratching himself pinching himself in places we can see and now the voices are telling them to himself harder to get these places out of his head

  37. Kade

    Oh yeah: At the time I was also on three times the rational dose of testosterone due to a seriously stupid doctor. That made a noticeable difference in aggression levels and paranoia too.
    Sorry if all this is too long. 😛

  38. Perry

    Ive only ever experienced hearing a voice once and that was when i was high. I freaked out a little especially because My friend was next to me too, we were eating (munchies) and she looked terrified. I asked her what she heard and she said it was your name, lol. I said just forget it and acted like i didnt hear anything. However, firstly i wanna say that its scientifically proven that weed has side effects as such; hearing voices and even hallucinating, but i also believe in spirituality and take things like this seriously. I just wanted to state that No matter what your religion is, if you believe in a higher existence (God), then you should pray. I’m a muslim, i do not pray 5 Times a day and do not know many prayers off by heart but, when you experience something terrifying, praying works, praying heals, prayers are powerful. I never use to have much Faith or hope in god before, i was always confused. Ofcourse My Mind still isnt clear about religion however, sometimes some things happen and you realise certain stuff, you start to believe, you want to believe.. & always think positive, people around us could stress us out quite a lot but you gotta learn to ignore them.

  39. anna

    When i was around ten i got the flu and ended up staying home for a week one night i got a horrible fever that became a halucination i ran up and down the hallway running away from people and things i thought were there. After that my whole life changed into a mix of different voices and hallucinations entering my mind at horrible times i hated it but i also found the voices to be comforting i felt safe. Through out the years it would come and go always changing it turned me into a different person luckily i also learned how to act like everything was fine i told my parents but only the minimum. Doctors were visited questions were asked and everyone couldint find a reason why every time i got a fever i would get bad again. When i got into highschool everything was back to normal i had less to no incedents and was feeling confident that i was getting better. Then everything changed i dont know if it was from stress or fear or my friends fighting and leaving me in the dust but i got bad again. Now it wasint just voices it was depression, self harm and generally just isolating myself from the world. I had fallen deep my mom sent me to schycologist and i was told to open up wich i never did. I slowly fixed myself i think i got a new group of friends and i slowly got back on my feet.

    i still suffer from depression and anxiety attacks but my future is finally looking bright or at least i can see the future haha.
    things get better

  40. Belky Yolima Jaimes

    Good nights: I am colombian and have a 31-year-old brother who has been diagnosed by Schizophrenia and has received very strong treatments that have debilitated it very much. All the time we have refused to think to us that this disease does not have another type of treatment. It has made me happy very much to know about this organization. I would like to obtain information it brings over of the form in which my brother might be present at a conference with you. Thank you very much, I remain attentive to his response.

  41. Leslee

    I don’t have much to report. I am 54 years old and am very mentally stable (never any type of psychiatric problems, depression, or anything. When I was a young child (probably 4-7 or 8) I used to hear voices when I was trying to go to sleep at night. They didn’t frighten me at all, in fact I tried very hard to listen to make out what they were saying but could never figure it out. It was every night and there were a lot of voice talking at once. It fascinated me. I have come to believe wholeheartedly in re-incarnation as I’ve become older, and can attribute re-occurring dreams as a child to a previous incarnation. I do have some empathic abilities (feeling energy) and am a very spiritual (not religious) person. I have always been very open minded. I hear music in my head (like anyone else does) but I’m also a musician (flute and “light” percussion). Sometimes in our drum circles when we have the right vibrations going, I can hear african/tribal singing (sometimes many voices, sometimes only one) to the rhythm and sometimes a Native woman singing. For anyone who has partaken in drum circles on a regular basis, this is not unusual to hear other drummers speak of this. You can’t will it to happen, it just happens and sometimes when you hear it others in the drum circle do as well. I don’t fear it, in fact I feel very blessed to hear the wonderful voices singing … making a connection through time and space.

  42. Guillermina

    Hello, after I saw the Eleanor Longden video, I´ve searched for your website to see if you also have this organisation in Argentina or another country in Latin America. My sister(30) and my brother(26) have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and they are both medicated, since their first crisis they haven´t been the same. How can I help them???

  43. Noah

    Hi, my name’s Noah and I’m 16 years old. Since 6th grade I’ve heard this voice in my head. It’s not multipersonality or the narrator like Ms. Longden. It’s sort of, argumentative; though not aggressive.

    The first time I recall hearing it was during a quiz. I picked an answer and felt certain that it was correct, this is when it started. It said,”That’s not right, Noah.” I was using my own voice in my head to argue all my reasons why it was the right answer. It responded with something along the lines of,”That’s reasonable.”

    Sometime after, can’t recall when, it became talkative. He, though sometimes a female voice which leads me to believe there may be more than one, would usually advise me on decisions and sometimes just talk to me. I learned to cope and accept it.

    Sometimes when it pops in my head though, I would talk to myself in my head and it’s voice would interrupt my though and speak… ‘over’ it. This would make getting work done difficult. We’ll argue about which response would be more appropriate, how should I respond to my friends’s problem, what’s the answer, which food should I eat, etc.*

    I think this may have become manifest because I didn’t have many friends and this was meant to take it’s place. I have many friends now and have learned to accept this voice and it helps in my day-to-day life, and has a place among my list of friends. I hope that this story of my experience will help the rest of you as well.


  44. shubham

    when i study at night i hear voices of objects moving,like some thief ha come and trying to break door,or someone moving bed in other room , i always become eager to see what is that i go to check it but never found any thing.

    This is very often everytime i am awake i hear such sounds clearly. once i was studying on study table and there is also my bed in the room. i heard sound of bed being moved it was just in front of me but it didn’t move, after about half an hour later i heard same thing. such things happen to me on regular basis.Am i goig mad.

  45. Katt Valentine

    I have a very close friend who just recently started hearing voices. From what I understand he has been diagnosed with Chronic Hallucinogenic Psycosis. He fears the voices and they tell him to do horrible things. I was wondering how I could help him find a way to tune them out… Can anyone give me some experience ideas on what could help him?

  46. Joanne sheffield

    My 15 yr old son hears voices and sees people who haved passed on. This morning he stated he saw his uncle freddie in his room and my son came down stairs and we both heard a door close upstairs, when no one else was there,

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