Recommended Publications

There are many high quality publications on the issue of hearing voices and other associated topics, in this section you can find the books and documentary films that we would recommend to you. Whether you’re a voice-hearer, family member, friend, clinician or researcher – knowledge is power. We hope the following topics are useful to you.

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Topics & Themes

Personal Experiences

Personal experiences are at the heart of all we do at Intervoice. In this section we share some of the inspiring stories we have read about in our work. This section includes the fantastic ‘Living With Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery’ book, which shares the stories of 50 people who have found ways of living alongside their voices.

About Voices & Visions

This section includes some of the key texts that share information about voice-hearing that is useful no matter what your interest in the subject (personal or professional). It includes John Watkin’s Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience as well as Paul Baker’s ‘The Voice Inside’.

Recovery & Self Help

Whilst many people are not distressed by the voices they hear, and these voices are a positive influence in their lives, there are others who feel overwhelmed and controlled by their voices. These books all provide ideas, resources and inspiration to aid people in their recovery from this distress. It includes information about the development of the Hearing Voices Movement as well as practical suggestions and advice.

Treatment Approaches & Professional Help

For those who seek support from mental health services, it is vitally important that these services have the latest information available to guide them. Whether you’re a voice-hearer, family member or worker – these books will share some of the latest ideas around working with people who hear voices. It also includes down to earth information on medication use.

DVDs, Films & Documentaries

We are aware of a number of excellent films and documentaries that are available on the internet. Many are rooted in personal experience, whilst others combine this with an overview of the recovery movement and interviews from family members, professionals and academics.

International Books

We can recommend a range of non-english language publications, and are continually seeking more to add to our list. Our current recommendations include “Stimmenhoeren – Botschaften aus einer inneren Welt” and “Entendre des Voix: Guide Pratique”. If you have any suggestions, please email [email protected]