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May 2011 – Jon Ronson speaks to Eleanor Longden on BBC Radio 4 (UK)

Writer and documentary maker Jon Ronson returns for another 5 part series of fascinating stories shedding light on the human condition.Eleanor Longden started to hear voices in her head when she was at university and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic – a label she totally rejects. Now she is a high achieving academic. What started the voices and how did she get to a point where she not only lives happily with the voices that still exist but also works with others who have the same experience? With contributions from writer Graham Linehan and comedian Josie Long.

March 2011 – Documentary about Hearing Voices broadcast on French Radio

The French national station “France Culture” broadcast a documentary about hearing voices on 16th March at 5pm. It was made during the ‘Working and Talking to Voices’ training day, which took place in Armentieres in January 2011.

You can listen to this show by clicking this link: http://tinyurl.com/francecultureshow

Jacqui Dillon – speaking about hearing voices on Radio New Zealand National

Jacqui Dillon was a guest speaker at a conference in April in Wellington and in Auckland at the Making Sense of Psychosis conference, held by Auckland University and organized jointly by the NZ branch of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and the NZ Hearing Voices Network.

Madness Radio: Violent Voices – Erica van den Akker:

Erika, Dutch psychiatric social worker and Hearing Voices Movement member discusses her innovative counseling work with violent offenders who hear voices.

Madness Radio: Hearing Voices Movement Jacqui Dillon

Jacqui Dillon, voice hearer and director of the UK Hearing Voices Network, discusses how the movement of people who hear voices is creating self-help alternatives to traditional and often abusive mental health care.


7th November 2008: The Voices Within

A special Hearing Voices ‘All In The Mind’ interview with Sandra Escher, Dirk Coerstens and Rufus May – broadcast on ABC across Australia.

21st April 2008 “The Doctor who Hears Voices” shown on UK TV

Over a million people watched the broadcast and thousands of people are now down loading from several Internet sites. It has provoked a strong response from viewers. Many people have been inspired by the film, others more attached to a medical approach to distress have been outraged, read Rufus Mays’ reflections on making the film here

7th April 2008: Angels and Demons

Broadcast on ABC in Australia.This well regarded documentary made by Andrew Denton as part of the “Enough Rope” series considers what it is like to hear voices.

27 April 2008: Am I Normal?

A growing number of mental health experts in Scotland agree that there is a need to scrap the term schizophrenia, since it has, they believe, become a stigmatised and scientifically redundant category. BBC 2, UK, TV programme

7th May 2008: “Thinking Allowed”

A series presented by Laurie Taylor, broadcast Wednesday, 7 May, 4pm and repeated Sunday, 11 May 12.15 (night)
This week it covers the phenomenon of hearing voices “.. voices might not be as unusual as we think, and many people even live quite happily with the voices they hear. Dr Julie Kirby, senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University talks about her research study of over sixty people who live with voice hearing. “

Hearing Voices: Easy to understand introduction to the issue of hearing voices:

Online broadcast and transcript using a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world you live.

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